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Teenie Stories Sie Sind Heiss Und Gierig Auf Jeden Schwanz

Video: Teenie Stories Sie Sind Heiss Und Gierig Auf Jeden Schwanz

Watch This Video!

Five horny teens for you to watch. They are all natural girls and all want to have a cock in their mouth and pussy. Sometimes they play with their pussies for a bit before have that dick penetrates them. They love to fuck in all sorts of positions and look right into the camera, like they looking right at you. Five scenes of young girls showing you just how horny they really are.

Jack And The Giant Boobs

Video: Jack And The Giant Boobs

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Pegas Production

Jack loves massive mammoth mammary titties and loves to fuck the women who own them! He likes em natural, fake ones, firm or soft, but he likes it big, and gigantic too. That makes him hard to touch their tits, to grab then vigorously, lick them, eat them, make them bounce, shake them and tit-fuck them so he can cum on them like a pig. He has sex with Candy Diamond, the pride of Sherbrooke, then he fucks a voluptuous Barbie, and finally bangs Amy Anderssen, the girl with the biggest Knockers in Canada.

Jack loves big tits and Candy Diamond has what he craves for. He licks her bonbon and grabs her funbags to fucks her good.

Jack just loves big tits and he’s going to get his fill this week with Lexxxy Belle. She gives him a taste of her luscious jugs and gets screwed hard for her gentleness.

Amy Anderssen has the biggest jugs in Canada and lucky Jack gets to play with them. He’ll screw the busty vixen till she gets shivers up her sweet ass.

Stars: Amy Anderssen, Candy Diamond, Lexxxy Belle, Jack

London Love Affairs

Video: London Love Affairs

Watch This Video!

Private and award winning UK Director Disanto presents “London Love Affairs.” Boasting a collection of the finest international babes, as well as a vast variety of Britain’s busty home-grown beauties, London is the city of opportunity for any young hung stud looking for a cosmopolitan collection to conquer. Private’s team of German bachelors do just that as they plunder the big city for pussy, enjoying the riches of Misha Cross, Karlie Simon, Tiffany Doll, Stella Cox and the redhead firecracker Amarna Miller. Although these girls may differ in nationality they share a common interest in fit foreign men and Team Deutschland is happy to oblige. London, the city of dreams and the sex hub of the world, cum see for yourself!

Stars: Karlie Simon, Tiffany Doll, Amarna Miller, Misha Cross, Stella Cox, Fash, Conny Dachs, Jason Steel

My Dad’s A Transsexual 9

Video: My Dad's A Transsexual 9

Watch This Video!

White Ghetto
You ever see someone who looks really familiar, but can’t place where you know them? I saw this hot lady in the street the other day…looked super familiar, but didn’t know how. I couldn’t place where I knew her from so I approached her to start up a conversation. OMG… She was my Dad!

Stars: Lucy (Trans), Brisa (Trans), Selena (Trans), Merlina (Trans)

Jerk Off Instructions 56 – Small Penis Humilitaion

Video: Jerk Off Instructions 56 - Small Penis Humilitaion

Watch This Video!

Stroking my small dick for Cameron Dee

Starring – Cameron Dee

It is unusual for Cameron to bring home a guy she just met at a club, but you have been chosen tonight. She is not into random hook-ups, but she is really horny tonight. She suspects that you might have a fat cock and she wants to see it. You pull it out for her and you can see her disappointment immediately. If you stroke it, maybe it will get bigger. She exposes her titties and you stroke yourself hard, but she remains unimpressed. You will not be having sex with Cameron tonight, but she is willing to help get you off using her sexy body and voice. At least she is not very rude about it…she is more of a tease than a mean bitch, and you find this quite appealing. Cameron knows you are almost ready to cum and she is pleased that you offered her a nice load, but she is going to go now and look for a big dick to satisfy her.

Trying to impress Jessica Ryan with my small dick

Starring – Jessica Ryan

Jessica thinks that you are lucky to come back to her place, but she realizes that she is not also lucky when she sees your little dick. You can jerk off for her, but don’t get too close. Spit on your hand and stroke your dick. Jessica sees the precum leaking from the head of your cock. Have you ever even been with a real woman before? She does not really care, so shut up and keep pumping your dick. She spreads her legs and plays with her big pussy lips. You can hear how wet she is as her fingers move over her cunt. You try to follow each of her instructions to the letter because you want to make her happy. It is critical that you not cum until she gives the order. Jessica was actually looking forward to fucking you, but then she saw your small dick. At least you are getting to see her sexy body and jack off for her. Maybe she will like what she sees and fuck you anyway! Jessica is now ready to let you cum, so she counts down and gives you the cue. She expects a big load, but what you have for her is truly disappointing. Clean up your mess and get out.

Tiny penis jerk session with Mari Possa

Starring – Mari Possa

From the start, you know what you are in for with Mari Possa. Do you like things rough? That is how she likes it. Show her what you have in your pants. Your shortcomings are immediately evident and Mari takes full advantage of the opportunity to make fun of you. She suggests that you use only two fingers on your little dick. Go ahead and stroke that little thing. Do you like what she is wearing? She cannot tell if you like it because your dick is so small. Hey, squeeze your little balls for her. Ugh. This is such a shame. Can you not do anything else with that thing? Pull on it a little bit. Pull your balls down and your penis up. Oh, that helps some. Oddly, your little dick is sort of amusing Mari. She removes her bra and you nearly blow your load. She now removes her belt and skirt. Your little dick has never been so hard in your life! Mari licks the handle of her riding crop and you know that you will be coming very soon. Choke the head of your little dick. Slowly, just like that, now let go. You follow direction well, boy. Keep your hand moving, keep it moving. Are you ready to cum now? Ready? Give Mari all of your cum. That’s a good boy. Your load surprised Mari and she seems pleased with your performance today so much that you are invited back for another day!

You’re not even a real man (with Maya Hills)

Starring – Maya Hills

You are back again to bother Maya so that she can help you to jerk off. You are married, but your wife wants nothing to do with you. Maya knows why, too. Your dick is a tiny, shriveled thing that can barely function. Maya likes to make fun of you and humiliate you, though, so she will be happy to do so again today. Get your tiny thing out and start working it with two fingers. Really, that is all that you need. Maya shows off her titties to you as she again points out to you that you are just a loser who cannot satisfy a woman. You want to cum already, but you know that you must listen to Maya and hold your cum inside till she lets you spew. Everyone knows that your wife married you only for your money. Maya doubts that you have any cum to give her at the end of this jerk session. She also reminds you to look closely at her tits because you will never get to touch them. You will have only your memories of those titties to remember. Maya makes it clear to you that your only option for that tiny dick is to go to a plastic surgeon for enlargement surgery. You know this to be true, but part of you really enjoys the humiliation from Maya. It is almost time for your orgasm, so Maya counts you down from ten. When she gets to the end of her countdown, you jizz into her palm and then you are ordered to lick your own cum from her hand. You are not a man at all, you cum-eating freak.

Sydney hates my small dick and my tiny load

Starring – Sydney Cross

Your date with Sydney did not go as expected and she makes it clear that there is no way she would ever fuck you. Your face is cute, but you are a scumbag asshole, so forget it. Maybe if your dick is big, you would have reason to be such a jerk. When you show Sydney what you have, she laughs at your lack of size. Can you even cum? Well, start rubbing it and see what happens, but there will be no second date with Sydney. She allows you to see her tiny tits and her pussy for inspiration. When she spreads her pussy lips nice and wide, she demonstrates that there is absolutely no possible way that your little prick could ever satisfy her. This is all very disappointing because Sydney had been hoping to get laid tonight. Well, she will get laid later, but it will not be by you, that is for sure. When she shows off her pretty ass to you, you curse your little dick. Sydney wouldn’t even let you have her ass with your tiny penis. For a brief while, she was going to let you cum on her, but after rethinking things, she has determined that you will simply have to cum into your own hand instead. Go ahead. Cum in your hand. Yes, just like that. Oh, even your cum load is a disappointment to Sydney. Please be sure to lose Sydney’s phone number, loser.

Jerk off your unimpressive cock for Lola Foxx

Starring – Lola Foxx

You had a nice dinner with Lola tonight, but you are a little surprised when she asks to measure your cock. She tells you that she is in search of a man with a big dick and she hopes that you can meet her needs. You get your dick out and she lowers her top to help get you hard as you begin stroking off. Lola checks your length and she is not impressed, so she moves along to the girth measurement. Still she is unimpressed with what you have, so there can be no relationship with Lola. She is not a monster, however, so she decides that she will help you to finish yourself off so that the date was not for nothing. She asks that you jerk your cock and she strips down so that you have something pretty to look at for inspiration. Since you are so good at jacking off, Lola assumes that you do it frequently. As she stands with her ass facing you, you notice the two dermal piercings on her lower back. You wish you could get up close to get a better look, but you decide not to push your luck. Lola is nearly ready for you to pop, so she asks that you jack off faster and faster until you pop right on her tiny titties. You might not have a huge dick, but Lola seems happy with your load.

Stars: Mari Possa, Maya Hills, Jessica Ryan, Lola Foxx, Cameron Dee, Sydney Cross

Etsuko Ishimine Sixty Allure Mother

Video: Etsuko Ishimine Sixty Allure Mother

Watch This Video!

Kobayashi Kougyou
Etsuko Ishimine is 60 years young and quite the horny MILF. Watch her fuck her husband and she gets creampie then in a solo masturbation scene as her what looks to be her step-son. Then she sneaks into his room when he resting and she wants to have her pussy licked and fingered first. Then she sucks his cock and then she wants him to penetrate her, she swallows his cum.

Stars: Etsuko Ishimine

Sexy Ladies 64

Video: Sexy Ladies 64

Watch This Video!

The Sexy Ladies Series from Z-Faktor focuses on sex crazed older women! There’s no need to discriminate because of their advanced age, these wanton women are just as hot and horny as they were in their twenties! Cum and get a sample with three outstanding older ladies suck and fuck their way right to your heart!

Stars: Julie, Alexandra, Carola

White Box Productions C328 – He Can Lick Pussy

Video: White Box Productions C328 - He Can Lick Pussy

Watch This Video!

Number C328 from White Box Productions

The magazine is put aside, a sexy brunette joins him on the bed and they kiss passionately. While she gets undressed another girl comes to join them for a threesome. He is a very lucky man as he gets to lick both of their pussies. The girls can’t wait to wrap their mouth around his big cock. He penetrates them both but the horny women want more licking from him and they sure do get.

We’ll See Who’s Boss! – Alecia Vs. Jim

Video: We'll See Who's Boss! - Alecia Vs. Jim

Watch This Video!

Joan Wise Productions
Stunning, big-titted Alecia loves to destroy and devour men and poor Jim is just a plaything to her. With her great ass and gorgeous breasts, Alecia nearly kills him with these weapons. Lots and lots of lethal scissorholds are interspersed with smothering face sits that are awesome. Hold after hold has Jim trying to defend himself, but to no avail!

Stars: Alecia, Jim

Sinners Paradise – Revelations

Video: Sinners Paradise - Revelations

Watch This Video!

Critical Mass

With an attempt at rescue to free Akino from degradation; all hell breaks loose! Erika has been freed from a group of soldiers who live to make women their personal sex slaves. She enlists the help of her friend, Kaiya to help. Kaiya sacrifices her body and virginity to spare Erika from the soldiers’ lash. But there are bigger problems… Erika and Akino’s mere presence in this world has caused something to shift. Unless they can reconcile the hidden conflict between them, all creation may be doomed.

Ed. note: No english language or subtitles.

Angelic Black Asses 3

Video: Angelic Black Asses 3

Watch This Video!

Devil’s Film
The hot black beauty with that angelic black ass that’s on the cover is in the last scene getting pounded in her ass. Kira Noir interrupts some piano playing for some big white cock to fill all her holes. Monique Symone loves a good rimming before she gets some pussy stuffing and ass stuffing. Kay Love is beautiful to watch with her oral skills and even better to see her round ass get fucked.

Stars: Monique Symone, Daisy Ducati, Kay Love, Kira Noir, Anthony Rosano, Will Powers, Marco Banderas, Evan Stone

Merilyn – The Lost Tapes

Video: Merilyn - The Lost Tapes

Watch This Video!

Take a walk on the wild side! This is Merilyn you’ve never seen before. The Merilyn we didn’t know existed. She’s a hooker who demonstrates her blow job style, a personal lap dance, a bondage queen, and a dirty-talking nympho! She shave’s her pussy, squeezes into a skin-tight rubber fetish outfit, ties up her tits in nylon rope, gives a lusty tit-fuck, and has her breasts oiled-up and massaged. There’s the usual – Merilyn in tight bras and tops and masturbating- and the unusual in ten startling scenes!

Stars: Merilyn Sakova

Pure Sexual Attraction 3

Video: Pure Sexual Attraction 3

Watch This Video!

Pure Passion
Embark on a journey of Pure Sexual Attraction as these sexy girls are filmed in five scenes that set the standard for high definition erotica. Natasha White, Lexi Davis, Gianna Nicole, Callie Calypso, and Ariana Marie are about to demonstrate their natural overabundance of sexuality. Join them as they pleasure your senses and leave you begging for more.

Stars: Natasha White, Gianna Nicole, Lexi Davis, Ariana Marie, Callie Calypso, Tommy Gunn, Johnny Castle, Ryan McLane

Tenshi To Akuma – My Both Side

Video: Tenshi To Akuma - My Both Side

Watch This Video!

Tenshi to Akuma – My Both Side features the electric and dynamic Japanese starlet, Rica! Rica is an eye-catching gal, and you can’t miss her with her blonde hair, blue eyes and superb looks! In the beginning of the film, she’s the one in charge, as she takes a crop stick and places it in her sub’s mouth. Eventually, a group of horned up Japanese guys storm the room and Rica becomes the sub! Talk about a role reversal!

Stars: Rica

Meine Fotze 9

Video: Meine Fotze 9

Watch This Video!

BB-Video is bringing more pussy action right to you! It’s the ninth installment of Meine Fotze and a handful or gorgeous German gals have stepped up to the plate to dive into some solo action and give you a better look at their inviting, warm, wet pussies in the process! If you’re looking German, solo content…this is one you’re looking for!

Plump Cuties 6

Video: Plump Cuties 6

Watch This Video!

Sensational Video
Plump Cuties is back with a sixth installment featuring some luscious ladies with a little more to love. Watch as Phoenixxx BBW shakes her perfect, fat ass. BBW girls can take a harder pounding than most; that’s why these girls have the curves you crave! Cum watch them bounce and fuck!

Stars: Karla Lane, Kali Kala Lina, Lexxxi Luxe, Phoenixxx BBW, Jmac, Bruno Dickems, JB Rodeo

Fucking A Spanish Whore With Big Fat Round Ass And Big Tit

Video: Fucking A Spanish Whore With Big Fat Round Ass And Big Tit

Watch This Video!

This Spanish chick has a juicy round ass and deliciously large breasts that she flaunts for the camera. She takes out his dick to show that her mouth is just as amazing as the rest of her. The guy gets in on the fun and is awestruck by her curvaceous body. He can’t help himself and runs his hands all along her body. The fun is just beginning.

Stars: Silvana Rodriguez, Terry Kemaco

Show Me The Money

Video: Show Me The Money

Watch This Video!

This isn’t your regular massage parlor, the girls are hotter than ever and will give you that little extra you’ve been fantasizing about forever. Six sensual and erotic scenes feature steamy massages with happy endings, starring Angelina Ash, Mason Moore, Miya Monroe, Sasha Heart, and more! Enjoy your massage!

Stars: Sasha Heart, Angelina Ash, Mason Moore, Miya Monroe, Taylor Tilder, Stephanie Cane, Danny Wylde, Billy Glide, Evan Stone, Will Powers


Video: Ravers

Watch This Video!

Provocateur Pictures
The premise for Ravers is pretty simple. We get to see the incredibly stunning Jenna J. Ross lounging, chilling, and relaxing on her couch. However, she’s also decked out in some of her hottest pantyhose and bra and panties! If you’re a Jenna J. Ross fan, this is a chance to see her in a more sensual and intimate light.

Stars: Jenna J Ross

2 Girls For Every Guy 2

Video: 2 Girls For Every Guy 2

Watch This Video!

Frathouse Films
Ralph Long, Scott Lyons, and D. Snoop are three lucky guys who get two women apiece! You haven’t lived until you’ve had two babes at once! Two warm, wet, slithery tongues on your cock at the same time; a nice wet pussy swallowing your cock, while you taste another pussy being mashed into your face! Three’s the way to be!

Stars: Lylith Lavey, Alana Rains, Savannah Fox , Sofie Carter, Bunny Freedom, August Ames, Britney Amber, Katie Kox, Scott Lyons, D Snoop, Ralph Long

Squirt The Movie #2

Video: Squirt The Movie #2

Watch This Video!

Powersville presents the second volume to the series “Squirt: The Movie,” with four more women in four wet scenes showing you the phenomena of squirting with wet female orgasms. Melody Jordan gets the kitchen wet besides herself. Leya Falcon makes herself squirt by the pool. Corrina has wet orgasms on the kitchen counter. Cover model Kagney Linn Karter looks so fucking good when she’s all wet.

Stars: Corrina, Kagney Linn Karter, Leya Falcon, Melody Jordan, Marcus London, Evan Stone

Lawnmower Woman

Video: Lawnmower Woman

Watch This Video!

Midnight Video
You got a problem with her? Well you can Kiss Her Grass! It’s a gorgeous day in Mrs. Rogers’ hood. She’s the door to door, on the floor, buns up kneelin’ wheelin’ and a dealin’ “Lawnmower Woman”. Each day at the crack o’ dawn she’s on her knees weedin’ seedin’ ho’in and mowin’… It’s a tough road to hoe, but the natives are friendly and there’s more than enough to eat. Join us in Midnight Video’s big bushwhack as we explore the ins and outs of whore culture. BUZZZZZZZ!

Stars: Marissa Malibu, Alyssa Malone, Crystal Wilder, Terry Thomas, Steve Austin, Mark Wise, Derrick Taylor

Cheating Girlfriends Like It Big! 7

Video: Cheating Girlfriends Like It Big! 7

Watch This Video!

Team Skeet

Sneaky cheating girlfriends! They don’t cheat often, but their guys fucked up big this time. She thinks it’s only fair that if she’s gonna cheat, she wants to FUCK. UP. BIG. As well!

Wanna know how Alexis Rodriguez made it onto the site? Check out her submission tape! We knew as soon as we saw how fat and juicy her ass is that we just had to shoot with her! Do you agree? This Puerto Rican and Dominican beauty with the booty called her boyfriend over and got the show started for us by giving him a long sloppy blowjob on camera. Alexis then turned around and took her boyfriends massive meat from behind for us to enjoy! He dropped his load all over her shaved pussy and Alexis was part of the Team!

My girl Ava was in the bathroom getting ready so I decided to creep up and snap some pics of her fat ass on my phone. She turned around and caught me snapping away with my phone and recording at the same time and I thought I was in trouble. Turns out that Ava thought it would be hot to record ourselves fucking – as long as no one else sees it. OOPS! Watching my girl Ava slob on my knob almost felt as good as the real thing so I had to share this with the Team! Avas ass is so fat it almost didnt fit in the frame while I was drilling her from behind! Her booty ripples are out of hand and watching her ass jiggle with every thrust made me shoot my load all over those voluptuous cheeks! Enjoy this one Skeeters!

Cassidy is a stunning 19 year old mixed race beauty coming to us from the grand state of Colorado. That explains where those huge mountainous tits come from! She was here to shoot a BJ scene for us and things were going smoothly – until Cassidy flipped the script and said she wanted some dick in her life. Tony stepped up to the plate, and her fat juicy ass, and knocked her pussy out of the park and sent it Rocky Mountain High! In the end, Tony blanketed those mountains with a sheet of fresh skeet and Cassidy was ready to come back for another round!

Since all you Skeeters told us how much you adored Charli the last time she was here, we thought it would be cool to show you guys how she got her start with the Team. Her agent dropped her by just to take some pictures and talk a little to see if she could ride with the Team. Charli is 19 years old and has a definite style of her own both in the way she dresses and in the way she fucks! This blonde Florida native has an amazing ass, perky teen tits and a gorgeous shaved pussy. Just look at that heart shaped bubble when she bends over the bed! Watching Charli suck a cock is like listening to Classical music for the first time – awe inspiring. Hearing her scream and bust nuts all over Tonys dick before he shot his load of ball sauce right on Charlis swollen pussy lips – priceless.

Kimber Lee is a smoking hot 19 year old from New Jersey. Her agent dropped her off to meet me and take some pictures. As soon as she started stripping I was amazed at her perfect body and curves! Kimber has a nice tight ass and a perky set of 32D tits with pierced nipples! She was talking about how wet her pussy was and invited me to touch it! Her snatch was moist to the touch and she showed me how good her head game was – licking all around the tip of my dick and sucking on my balls! Kimber rode my rod for a little then I fucked her fast until she creamed all over me! I pulled out just in time to jizz all over her perfect round ass!

Stars: Ava Alvares, Kimber Lee, Charli Acacia, Alexis Rodriguez, Cassidy Banks, Tony

Chick Pass Amateurs Volume 12

Video: Chick Pass Amateurs Volume 12

Watch This Video!

T&A Studios
Logan Drake is back with this next edition of ChickPass. Four amateur girls in six scenes. First Nikki Ford gets interviewed before she plays with herself on camera. Naomi Shah is quite the horny girl and can’t keep her hands to herself as you see her fondling Logan’s pants. Liisa and Kelly Stylz have an interracial lesbian scene with toys. Kelly Stylz comes back to get her pussy pounded by cock. Naomi comes back for a solo masturbation scene. Then Kelly again in a leopard bra and panty set with black heels.

Stars: Nikki Ford, Naomi Shah, Liisa, Kelly Stylz, Logan Drake

Backdoor To Hollywood Part 12

Video: Backdoor To Hollywood Part 12

Watch This Video!

Cinderella Entertainment
Carol Newshound is an up and cumming reporter with the show, “StarBeat”. She’s knows that Hollywood is home of the motion picture industry. In this city of tinsel and glamour a thousand stories a year appear on film and video. But what about those stories that don’t get told? What about the little people behind the scenes trying to make a name for themselves in this town? What about the sex that takes place off camera? That’s what Carol is going behind the scenes to find out in the 12th installment to “Backdoor to Hollywood!”

Stars: Tabitha Stevens (i), Kimberly Kane (i), Rachel Ryan, Rebecca Steele, Randy West, Marc Wallice, Ray Victory

Silver Sluts

Video: Silver Sluts

Watch This Video!

Their throats are deep, their hands are wrinkled, and their pussies are so experienced, they got their start at Woodstock (just like Crosby, Stills, and Nash!). There’s no other way to put it-the six ladies in the flick are bold and old and doing things they never would have dreamed in their 20’s. Champagne even takes on two black, big cocks. Slut it up, Granny!

Stars: Jeannie Lou, Champagne (ii), Phoenix Skye, Jacqueline Jolie, Joanne Price, Summeran Winters, Tony De Sergio, Al-B, Asante Stone, Juan Largo, Lucas Stone, Sergio

Heroines Of S.W.O.R.D. – The Evil Within

Video: Heroines Of S.W.O.R.D. - The  Evil Within

Watch This Video!

Secret Identity Films

Metro City is under siege from villains, so the women of the Earth’s greatest superheroine squad, S.W.O.R.D., have been brought together by Mr. X. With the help of The Jester and his army, a trap has been set by Kingpin, a new diabolical evil power, who is preparing to take over the world by draining the powers of the heroines. One by one, each heroine must fight the good fight and make her way to Kingpin’s evil lair before being captured and confronted with her fears.

When the evil within S.W.O.R.D. betrays the others all could be lost. Will the Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. survive? Will they be defeated? Will they come together and fight as a team or self destruct and go their separate ways? Will Kingpin rule the world or slip back in the darkness where he came from? Only the Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. can save the world from disaster!

Stars: Cookie, Bunny McQueen, Lexie Sunset, Angelina Hollee, Jax Monroe, Mikey, Nik Sin, Jim Harrison

Die Postboten

Video: Die Postboten

Watch This Video!

R.Z. Videos
The men and women of Postboten are the best the delivery service industry has to offer! We stick to the example set by our founder many years ago! First, we deliver your package. Then, we service YOUR package! Everybody loves a new item coming in the mail; well, now YOU get to CUM along with it!

Girls Eating Girls

Video: Girls Eating Girls

Watch This Video!

Deviant Mindz
The great lesbian pussy eaters in the history of their sport, right before your eyes showing why they’re the greatest of all time! Watch these sexy chicks lick each other’s gushing wet cunts until they explode from pleasure. No one knows how to satisfy a woman quite like a hot lesbian, and it’s all here for your viewing pleasures.

Stars: Victoria Lawson, Rebecca Linares, Briana Blair, Tara Holiday, Allie Jordan, Missi Daniels, Eva Notty, Leilani Leanne

Femdom 5

Video: Femdom 5

Watch This Video!


Scene One – Such a Beautiful Ass: Goddess Starla knows what she likes and she loves Ava’s fine tight ass. In fact she likes it so much, she has it on display, so she can play and tease it whenever she chooses. Restrained to a bondage bench, with her ass presented perfectly, Goddess Starla has a wonderful session planned just for Ava.

Scene Two – Lilith & Leila: Owning your own little sub has its benefits. You have access to them 24/7, your dungeon is always filled with high pitch screaming and if you break it, you already own it (joke). Lilith has a second go of it with Leila and things get a little nasty. Breaking in her newly purchased play toy is going to take some serious time and effort. It’s obvious that Leila’s pussy is in need of some hardcore attention so Lilith, being the no frills Dom that she is, rolls her sleeves up and get’s right to it. Lot’s of action and orgasms in this one.

Scene Three – Over Easy: Leileyn hates the cold, really hates the cold, so what does her Mistress use when she decides she wants to play with her lovely redheaded girl. Ice. Ice and very cold water. Who could guess you can have so much fun with ice. So much pleasure, so much…well discomfort. It truly is a “chilling experience.”

Scene Four – Ass Jewlery: It’s obvious that Mistress Irony is bored and while playing with her sub Ava, she decides to demand of her some rather unusual activities. It would seem that no matter how odd the request, Ava still managers to have huge squirting orgasm, much to her Mistresses surprise.

Scene Five – Nice Ride: Goddess Starla is bound and determined to make a human sex toy. She feels after many attempts she still has not perfected the procedure. Then she finds the perfect combination of toys and human and the results are orgasmic!

Stars: Leila, Lilith, Ava, Mistress Irony, Goddess Starla, Jada Sinn, Leileyn