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Girlfriends Films DVD VOD

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Smoking Sluts 3

Video: Smoking Sluts 3

Watch This Video!

More girls from DreamGirls smoking. Up close seeing their mouth inhale and exhale. But these girls are sometimes a bit of an exhibitionist. They like to smoke outside and show off their tits. Some you get to see up their skirt. Some get completely naked. Once again amateur girls showing you that they love being a smoker and showing off.

Lovin’ It

Video: Lovin' It

Watch This Video!

Nacho Vidal Productions
In director/stud Nacho Vidal’s “Lovin’ It,” the Spanish madman initiates five dates with public sex spectacles before bringing each lady home for a long, serious manhandling. Nacho fucks the mouth and pussy of naturally voluptuous Italian stunner Valentina Nappi in a cinema as the movie plays! At home he fingers her to a gushing ejaculation and they lick the squirt off the floor. After a public washroom BJ, longhaired Athina and Nacho get nasty in front of his big, city-view window. Her tan-lined rear fills the screen as his monster prick plows pussy, and he creams her big, natural boobs. Tattooed, fleshy Laura Love grinds her hips and bounces her butt as she rides Nacho, who spanks her cheeks bright pink and spunks her bright smile. Hugely stacked Candi Coxx gets her giant, wet jugs screwed in the pool, grunts, “Fuck my ass” through flesh-slamming sodomy, and sucks Nacho. Curvy Asian Tigerr Benson takes a naked fuck in a parking lot as strangers stroll by, followed by a rough rectal reaming in Nacho’s pad.

Scene 1: Carrying a tiny camera, outrageous Spanish stud Nacho Vidal escorts Italian stunner Valentina Nappi into the cinema restroom. The longhaired brunette expertly mouths his fat cock in a men’s room stall and deep-throats in the back row of the theater! (It’s POV footage with smoldering eye contact.) As the movie plays, we see Valentina fingering her pussy, riding Nacho’s huge bone and swallowing cum! Back at his apartment he grips her hair for a face fuck, eats her to orgasm and fingers her to a gushing ejaculation…and they lick her squirt off the floor! Her fine ass bounces, righteous jugs sway, and Valentina gasps and moans as he plows her pussy.

Scene 2: Longhaired brunette Athina’s tight, slinky dress accentuates her fabulous rear. In a public washroom she gives outrageous Spanish stud Nacho Vidal a blow job. In his apartment overlooking the city, she kneels, launching that shapely butt for a rim job. Nacho fingers her holes and Athina sucks his huge cock. In front of the window he gives the hot-bodied lady a manhandling, doggie-style boning, with spanks to her fine ass. Athina’s awesome, tan-lined cheeks split and fill the screen as she rides his monster prick. He paws her tit as he plows away and she clings to him as he chokes her and nails her into the floor. Nacho jerks wads of thick cream onto Athina’s big, natural boobs.

Scene 3: Tattooed, blonde and fleshy, Laura Love looks flashy in tight shorts and hot pink high-heels. She peels off her clothes to show Spanish stud Nacho Vidal her swaying rump, and she kneels for a blow job and titty fuck shot POV-style. Naked, Laura grinds her hips and bounces her big cheeks as she rides Nacho’s humongous cock. He grips her boobs and spanks her cheeks bright pink! Nacho porks Laura’s shaved, visibly wet pussy doggie-style and issues a choking, skin-slapping fuck. He jerks jism onto her huge smile.

Scene 4: Hugely stacked, dark-haired cutie Candi Coxx swims in bright sunshine, her mega-boobs bouncing in the pool. Spanish stud Nacho Vidal sticks his dick in the water for a short, chlorine-basted titty fuck, then brings her inside for the real deal: He seriously buries his gigantic cock in her even bigger jugs, grips her hair for a manhandling face fuck, and repeatedly cock-slaps her face with that thick, beefy slab. Nacho nails Candi doggie-style against the kitchen counter. As she kneels on a barstool he stuffs his meat up her butthole, and his POV camera captures the slut chanting, “Fuck my ass.” Sweet Candi grunts through a flesh-slamming butt-fuck and sucks cock ass-to-mouth, her make-up trashed. Nacho blasts her melons with hot sperm.

Scene 5: In daylight at a public parking lot, voluptuous Asian Tigerr Benson sucks madman Nacho Vidal’s monster meat and takes a naked, doggie-style fuck as strangers stroll by. After a POV-style BJ in an elevator they enter Nacho’s apartment, where he oils her jugs for serious titty fucking. Tigerr deep-throats, her tongue under Nacho’s meat. He eats pierced pussy from behind, fingers her to a wet orgasm and manhandles her intensely. Tigerr’s thunder-tits quake as she rides pole. She eases his prick up her fleshy, bouncing ass; he steps on her head and spreads her legs as he porks ass. After jerking jism onto her face and in her nostril, Nacho frog-marches Tigerr into the shower, where she mashes her melons into the wet glass.

Stars: Laura Love, Tigerr Benson, Valentina Nappi, Athina, Candi Coxx, Nacho Vidal


Video: Chained

Watch This Video!

Bizarre Video
A young girl’s desire to explore her darkest desire leads her into the decadent world of BDSM. Whips, Chains and other kinky things are used in tandem with their full-on-fuck-fest. Foursomes and twosomes alike all in an erotic effort to bring about the ultimate of passionate orgasms! Starring; Barbara Leigh, Jamie Gillis, Michael Morrison, Serena, and Stephanie Young.

Stars: Stephanie Young, Barbara Leigh, Serena, Jamie Gillis, Michael Morrison

Taboo Handjobs 35

Video: Taboo Handjobs 35

Watch This Video!

Sultry daughter-in-law, Maya Hills is so grateful to mom’s husband for letting her and her boyfriend stay with them, that she takes care of his cock while Mom is out shopping! Did you know sometimes I see you in the house and I get turned on by the way you look at me? You didn’t know I have these feelings for you did you? This seems like the perfect excuse to get close to you and justify it so I won’t feel guilty about having my father in laws dick in my hand, and liking it! I’ve been thinking of how to possibly repay you for your generosity and what I came up with is I can do the things for you that your wife doesn’t do. It doesn’t sound like your cock really gets the attention it’s deserving and desiring. I can help you with that. I would love to give you a hand job. You don’t have to do anything, no pressure to perform, just lay there and let me take care of you.

My date left me hanging with a pair of blue-balls, so my Mom jacked me off while my Dad was asleep in the next room! I’ve been dating the same girl for about three months. There is one major problem, she doesn’t put out. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out waiting for her to want to go all the way with me or at least just put her hand on my cock and rub me out. I have even pulled over to the side of the rode and rubbed one out before heading home on occasion, yet tonight I didn’t feel like doing that. My step-mom let herself into my room and noticed immediately I did not look content. She guessed correctly about my dilemma and actually presented a solution I had not even thought of. She said she always wants me to feel taken care of and that includes my dick! I’m going to lay her and be quiet like she says because my dad is in the next room. I know MILFS are all the rage in the media right now but I have seriously not ever thought of my step mom in a sexual manner, until now. She removed my sweat pants and eagerly started stroking my pole… It turns me on that she is actually enjoying rubbing my dick for me. She took her tits out and started titty fucking me. She continued to pump my shaft steadily and talking in her sweet sensual voice. She was committed to calming me and milking every ounce of cum from me, which she did. I gave her my pre cum and a full load that kept seeping quite a lot after the initial spurge. Oh her hands made me feel so amazing. She says as long as we can keep this a secret from my dad, all I have to do is say the word and she will sneak into my room for a cock service quickie. I have the best step mom, ever.

My son’s wife owns my cock! My daughter-in-law owed me money, so she offered to give me a handjob! Now my son’s wife owns both of our cocks! One day, his cute wife stopped by to talk to me while my wife wasn’t home. She thanked me for helping them as much as we have, and said that she really wanted to repay us but they needed more money for their car. “What would you like?” she asked. “Maybe you’d like to have something that we would have to keep a secret, between us”. I mean, here I was alone in my house, in my bedroom nevertheless, with my son’s wife, and she was proposing to pay off the money I lent them by stroking my cock. What was I supposed to do? I let her lead me to the bed, and my brain shut off. The cock won. While taking my already hard cock in her palm, she spit on it, leaving a long string of saliva leading from the tip of my dick to her plush lips. My hard cock was right against my son’s wife’s lips, and she teased me by denying me entrance. She pressed herself back against my cock and let me fuck the crack of her ass and slapped it against her pink lips. She spun around and began to tease me with her mouth. Licking the shaft but not putting her mouth around and sucking me. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked as she stroked. “I can’t wait for you to cum” she moaned. “I love stroking that fat fucking cock for you, Daddy”.

Bitchy step-sister Odette Delacroix turns into a Dominatrix and gives her brother a harsh handjob punishment for telling her parents on her! How could you take the $20 I gave you to keep quiet yet still tell our parents I was out past curfew last night? Wait, I know exactly what to do with you. You think you have the power because you have a penis? Think again you lying pervert. I’m on to you. I have the pussy and I have the power. Your cock is getting harder with every slap I give it. Look at my perfect pink sweet slit. It’s no wonder you haven’t been with a real woman, look at your cock. I’m going to keep stroking your cock with a steady rhythm. I will tell you when to cum. Listen to my every word and give me your cum when I ask for it. Now! Give it to me!

Stars: Odette Delacroix, Maya Hills, Zoey Holloway, Sierra Sanders, Michael Diamond

It’s Our Time

Video: It's Our Time

Watch This Video!

The blonde bombshell Tracy is back again, ready to explode in front of the camera. Today she gets her hands on the delicate flower Penelope, lying with her full weight on top of her she pushes up her thin vest before licking on her belly, stirring her senses and awakening her libido. Penelope’s small breasts and thick hard nipples are a delight for Tracy to suck on; she can easily take one in her hand and squeeze it firmly as she pulls on it with her mouth. They share some kisses as they slip hands inside one another’s panties, before Tracy goes to work on Penelope’s tight vagina, rubbing her clitoris as she squeezes two fingers in and out. Tracy bites her lip as she is fingered herself, before she grabs on to Penelope’s head and holds tight to ride the orgasmic waves.

Stars: Penelope, Tracy

Bite Starring Laura Blade and Gina

Video: Bite Starring Laura Blade and Gina

Watch This Video!

Hungry? Take a bite with Laura Blade and Gina! Laura Blade is a seriously kinky gal and in this film she takes on the role of a mouthy dominatrix-type, as she takes on and feasts on poor blonde Gina! Laura treats herself to Gina’s arms, legs and all over her body! Gina has the bite marks to prove it!

Stars: Gina, Laura Blade

Facial Cum Catchers #32

Video: Facial Cum Catchers #32

Watch This Video!

Sticky Studios
Karmen Karma enthusiastically tugs on a big cock and pulls out a thick load onto her tongue. Cameron is simply too attractive for just a blow-job scene, and hardcore fucking ensues. Chase Ryder uses her significant breasts to pleasure her stud. Emma Snow gets a cock right in her face, big and hard and ready for her mouth. Dee Dee Lynn gets her face fucked, and a massive facial. Jenna Ross gets her pussy licked and a face full of cum. Brooklyn Daniels loves hard cock, and loves stroking them even more. Last but not least, Gianna Love takes a cock hard while bent over, and savors the semen she gets for her trouble.

Stars: Gianna Love, Jenna Ross, Karmen Karma, Chase Ryder, Emma Snow, Dee Dee Lynn, Brooklyn Daniels, Cameron

Le Voyeur 3

Video: Le Voyeur 3

Watch This Video!

In this third installment of Le Voyeur series, you will witness three sluts being filmed while they fuck their lovers in various places. This is purely amateur, shot voyeur style and you’ll be able to appreciate these clips of everyday people who get fucked randomly throughout the day. Watch as the big tittied maid get fucked at her place of work, the horny lady and her boyfriend fuck in the forest and one naughty girl who likes black cocks.

HSH Vol. 12

Video: HSH Vol. 12

Watch This Video!

GPicasso Productions
This fine installment of HSH features 3 outstanding Euro-chicks! Each beautiful girl is given a brief interview before her scene and the whole scene is shot in a POV style way. HSH gets it very right here, as they offer up some of the most gorgeous European chicks around! There’s plenty of handjobs, 69ing and blowjobs!

Stars: Ellen, Reina (i)

Big Black Sexy Ho

Video: Big Black Sexy Ho

Watch This Video!

Look out ‘cause it’s a big, beautiful, black sista attack! This sexy babe is ready to fuck, and she’s at the horniest she’s ever been! Massive tits that are perfect for losing a face in, or getting a cock between them and flopping those breasts up and down until it shoots a fat load all over her neck – and they’d all love that!

Stars: Lasha Lane, Jennifer, Tipsy, Sasha Brabuster, Honey, Rod Garetto, Byron Long, Trevor Thompson

Magic Moments Presents Honey

Video: Magic Moments Presents Honey

Watch This Video!

Magic Moments
Magic Moments Presents is back and better than ever! And this series is known for providing you with some of the best looking women playing solo! And up next on the docket is an amazing blonde named Honey! Honey must be very, very sweet because she looks unbelievable playing with her sweet honey hole! If you love seeing gorgeous blondes playing solo, you need to get on this one!

Stars: Honey

Capri Classics 205 – The Real Thing

Video: Capri Classics 205 - The Real Thing

Watch This Video!

Number 205 from Capri Classics

Sue is relaxing with a vibrator when Ron lays the Real Thing on her! She gleefully devours his cock, sucking until it erupts in her mouth and covers her cute face and tits with a shower of cum! Unable to hold back any longer, Sue straddles his rigid cock and humps him through a series of explicit positions to a second, generous cum shot on her pussy!

Face Sitting Starring Loira Bruna Blonde

Video: Face Sitting Starring Loira Bruna Blonde

Watch This Video!

Hunterotic Brasil
Loira isn’t in the mood to be fucked with so she brings in Bruna Blonde to satisfy her ego and her wet, shaved, pink pussy! Loira has an amazing body so who wouldn’t want to be under her. Her ass is phat and certainly a sight to behold, for the very that is…Not so much for Bruna! Bruna submits to Loira’s pussy!!

Stars: Loira, Bruna Blonde

Newhalf Soapland For Ladies

Video: Newhalf Soapland For Ladies

Watch This Video!

Third World Media – Direct Japanese Imports
“Newhalf Soapland For Ladies” features Akari, Yuna, Myu, and Yuri getting it on with a straight up bombshell of a transsexual. She’s pretty fucking horny and ready to receive and give her fair share of rock hard pipe to these horny attractive girls! The threesome scene that closes the movie is certainly one to behold!

Stars: Yuri, Akari, Yuna, Myu

Bra Busters 6

Video: Bra Busters 6

Watch This Video!

Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan
Get ready for more busty babes ready to put their melons to work in more tit jiggling action than you can shake a dick at! Samantha Saint gives herself a milk bath before showering and bouncing her tits on Manuel Ferrera’s man meat. Peta Jensen makes it sizzle by the pool when she tit –fucks, sucks and rides to show Bill Bailey why big tits are best! Erik Everhard can’t resist Destiny Dixon’s charms he strokes deep between her peaks before taking her on a ride she won’t forget! August Ames gets soaking wet for Manuel Ferrera before he returns the favor with a facial and tit coating for an explosive ending.

Stars: Destiny Dixon, August Ames, Peta Jensen, Samantha Saint, Erik Everhard, Bill Bailey, Manuel Ferrera

New Resident Angelina – Disgusting Behaviour

Video: New Resident Angelina - Disgusting Behaviour

Watch This Video!

Mr. Lewis roughly pushes a naked Angelina into a room. She has to make up three weeks of homework in order to get her clothes back. But as soon as Mr. Lewis leaves, she tires of homework and instead begins to doodle nasty artwork. When Mr. Lewis returns to check her work he finds the doodles and is very upset. For this she will get the tawse.

He has her bend over the table and gives her the tawse on her bare bottom. She also has to raise the hands that made those disgusting pictures and he strikes them with the tawse. He goes from one to the other, bare bum to hands. When he is finished he tears up the nasty artwork and leaves the tawse as a reminder of the consequences of not finishing her homework.

Stars: Angelina, Mr. Lewis

Seductive Candy File 22

Video: Seductive Candy File 22

Watch This Video!

Tastes just like candy! Prepare to be seduced by some of the most attractive Japanese starlets out there today! And not only are these gals looking to fuck, they even brought candy too! Marina Morito starts things off by sucking a big heart shaped lollipop before she simultaneously wraps her lips around a nice cock too!

Stars: Marina Morito

My Lover’s Sperm

Video: My Lover's Sperm

Watch This Video!

Sex Box Video
Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it–and more of it than you can handle. Redhead babe covets a big black cock to capture its sperm. When she get it, her tight twat experiences a bit of difficulty at first, but penetration, inevitable that it is, occurs with great results for all–including the lascivious photographer who’s waiting to lap up the excess cum from any and all surfaces!

Assault On The Rectum Vol. 41

Video: Assault On The Rectum Vol. 41

Watch This Video!

Sinister TV
Alana Jones doesn’t mind sitting on a cock, especially when it’s going up her ass. Alison Kilgore takes it hard and she takes it long against a plush couch! Allison Embers loves making love in dim light in her bed, but tonight, it’s harder than that – pure fucking that leaves her asshole open. Lastly, Zarina and Envy have dirty fun in an office taking Mark’s wood up their asses until he decides to blast his cum on their tongues.

Stars: Allison Embers, Alison Kilgore, Zarina, Envy, Alana Evans, Mark Wood

Female Muscle Love

Video: Female Muscle Love

Watch This Video!

Iron Belles
Two Icons from two different planets engage in a very sensual and erotic Female Muscle Fantasy. This is Debra D’Andrea and Lauren Powers first time together! Coming back from a party they strip down, undressing each other very sensually, kissing each other’s muscled physiques, stroking, rubbing against each other. Then it’s down on the bed rolling on each other . . . all the while enjoying each other’s company and bodies.

Stars: Lauren Powers, Debra D’Andrea

Amazing Amateur Milfs

Video: Amazing Amateur Milfs

Watch This Video!

Shooting Star
Veronica Snow, Jamie Lynn Skye, Lucky Star, and Nanie Blue all star in Amazing Amateur Milfs! J. Kool has directed a one hell of scolding hot feature. Who says that MILF’s can’t take dick as well as their younger counterparts? That’s completely wrong; we all know that no one can take dick quite like a MILF!

Stars: Lucky Starr (i), Jamie Lynn Skye, Nanie Blue, Veronica Snow, Christian XXX

Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary

Video: Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary

Watch This Video!

Dana Vespoli
Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary” delivers the inventive director/sexy tattooed MILF’s candid, intimate footage of her private, after-hours hook-ups. With no costumes, set-ups, lavish polished backgrounds, or make-up, unscripted “reality porn” reveals behind-the-scenes personality.

Scene 1: Porn does not get any more real or naturalistic than this handheld camera phone footage of tattooed MILF Dana Vespoli and friendly stud-next-door James Deen. There’s no set-up or make-up, just two casually conversational pornographers doing what comes naturally on their own time. And it appears that Dana gets horny on her period — a tampon string hangs from her pussy as James fucks her asshole (with a wisecrack about a novel sort of “DP”). Dana digs a finger up her butt and blushes to orgasm as James sodomizes her. Preceding that is a sensual blow job/hand job with ball lapping, and Dana spit-lubes her anus. She tastes her cum on her fingers and fists her own mouth.

Scene 2: Tattooed MILF Dana Vespoli shares intimate footage of her private date with sensual brunette Adriana Chechik. In Dana’s living room they talk casually about their history; they work together because they enjoy each other’s “perveyness,” but this is off-hours time for digging into their mutual attraction … and Adriana’s asshole. Adriana says she feels “awkward” with nothing up her butt, so as the ladies tell porn stories, Dana slips four lubed fingers into Adriana’s anus. Dana stuffs a toy hand into masturbating Adriana’s rectum. Adriana fingers her own butthole and makes it wink. As widely splayed, shaved Adriana grips her heels up by her head, the ladies converse (just like guys!) about wining and dining girls and then getting no sex.

Scene 3: Tattooed MILF Dana Vespoli shares intimate footage of her private hook-up with muscular, young Tyler Nixon at a luxury beach hotel. Unscripted reality porn reveals their personalities: hanging out on the balcony overlooking the waves, they admit to doing porn because they’re otherwise shy, and they’re actually nervous to start the sex. In the bedroom they tell sex stories and make out, Dana feeling 18 — she’s jerked off to Tyler’s pics! He eats her hairy vagina and she sucks his curved cock pussy-to-mouth. With her leg up on his shoulder, Tyler fucks and chokes Dana as she masturbates. He rims and fucks her doggie-style on the balcony as the waves roar. They make love all around the suite till Tyler creams Dana’s tits and face.

Scene 4: Tattooed MILF Dana Vespoli and stud-next-door James Deen hook up at his place. There’s no set-up or make-up; Dana’s intimate reality footage just shows two casually conversational pornographers doing what comes naturally on their own time. Dana’s in pajamas, morning coffee on her breath. They caress and make out, reminiscing about their porn past. He takes her doggie style as they discuss their sex preferences. She masturbates as they fuck, talking about their weird fantasies. Soft lovemaking with mouth kissing intensifies, with whispering, gasping and entwined limbs. Where will he cum? In her coffee cup, and she likes the taste!

Stars: Adriana Chechik, Dana Vespoli, Tyler Nixon, James Deen

Lesbian Adventures 3

Video: Lesbian Adventures 3

Watch This Video!

Lady Suspender
Most subscribers to Lady Suspender enjoy watching the erotic encounters crescendo between beautiful amateurs in its most natural state. Many others might be partial to watching gorgeous amateurs, all lesbians, of all ages, lose themselves in pleasuring other like-minded women with their hands, mouths, tongues, toys, bodies… just the filthy, horny sequences within the Adventures films. This Lesbian Adventures 3 is for them.

Stars: Kelly, Lucy, Tanya, Holly, Farrah, Nicola, Cameron

Kamasutra 3: Les Positions Acrobatiques

Video: Kamasutra 3: Les Positions Acrobatiques

Watch This Video!

JTC Video
JTC Video presents “Kamasutra 3: Les Positions Acrobatiques,” starring Katia De Lys and Michael Cheritto. This is the holy grail of kamasutra for anyone who wants to spice up their sex lives. In Volume 3, we present many erotic and utterly satisfying acrobatic positions performed by Katia and Michael. Their chemistry is very strong and they perform and finish very smoothly.

Stars: Katia De Lys, Michael Cheritto

Solo Girls Mania – Tereza Ilova

Video: Solo Girls Mania - Tereza Ilova

Watch This Video!

MVG Productions
The latest starlet of the “Solo Girls Mania” is Tereza Ilova, a fit, raven haired beauty who loves exploring and pleasuring her own body. After a seductive strip tease, Tereza fingers her pussy before pushing a pair of bright blue Kegel balls inside of her. Then it’s onto the main event; Tereza pulls out a massive, hot pink dildo and warms it up with her mouth before going to town on her wet, silky pussy!

Stars: Tereza Ilova

Female Agent Presents – Jacob

Video: Female Agent Presents - Jacob

Watch This Video!

Female Agent
“Jacob is a handsome and smart looking young 20 year old who was looking for experience in the erotic industry and wanted to also make money doing it. I could tell when he first entered the office that he had a good body on him hidden under his clothes and I do so love the taste of a young, hard dick in my mouth, so delicious. He had a 20 year old girlfriend who didn’t know that he was attending a casting, which just made it naughtier for me and I was determined to sample this young man’s wares. After the initial interview he had no problems with stripping down to his birthday suit and I got the tape out to measure his cock. I told him to make himself hard and he seemed to struggle with it at first. The cameras unnerved him and his inexperience shone through. He asked for help and a woman playing with her own pussy turned him on so that’s what I did. He almost made it perpendicular, but in the end I had to lend a helping mouth. When he finally did get hard he fucked me with wild abandon on my desk, pounding into me like a hammer on an anvil, then he fucked me in doggy with the same enthusiasm, though he did keep slipping out now and again. I decided to ride him cowgirl and we hit the soft cock problem again. After some coaxing we were back in business and I rode his cock until, once again, his cock wilted like a dying flower. It was time for a cumshot anyway, so he tried wanking himself hard again, I even sucked him some more and I thought we were getting somewhere. I wanted him to cum on my glasses, did he make it or did I tear up his application and throw him out for wasting my time? Press play to find out.” – Gina Devine

Stars: Gina Devine, Jacob

Fantasy Football Orgy

Video: Fantasy Football Orgy

Watch This Video!

Third Degree
This fantasy fuck-fest goes way beyond the basic scoring system! Everyone in the league is a breakout player here and you never have to worry about going bust – the bustier the better! Draft the best looking girls in XXX and watch them play the whole ‘team!’ But in the first scene it’s all about the girls. Work your way through the whole playbook with every sexy combination you can think of! This is one Fantasy Football pool you won’t want to miss!

Stars: Mercedes Carrera, Nadia Styles, Holly Heart, Christie Stevens, Rilynn Rae, Mark Wood, John Strong, Will Powers, Marco Banderas

She’s A Dude

Video: She's A Dude

Watch This Video!

She’s gorgeous, has curves in all the right places but…She’s a Dude! Get ready for over four hours of gender-bending fun with some of the horniest and hottest transsexuals in the industry! If you love a girl who can give as good as she gets – look no further because glamour girls are ready to give it to you any and every way you want it! Ball sucking, blowjobs, rimming, anal penetration, shemale-on-male threesomes and much more is what these ladies have in store for you!

Stars: Alan Marcelo, White (TVTS)

Verdammt Dicke Titten

Video: Verdammt Dicke Titten

Watch This Video!

Foxy Media
God damn…these are some big ass titties! They’re all natural, and completely fuck-able when these cock crazed, well endowed babes are ready to play! They hang down, bounce to and fro, side to side and come together nicely for a tit fucking in four hardcore scenes! these well endowed girlies love to feel a pulsing shaft sliding in between those twin peaks, but what they love even more is the deep pussy pummeling they receive before they drain you to the last gooey drop!

MaleDom 7

Video: MaleDom 7

Watch This Video!

Sensual, tantalizing, and really, really hot: that’s how we would describe this flexible and versatile slave. Vyxen Steele has one thing on her mind, that is to put her Master’s cock as far down her throat as possible.

Has Cheri answered back once too often? Does she do it just for attention, or more specifically for the attention of her Master? When asked repeatedly why she is there, she smirks and replies “I don’t know.” Her eye’s close slightly as her body absorbs the impact of Master’s flogger. The pure joy and ecstasy displayed clearly on her face. She will do whatever it takes to be brought to another mind blowing orgasm.

It’s one of those rare occasions when Master David is more interested in experimentation then playing out a scene. His mostly willing sub has kindly offered her body for his games. The problem starts when Nyssa tries very hard to not laugh during some electrical play. As soon as David releases that she was trying to trick him, the real punishment begins.

She could hear the chains as Master ran them through her leather arm binders, and she wondered if she might have bitten off more then she could chew, so to speak. Daisy knew she was in precarious position, completely vulnerable and open to this man, and wondering what he will do next.

Jade continues her journey through the world of bondage and BDSM. With Master Blackthorne at the helm, Jade knows she is safe, which allows her to just let go and experience every sensation, every touch of her flesh. Just being bound and unable to escape makes her quiver with excitement. It does not take long before she is begging for an orgasm.

Stars: Nyssa, Daisy Lane, Vyxen Steel, Cheri, Jade, Eric X, David Lawrence, Master Blackthorne