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Biters InThe Buff

Video: Biters InThe Buff

Watch This Video!

Mr. Skin

If you like a woman with a little bite, Mr. Skin has the playlist for you. We know some of you guys like a woman with a little spunk–a woman that not afraid to get down and dirty. These gals really bring the spunk out of us! And we know a lot of you are odontophiliacs and have a hidden desire to see hot chicks bare their teeth and sink them in to some sexy flesh. We’re not here to judge; we’re here to present some of the best clips of chicks biting in the buff. Skinjoy!

Bobbi Starr and Tori Black lick, bit and suck their way through a steamy and leztastic moment in Voyeur Within,

Sonia Braga keeps her lingerie on, but she cleaves out while working over a dude in Moon Over Parador,

Joséphine de La Baume is restrained, but she can’t restrain her jugs from popping out in Kiss of the Damned,

Céline Bonnier shows all three B’s while getting in the ring to get rowdy with a dude in A Wind from Wyoming,

Roxanne McKee and Fiona Button get down for some same-sex fun in Lip Service,

Eleanor James goes ass out before biting a dude in Demonic,

Jelena Gavrilovic shows every messy inch of her fantastic body in A Serbian Film,

Maya Parish shows mams and muff while making out in Midnight Son,

Armelle Deutsch teases bush and butt during a butt-slapping moment in Henri 4,

Jessica Clark shows some amazing full frontal in True Blood,

Candice Bergen teases some rump in Soldier Blue,

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mia Goth get completely nude and completely leztastic in Nymphomaniac Vol. 2, Jenna Jameson and Shamron Moore show off their living dead racks during a goofy battle in Zombie Strippers,

Helen Lang and Patrice Rohmer both get full on nude as their seduce a dude into a threesome in Revenge of the Cheerleaders,

Diane Keen shows all three B’s while tormenting a dude in The Sex Thief,

Eleonora Brigliadori teases some cleavage in The Belt, Lucy Liu shows all her good parts while having sex in a snake pit in Flypaper,

Delia Sheppard bares T&A while sexing it up in front of the fireplace in Sins of Desire,

and Amanda Donohoe gives us a generous dose of boobs and butt in Dark Obsession.

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