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Claudia’s Naughty Pleasures

Video: Claudia's Naughty Pleasures

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Shadow Lane
Even though she is married, bad girl Claudia (Star Chandler) engages the services of a male escort on a visit to Los Angeles. She obtains her stud for hire from a company that offers “experienced spankers on staff” and that of course is just what she is interested in. But she doesn’t trouble to tell Ralph Marvell that until the end of a difficult day, during which she has rude and discouraging to her escort as possible. Ready to abandon the date and his fee, Ralph decides to leave. It’s then that Claudia makes her confession.

She’s been pushing his buttons all day just to see if she could. As soon as Ralph understands that Claudia is in the scene, he wastes no time in turning her over his knee and forcing her to reevaluate her first impression of him. This title features good, hard spanking, strapping, paddling and flogging, administered by a good looking, 6 foot dominant male to a stunning, leggy, 5 foot redhead who is as insolent as she is spankable. Excellent chemistry prevails between Ralph and Claudia once they decide that she’s there to be spanked.

Stars: Star Chandler, Ralph Marvell

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