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Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 23

Video: Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 23

Watch This Video!

Roman Video

Displeased wife Amanda Blow drags her wimpy husband Jimmy to couples rehabilitation. She rubs her pussy in frustration.

Tall, black, therapist Jayson knows just what this marriage needs. He whips out his ENORMOUS BLACK COCK and, to Jimmy’s horror, Amanda can’t keep her hands and mouth off of it.

Amanda and the therapist insist that to heal their marriage, Jimmy must share the experience. She grabs Jimmy’s head and COMMANDS HIM TO SUCK COCK with her! She makes him LICK THOSE BIG BLACK BALLS and laughs at his feeble protests.

They strip, and Amanda finds the assessment between Jayson’s enormous black hard-on and Jimmy’s tiny limp dick hilarious. She SPANKS her husband and tells him to keep blowing the therapist.

But that’s not the end of the HUMILIATING BISEXUAL depravity! Soon the therapist is FUCKING Amanda while she lies on top of Jimmy. She instructs her husband to lick up her cum as it drips off that big black cock and balls. She pulls the huge pole out of her pussy and mashes it deep into her husband’s mouth.

She climbs on top of the therapist and orders Jimmy to guide that big dick into her hole. He then has to KISS HER FEET as he watches his wife’s pussy get more and more stretched out, and listens to her scream in ecstasy.

Amanda CUMS multiple times then rejoices as the therapist blasts his massive load inside and outside her pussy. She grabs Jimmy’s head and slams it into her crotch, motioning him to lap up the thick, nasty CREAMPIE.

After cleaning her up, Amanda finally allows Jimmy wank himself until he cums.

Stars: Jayson Brown, Amanda Blow, Jimmy Broadway

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