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Cuckold Fantasies Volume 26

Video: Cuckold Fantasies Volume 26

Watch This Video!

Roman Video
Leya Falcon is super mean to her husband, but he loves her so much that he does anything she says. There’s a term for men like that – sissy bitch. In an effort to have some fun and inflict humiliation on her sissy bitch husband, Leya makes him wear lingerie and she applies make-up and a wig before locking his dick in a chastity device! She writes “Sissy Bitch” on his chest, makes him crawl on hands and knees, all while unleashing withering verbal humiliation.

Enter her muscular, black stud, Robert Axel. She compares his big, hard, black cock with her husband’s embarrassingly tiny member. Leya eagerly wraps her lips around the black cock while her husband watches. But even more than watching, she makes her sissified husband suck that cock too! She then sits on her husband’s face and makes him get her pussy ready while she takes over blowing her stud. Her saliva drips from that big rod and splashes in the husband’s face.

Leya lies on top of her husband and gets rammed powerfully by her black lover. The husband watches that steely cock slam his wife’s pussy right above his face. Leya orders him to lick the stud’s balls. They continue to fuck in multiple positions while the husband just takes it. He sucks cock, laps balls, kisses her feet, gets spanked and slapped. Leya threatens to let her stud cum inside her so she can get pregnant with black babies. He takes it all while watching his wife driven to repeated orgasms by this vastly superior man.

The big black stud cums not once, but twice, blasting big loads on Leya’s pussy and on her stomach. She orders her husband to lick up every spermy drop. Not done with the humiliation, Leya puts on a big strap-on dildo. She makes her husband suck it, choke on it, then bends him over and fucks his ass with it! Finally, she removes the chastity device and allows him to cum, but then quickly puts the device back on to continue his never-ending humiliation.

Stars: Leya Falcon, Robert Axel, Marcelo

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