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Family Valentine

Video: Family Valentine

Watch This Video!

Taboo Passions
I haven’t been home in over a year, but figured Valentine’s Day would be a great time to show my family some love. My little stepsister will be surprised. She is obsessed with my cock, ever since I popped her cherry. I am just going to have to keep my distance from her. As soon as I walked in the door my sister was all over me, kissing me and grabbing my cock. I tried to tell her no, but I could not resist her in her uniform. She looked way too hot. She grabbed my cock and started sucking it and then I bent her over doggie style. She grabs my cock right before I am about to cum and swallows it. Shit, her mom walked in just as I was pulling up my pants. Damn, that was close. During dinner my stepsister would not stop grabbing my cock so I played with her pussy all while her mom was sitting there playing with her own MILF pussy. After dinner I went to my room to relax and stepsister came in wearing a sexy nightie and we start fucking again. Her mom walks in and catches us, but instead of scolding us, she encourages us and even instructs us. This has been one hell of a Valentine’s Day!

Stars: Madison Lee, Addie Juniper, Kevin Wang

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