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Female Agent Presents – Roy

Video: Female Agent Presents - Roy

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Female Agent
Roy is one of the tiniest guys I’ve ever had on my couching cast, when I asked where he had come from I would have placed a lot of money on his answer being the shire. He was also very shy but was a pleasant enough guy and at 20 years old there was no way he was leaving my office without me sampling what the youth of today has got to offer me and my honeypot. He bought the usual lines easily enough, lots of money, holidays abroad and all the rest of it and was soon stripping his clothes off as I gazed at his very slim build and body. I would have to be gentle with this one I thought. Then he told me that he could fuck his girlfriend for an hour without ejaculating so I threw caution to the wind and pounced on him. He was very nervous throughout and kept losing his erection a little but no cock can stay soft when I’m nearby, my oral skills are something to be reckoned with. I decided to mount him and see how he could handle a real woman on top. In all fairness he did surprisingly well, he was a very quiet but he kept thrusting into me and making my pussy twitch with joy. We ran into a little trouble when I found out that his 1 hour stamina time was not quite the whole truth but he persevered, fucking me in reverse cowgirl and my orgasm in doggy was so intense I almost bit my way through the couch. He had trouble aiming his cumshot also, I asked him to cum on my ass and most of it landed on my back and in my hair, it came catapulting out of his balls. All in all a very good casting, though due to his age and lack of confidence, he certainly isn’t a lord of the ring yet. — Female Agent

Stars: Celine, Roy

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