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Hairy Lacey

Video: Hairy Lacey

Watch This Video!

Lacey hasn’t shaved for this shoot and has nice and hairy armpits and an unshaved pussy – hairy in a nice way :-) She also gets sopping wet! If you’re into “natural”, soaking wet pussies and nice orgasms, this movie is most certainly one for the collection. And in addition to Lacey’s solo orgasms, this movie is also a little departure from our norm in that it features Lacey having sex with the camera man.

Scene one starts out with Lacey laying back on the couch wearing just her underwear and already playing with her pink smoothie vibrator. She is gently caressing her pussy with the toy, quietly and seeming to really enjoy herself. It doesn’t take long before she slips off her underwear, revealing a nice and hairy (but not too hairy) pussy. She starts stimulating her clit directly with the vibrator and soon starts writhing gently and moaning quietly, she is slowly, but firmly rubbing her clit with the vibrator. You can see her pussy juices glistening at the opening of her vagina as she gets wetter and wetter, her juices already running down her butt. Her breathing gets more intense, her moans get slightly louder and the hip thrusts get more and more deliberate and she cums, hard. Her orgasm contractions are very visible and intense. But she doesn’t stop there – she keeps on buzzing her clit to ride out her orgasm, her body jerking and twitching in ecstasy! After this long orgasm, Lacey lies back recovering and shows us just how juicy and wet her pussy is. This scene alone makes the entire movie worthy of the collection, and there is more to cum!

A little hands on scene with light bondage is next. Lacey is tied up on the bed, her arms pulled up to show off her hairy pits, and her legs spread apart. She is wearing just her bra and panties, and the camera man already has his silver egg vibrator fired up and gently stimulating her pussy. Lacey really can’t move much, but she slowly moves her head from side to side, and her body tenses and twitches to the stimulation from the vibrator. She clearly is enjoying the attention and she starts panting and moaning gently. The camera man pulls aside her panty crotch so that he can stimulate her pussy directly, and her reactions are almost instantaneous … her moans get a little louder and her body reactions get stronger. You can already see her pussy getting quite wet as the camera man spreads her pussy lips. He gently inserts a finger into her vagina and starts finger-fucking her, and Lacey really seems to like this. And then he stops abruptly … he’s had all he can take, and he moves into the scene (for the first time!) and finishes her off orally!! She cums really quickly!

The next scene starts out with a close up view of Lacey’s pussy – she is hairy, but a “nice” hairy – and her pussy is already sopping wet. The camera man remarks that she is “dribbling with the sheer excitement of it all”, and he is right! He starts out by rubbing her clit with his finger, and her body starts twitching and writhing very quickly. She really is sopping wet already! His rubbing intensifies, as does her breathing and moaning and the more he rubs, the more her juices run out of her. He dips his finger into her pussy, pulling out a nice long string of juice to moisten her clit, and continues rubbing her. Lacey really seems to be enjoying this, she cums, but alas she is moving so much that her contractions really aren’t that visible. The camera man keeps on rubbing her clit with his thumb and finger until he, once again, just needs to lick her pussy. The camera pans out – Lacey is holding her arms up again, exposing her nicely hairy pits as the camera man goes down on her again. She is completely naked this time, and once again, she cums very quickly from his oral stimulation! Lacey lies back recovering as the camera man plays with her very juicy pussy.

The camera man really is into this shoot, the next scene shows Lacey laying on the bed wearing only a skimpy pair of white lace panties, the camera man already buzzing her pussy with a vibrator. Lacey really enjoys this – she had already told him that she much prefers that he gets her off than doing it herself. He pulls aside her panties and shows off her nice lippy pussy and starts stimulating her clit directly again. Once again, Lacey’s pussy is getting soaking wet very quickly and you can already see it glistening with her juices as he buzzes her clit. His stimulation has the right effect, her body starts twitching and jerking again, consistent with Lacey getting closer and closer to cumming. But she doesn’t quite get there, so she takes off her panties to give the camera man easier access to her cooch. He slips the vibrator into her vagina and simultaneously rubs her clit with his finger. But even this doesn’t do it, so Lacey takes control of the vibe and presses it onto her clit while the camera man watches. You can now see her glistening pussy contract as she gets close to cumming again, but this one is harder for her to find … she gets there eventually, her body arching and jerking as she cums! This time she wants a round of applause for getting there!

The camera man has now reached the limits of his professional abilities, he just has to get into the action! He starts out by kissing her, and then he quickly moves between her legs to kiss her pussy through her panties. This doesn’t last long, he needs to have direct contact with her wet pussy, so he peels off her panties and goes down on her, licking her pussy and clit to his heart’s desire. Lacey really likes this – she seems to be a real lover of oral sex. She starts moaning and panting and her legs are twitching as the camera man eats her pussy, and within minutes she has a powerful, body arching orgasm! He keeps going until she can stand it no more (it looks like she might have had a second orgasm too, judging by her body reactions). But he is not done yet, he gets her out of her clothes and onto her hands and knees and starts fucking her doggy-style! It’s just what both of them need at this point – Lacey loves to get shagged, and the camera man was so turned on by her that he needed to get off too. After he cums, they snuggle for a moment before the scene ends.

Stars: Lacey

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