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Homewrecking Babysitters 1

Video: Homewrecking Babysitters 1

Watch This Video!

Team Skeet

These babysitters may project that girl-next-door type that makes you think they’re so sweet and innocent. But when these hubbies catch them being the bad girls they truly are; there’s just no way they’re passing up the opportunity to stretch those tight teen twats and drill balls deep in five scenes that will make you wish you had your own babysitter on hand!

I called up the Babysitters Club and requested my usual babysitter, Miranda. I had new cameras installed recently because of other people telling me stories how their babysitters would steal stuff from the house. While I was out running errands I watched her every move – she didn’t steal anything, but she did masturbate on my couch while my kid was sleeping! I got home and asked if there was anything she wanted to tell me but she kept acting stupid. I threatened to call the cops and the babysitters club and told her I should just fire her. That’s when she got on her knees and begged to keep her job! Miranda told me she would do ANYTHING to keep her job and reached for my dick, taking off my shorts and filling her mouth with my dick! Since she said anything I took the opportunity to fuck her tight teen pussy! I bent her over and drilled her from behind and busted my nut inside of her! She can keep her job after all…

I had to run some quick errands so I called up the Babysitters Club to watch my kids. They sent over a new girl, Henley to watch my kids. I showed her around a bit before heading out and everything was cool. When I got home I realized I didn’t have my wallet on me and she was pissed because she had another job to go to. Henley called up the Babysitters Club to see if we could work something out, but she thought of something else – a different form of payment. She said she heard from other girls that I had a big dick and she hasn’t seen a dick in real life! She took off my jeans and tried to fit my meat in her mouth before I bent her over the bed and pounded into her super tight twat! I fucked her real good and it wasn’t long until I busted all over her pussy! Hope to see you again soon, Henley.

Kylie was hired by the babysitters club to watch over Mr. Johnsons children. He only had a few rules which included no boys. She was bored as hell so she decided to call her boyfriend over to keep her company – that was a mistake! Mr. Johnson came home early and heard something weird – he found Kylie giving her boyfriend some head! He was pissed and was about to call the babysitters club – that’s when Kylie pulled down his pants and showed him her dick sucking skills! She said she would do anything as long as he doesn’t call, so she bent over and spread her teen pussy for his massive rod! Kylies tiny teen pussy got pounded into again and again until Mr. Johnson unloaded in her mouth!

I had to leave early from work because I wasn’t feeling well, but when I got home I found Rachel, the babysitter having phone sex on the back balcony! She was rubbing and fingering her perfect teen pussy! At first I was pissed because she should’ve been watching my kid, but as soon as I threatened to call her boss she got on her knees and offered to suck my dick to make everything right! It’s hard to stay mad when she’s looking up at me, swallowing my meat. Rachel was so horny she hopped right on my dick and rode it while rubbing her little clit! We took it inside where I fucked her tight twat! In the end she stroked me until I dropped my load all over her chest! I can get used to fucking the babysitter more often…

I was taking a nap when Jaye came to me asking for her money for babysitting. Little did she know I had a hidden camera set up behind me. I didn’t wake up until she had my cock in her mouth! It felt so good I didn’t want her to stop. Jaye stripped naked and continued to stroke and suck my dick. Then she sat on my dick with her super tight pussy and I fucked her from behind and missionary before she jerked the cum out of my dick! I hope Jaye babysits for me more often.

Stars: Miranda Miller, Kylie Nicole, Jaye Austin, Rachel James, Henley Hart, Tony Vela, Carson Grundle

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