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Homewrecking Babysitters 2

Video: Homewrecking Babysitters 2

Watch This Video!

Team Skeet

Mr. Rubino suspects his babysitter, Goldie, has been stealing jewelry and money while she was watching the kids. He’s decided it was time to find out. He set up a camera in his room to see if it was really her that was stealing. When she came over to babysit he made sure to tell her to not go in his room. Fast forward 30 minutes and she’s already in his room going through his money jar and jewelry! He gets back inside and calls Goldie to the living room, pissed as fuck that she’s been stealing from him every time she babysits. As he was on the phone with her supervisor, she dropped to her knees and put his cock in her mouth, immediately changing his mind about her! She slurped Mr. Rubino’s dick real good, then he pounded into her tight 18 year old pussy! Goldie loved the dicking she received and happily took his load to her face!

Hollie got called up by the babysitters club to watch over Brad’s daughter. He left to go to work and Hollie took care of the baby while he was gone – bathing, feeding and putting her to sleep. She realized that she loved babies and wanted one for herself. That’s when the idea got planted in her head that she could make one today! Hollie was waiting for Brad to get back with no shirt on, and seduced him into fucking her! Hollie got on her knees and swallowed his cock whole before having him return the favor by eating her 18 year old pussy! Hollie got fucked hard by Brad’s huge rod and she loved every second of it! When he was about to cum she didn’t hop off his dick and he exploded inside of her! That should give her the baby she always wanted…

I decided to leave work early, but when I got home, a bunch of work stuff piled up and I had to work from home. I called up the babysitters club and they sent my usual babysitter, Iggy over to watch my baby while I work. Fast forward a few hours and I take a break from work to jerk off, and Iggy comes down into my office, catching me watching porn. I tell her to get her money and leave immediately. But she had another idea. Iggy could tell that I was stressed and said she could help me relieve some stress. That’s when she dropped to her knees and engulfed my meat! Then I bent her over my couch and pounded into her from behind and dropped my load all over her perfectly round butt! Hopefully my wife doesn’t find out…

I came home from work looking for the babysitter, Jojo and to my surprise she was asleep on the job in MY bed with a fucking pacifier in her mouth! Her excuse was that her friend told her that if you sucked on a pacifier it would help her get better at sucking dick…This was unacceptable to me so I threatened to call the babysitters club. Jojo said that I wouldn’t have to pay her as long as she could practice sucking cock with me! She was already pretty good at giving head when she swallowed my meat like a pro. I told her to bend over on the bed so I could fuck her and boy was her pussy tight! I pounded into my little babysitter and exploded all over her tummy!

Oh great, here comes Kimberly wanting more money for babysitting but her employer isn’t having it until she says she will tell his wife that he’s touching her inappropriately! Negotiations begin and they barter for more than just coin. Kimberly drops down to her knees once she sees the money piling on and it doesn’t stop there. Kimberly forgets about money once her snatch gets moist and she wants a dicking pronto. From doggy, to cowgirl, to good ol’ missionary, this isn’t this girls first time with an employer it seems! She must be good because this is one of the biggest money shots in babysitter’s club history. Make sure you watch till the very end!

Stars: Goldie Rush, Hollie Mack, Kimberly Brix, Jojo Kiss, Iggy Amore, Jimmy Deep, Tony, Tony Rubino, Bradley Remington

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