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Juliette’s Test

Video: Juliette's Test

Watch This Video!

Juliette Captured And In Distress

The camera is watching Juliette. After a while the man comes over with a pair of soft foam ear plugs. He goes behind the chair and takes a plug and inserts into one of Juliette’s nostrils. Now the man takes the other plug and inserts it into Juliette’s other nostril. Still holding her head back, he presses on each plug to make sure it is snugly in place.

The man leaves the scene while the camera roams over Juliette’s body.
He reenters and stands behind Juliette, then fondles her breasts for about a minute. She whimpers, pleading with her eyes as he says, “Now, Juliette. We shall test your breathing.” He picks up the end of the breathing tube and places his thumb over the hole. Juliette’s eyes grow wide. The man holds the tube for several seconds then releases it. Juliette gasps through the tube.
He now comes over with a pair clothes pins and a bowl of ice cubes. Juliette yelps out in protest when she sees the pins. He holds up a pair of tongs then picks up an ice cube and begins to rub it over her nipples. Juliette moans as he does. He then picks up the end of the tube. The man plugs the hole with his thumb.The man continues to rub her nipples with the ice cube while he holds the tube in his hand. Finally, the man stops and shows Juliette one of the clothespins. He toys with her nipple and then slowly slides the pin over her nipple. He then does the same to her to her nipple. She whimpers softly.

Next he has some refreshment for her. He removes the nostril plugs. He pours a container of lemon juice into the tube. Juliette reacts to the bitterness. The man puts away the lemon juice and replaces the nostril plugs. He leaves her.
The man returns with a hair dryer. Juliette watches him as he turns on the dryer and picks up the end of the breathing tube again. When the dryer is hot he turns it to her breasts and begins to move it slowly back and forth, concentrating it on her nipples. Juliette screams loudly. The man uses the dryer. Suddenly the man plugs the tube with his thumb again. Juliette is screaming hysterically. He holds it for a while then releases it.

Finally, the man turns off the dryer and lets Juliette calm down. He strokes her forehead gently trying to calm her as he slowly removes the nostril plugs. Juliette inhales deeply. He says to her that the new owner is satiesfied and that Juliette will have an orgasm and that during the orgasm the man should work with the breathergag. Juliette shakes her head. The man inserts the plugs into each of her nostrils.
The man turns on the bullet vibrator. The man waits for the orgasm to rise in Juliette’s body and then picks up the tube. Juliette is beside herself when she sees him plug the end of the tube with his thumb. He holds it for some time and then releases it. Juliette’s body convulses in an explosive, screaming orgasm.

The man lets her begin to calm and turns off the vibrator. He then goes behind the chair and removes the plugs from her nostrils. He then deflates the breather gag, unbuckles and removes the harness and breather gag straps. Juliette gasps for breath. The man waits a little while before he moves behind her. Juliette is terrified he is going to put the plugs back into her nostrils, so she tries to look back at him. But he only wants to hear from her how the orgasm was.

Stars: Juliette (i)

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