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Lesbian Chronicles Volume 14

Video: Lesbian Chronicles Volume 14

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Red MILF Productions
Katherine was home from college to visit her mom Rachel. Rachel had been divorced from her father for years. She had given up on the dating scene… with men. Rachel found what really made her hot; younger women, women her daughter’s age. Rachel had been masturbating to one of her magazines with her daughter’s vibrator. Rachel loved her daughter but was sexually attracted to her. Rachel did not clean up because she did not expect Katherine home early that day. Katherine found her mother’s dirty secret. She opened the magazine up and saw a photo of herself! She picked up the Rachel’s soaking wet panties. Katherine did not know what to think so she took her vibrator and went to her room. Rachel later cleaned up not knowing Katherine had seen her secret stash. The next day Rachel sat with Katherine on the couch for conversation. Katherine was silent. Rachel knew something was wrong. Katherine confessed she found the sex stash and confronted her mother. Rachel was embarrassed; she did not know how her daughter would react. Rachel skirted the truth and left to take a nap. Katherine was intrigued and began to masturbate to the photos of older woman with younger girls. She reached an orgasm like she had never felt before. Katherine was fantasizing about her mother making love to her. She went to the bedroom where Rachel slept and crawled in next to her. Katherine’s hormones were raging; she took her mother’s face and began kissing her on the lips. Rachel woke up confused. Katherine took her by the robe pulling her in close, and told her she wanted her. Rachel quickly pushed her back, reminding her difference between fantasy and reality. Katherine did not care. She kept moving in on her. Rachel’s pussy was getting wet. She could not resist her daughter’s hungry advances. They both entwined in heated passionate love making until orgasm. They never spoke of that afternoon again.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Kaire

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