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Mistress Irony’s Girls

Video: Mistress Irony's Girls

Watch This Video!

April Showers: Strapped securely to one of Mistress Irony’s favorite pieces of bondage furniture, poor Ava is put through her paces. From flogging wax off her body to some pretty intense pussy play, Mistress Irony is truly the goddess of the dungeon. With every sound Ava makes, Irony humiliates and mocks her more. But Irony is not completely insensitive and at the end of the day, she gives Ava the biggest squirting orgasm she has ever had!

Anal Invader: Mistress Irony, even after a good flogging, feels like Giselle still has not learned her lesson. Even though Irony loves to hear Giselle scream and squeal, the truth of the matter is, she is still walking away as petulant as ever. So what experience could Irony give that would leave a lasting impression on Giselle. How about some anal play, ok…lots of anal play and orgasm denial with just the right amount of humiliation play thrown in.

Have a Seat: Mistress Irony seems quite taken with her slave, Sicilia. She loves her breasts, butt and she especially loves it when Sicilia spreads her legs wide and exposes herself. Mistress Irony is, shall we say, a kind Mistress with a very naughty streak and she exhibits both sides of her personality on a regular basis.

Giselle’s Lesson in Posture: Mistress Irony is sick and tired of Giselle’s sloppiness. She just can’t seem to get it right. She slouches, her back is never straight, her ass is never stuck out, but the biggest offense of them all is the fact the Giselle shows Mistress no respect. Her eyes are never downcast, she never pays attention and she never does “her best” at any task asked of her. That is all going to change, today. Mistress is determined to to get this lesson through Giselle’s head. Remember, with every great achievement, there is great pleasure.

Her First Time?: Sophie has always been intrigued by BDSM and wanted to explore it’s and, her full potential. She wanted to push her limits and see just how far she could go. Enter Mistress Irony. She meet her at a party and there was instant chemistry. After divulging her deepest desires to her new found friend, Irony takes her to a place where those fantasies can become reality.

Stars: Mistress Irony, Sicilia, Giselle, Ava, Sophie

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