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Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes Of 1971

Video: Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes Of 1971

Watch This Video!

Mr. Skin

1971 was the year that cigarette advertisements were banned on TV, but the sexy starlets of SKINema were still smoking hot. So get a blast to the past from Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes – 1971.

Ann-Margret bares her bobblers in bed, then gets up and shows off her sweet seat in Carnal Knowledge,

Cybill Shepherd brings out her hefty hoots to go for a skinny dip in The Last Picture Show,

Susan George‘s stellar sweater meat gets exposed by her handsy ex-boyfriend in Straw Dogs,

Susan George stands topless at the window to taunt a team of construction workers in Straw Dogs,

Enjoy a long look at Jenny Agutter‘s completely nude form as she takes a swim au naturel in Walkabout,

Laura Antonelli‘s colossal cans heave wonderfully as she does naked sit ups at the doctor’s office in Secret Fantasy,

Another doctor gets a gander at Laura Antonelli‘s ginormous glands and tight tush in Secret Fantasy,

Laura Antonelli unwittingly poses her T&A for some nudie photos in Secret Fantasy,

Pam Grier has a catfight with Sofia Moran and some tits manage to slip out in Women in Cages,

Udderly fantastic Uschi Digard gets her jumbo jubilees jiggled during a feisty and fully nude threesome with Deborah McGuire in The Godson,

Adrienne Corri gets all her clothes cut off by some ultraviolent thugs in A Clockwork Orange,

Cheri Caffaro shows it all, including her dense 70s muffalotta when she mounts her tied up man in Ginger,

Cheri Caffaro is handcuffed on the ground when a dude helpfully takes her panties off to makes sure her furburger gets more screen time in Ginger,

Slinky brunette Maureen Byrnes gets a mouthful of man meat in an unsimulated orgy scene with Debbi Morgan in Cry Uncle!,

Debbi Morgan presents hers chocolate milk bombs and bodacious buns before getting into bed in Cry Uncle!

Lauren Hutton‘s spectacular body is on full display including her tanned titlets and fluffy muff in Permette? Rocco Papaleo,

Jacqueline Bisset is getting banged in bed, which gives glimpses of her gobstoppers and gash in Secrets,

Rosalba Neri brings out her breasts and bush to writhe around on the bed, but the close up cooch shot is a body double in Slaughter Hotel,

Uschi Digard shows off everything above and below her belt during a flailing pool fuck in Below the Belt,

Rene Bond gets baby power dusted all over her dainty dumplings, heinie, and hairpie in Refinements in Love,

Christina Lindberg‘s tit torpedoes, tush, and dense crotch thicket all get some air as she strips for a bath in Maid in Sweden

Vicki Michelle serves up her caldrons and caboose for a sacrificial ceremony in Virgin Witch.

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