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Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes Of 1979

Video: Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes Of 1979

Watch This Video!

Mr. Skin

In 1979 Anita Ward’s one-hit wonder “Ring My Bell” was topping the charts while skin fans were peaking to the two-tit wonders taking it all off on screen. So ring your own bell to Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes – 1979:

Bo Derek‘s perky pair sets the standard for perfection in 10,

More of Bo Derek‘s bodacious T&A as she strolls around a dark bedroom in 10,

Lindsay Bloom joins a gaggle of topless babe to shake their pom-poms on the football field in H.O.T.S.,

Tits the season to be jolly when Season Hubley shows her hoots and hairpie playing a hooker in Hardcore,

Slow-mo will make you grow when it’s Dawn Dunlap getting freeze-framed shaking her knockers and knuckle sandwich in Laura,

Dorothy Stratten strips down for a bath revealing her rack and back crack in Autumn Born,

Teensy titlets from Donna Wilkes as some dudes threaten her man in the bedroom in Fyre,

Brigitte Lahaie is wearing a corset but her teat tips are peeking over the top in Fascination,

The behemothly boobied Kitten Natividad dips her vibrator into a tub a vaseline then voraciously plunges it into her own hairy valley in Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens,

Kitten Natividad does an extra jiggly bump-and-grind onstage, showing off her colossal cans, cooch, and caboose in Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens,

Glory Annen thoroughly soaps up her peaks, pelt, and seat meat along with her other nubile gal-pals in the school locker room in Felicity,

See every luscious inch of Glory Annen as she gets frisky with 3 of her closest friends in a hot tub for Felicity,

Teresa Ann Savoy shoes tits and tail during a gleesome threesome with Helen Mirren and Malcolm McDowell in Caligula,

Teresa Ann Savoy gets humped to death but afterwards Malcolm McDowell carries her nude body around giving plenty of long looks at her lobbers and lush lap thicket in Caligula,

Totally nude Penthouse Pets Lori Wagner and Anneka Di Lorenzo get graphically Sapphic with a long carpet munching session in Caligula,

Joan Collins exits the bed and we get to see her rear porthole and left lactoid in The Bitch,

Former Nancy Drew Pamela Sue Martin lets us skinvestigate her topless treats in The Lady in Red,

and finally Uschi Digard is dressed up as a milkmaid then pours the creamy white stuff all over her impressive udders in Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens.

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