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Olivia Adams 27 – Sensational

Video: Olivia Adams 27 - Sensational

Watch This Video!


Super grooler Olivia Adams is back with the 27th installment featuring nothing but wet and wild solo fun. she’s got all new toys, pretty new panties, her insatiable appetite and of course her stringy wet, dripping pussy gushing with orgasm after orgasm! She cums hard, often and even cums with her panties still on, yet her contractions and pussy juices are still clearly visible. We promise she won’t disappoint!

Olivia is sitting in a chair naked. She immediately pulls back on her pubic mound with one hand and starts buzzing away at her clit using her new toy, the mini Wanachi. She had never used one of these before, and the vibrator has her moaning in literally a second and cumming in slightly over one minute! “Oh God that was so fast … Oh, no …” she pants as her pussy still pulsates with her orgasm. She chuckles as she turns the camera off. Incredibly sexy!

Now for something a little different … Olivia is leaning forward and standing over the camera as her pussy literally drips her stringy grool down towards the lens. She has another new toy – a little vibrator that attaches to one of her fingers! She starts to rub her clit with her middle finger where the vibe is attached which gets her pussy even more aroused and wet. Then in comes the mini Wanachi again and before long, the toy is completely covered and dripping her slippery juices. Olivia pauses for a second as she is clearly getting very close. Her pussy juices are literally stringing down to the camera as she pants and moans. Olivia cums hard with lots of puckering contractions, but keeps standing over the camera as she recovers, watching a bead of grool dripping out of her vagina.

Olivia has on her black net panties for this scene. She is seated on the edge of a chair and is already so wet that her juices are dripping THROUGH her panties and stringing down to the floor! She picks up the camera in brings it closer to her pussy to show us just how wet she is and what a “mess” she is making on her black felt blanket … there appears to be quite a bit of dried pussy juice already on it! Olivia slips off the chair and squats in front of the camera, still dripping wet. She turns on her little silver bullet vibe and circles it on her clit … that makes her groan and start panting. Her pussy lips are enveloping the string of her thong panties as she buzzes away at her clit through the fishnet fabric. Her juices are now running down over her butt cheek and stringing to the floor. She gets a little more frantic with rubbing the little vibe on her clit and without taking her panties off, Olivia goes over the edge and has a big pulsing pussy orgasm with copious amounts of juice just stringing out of her pussy. Wow!

Olivia is completely naked this time and is sitting on a red blanket with her legs spread and cupping her small natural breast. She turns on her little bullet vibe again and immediately starts gently buzzing her clitoris. But she has another new toy to try out … a little pink vibrator. Olivia is clearly watching porn as she masturbates as you can hear it in the background (I wish we could see what she was watching!). She sticks the little pink vibe into her vagina and pulls it out – the thing is cover in her stringy juices! Then Olivia tries out her new finger vibe again, strumming her clit with it as her pussy juices pool at the base of her vagina. And that does the trick – Olivia cums hard with lots of pussy contractions, and lots of aftershocks as she recovers.

Wearing her pink panties and black top, Olivia is seated on her faux sheepskin blanket with her legs apart. The fabric of her panties is so thin that we can see her closed slit beneath as she gently caresses and rubs herself. She doesn’t leave her panties on for long though – she lifts up her legs and slips them over her bottom. Olivia opts for her new pink vibrator, placing it rather firmly on her clitoris. She reaches around her leg with the other and pulls her vulva open. Olivia’s inner lip starts twitching involuntarily as she buzzes away at her clit – very sexy! She dips the toy into her vagina to get it nice and slippery, and then continues her clitoral assault as she lets out a few “Ah’s” and “Yeah’s”. Olivia continues masturbating with this little buzzer which makes her pussy twitch in quite a different manner than what we’ve seen from her before … her pussy gets wetter and wetter, and she finally pushes the vibe into her vagina as she breaks out her new mini Wanachi. And that does it … her entire body quivers and shakes as her pussy starts to pop and pulsate with her orgasm! That seemed like a really big one!! She’s done.

Olivia is sitting in front of the camera wearing just her thing black thong panties. Her breasts and perky nipples are visible in the back ground as she lays back and starts masturbating with her big purple penis vibe. Her pussy lips are clearly visible through the fabric, and she appears to already be quite wet in anticipation. She slips the toy into her panties for a moment, and then pulls her panty crotch aside as she rubs her pussy and clit with the vibe before inserting it into her vagina and fucking herself with it. After playing around with the toy and rubbing her juices into her pussy, Olivia turns up the power, positions the vibe on her clit and with her spread legs in the air, and gives herself a nice and long orgasm with rapid fire pussy contractions! Very nice!

Once again naked, Olivia is seated on her faux sheepskin blanket in a chair. She lifts herself up to a spread-legged squatting position, sitting on her heels on the chair. Her big purple vibrator is her toy of choice – she switches it onto low power and applies it to her clitoris. This is a great position as her juices really start to string out of her onto the blanket beneath as she gets more and more aroused. And with the toy firmly planted on her clit, Olivia says “I’m cumming” moments before she rocks out a pussy oozing, contracting orgasm!

Sitting in a chair with her legs parted, Olivia is wearing her black thin thong panties and is rubbing her pussy though the material. Her pussy lips are clearly visible as the lay to one side underneath the fabric. Olivia chooses her purple penis vibe again, turning it on and slipping it into her panties. When she pulls it out of her panties, she is already clearly quite wet … Olivia masturbates through her panties with the toy, the fabric clinging to her pussy lips as she pulls up on her panties. And that does it – she cums before she can take her panties off, and her contractions are still clearly visible! Even as she recovers with her panties still on, her contractions are clear. Wow.

It must be “panty day” as Olivia is now wearing her pink panties and once again sitting on her faux sheepskin blanket. She is rubbing her pussy through the fabric, but these panties are not as thin so her pussy is not visible beneath. But as she stimulates herself, a growing wet spot starts to emerge … very sexy. Olivia pulls her panty crotch aside and after a little finger play, she selects her new little pink vibe, using the toy to smear her juices and buzz her clit. As Olivia gets close to cumming, she pulls back firmly on her pubic mound and puts the vibe just above her clit – that makes her cum with a nice series of contractions! Only after she’s cum do we hear some porn noises from the movie she is watching! She puts her panty crotch back and turns off her camera.

Stars: Olivia Adams

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