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Peepshow Loops 106: 70′s & 80′s (Color)

Video: Peepshow Loops 106: 70's & 80's (Color)

Watch This Video!

Blue Vanities
Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nude, and strippers. Blue Vanities presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920′s to the 1980′s. An exciting nostalgia trip.


SHOE FETISH , 1f-1m, Diamond #140 (Hershel Savage)


BIG BIKER, 1f-1m, Erotic Fantasies #8008

DUEL IN THE DESERT, 1f-2bm, Collection #90 (Lucy Cummings, Johnny Keys)

APRIL, 1f-1m, Pretty Girls #112 (Marsha Malone, Ray Wells)

THE BRIDESMAID, 1f-1m, Swedish Erotica #180 (Chrissy Peterson, John Holmes)

STRAIGHT SHOOTER, 1f-1m, Sceptre #708

HANG GLIDER, 1f-1m, Leisure #9 (Mike Ranger)

WEDDING FEAST, 1f-2m, Tenill #6 (Blair Harris, John Seeman)

THE BRIDE , 1f-1m, O.Z. Films #18 (Helen Madigan, Eric Edwards)

BUTTHOLE BABE, 1f-1m, Ltd Ed #32 (John Seeman)

LIFE BEGINS AT 40-D, 1f-1m, Playmate #22, Big Tits

Stars: Lucy Cummings, Johnny Keys, Heather Madigan, Mary Madigan, Helen Madison, Mike Ranger, Eric Edwards, Herschel Savage, John Holmes, Blair Harris, John Seeman, Susan Birch, Mike Stapp, Marsha Malone, Barbara Harold, Helen Madigan, Ray Wells, Chris Peterson, Elaine Wells

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