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Powerful Amazon Muscle Domination

Video: Powerful Amazon Muscle Domination

Watch This Video!

Iron Belles

You don’t wanna miss this full massive muscle girl Renata as she enters the room and knocks her television watching victim off guard. She proceeds to put him in various holds on the bed, in her sexy black teddy that she is wearing all the while smiling and enjoying this. From headlocks, to body scissors, to reverse head scissors, to standing head scissors, Renata is enjoying herself immensely!

Renata is certainly one huge and sexy package of muscle and grace. She loves to face-sit her victim and wickedly smiles at him, then it’s tying him up in wild wrestling holds that he cannot escape from. Then to the floor in knee head scissors and multiple convoluted holds that you will love to see her do. Renata just shoves her pussy right into his mouth all the while wickedly smiling. Fun stuff, big girl muscles, and fantasy wrestling!

Renata is some sexy powerful muscle girl as she performs her wrestling holds, smothers, headlocks, body scissors, head scissors…she is a pro at all of them and lets her victim know, all the while toying with him. Renata is finishing her victim off in this grand finale of her powerful muscle domination. Her victim just can’t get enough of that face sitting, so she proceeds to really ass smother him, along with her body scissors and headlocks, it’s an action-packed finale!

Stars: Renata

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