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Purzel Video 272 – Anal Qual Nr. 12

Video: Purzel Video 272 - Anal Qual Nr. 12

Watch This Video!

Purzel Video
Episode 12 of Anal-Qual, the amateur anal series featuring sexy German woman taking it hard up the ass. Scene one features a writhe, sexy brunette whose partner pokes and prods her pussy. She sucks him off and then sits right on top of that cock bouncing up and down joyfully. After pounding her pussy for a while in the perpendicalar position, he lifts her leg to open her backdoor and proceeds to probe her anus with his prick. After a while she is back in the cowgirl positoin, joyfully sliding her heiny up and down on his shaft. Some frenzied doggy style brings our man to a bellowing orgasm that he drops all over her ass. Next up, a cute little blonde who is well versed in the art of deep throat gets her man good and hard so he can satisfy her swollen pussy and inviting little bleached asshole. He gives it to her hard and fast and she rewards him by taking his load into her open mouth. Our next contestant is another cute blonde who happens to really enjoy giving and getting oral sex. The thin blonde girls lays on her back for some good old fashioned missionary, but her boyfriend gives her a surprise when he pulls out and then aims his rod a little lower. She doesn’t mind in the least and the two are soon involved in a frenzy of anal sex that ends with the boyfriend jackhammering her gaping asshole and then stroking off onto her ass. A bonus scene features a hot blonde diddling herself at the end.

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