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Rachel Steele – Classics Volume 10

Video: Rachel Steele - Classics Volume 10

Watch This Video!

Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 – Picked Up and Sucked Off

Rachel was out at a club drinking and dancing. She did not want to drive her car home. She saw a friend of her stepson at the bar and he offered to drive to his place first, and then take her home. As they were driving Rachel told him how cute she thought he was. He was surprised that she was interested in him. Rachel’s dress was very revealing. He was erect as soon as she got in the car. She told him how she loved his big roomy car and joked with him as to what could be done in the back seat. He was blushing at her comments. Brian was always a quiet shy young man. Rachel had always been attracted to men half her age. She had her sights on him. Brian and Rachel arrived at his house. When he pulled in the garage his roommate came out to the car asking him where he had been for so long. Brian said he was giving his friend’s stepmom a ride home. His roommate did not see anyone else in the car. Brian motioned to his roommate to walk over to the side of the car and look in. Rachel was sucking Brian’s cock. She heard the two of them talking but did not stop. The thought of two young men watching her suck cock turned her on. She invited the roommate to join in on the action. He lifted her dress to find a bare ass and a dripping wet pussy. He plunged his finger deep inside her. She moaned while her mouth was full with Brian’s cock. Rachel sat up and put her tits in Brian’s face. She leaned back spreading her legs and told him to play with her pussy. Brian licked her while the roommate played with her huge tits. Rachel pushed him back and began sucking him again, taking him in her mouth as deep as she could. Brian could not hold back any longer, she told him to cum for her. Brian shot his load in her hot mouth. She showed it to his roommate and smiled, telling him he was next.

Scene 2 – Stepson Makes Her Suck Him Off

Rachel’s stepson stumbled across a large number of videos on her computer while she was at work. He found dozens of videos of her getting fucked, sucking cock and taking facials. He was watching her get bent over a kitchen counter and fucked from behind. The problem was that it was not his stepfather doing the fucking but some guy he had never seen before. He was still watching her getting it from behind when she walked into the room. He sarcastically asks her if she had a good day at work. She tries to explain that she has to shoot porn to make enough money to support her shopping habit. She is terrified that he is going to tell his stepfather. She runs out of the room when she realizes her cushy lifestyle could soon be ending. Moments later he follows her out into the living room where is quietly crying on the couch. Rachel’s stepson does not particularly like her. He figures his stepfather married her because of her big tits and her willingness to screw any time. He hears them through the walls any time his stepfather is in town. Now that he has seen her in action in her videos he knows he can use it to his advantage. Rachel offers him money to not tell his stepfather. He replies that he is not looking for a material reward but a carnal reward. He starts rubbing his crotch and she gets the message. She agrees to take care of him but only once. She leans over and unbuckles his belt and pulls his pants down. She applies some lube to his growing member. She is surprised to find that his cock is much larger than her husband’s. She originally was planning to just jerk him off but when she saw the size of his cock she decided to give him the full treatment. She dropped her head to his lap and began sucking him. Once she started sucking his kept his hands on the back of her head making sure she was taking him deep. She paused to pull her dress down so he had access to her huge tits. He was obviously a tit man because when she wrapped her tits around his dick he groaned in pleasure. She leaned back on the couch and he positioned himself between her legs where he could tit fuck her or shoot a load on her chest. She told him to jerk off for her and shoot a load on her tits. Just as he was ready to cum he shoved his cock deep into her mouth. He pinned her head against the pillow and shot his load straight into her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the load. She figured swallowing one load to keep him quiet was worth it. But would this really be the last time?

Scene 3 – Get Over Here and Blow Me!

Rachel’s stepson was like every other 20 year old in the world, he was always horny. He was sure that if his stepmother sucked him off once, he could convince her to suck him off again. This time he was going to make her deep throat him and he was going to blow a load on her face. He just needed to make sure that his stepfather did not catch them messing around. They were watching television one night when she told him that his stepfather was working very late. Those were the words he had been waiting to hear. He grabbed the remote, turned off the television, pointed to his crotch and told her to blow him. She objected and reminded him that their last encounter was supposed to be a onetime thing. Rachel knew that she was in a bad bargaining position because he had proof of her secret career. She reluctantly got up and knelt between his legs. Again she found herself unfastening her stepson’s belt and pulling off his pants. She lubed up his cock with oil. She learned from her adult filming if she oiled up long cocks they were easier to deep throat. She unbuttoned her shirt so he would have access to her tits. She figured he would blow faster if he could play with her tits. This time he was focused on one thing, seeing how far he could get his cock down her throat. Every time she backed off he would grab her head and shove it back down on his cock. Rachel had blown a lot of guys, on and off camera but this was a long one. He stood up and face fucked her from the standing position. She grabbed the lube and oiled up his cock again to make it easier on her. He grabbed the lube from her and squirted it on her tits and rubbed it in. Rachel was very horny now. She climbed up in the chair and spread her legs. She started fingering her pussy and tilted her head back so that he could feed her his cock. He face fucked her and then pulled out and started jerking his cock. She figured he was going to want to cum in her mouth again. This time he decided on a facial. She was amazed at the load that he popped. She had cum in her mouth, on her arm, on her neck and on her chin. She reminded him again that this was the last time this was going to happen. This time he did not even bother lying, he just laughed. Rachel knew that her stepson’s cock was going to be in her again whether she liked it or not. The price of silence.

Scene 4 – Stepson’s Birthday Present

It is her stepson’s birthday and stepmother has a gift for him, after he opens his gift he gives stepmother one as well. She opens the box to find some naughty lingerie that he has ordered on line. Stepmother is embarrassed, telling him that she has never worn anything like that before. He tells her that it will look great on her and encourages her to try it on. She agrees to model it for him because it is his birthday. During the modeling the stepson is rubbing his hard on through his jeans. Stepmother sits down beside him and sees him doing that, he then pulls his hard cock out and takes her hand placing it on his dick so she starts stroking and sucking him until he shoots 8 cum shots all over stepmother. Stepmother and stepson cannot wait for the next birthday.

Scene 5 – Panty Sniffer Gets Jerked Off

Her stepson’s friend was staying over for the night. Rachel’s stepson had already left for school so she decided to see if his guest needed anything before she took a shower. She walked into the guest room to find him with a pair of her panties pressed against his nose with one hand and his other hand jerking his cock. After she confronted him he admitted that older women turned him on and he had been fantasizing about her for some time. Rachel was a cum junkie and could not get enough young guys. She told him she was flattered and the least she could do was help him get off. She took off her robe, knelt between his legs and stuffed his cock into her mouth. He immediately started groaning in pleasure and she took him all the way down her throat. She paused long enough to move up the bed so he could suck her nipples as she jerked his cock. She lifted her nightgown up so he could see her bare wet pussy. She positioned herself so he could slide his fingers into her pussy while jerking his cock. By this time she was so turned on that she stripped off the nightgown so she was completely naked and returned to sucking his cock. His fingers never left her dripping pussy as she changed positions to jerk and suck him. His legs were shaking so hard it looked like he was vibrating as she got a big load of cum out of him.

Scene 6 – Two MILFs do the Screen Repairman

Two rich bored MILFs lounging by the pool see the screen man fixing their pool screens. Rachel tells him to clean the pool because the screens have already been repaired. He tells her he was paid by her husband to do the screens. Rachel orders him to stop and rub oil on both of them. He rubs some oil on each of them; the MILFs are horny and bored so they tell him he has been paid for a service and to sit down. He sits on the lounger; the MILFs pull his shorts off him and oil up his hard cock. They take turns sucking and jerking him, all the while laughing at him. They tease him by oiling up each other’s tits. He cannot believe what they are doing to him. Rachel holds Stacie’s hair while she sucks him off to the point where he is ready to shoot. Rachel tells him he will cum in her mouth so her expensive beach towel does not get dirty with cum. He blows his load deep down her throat. Rachel swallows most of it but keeps some in her mouth to show him and tease him with. She tells him she is going to let the other hot MILFs in the neighborhood know about him, and he will have to come back for more.

Scene 7 – Jerked Off for Fixing Computer

Rachel invites her new hot neighbor over to do some online shopping, as they look at different sites, her computer freezes up. Rachel calls her rich husband to send a repair man over. The repair man is a hot young 19 year old. Rachel is a MILF and has been screwing and sucking the cocks of all the young boys in her neighborhood but her new friend does not know. The computer repair boy tells Rachel the problem with the computer is that too much porn downloaded from MILF sites that has caused a virus. Rachel knows it is her husband who did that and decides to keep the repair boy longer. Dakota asks Rachel what a MILF is and Rachel tells her it is when an older woman and a younger guy get it on. Dakota is a bit surprised at her very sexual new friend and Rachel suggests they jerk the boy off to get even with her husband, in return the repair boy will look at Dakotas computer and tell her if her husband has been watching porn too. Rachel pulls his shorts down to his ankles and sees his huge veined dick. She and Dakota begin jerking him while talking about their cheating husbands. They tease repair boy by licking the head of his cock and promising him a big tip if all goes smooth. He asks to see their tits, they open their blouses. Rachel picks up the speed and sucks his cock while Dakota keeps a steady jerking motion. Dakota fondles Rachel’s huge tits, Rachel moans with horny pleasure. They see he is going to cum so Rachel takes his load all over her red top her husband got her.

Stars: Stacie Starr, Rachel Steele, Dakota

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