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Video: REM

Watch This Video!

Viv Thomas

REM, written from an idea submitted by a Viv Thomas member, explores the unsettling nature of erotic dreams. It creates a disturbing yet arousing atmosphere through sound, dreamlike camerawork and the intimate connection of its stars.

Scene One: Lauren (making her VT debut) dreams she is walking into a classroom; in her trance-state she switches between being fully clothed, and wearing just her thong panties. Alexa Tomas turns from the blackboard to look at her, kisses her passionately, and peels off her figure-hugging dress. She lies back on the desk, spreading her thighs so Lauren can lick and finger her, then goes face down, ass up as Lauren spreads her luscious pink pussy and eats her from behind. When Lauren adds a finger in her asshole, she cums like crazy. Now Alexa kneels to lick Lauren’s puffy clit and frig her hard, before thrusting a finger into her ass. She pushes Lauren onto her back, stuffs her panties in her mouth, and gives her a mind-blowing orgasm. Lauren awakens, masturbating… but was it really just a dream?

Scene Two: Cute Anina Silk (making her VT debut) grabs an opportunity to sunbathe naked, and drifts off on the lounger. In her dream, she sees herself spreadeagled and bound at the wrists and ankles, but when she enters the bedroom it’s gorgeous Angelina Brill she finds tied to the bed. Angelina squeezes her ample breasts in invitation, and Anina undresses, sucks her captive’s stiffening nipples, then licks and sucks her clit until she’s gasping with pleasure. She finger-bangs Angelina, waiting until she’s pulling hard against her restraints before releasing one of her hands so she can rub her own clit and work up to a climax. Anina releases the rest of the restraints and then goes face down, ass up so Angelina can lick her sensitive slit and finger her hard and deep. Now Angelina binds Anina’s wrists with her panties and fingers her to a mind-blowing orgasm. When Anina wakes from her dream she is still in the throes of ecstasy; that’s if it was really a dream…?

Scene Three: Candy Sweet is reading when she dozes off. In her dream, she wakes on a hospital bed and finds she can’t move her limbs. Lauren enters and sits beside her, caressing her and lifting up her skirt to reveal her pretty lace panties. She pulls Candy’s panties off and parts her thighs, wetting her fingers in Candy’s mouth and then stroking her pussy. Candy moans with arousal as Lauren fingers her deeply. Lauren strips off her own dress and sexy lingerie and straddles Candy’s face, getting a thorough licking, then spins around into a sixty-nine so Candy can finger her ass too. Lauren eats and fingers Candy’s pussy skilfully, making her orgasm, then goes face down, ass up for Candy to finger her tightest hole until she climaxes. As Candy wakes from her erotic dream, something makes her question whether it was a dream at all…

Scene Four: Diana Dolce drifts off in the bathtub, and in her dream world encounters the aptly named Kitty Lovedream, who is bound by her wrists and ankles, her thighs splayed open. Diana caresses Kitty’s body and goes down to eat and finger her succulent pussy, making her writhe against her restraints. Kitty licks Diana’s stiff nipples before Diana eats her pussy and fingers her ass until she orgasms. Diana releases Kitty and sits on her face, spreading her pussy open for Kitty to lick. Kitty binds Diana’s wrists together and tongues her clit teasingly, then fingers and eats her to a powerful climax. Was it really just a dream?

Stars: Lauren Minardi, Diana Dolce, Kitty Lovedream, Anina Silk, Alexa Tomas, Candy Sweet (i), Angelina Brill

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