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Run, Jackson, Run – The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Volume II

Video: Run, Jackson, Run - The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Volume II

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Alpha Blue Archives

Alpha Archive is always proud to present a blast from the past! The Lost Films of Suzanne Fields are no exception. The cutie was a highly active stand-out star in the earliest days of the American XXX film scene. The slender, pert-titted little heartbreaker was a cock-craving cutie who did it all gleefully! This double disc box-set features the ultra rare films that were thought to be lost. Suzanne is in her prime and taking on all cummers! So grab the lube, a fresh towel and get ready to spew copious amounts of jizz with this blast from the past.

In “Run, Jackson, Run” Alex Elliot is a man is a man with financial worries on his shoulders. He’s basically an honest person…until he steals some money from his friend Walter. Instead of seeking retribution the old fashioned way; Walter enlists the help of cock hungry women to distract him with all sorts of kinky action to keep him from getting away! Will Jackson make it to the border with his loot or will Suzanne Fields and her friends persuade him to stay? Ending scene is cut short due to the re-mastering efforts to present this work of lost adult cinema

Stars: Roshell Rush , Andy Bellamy, Sandi Carey, Suzanne Fields, Nancy Martin, Alex Elliot

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