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Sexy When Wet

Video: Sexy When Wet

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Iron Belles

When Sondra arrives to visit Kasie, the Cavanaugh residence becomes the ultimate muscle palace. Sondra unpacks and exhibits tempting lingerie to Kasie. Feeling encouraged, she selects a revealing teasing outfit that displays her muscles to her stunning, hostess. Kasie now becomes enormously energized to caress and stroke Sondra’s delicious muscles.

Next, Kasie models an alluring outfit that flaunts her own muscle immensities for Sondra to view. Sondra eagerly reciprocates by groping Kasies muscular structure. Kasie departs on errands. Sondra’s powerful arousals refuse to subside. Her desires escalate as she explores her own body to the point of masturbation…she must head outside to the pool area to cool down.

Continuing to do her thing she is unaware of a spectator, when realizing his presence, she coaxes him over to exert her physical superiority to captivate him. Upon Kasie’s return she observes that Sondra has control over her friend. Kasie approaches wanting to become part of the hot steamy action.

The girls begin to explore the powerful magnificence of each other’s physiques. Poor man caught between two sets of phenomenal female muscles! Their sexy bodies squirm and slide all over each other in admiration. The man is helpless and must surrender to his own. The girls jump into the pool to cool down then leave butt naked to the house to continue.

Stars: Kasie Cavanaugh, Sondra (Female)

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