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Silvia Burton – The Drip

Video: Silvia Burton - The Drip

Watch This Video!


Silvia Burton is a cute 21 year old that literally drips stringy pussy juices every time she is about to orgasm! Although she is not a snapper with big orgasm contractions, she is masturbating, you know exactly when she is getting close to cumming as her grool literally pools at the base of her vagina and strings down to the surface below her – highly erotic!

Scene One: We get a nice glimpse of Silvia’s perfectly round ass as she walks into the room and sits in the arm chair. She caresses her breasts for a moment before she takes off her bra. She has nice breasts – not too large and not too small – and nice perky nipples. Silvia plays with the contents of her panties for a few moments before standing up and slipping them off over her ankles. She shows off her ass again – naked this time – then sits back in the chair, putting one leg over each arm. Silvia starts to rub her clit with one hand while her other cups her ample breast. After a brief warm up, she switches the Hitachi wand onto low power and places it directly on her clit. This has her “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” virtually instantly! Silvia’s pussy also reacts nicely to the stimulation. It’s not long before Silvia starts to gently thrust her hips upwards against the toy. She pauses for a second as she switches it to high power. Silvia is clearly really enjoying the stimulation as she moans and rhythmically thrusts against the vibrator while cupping her breast firmly. Her moans get more and more earnest as she buzzes away, and all of a sudden a bead of juice appears at the base of her vagina seconds before Silvia starts cumming, and by the time her orgasm is over, the bead has run down to her anus! Silvia puts the vibe down, spreads her pussy and plays with her grool.

Scene Two: Now clad in something pink and sexy – it looks like a fancy bathing suit to me, and it certainly is sexy!! Silvia doesn’t leave it on for long – she peels it off completely, flips herself onto her hands and knees, and starts to rub her pussy and clit doggy style. She really does have a nice ass! Silvia reaches for the Fairy Mini Wand, flips over onto her back and pulls her knees up towards her chest before starting to masturbate with the smaller buzzer. She has it dialed to a low-ish power to start with, but increases it fairly soon after she gets it into position. Silvia starts to respond to the sensations the screaming vibrator is giving her – she is “ooh-ing” and “aahh-ing” again, and her pussy and anus are twitching in response to the vibrations, and she once again firmly cups her breast with her free hand. Silvia is clearly concentrating as she starts to gently hump the buzzer. Her moans get more earnest as she pulls her leg back and apart with her free hand, giving us a really nice view of her aroused pussy and one foot. She keeps on buzzing away at her clit and suddenly her juices begin to build and slide down towards her anus. You know she is going to cum soon! Silvia increases the speed of the vibrator, her toes start to curl and tense, her grool runs right out of her towards the bed, and Silvia goes over the edge! She is not a snapper by any means, but she does get sopping wet! Silvia once again spreads her pussy lips and plays with her juices as she recovers.

Scene Three: Silvia is wearing a yellow thong bikini and yellow knee-high socks as she stands there and shows us her perfect ass again! Yep – it’s really nice ;-) . She quickly takes off her top, then her panties, and briefly flosses her pussy before tossing them to the site. Silvia sits on the edge of an arm chair with her legs parted and starts rubbing her pussy with her fingers and cupping her beast with her other hand. She settles back in the chair and puts one leg over a chair arm as she continues to masturbate with her fingers. But she likes her toys, and especially the Hitachi (doesn’t everyone?), so she turns that on and plonks it directly on her clitoris once again. This has her cooing and moaning and twitching again in no time. Silvia cranks it to high power and places it back on her clit … her holds the toy fairly still and gently rocks herself against it with her legs pulled up in the air. Her pussy and anus are constantly twitching as she buzzes away, and her toes are beginning to curl and extend. Her juices are also starting to build at the base of her vagina again as she gets close to her orgasm. Silvia plants her feet on the floor just as she cums. A bead of grool drips out of her pussy literally all the way to the floor! Once again, Silvia spreads her pussy lips and plays with her slippery juices.

Scene Four: Silvia’s ass is the first thing we see as she crawls onto the bed. It is clad in her lace thong panties. Silvia kneels on the bed and takes off her black bra. She plays with her breasts, lies back on the bed, and plays with her panties for a moment before taking them off completely. Now completely naked, Silvia starts masturbating, rubbing her clit in a circular motion with two fingers. But Silvia really is a Hitachi girl. She switches the vibe on to low power and continues the gentle circular motion on her clit with it. The toy has her hissing and moaning in seconds. Silvia pulls one leg up and apart with her free hand as she masturbates with the big vibrator. The camera zooms in for some nice close up view of this action too, giving us a nice view of her wet pussy! Silvia really starts to rock her hips up against the vibrator now, and a bead of pussy juice builds at the base of her vagina again. The camera zooms into show us that clearly this time as the juice runs down to her anus and strings onto the bed as she orgasms! Wow – what a turn on! Silvia reaches down, spreads her lips and plays with her post orgasm pussy, clitoris, and slippery juices.

Stars: Silvia Burton

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