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Slutty Times At Innocent High 10

Video: Slutty Times At Innocent High 10

Watch This Video!

Innocent High

It’s time for another class and these over-sexed girls are not letting these hung studs be saved by the bell! They may not pay much attention in chemistry, but they know a thing or two about anatomy and are ready to do whatever it takes to prove it! Watch them give their own lessons and these teachers and janitor won’t forget the extra curriculum any time soon!

Alaina was taped up in the classroom by her classmates because she snitched on them for cheating on tests. The janitor eventually found her hours after school ended. At first he didn’t want to help her because she’s the one who shoots spit wads at him – but after Alaina told him he could do anything he wanted he started touching and licking her teeny pussy! After he helped her down, she deep throated his meat like a pro before hopping on and riding him! The janitor drilled into Alaina on top of the desk real hard making her orgasm multiple times. This little slut loved getting fucked rough and gladly accepted his load all over her cute face!

Elsa isn’t the best cheerleader on the squad. She always cheers at the wrong time and for the wrong team. Elsa’s neighbor (her teacher) saw that she was upset and went to talk to her. After a bit of talking, Elsa was showing him how she cheered, flashing her pussy and doing not-so-good cheers. He told her it would be better if she took her top and panties off and she agreed! It wasn’t before long that this little nympho was on her knees filling her mouth with her teacher’s rod! Elsa bounced up and down on his cock and he pounded into her tight teeny pussy until he dropped his load all over her mouth! A few more sessions with her teacher and she’ll be sure to stay on the team.

Iggy has had a crush on her teacher for months. She’s referred to as the teacher’s pet because she stays after school to help him out. As she cleans the blackboard, Mr. Magnum tells her she’d be more comfortable if she took her panties off and she agreed! Iggy does anything to please her teachers and she told him she could be very useful as she crawled towards his dick! She unbuckled Mr. Magnum’s pants and went to town on his thick dick, giving him a sloppy wet blowjob and he returned the favor by licking her tight teen pussy! Iggy jumped on top of her teacher and rode his rod like a good student. Mr. Magnum drilled into his favorite student on his desk before creaming inside of her!

Molly is a new girl in school and she’ll do anything to make some friends. Unfortunately she got in with the wrong crowd and they told her they were going to TP (toilet paper) the school after class. When the time came Molly started TP-ing her classroom and that’s when the principal caught her red handed! He told Molly to give him one reason why she shouldn’t be expelled and she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her perky teen tits! The principal nearly had a heart attack after seeing them! Molly dropped to her knees and filled her mouth with his large cock and then he returned the favor by tasting her little pink pussy! He pounded into her tight twat and fucked her rough on top of the desk before dropping his load all over her mouth and tits!

Rebel went to the French teacher because she was doing a foreign exchange program to go study in France. She wanted him to teach her some basic French terms to get her through France. After asking him about some normal sayings, she asks how to talk dirty in French! At first he was hesitant to tell her but he couldn’t resist how cute and tiny she was! Rebel reached over the desk and got a mouth full of French dick! After that, Rebel just got completely annihilated by this teacher. Fucking her like a ragdoll, making her cum over and over again! Rebel dropped to her knees and rubbed her pussy as she waited for his load to drop on her pretty little face!

Stars: Molly Manson, Rebel Lynn, Iggy Amore, Elsa Dreams, Alaina Dawson, Eric John, Filthy Rich, Alex Legend, Peter Millimeter

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