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Sookie Blues

Video: Sookie Blues

Watch This Video!

Meet 32 year-old horny housewife Sookie Blues. She loves playing dress-up and indulging in light bondage. Before this orgasm shoot with us, Sookie used to love her rabbit vibe, but now, her new best friend is the magic wand!!

Wearing a very short denim skirt is how we first meet Sookie Blues. She is lounging on the bed and we are getting a glimpse up her skirt at a pair of pretty purple panties. Sookie removes a white t-shirt to show off the matching purple bra that is holding on those size 36 E natural breasts. Sookie takes off the bra to fondle and stimulate her nipples. Then she pulls down the tiny denim skirt, rubbing her clitoris through the panties. She slips a hand into her underwear, flicking and rubbing her clit. She peels off the panties, clutching her breast with one hand while continuing the clit rub with her middle finger of her “other” hand. As Sookie wanks, her hips begin to rock up and down and she gets “breathy”. However, she’s not quite able to achieve orgasm in this environment with only her fingers. Recognizing this, the cameraman hands her the black mini Wanachi baton vibe. Now this has Sookie throwing her head back and firmly working the toy on her clitoris. Sookie keeps going with the toy, but soon begins to pant and then she suddenly gasps with a big, “Oh!” which is followed by an “mmmm. Oh fuck!” And a stellar hard contracting orgasm that just goes on and on! Sookie pulls her foot up off the bed saying, “Oh. This was really good.” She’s giggly and asking the cameraman to “Please to turn it off. That was really good. I’ve got to get one of them.”

As we are getting near to Halloween, Sookie is dressed in a sexy sailor outfit with striped thigh high stockings, spread on the bed, working the hitachi magic wand on her pussy. The cameraman walks in the room saying, “Hey, Sookie. What are you doing? Do you want a hand with that?” And so begins a hands on orgasm. He strokes her pussy through the white panties with the magic wand while pulling the top of her sailor outfit down so that he can play with her nipples. After a few moments, he asks her to take off her panties, which she quickly does. He finger massages her clitoris, then puts the big powerful toy on her pussy while tweaking her nipples. He is careful to make sure her legs stay spread for the benefit of the viewers. As he works the toy on Sookie, she pants and moans – sometimes with her legs quivering and her hips bucking. As Sookie gets closer to cumming we hear Sookie’s moans of ecstasy as she says, “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah” and “Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm.” Sookie has one orgasm, but keeps right on going for another – and the sex flush she develops is quite intense. He dips a finger down to touch her juices, but doesn’t stop with the toy. As Sookie pants, he reaches a hand up to play with her nipples. Her legs are quivering as she moves her head to the other side, saying, “Oh yeah.” Then she lets out a big, “Oh, fuck!” as her pussy is contracting in another big orgasm yet again. She is breathless and panting as he pulls the toy away, saying, “Oh boy.”

Wearing a pink and grey polka-dotted bra and panty set, Sookie is back in the bedroom going solo again. She sits up to remove the bra and expose her large natural breasts. She lies back, tweaking a nipple, then removes her panties. Sookie finger rubs and massages her clitoris while occasionally inserting a finger deep into her pussy. She thoroughly enjoys the finger masturbation, but it’s not quite enough to “get her there” so after a bit of serious massage, she reaches for the mini wanachi baton vibe. Instantly she is panting and moaning as the toy buzzes away on her clitoris. Sookie likes to raise her hips and lift her feet as she gets closer to cumming – and this scene is a perfect example of that! With her feet lifted off the bed, she works the toy around in small circles, closing her eyes, biting her bottom lip and panting as her pussy really starts to swell. Sookie keeps her feet up and is getting quivery and twitchy. To her credit, she doesn’t try to rush it and she doesn’t try to fake it. She continues enjoying the very good vibes – flicking the toy across her clitoris – and enjoying the build-up. Sookie goes on for quite some time like this with the baton vibe – panting, toying, quivering, whimpering, rocking. After really giving it a good go, Sookie switches to the powerful magic wand. And within just a minute of using this toy, Sookie is cumming so hard! She says, “Oh fuck. Oh god.” as her contractions just go on and on. And her pussy is so red! We switch camera views to keep her cooch in frame after that big orgasm. Sookie touches herself, noting, “Oh that’s strong. That’s a strong one, isn’t it?” Why yes! It was a nice orgasm.

We are getting close to Halloween and the folks at like to celebrate the day with some Halloween fun. Sookie’s hands are tied to the bed frame and he works the magic wand on her naked pussy. She asks if he does this to all his witches. He makes sure to keep her legs wide apart, less she be teased even more. He fingers her breasts and nipples through the garment while keeping the toy on her pussy. He has her leg stretched across his lap while she leans back against the metal bedframe – tied at the wrists. Sookie really begins to buck and moan – clear indicators that she is getting close to orgasm. He pulls back on her pubic mound, and wiggles the toy around as she says, “Oh yeah.” Just as I think she was about to cum, he pulls the powerful toy away and finger massages her clit, but only for a moment. The toy goes back on her, but he pulls it away once more (her clit looks really large, by the way) then he switches the toy to a lower power setting. He works the toy all around and very suddenly Sookie curls her hips upward and cums. Her pussy is so red. He then keeps going with the stimulation and adds a finger massage. She is absolutely panting and moaning by the time he pulls his finger away. He keeps the toy in place as Sookie’s pussy pulsates through another orgasm as she says, “Oh yeah. Ah. Ah.Ah.” It’s a long, strong one. But he’s not finished with her yet and just as that one ends, he cranks up the power on the toy to high. Sookie seems to love it, though. He moves the toy around, her pussy lips reacting accordingly as she cums again, saying, “Oh, fuck!” He says, “All witches should be properly teased and made to do penitence.” as he strokes her legs.

Stars: Sookie Blues

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