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Suzy Hott 5 – Orgasm Fest

Video: Suzy Hott 5 - Orgasm Fest

Watch This Video!


Suzy Hott’s Orgasm Fest movie really is hot! Watch her masturbate her meaty wet pussy to orgasm 21 times, each time with big pulsing pussy contractions! She cums with her fingers and her toys, standing up, doggy style, indoors, outdoors and more! This is one movie that every orgasm lover really must see!

Suzy Hott jumps straight into action – she is in a squatting position, sitting on her heels with her panties pulled aside and her big breasts hanging low as she rubs her clit with her fingers. After a short while, she sits back in a chair and continues the finger assault on her pussy, dipping it in for some moisture, and pulling back on her clit hood. Then Suzy reaches over and picks up a Fairy Mini Wand! This is the first time we’ve seen her with this toy – it must be new :-) . Suzy fires it up and gingerly touches her clit with it at first, then holds it in place lightly. She stops for a moment while she puts a pillow under her ass in order to give us a better view. Then she goes back to masturbating with her new buzzer. The camera zooms in close and Suzy pulls her legs up into the air saying “it’s going to be really soon…” It’s not long after that that Suzy’s panting gets a little louder and she says “I’m going to cum right now…here it comes” and she goes over the edge with big pulsing pussy contractions!

Suzy is sitting on a towel on a bend in a park pavilion. She has her skirt hiked and her breasts pulled out of her dress. She pulls out her pocket rocket and immediately starts masturbating with the quiet mini-vibe. Suzy likes the thrill of masturbating outdoors! The camera pans out and there are clearly other people in the park and this excites Suzy. She continues buzzing away at her clit and moaning quietly. It doesn’t take her long at all to find this orgasm and suddenly with an “oh yes, I’m cumming”, Suzy goes over the edge with nice popping contractions again!

Back inside, Suzy is wearing a red dress and seated on a small stool. She isn’t wearing a bra or panties – her large pendulous breasts are held up by her dress and giving her a nice cleavage. Her legs are spread and her nice large labia are looking particularly prominent as she rubs her clit with her fingers. Suzy reaches over and picks up her small purple vibe and holds it steady on her clit as the camera zooms in. She uses the toy to part her pussy lips and drag a little juice up to her clit and continues buzzing away. Her vibe makes some nice squishy noises as she rubs it in her clit. Putting it back on her clit, Suzy starts panting a little louder and suddenly has an orgasm that goes on and on with lots of pulsing contractions! Very nice! Suzy spreads her large lips and shows just how wet she got with that one!

Suzy is sitting on the couch with her legs in the air and fucking herself with a big dildo. She stands up, leans forward and really starts jamming that thing into her pussy – she starts to cream all over the toy! The scene cuts to Suzy sitting on the couch again with the dildo buried deep inside her vagina, buzzing away at her clit and cumming hard, her pussy clamping on to the dildo as she does. The scene fades into Suzy fucking herself with the dildo once again, her pussy totally wet and creamy from the action. Suzy starts masturbating with her pocket rocket as her hubby lends a helping hand briefly and operates the dildo. He pulls it out just as she starts cumming again – and again, she has lots of pussy contractions!

Suzy loves her music and she loves to dance. She is dancing in front of a chair wearing a dress with black lingerie beneath. She sits in the chair and pulls out her breasts, giving her nipples a good tweak as she caresses them. Suzy stands up and continues dancing, hiking her dress and showing us her sexy lace panties. She keels in the chair and rubs her pussy through the fabric for a moment, then turns around and takes her panties off completely, tossing them at her hubby-cameraman. Suzy sits back in the chair, spreads her legs and starts to rub her clit. She reaches over and picks up her black vibrator which she dips into her vagina before settling the toy on her clit. She is really wet – her creamy juices are all over the vibrator and very obvious against the black color of the toy. Suzy continues masturbating and her pussy really gets soaking wet. Then with a series of “oh’s” and a “yesss”, Suzy cums!

The next scene is one you’ll just have to watch. It is a series of shorts with just Suzy’s orgasm – back to back! She cums with her fingers, with her toys, naked, dress, close up, full (ish) body, long, short, snapping, clit hopping – you name it! Just 10 back-to-back orgasms! Incredible!

Suzy is now sitting on the edge of a table teasing her clitoris with her purple vibrator. She hops off the table, turns around and leans forward onto it giving us a view of her ass and pussy from behind. She is buzzing away at her clitoris with the vibrator while her hubby rubs her dildo over her ass and that makes her cum in no time! Yet another nice pussy pulsating orgasm!

Suzy is sitting in a chair again, legs wide apart as she masturbates her clit with her fingers. The camera is zoomed in so all of the details of her pussy and clit are very clear! She is very moist and her pussy twitches as her middle finger slips rapidly over her turgid clitoris. The sides of her pussy start to get quite engorged as she gets more and more aroused. Suzy keeps on rubbing her clit…”oh, I’m going to cum” she whispers, and over the edge she goes!

Her dildo is back in the action – Suzy is slowly and gently fucking herself with the big dong while buzzing away at her clit with her purple vibe. Just as she starts to cum, she pulls the toy off her clit in a sort of “hands off” orgasm which shows her hard clit hopping as she cums! “Merry Christmas”, she says ;-) .

Suzy has another new toy – a Hitachi Magic Wand! She is sitting on the floor, completely naked, buzzing away at her clit with the wand. Her nipples are quite erect, too! The wand makes some sexy squishy noises as she rubs it over her fleshy pussy and her clit is getting quite turgid from the stimulation. It takes her a little while to find the right spot with her new toy, but when she does, she has a big pulling orgasm. The camera is position to give us more of a side view of this orgasm which really shows her clit reacting as she cums – very nice!

Suzy is looking rather tanned as she sits on the bench in a booth somewhere. It’s obviously pretty private as she is armed with her Hitachi. She has her dress hiked and her legs spread as she masturbates with the big toy. She is focused on getting off with the toy, and her hubby carefully zooms and pans the camera to give us all vies of Suzy as she masturbates. She is holding the Hitachi very still against her clit, and at one stage, she pulls it off and pulls back on her clit hood – her pussy spasms and contracts as if she either just missed her orgasm or had a mini one. Suzy pauses for a moment, and then continues wanking with the wand on high power this time. She has pulled her breasts out from her dress too. This orgasm was a tough one for Suzy to find, but she gets there – the camera is zoomed in nice and closely as Suzy has her 21st orgasm. This one has huge contractions too! Suzy rubs her wet pussy and smears her juices up onto her clit.

Stars: Suzy Hott

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