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Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 4

Video: Taboo Fetishes - Smoking Volume 4

Watch This Video!

Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 – Spying on MILF
Rachel is going out tonight. It has been awhile since she has had a man between her legs, and she has decided that it is a situation that is going to change! You see her in her bedroom starting to get ready to go clubbing. She is wearing dark lacy nylons and her high heels. Her outfit is extremely sexy. As she is getting ready, she keeps looking around because she has a creepy feeling that she is being watched. She lights up a cigarette, hikes her skirt up and sits on the toilet. She is smoking and thumbing through a magazine when suddenly she looks up and catches you watching her!

Rachel starts swearing at you and comes storming into your bedroom, yelling and screaming at you for spying on her. You keep giving excuses, but she is infuriated. She says she is twice your age! You confess that you think she is the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen, especially when she smokes. Rachel is calm now and tells you to follow her to the living room. In the living room, she tells you to strip down until you are naked. She tells you to sit on the couch. She puts on some sexy music, lights up a cigarette and does a sexy smoking striptease show. Rachel looks at you and tells you to stroke your cock and get it big for mama.

Scene 2 – Teasing Fuck
Rachel continues her striptease as you are jacking your cock. She strips down to only her dark lacy nylons, high heels and pearl necklace. When she is done, she stands before you, hands on her hips and cigarette dangling from her lips. She goes over to you and says, “Are you ready to fuck me while I smoke?” She lights up another fresh cigarette. She mounts you cowgirl style and fucks your cock. Then she assumes her favorite position on the couch and has you fuck her from behind. She tells you that you are a bad boy as she smokes and gets fucked.

Scene 3 – Cock Smoker
Rachel lights up a new cigarette and mounts you reverse cowgirl. She decides she wants to taste your cum. She climbs back between your legs, wraps her pearls around your cock and jerks yout dick hard. She pours oil between her large breasts and lets you tit fuck her massive boobs She wants more of your cock in her, so she asks you to fuck her from behind. It feels so good as you fuck her and she blows smoke. Finally, Rachel has you stand up and jerk your cock for her. She blows smoke on your cock until you shoot a huge load on her face. She scolds you for messing up her makeup.

Stars: Rachel Steele

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