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Taboo Tales Volume 13

Video: Taboo Tales Volume 13

Watch This Video!

Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 – Mamma’s Boy Milked
Rachel and her friend Crista were talking about a neighborhood boy who did chores for Rachel. She said she had never seen him with a girlfriend, and he still lives with his mother. Rachel thought he was a mamma’s boy, and still a virgin, and they should do something about it. Billy walked in the house and Rachel asked him to go fix her sprinklers. He left to do so, and they changed into sexy short nightgowns for when he returned. Billy came back and was shocked to see Rachel and Crista in silky robes smiling at him. Rachel stood up and asked him if he’d ever been with a girl. He replied no and said he had to go home to his mother. Rachel stopped him, asking him to check one more thing out for her. He agreed. They told him to follow them to the bedroom. Rachel asked Billy to sit on the bed and tell her if it felt sturdy. He sat on the edge and said it was fine. Rachel told him to move to the middle and lay down to feel if it was sturdy. He did. Rachel and Crista got on the bed and jumped up and down saying, are you sure? Just then Rachel started to compliment Billy, telling him she liked his new shorts and felt his crotch. Billy jumped, and Rachel asked if she touched him inappropriately. He said yes, but Rachel began to unbuckle his belt. She told him he needed a woman to show him a thing or two.

Rachel slowly pulled his shorts off, and his cock was hard. Rachel and Crista moaned and made eye contact with him. She took some oil and stroked his virgin cock. Crista rubbed his balls. They pulled out their tits and Rachel told him to feel them. He grew rock hard. Rachel asked him what he wanted them to do to him. He did not know. Rachel was so horny at his innocence that she got on top of him and guided his cock into her pussy. She went up and down on it a few times for him to feel, but got off so he wouldn’t cum too fast. The women kissed each other and sucked each other’s tits at his request. Now it was time for Billy to experience his first blowjob. The hot MILFs took turns seductively sucking and licking him. Rachel asked Billy if he wanted to cum and where he wanted it, and he said their tits. Rachel and Crista smiled and jerked Billy hard and fast until he moaned and came all over their tits. Rachel loved the huge load he had. She told him he would have to do this every day with her. Billy giggled in a shy manner but agreed. They told him not to tell his mother.

Scene 2 – Suck and Make Up!
Kelsie is grounded and complaining to Rachel about how bored she is. Rachel is trying to ignore her. Kelsie goes into Anthony’s room to pester him while he is studying for an exam. Rachel hears them fighting and storms in. She reprimands Kelsie and tells them she cannot stand the tension anymore. Rachel tells Kelsie to kiss her stepbrother and make up. Kelsie is grossed out, but does it. Rachel sees that she did not mean it, so she orders her to kiss him again. Rachel is still not convinced, so she tells them both to strip. Rachel then tells Kelsie her Anthony is very stressed out and needs a release. Since Kelsie is the main problem, Rachel tells him to have his way with her. Kelsie is mortified. Rachel tells her to lie down and let him do whatever he wants. She knows she has to do this or she will be grounded again. Anthony smiles at Rachel. He is pleased to have his way with the brat. He spreads her legs and licks her pussy, then moves up to her tits and sucks them. Anthony is hard and he mounts her, sliding his cock into her tight 18-year-old pussy.

Rachel sits on the bed and orchestrates. He bangs her for a few minutes and then pulls out. Rachel tells her to suck his cock nice. Rachel helps with the sucking. Kelsie does this for a minute and pulls away. Rachel yells at her and makes her give him a blowjob. Anthony pushes her down and fucks her some more, but he wants to make this last. He spins her around and Rachel tells him to fuck her doggy style. Rachel tells Anthony to fuck her bratty little pussy. He tells the MILF he is ready to cum. Rachel tells him to jerk it on Kelsie. Anthony jerks his cum on her stomach. Rachel tells Kelsie to lick the cum off his cock. Then Anthony holds his finger to her mouth and Rachel makes Kelsie suck the cum off his finger. Now the tension is over and all is well at the Steele house.

Scene 3 – Scrubbed Clean By MILF

Phillip snuck into MILF Rachel’s bedroom to sniff her panties and jerk off to her sweet smell. Rachel found him with cum all over him and her panties in his hand, and flipped out. She did not know he had those thoughts about her. Rachel ordered him to the shower to clean up. She was very upset and shocked. Phillip apologized and told her he could not help his desires. Rachel so upset entered the shower with him to clean away the dirty cum. She soaped up his cock and scrubbed it. Phillip became hard. Rachel was dumbfounded. She told him this was wrong, but he just blushed and grew harder. Rachel took him out of the shower and into the tub. She felt he was still dirty. He confessed his desire for her. Rachel decided to jerk the dirty cum out of him so his desires would dissolve, so began jerking him son off. She sucked and stroked. She put her tits in his face to help him cum fast. Phillip just laid back and watched the beautiful MILF finish him off. Rachel jerked his cum onto her white lace panties. She told him to go and hand wash all the panties he sniffed.

Stars: Crista Love, Rachel Steele, Phillip, Kelsie, Anthony, Billy

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