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Taboo Tales Volume 20

Video: Taboo Tales Volume 20

Watch This Video!

Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 – Teaching Teen Oral
Leihla’s boyfriend broke up with her because she did not perform oral sex right. Rachel saw the disappointment in her eyes and decided to take matters into her own hands. She made a few calls to her younger male friends she had casual sex with to help her practice. Alan came home and saw that Rachel and Leihla were upset. Rachel suggested Leihla practice on Alan. They all agreed, as they loved each other so much. Leihla began slowly licking his cock. Alan grew hard fast. He told her the spots to lick and suck. Rachel, watching, became aroused at their openness to perform in front of her, and she joined in. Leihla and Alan did not mind at all. Alan told Leihla that she could learn a lot from the MILF. Leihla watched Rachel suck her brother’s cock. Finally Alan told then he was ready to cum. Rachel told Leihla how important it is to let them cum on her face. MILF and teen looked up at Alan and invited him to cum on their loving faces. He creamed them both. Leihla felt confident, and Rachel told her she could practice whenever she felt necessary.

Scene 2 – MILF Rachel Teaches a Lesson
Rachel came home and found Danica and Rob fucking on the couch. Rachel was pissed. She yelled at both of them as she knew this was going on for some time. Rachel knew she could not stop them, so she decided to teach them a lesson. Rachel orders Danica to her knees and makes her suck Rob’s cock. Rob is reluctant, but Rachel is the boss. Rachel makes Danica sit back on the couch and masturbate while Rachel oils up her tits and wraps them around his cock. Rob likes what is going on now. Rachel stops and tells them to continue sucking and fingering each other. Rachel produces a strap-on out of her purse and bends Danica over, fucking her until she cums hard. Danica yells out how good it feels. Danica sucks Rob while Rachel fucks her tight pussy. When she has came, Rachel and Danica jerk off Rob all over their faces. Rachel tells them this was a lesson. They smile and Rachel kisses her cum-filled face.

Scene 3 – You Do Not Need Porn
18 year old Kelsie and her sister Kimmy live with a perverted old man. He thought the girls were asleep and is jerking off to porn. They peeked and saw him. They giggled and ran back to their bedroom. The girls started kissing and touching each other. The site of the old man masturbating made them horny. They decided to take care of him. They started making out noisily so he would hear them. He heard the noises and went to the room to see. He saw them kissing. The girls asked him why he had to watch that porn when he could have them. He was a bit surprised but, they are of age and he was desperate. He dropped his pants and his hard-on was huge. The girls took off their nighties and started to kiss his cock. Their young mouths felt so good. The girls sucked and fucked him, taking turns licking each other’s pussies and sucking tits to turn him on more. Finally, he could not take it and lined up their pretty young faces, he came on both of them as they moaned and opened their mouths to catch every bit of his cum.

Scene 4 – Let’s Include Rachel
Rachel and Alan had lived alone for years. He felt bad for her because she always devoted herself to him. Alan had a girlfriend over and Rachel was jealous. She went to her room depressed. She thought she was going to spend a quiet evening alone with him. Alan felt terrible and told his girlfriend they should ask her to join them. His girlfriend was totally turned on by watching Alan have sex with the MILF. Rachel came to them but felt like a third wheel. Alan began to caress her shoulder. She looked at him with wide eyes. Leihla just smiled at Rachel. Alan began moving his hand down to Rachel’s breast. Rachel pulled back, but Alan did not stop. Rachel had not been touched in so long she let him. Leihla pulled Alan’s cock out and sucked it. Alan pulled Rachel’s dress down and sucked her breasts. Leihla sucked Rachel’s tits. Alan asked her to put her mouth on his cock. Rachel reluctantly did. She began sucking his cock hard. Alan put Rachel in Leihla’s arms and lifted her dress, entering her pussy. Rachel let out a moan, it felt so good having his young cock inside her. Leihla caressed Rachel’s breasts while Alan slowly and deep penetrated Rachel, and she came hard. Rachel and Leihla together sucked his cock. Rachel started to really get into it and Leihla let Rachel suck and jerk Alan until he came all over her face. Rachel licked up his cum and rubbed his cock over her lips.

Stars: Kimmy, Kelsie, Alan, Rob, Rachel Steele, Danica, Leihla

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