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Taboo Tales Volume 50

Video: Taboo Tales Volume 50

Watch This Video!

Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 – A Red MILF Production

Rachel Steele, producer of Red MILF Productions hired a hot MILF named Orabella to shoot hardcore scenes with a young male talent for her internet porn site on clips4sale. Orabella did not want to go alone to the shoot because she had never done porn before and was nervous. Orabella took her 22 year old son along as an escort. He thought his mom was just doing a model shoot. When they arrived Rachel took notice of her stud of a son and an idea went racing through her mind. Rachel told Orabella she was still waiting for the male talent to confirm. She actually emailed the male talent and cancelled him. Rachel told Orabella she had no male for the shoot and would have to cancel. She wanted to see Orabella squirm, she knew she was in desperate need of money due to a messy divorce lawsuit; it was all on her application. Orabella’s face went pale when she heard the shoot was off. Rachel asked her about the young male who dropped her off. Orabella giggled and said that was her son. Rachel paused and told her use him or loses a $6000.00 shoot. Rachel did not care, she was a sleazy porn producer and all she cares about is cold hard cash! Orabella told her son Frankie what was happening and what was absolutely necessary to save their financial ruin. Frankie relied on his mom for school and board; he knew they had to do this. He was disgusted with Rachel and very nervous about having sex with his mother! Rachel quickly brought them to the bedroom set where a camera man was ready. Rachel gave them a quick synopsis of the scenes. Then, ACTION! Orabella and Frankie had to slowly undress each other, kiss hard and long, she sucked his cock as he ate her pussy. Frankie was hard as a rock and mortified. His mom made faces of disgust when she put her mouth on his cock. Then Rachel who stood in the room watching, directing told them to start fucking. They had to do as many positions as they could and the money shot. The mother and son did well. Rachel was pleased. She sat on the edge of the bed to congratulate their performance. Rachel also told them there was never a male model set up to shoot, she knew Frankie would be there and wanted a mom and son sex video for her new MILF site.

Scene 2 – Masturbation Frustration

Rachel received a call from her son’s teachers regarding his performance at school. She tried to talk to him but he was reluctant to discuss it with his mother. Later she was speaking to her friend Susan about it and she told her that she overheard a conversation between their sons. Apparently Johnathan was frustrated because he never masturbates. She called him into her room when he came home from school later that day. He still did not want to discuss the problem with his mother. She came out and asked him if he ever masturbated. He said he had never done it because it was not right. She told him that it was perfectly healthy and that he should do it every day. She told him that she was going to show him how to do it the first time. She pulled down his underwear and unbuttoned her top to give him some motivation. She took his hands and put them on her breasts. He started to get hard and she reached down and caressed it. She told him that his balls were full of cum. She leaned back and lifted her skirt. She did not have any panties on so he would have easy access. She let him play with her pussy while she stroked his cock. She leaned over and started sucking his cock. She could tell he was not going to last very long. She talked to him and looked into his eyes as she sucked and stroked him. He told her he was going to cum and then he exploded in her mouth and on her tongue. The cum dripped out of her mouth onto his stomach and her hand. She told him that if he still felt funny masturbating then she would do it for him.

Scene 3 – My Sexy Aunt Rachel

Nephew’s story. I have always had this fantasy about my aunt for as long as I can remember. I stayed with her in California for the summer. Aunt Rachel was single and very beautiful; she oozed with sex appeal but I had no experience with females, just fantasies about her. One night I lay awake stroking my cock thinking about my aunt’s body. She passed by my doorway to say goodnight and caught me stroking under the sheets. After an embarrassing moment or two I finally admitted what I was doing. She told me it was ok to be curious and it is very natural, but she would rather help me out if I was that horny, and not WASTE cum like that. Still puzzled I asked her what she meant by helping me out. She said that it must stay secret if I agree. I agree. She then sits on the bed, opens her robe just enough to reveal her bra and panties and asks me if I would like to touch her down there. She explains she has a special spot that she likes to rub too, but its better when someone else does it. She pushes her panties to the side and instructs me through every step. After a while she pulls down the sheets to reveal my cock throbbing under my jockeys and asks me if it is ok to pull them down so she can see my erection. Still a bit sheepish, she again assures me it is ok and proceeds to rub my near exploding cock. She removes her panties, while gently putting her mouth over the head. Feeling a woman’s warmth for the first time around my cock, it is hard for me to hold back from cumming fast and she senses this and grabs hold of the base to stop me. She tells me to wait, then climbs on top of me to thrust inside her. I do all I can to hold back but I cum hard. I softly whisper I am sorry. Aunt Rachel looked confused, she looks down at my penis and the condom is full of my boyish cum. Aunt Rachel consoles me reminding me it was not wasted. She plays with my cum filled condom slowly taking it off not to lose a drop of my cum. Aunt Rachel plays with it as she lectures me about how we will be doing more of this regularly to teach me more about sex. What a summer that was, cannot wait until next year!

Stars: Orabella, Rachel Steele

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