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Uncle Jack’s Taboo Fantasies 2

Video: Uncle Jack's Taboo Fantasies 2

Watch This Video!

Desperate Pleasures

Rose Red: My buddy Mac and I bought a business owned by my former secretary Tatiana. She was barely getting by. She had the enthusiasm but she liked to spend money. We made a reasonable offer, retaining her services and she agreed. She had a step daughter who was in the business and the way the contract was written she became part of the services too. Tatiana was a little resistant at first but I knew she’d cum around and it turns out the daughter loves to fuck. She’s a gorgeous young woman with beautiful tits, a beautiful round ass, and delicious pussy and can take it all with delight. We started out by checking out her assets. Then we went to checking out appropriate skills for an adult business and she did not disappoint.

Tiffany Kohl: Tiffany overheard some girls talking about sex and went to her step-Uncle Jack for an explanation. Uncle Jack decided well, let’s just do a demonstration. First Uncle Jack demonstrated of cunnilingus and she loved it. But Uncle Jack got carried away with this beautiful, young girl. He went on to teach her fellatio, she did so well then he taught her 69 and she took right to that. Naturally, the next step, was sex. That’s the part she seemed to like the most. When Uncle Jack wasn’t stroking her she stroked him, she wanted that dick and she was going to have it. Watch Tiffany enjoy her lesson. She rides Uncle Jack’s tongue, grinds on his face rides Uncle Jack’s dick and squirts on him. She wanted it so much she fucked Uncle Jack as hard as Uncle Jack fucked her and she came some more.

Sierra Sanders: Sierra was out jogging when she realized someone was following her. Lucky for her, she was passing by my house so she rushed to her old step-Uncle Jack for protection. I love her and want to protect her. She’s all woman, beautiful, incredibly sexy, the best fuck and enjoys every part of sex. She’s amazing!

Stars: Rose Red, Sierra Sanders, Tiffany Kohl, Jack Moore

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