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Tag Archives: Foot

I Meet A New Friend

Video: I Meet A New Friend

Watch This Video!

Naughty Allie

You guys may remember a while back when I told you about traveling to Arizona with Jake during one of his business trips. Of course Jake was tied up in seminars all day which left me pretty bored until the day I met Rio.

I was relaxing at the hotel bar near the pool when this fine piece of ass strolled up and sat down right next to me. I struck up a conversation and we sat there engaged in small talk for about an hour or so. It wasn’t very long at all before things seemed to be taking a bit of a flirtatious turn.
I almost started to wonder if I was imagining the sexual energy that seemed to be all around us. I mean, I just met this girl and I didn’t even know for sure if she was bisexual or not. I decided to test the waters by stroking her thigh with my fingernails. Rio placed her hand on top of mine and said, “Mmmmmm, Allie don’t tease me like that.” I knew by her tone that I was about to get some pussy.

I looked at her and said, “It’s only teasing if the girl has no intent to follow through. I have every intention of following through here. How would you like to head over to my room for a little fun?” You should have seen her face light up as she said, “I thought you’d never ask, let’s get outta here!”

As we walked hand in hand back to my room I could feel the wetness between my legs as it started to trickle down my inner thighs. I swear I’m such a horny little slut sometimes. If I even begin to think that I’m about to get some action my pussy starts to gush like the fucking Hoover Dam.

As soon as we entered the room we sat down on the edge of the bed and began to fondle each other. I had been staring at Rio’s beautiful tits all afternoon but now I finally had the opportunity to actually feel them. Wow, I just couldn’t wait to get my mouth wrapped around those boobies.

We must have caressed, kissed, and fondled for more than an hour before getting to the really good stuff. Rio dropped to her knees at the foot of the bed which put her right between my legs. Her hot breath on my groin only acted to fuel the fire. This was really turning out to be my lucky day!

Rio giggled and looked up at me as she fingered my panties and said, “My it looks like you’re already wet down here. I think I’m going to have a taste of that.” I replied, “not before I get you naked and taste you first.” I’m not sure which I like more, being the pussy eater or the pussy eatee.

All I know for sure is the scent of a woman’s fully aroused pussy is enough to drive me crazy. Once I’ve picked up the scent you can’t stop me from getting a taste. We continued undressing each other until there was nothing standing between me and that gorgeous mound of throbbing flesh.

I dove between her thighs and went to work on that pussy as I massaged her slit with my expert tongue. I then penetrated her with my index and middle fingers so that I could manipulate her g-spot as I tongued her clit. This girl was bucking all over the bed as I chased her pussy with my face.

We eventually ended up 69′ing so that we could both enjoy the pleasures of eating pussy while being eaten. I paused for a moment and said, “Does that feel good?” She was practically gasping for air as she said, “Are you fucking kidding me, that feels incredible! I don’t suppose there’s any chance you have a dildo, I’m just dying to be fucked.”

“Oh really,” I said, “How bad do you want to be fucked because I have a strap-on if you really want it bad.” She hopped up on her knees and said, “I told you not to tease me!” I leaned over to the nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out my 9 inch pink cock already attached to its harness.

Rio jumped up to her knees and clapped her hands as she said, “Now this is really going to be fun, I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on!” She snatched it out of my hands and said, “Let me help you with this.” Once I was all suited up, Rio turned around and stuck her ass in the air giving me full access to her pussy and said, “Fuck me hard baby, make me cum!”

That was all the prompting I needed as I grabbed her by the hips and shoved my plastic cock into her eagerly awaiting hole. Her body shuddered momentarily as the head of my cock parted her pussy lips and then fully engulfed her pussy. I was fucking her as hard as I could when she said, “Fuck me missionary style so you can see my face when I cum!” She rolled over and spread her legs wide as I mounted her from the front.

It wasn’t long before I could tell by the look on her face that she was about to cum. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her as she started to breath more heavily. She started crying out, “You’re hitting me in the perfect spot, just keep fucking me just like that. Oh yesssss, that’s it you’re making me cum. Oh yessssss Allie, oh fuck yeah I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She must have repeated it at least fifty times, as if it wasn’t already obvious enough. ~Kisses, Allie

Stars: Naughty Allie, Rio Blaze

Monique Woods Sucks And Swallows

Video: Monique Woods Sucks And Swallows

Watch This Video!

Brandon Iron Productions
Lean, leggy Monique preens herself in the bathroom mirror. She’s wearing a black bodysuit that snaps in the crotch with black patent leather heels. I lead her to the living room and she tells me she’s 23 and a student of veterinary medicine. I confess that she makes me feel like an animal, so we get down to the business of oral rutting. Monique shows me her tattoo work on her back, a Buddha with lotus flowers. The bodysuit come off and I inspect the pink petals of her crotch blossom. She tells me she started sucking cock at 14 and swallowed from the start. Eraser nipples. Shaved pussy. Cock worship blowjob. Ball licking. Foot job. I cum in her mouth and she accepts my offering into her belly. We sit in the lotus position and give a life-affirming “Oooooooommmmmmmhhhh” chant.

Stars: Monique Woods, Brandon Iron

Teen Creeper – Gina Valentina

Video: Teen Creeper - Gina Valentina

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Fetish Network
Gina Valentina is one tasty teen dish, and she’s no stranger to rough sex, but this little exhibitionist has no idea what a workout her cunt, mouth and other fuckholes are in for when she becomes the Teen Creeper’s latest victim. Gina is enjoying the hot sun and her swimming pool in a sexy black bikini when she gets an obscene phone call from a creepy stranger who says he is going to fuck her. He also lets Gina know he is watching her. Frightened at the certain danger the psycho intruder threatens, Gina runs indoors and locks the doors and windows as her peeping tom continues to harass her on the phone. What Gina doesn’t know is that her uninvited suitor is already in her house and he grabs her from behind where he ties her up with her arms behind her back. He removes his black mask and stuffs it into her mouth to muffle her whimpers and screams, and then he takes it out and stuffs his fat cock into her mouth. Gina chokes on his big cock until he’s ready to fuck her hard and fast in the spoon position until he completely humiliates his new sex slave. Next, he stuffs her bikini bottom into her mouth and fucks her doggie style with his foot on her head. He finally summons a nice huge blast of cum and fires the massive jizz load on the face and tongue.

Stars: Gina Valentina, Brick Danger

Keep It Warm

Video: Keep It Warm

Watch This Video!


It’s cold out, zero degrees Fahrenheit, unusually cold for February, and the old furnace finally gave out last night before bed. My brother, Robby, called the repairman but he can’t come until morning. The wind is blowing hard, smashing the branch of the tree against my window, the sound and the cold is making it impossible to sleep. I was tossing and turning trying to get warm, this is the coldest I’ve ever been my entire life! I wish I was in bed with my brother. I’m not supposed to sleep in bed with my brother, my parents tell me I’m too old, but this has got to be an exception to the rule.

I crawl into bed and he predictably scoots over for me, just like he used to do, and I snuggle in close to his warm body. My brother smells different than he used to, a sort of stink that comes off of man’s skin, not boy’s. I lean in close to his bare back and smell him, not quite like Daddy’s smell, and it felt like I was in bed with a strange man. I closed my eyes and daydreamt about being in a strange home, with a strange man, and embracing him, his strong arms around me, and I look up into his eyes, and wait — is it possible to daydream at night, or is it just plain dreaming? If anyone would know the answer to this question, it’s my brother so I lightly tap on his shoulder, “Robby…” He answers me with an annoyed grunt. “Can you daydream at night?” Robby told me to go to sleep, his voice was annoyed, it’s oftentimes annoyed sounding around me, but I don’t know why… I am just a curious girl, doesn’t make me bad, after all, asking questions is how a person learns! Imagine if all the curious people of the world didn’t ask questions, didn’t research, didn’t do anything but keep their own annoying inquisitive mouths shut! I was just about to enlighten him with my thought when he turned around nose-to-nose with me, he said “the repairman will be here in just a couple hours, in the morning, try to get some sleep Blair.” He must’ve felt bad about his tone, I smile at his sweetness, and then I think about the smell of his breath, I liked the smell of it — it wasn’t exactly a clean scent, but a unique scent and it was laced with mom’s peppermint toothpaste. I wondered if my own breath had a unique scent, unique like a fingerprint, the idea of that made me smile. I rubbed my hands through his chest hair. Oh wow… chest hair, just like Bradley Cooper in that romance movie with the blonde, what’s it called? My brother doesn’t look like Bradley Cooper, he looks like my brother, he’s still handsome but in a different way, he’s entirely different now that he’s back from college, all grown up.

I saw his penis once when we were younger, it was pretty big back then, I wonder if it’s even bigger now that he’s all grown up? I touch my foot next to his, to see if he’s still annoyed with me. He doesn’t move his feet away from mine, even though I know full well that my feet are as cold as ice blocks. Why is it that feet get so cold? Hands too? Is it because they’re all the way down there, a long way away from the heart? Does my brother’s penis get cold? It does hang away from his body, it only makes sense, to me, that a penis would get cold. I had better ask, and I can offer, like a generous girl, to hold it in my hand to keep it warm.

Stars: Blair Williams, Robby Echo

Tattoo Lovers

Video: Tattoo Lovers

Watch This Video!

Nacho Vidal Productions

Director/stud Nacho Vidal, Evil Angel’s Spanish madman, loves girls with interesting body art; he too is impressively inked. In “Tattoo Lovers,” Nacho presents tat-on-tat action — his dates with five arousingly illustrated vixens.

Scene 1: Tattooed Venus Dicked And Dominated – Sexy Venezuelan Venus Afrodita’s string bikini shows off big boobs, luscious legs and the art inked on her tan skin: a big Phoenix rising on her back, lushly decorated thighs and more. She masturbates her shaved pussy for dominant, tattooed stud Nacho Vidal, who shoves his massive cock in her cleavage for a titty fuck. He slaps and fucks her face in a spit-soaked blow job. Her auburn hair flows wildly as he fucks her doggie-style, till he clamps his foot on her head. Venus fucks passionately, screaming in orgasm. Nacho cums on her pussy and Venus eats the cream.

Scene 2: Tattooed, 19YO Mey Dicked ’n Dominated – Tiny Mey Madness, a Spanish bleach-blonde beauty of just 19 years, has wicked piercings (including a septum ring) and exquisite tattoos. Dominant, tattooed Nacho Vidal rims her asshole and fucks and fucks her, standing against the full-length mirror. She moans in orgasm as his monster cock stuffs and spreads wide her bald pussy. Mey sucks twat-flavored meat and digs her face in his ass for a deep rim job. She rides dick passionately, French kissing, gasping, cumming. Nacho slaps her little titties and licks her foot. She grips the sheets in a doggie-style manhandling. Nacho spunks her pretty face. The ink above her breasts says “Abandon hope, all who enter here” in Latin!

Scene 3: Tattooed Sandy Dicked And Dominated – Sandy Alser has long, brown hair in a shaved-side ’do, multiple piercings (septum, lip, nipples) and a variety of tattoos decorating her body, including colorful art on her leg. In lingerie and heels, the natural-breasted cutie spreads her shaved holes for tattooed stud Nacho Vidal. He stuffs his huge meat in her bald gash; she humps back, moaning, through the standing, doggie-style romp. Dominant Nacho humps her armpit; Sandy lovingly, passionately blows and caresses his massive cock. She rides to groaning orgasms, till Nacho cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Cute, Tattooed Jadee’s Juicy Fuck – Latina cutie Jadee Presleyy’s hair tumbles down to her ass. The natural-breasted 22-year-old has a big smile and tattoos decorating her shoulder, thighs and ass. She holds tattooed Nacho Vidal’s huge prick as he takes a leak! Nacho grips kneeling Jadee’s head for a spit-soaked, deep-throat face fuck. She tugs his face up her ass for a rim job. Doggie-style fucking over the bathroom sink makes her moan, till Nacho carry-fucks her to the bedroom. She rides his massive meat passionately, butt pumping. We hear and see juice soaking her bald pussy as he porks it. They French kiss deeply, and he cums over her gash.

Scene 5: Tattooed, 20YO Claudia: Reality Porn – Claudia Bavel, just 20, tugs tight jean shorts way up into her ass crack. The longhaired Spanish beauty has a tiny waist, natural jugs and tattoos, including a winged woman between her big boobs. Tattooed Spanish stud Nacho Vidal rims her ass, and her spit lubes a hand job. She kneels to blow his massive meat. Claudia sits on his face. Their French kissing and passionate fucking looks like real sex, not porn. Titties bounce as skin slams. Nacho grips and spanks her fleshy butt cheeks as he pumps pussy. He creams her rear and she flexes her cum-coated cheek.

Stars: Claudia Bavel, Jade Presley , Mey Madness , Sandy Alser , Venus Afrodita , Nacho Vidal

Jim And Lara’s Pick ‘N’ Mix

Video: Jim And Lara's Pick 'N' Mix

Watch This Video!

Television X

Cathy was one of Jim’s Euro MILFs. A tall brunette, with big boobs, lovely long hair and even longer legs. When Lara and Jim both meet up with Cathy again, she’s transformed herself! She’s changed to blonde and got even bigger boobs for Lara to play with. Lara was filming Euro MILFs and has always liked Cathy boobs and mentioned that her lips looked really kissable. Well Lara just can’t keep her hands off of either in this scene, standing Cathy up and snogging her face off and sucking on her nipples. Lara makes Jim fuck her while Cathy licks her pussy and then lucky Jim gets to fuck in his first threesome with his wife. This really hot fuckfest ends with Jim shooting his load over both the girls faces and them snowballing it between one another. What a way to start!

Superstar cutie Paige Turnah is six foot tall and dressed to thrill in retro underwear. Mature Lara also gets into her 50s gear, and lucky Jim reaps the benefits in a truly sizzling sequence!

These 2 guys were definitely Lara’s choice to bring back. They had the 2 attributes she looks for in a man: big cock and fit body. Now after Jim had gotten his hands on the 2 previous girls, who was he to decline his wife’s wishes! Lara decided to go back to her roots on this show and put on some latex. Thigh high rubber stockings, suspenders, skirt and bra, finished of with high patent heels. Now, Jim decided to put all 3 of them on the stairs and seeing they are all over 6ft tall, this was quite tricky to maneuver around in. But nevertheless, Lara can feel the huge cocks through their jeans, their tongues in her mouth and their roaming hands on her pussy and tits. Jim wants to join in and they decide to move to the living room where Lara can use all 3 of their cocks with wanton abandonment. To end the show, Lara decides to do what she’s been dreaming of since she last saw them: get the widest cock in UK porn into her arse. And she does! It squeezes in and she tells all 3 of them that they can cream pie her bum. Filled up with spunk Lara is a happy, happy girl!

Petite Geena Gain looks tiny beside older 6 ft tall Lara, but size isn’t everything – as Jim is quick to point out. The swinging hubby and wife soon show the lovely newbie the ropes!

Lara and Jim loved Tallulah Tease’s antics in Pimp Mummy Returns and they get her back for an encore. She looks really hot in her pink rubber skirt with red fishnets!

Stars: Tallulah Tease, Cathy Heaven, Geena Gain, Paige Turner, Lara Latex, Jim Slip, Seth, Paul Back

Amy Reid Teen Jack Off Encouragement Pantyhose #2

Video: Amy Reid Teen Jack Off Encouragement Pantyhose #2

Watch This Video!

Playtime Video

Scene One: Perfect tits and pantyhose, Playtime’s goddess Amy Ried is back and better than ever! Amy begins in her beige business suit and tan, sheer crotch Wolford pantyhose. She strokes her silken legs and gives you sweet shots up her skirt as her shaved box comes into full view. “Have you taken your little cock out and started whacking it yet?” as she offers you her nylon covered feet and lightly pumps her hand. Skirt off, she towers over you while rubbing her snatch and moaning for she’s also getting turned on. Bra now off as her natural DD’s hang free, she grabs the camera with you alone in the bathroom and tells you to come on her crotch. She slips off the pantyhose and rubs her swollen lips in your face.

Scene Two: Next, out by the pool, Amy wears a sheer black body suit and silver pantyhose, standing over you, pumping her hand, needing you to beat off for her. Back inside, she poses on the stairs giving you views of her body to keep you interested. She slides off the body suit and tells you to “squirt all over my big tits!” More over the camera poses as she caresses her cotton panel as she again takes control of the camera. Hose off, spreads her legs, holding her pussy wide begging for more come.

Scene Three: 3rd scene has Amy in her bedroom in a black negligee and black, sheer crotch pantyhose. “Do you want to fuck me in these pantyhose?” as she stands over you pulling them up tight. She strips down to just the hose and spreads, laying back on her bed and takes over control of the camera as well as your cock. She pumps her hand onto her nylon covered mound before the hose slide off her shapely legs.

Scene Four: Amy poses in a tight silk top and pink pantyhose as she stands over you pointing at the cotton panel “come right here” she coos. She offers up her little feet covered in white lace ankle socks for a little foot job action. She strips to just the hose, takes you alone into the bathroom, rubbing and pumping her crotch. “Take your little dick out and whack it!” More sensual pantyhose teasing as she slides them down over your face and finally off to give you one last spread. Great tape, great girl!

Stars: Amy Reid

Electrosluts – Hairy Pussy Suffers To Electrosex

Video: Electrosluts - Hairy Pussy Suffers To Electrosex

Watch This Video!

Gotta love that hair! Bianca Stone is back and Lorelei has more to dish out! With electro nipple clamps stung up to her fingers and electro labia clamps strung out to her toes she cannot move a muscle without causing herself pain. Now if it was only that simple that she could sit in lesbian bondage and just enjoying the electro BDSM current running through her body. But Mistress Lorelei Lee would never leave such a vulnerable subject alone to endure. She makes Bianca worship her body and boots while the electrosex gets more and more intense. It make Bianca so hot that squirts a foot in the air and all over herself!

Panty Pervert 2

Video: Panty Pervert 2

Watch This Video!

Kevin Moore

Director/fetishist Kevin Moore’s “Panty Pervert 2” spotlights seductive starlets, tempestuous tease and bountiful booties encased in snug, sexy scanties: Each lady models an array of skimpy undergarments as POV-style shooting documents fetishy fuck play. Alluring Ashley Fires taunts Kevin as she strips. The fun loving blonde deep-throats and dominantly rides dick, and she shoves her undies into her cunt as she masturbates. Comely Candice Dare’s plush skirt hugs her perfectly plump rump. When she wriggles her panties over her thick butt cheeks, Kevin can’t help cock-smacking her derriere. Candice sports intimate garments in a lively, multi-position fuck, till Kevin’s cum splatters her G-string-clad tush. Exotic Heather Vahn looks gorgeous in a skintight dress with her panty line exposed. She gives a sloppy blow job, and her tender, pink butthole peeks from her knickers as Kevin fucks her. Passionate sex and frisky frottage make big-assed brunette Olivia Wilder whimper; she switches skivvies throughout her scene.

Scene 1: Lingerie Model Ashley Fucks Panty Perv

Alluring blonde Ashley Fires knows how to tease. The fun loving minx playfully taunts director Kevin Moore as his hard dick spanks her booty, and she gives a slobbery blow job in POV-style footage. Ashley models a variety of panties for the pervy fetishist and talks dirty as he fucks her. The hot slut deep-throats and dominantly rides dick. She shoves her undies into her cunt during a tempestuous, mid-scene masturbation session. Frisky fucking (with kinky foot play) climaxes as Kevin creams her plump ass cheeks.

Scene 2: Model Candice Dares To Fuck Panty Perv

Wearing a plush, bright orange skirt that tightly hugs her perfectly plump butt, comely blonde Candice Dare chats cheekily. She jiggles her radiant rump for director Kevin Moore, playfully yanking her tight panties up and down over her thick cheeks. Kevin can’t help whipping out his stiff dick to smack Candice’s derriere, and the wayward cutie shows her gratitude with a slobbery, POV-style blow job. Candice models an array of undergarments and whimpers through lively, multi-position pounding. Kevin blasts his cum over her G-string-clad tush.

Scene 3: Busty Model Heather Fucks A Panty Perv

Exotic Heather Vahn is a dark-haired beauty with huge tits and a penchant for playful tease. Wearing a skintight dress with her panty line exposed, the frisky, busty beauty taunts director Kevin Moore. She models multiple scanties, enjoys slobbery, POV-style fellatio and intense fucking, massaging her breasts as Kevin fucks her. Her flawless asshole peeks from her G-string. Rowdy Heather rides his dick and Kevin slathers her supple butt in spunk.

Scene 4: Big-Assed Olivia Fucks A Panty Perv

Big-assed Olivia Wilder loves teasing the camera in tight panties. The frisky girl flirts with perverted director Kevin Moore, who can’t help pulling out his dick to smack cock-smack her lusciously plump rump. The wild nymph strips down to heels and underwear for an intimate, POV-style BJ. She rides dick and whimpers
through a blistering, bent-over pounding, switching her skivvies throughout the scene. Kevin sprays his sperm over Olivia’s delectable derriere.

Stars: Ashley Fires, Heather Vahn, Olivia Wilder, Candice Dare, Kevin Moore

Brutal Castings – Chanel Collins

Video: Brutal Castings - Chanel Collins

Watch This Video!

Fetish Network
Sweet, innocent, shapely and sexy all are perfect descriptions of cute, blonde teen, girly girl, Chanel Collins. Wishing to share her ample charms with the world, she finds herself in the offices, where she will soon learn what it takes to make her modeling dreams cum true. Dressed to thrill in white short shorts and a tight blue tank top, Chanel is ordered to strip down to her bra and panties. She resists, but the master is persuasive, slapping some sense into her. Chanel strips, but takes too long for the master’s liking, so he ties her hands with rope and directs her to grope his cock though his pants. He hardly rips her panties off and shoves two fingers deep inside her tight teen cunt, making her orgasm quickly. Chanel’s humiliation continues as her pussy is viciously spanked while she deep throats his cock. After hot sex and an airtight blowjob, he pounds her little pussy and luscious ass doggie style while using her head as a foot rest. Hard spanking on Chanel’s beautiful, tan booty assures her submission and then she gets railed reverse cowgirl style so we can see her swollen, over excited clit. The party ends with Chanel getting pounded in the piledriver position and receiving a massive load of love batter on her face. Will Chanel be famous? Find out!

Stars: Chanel Collins, Bruno Dickens

Interracial Sex Addicts

Video: Interracial Sex Addicts

Watch This Video!

Evil Angel – Aiden Starr

Provocative Aiden Starr loves pairing lily-white sluts with big black cocks for incendiary adventures. The fiendish fetish filmmaker compiles nasty highlights from her archive in the intoxicating “Interracial Sex Addicts.”

Scene 1: Wearing only a T-shirt, a thong and a smile, petite, sexy Riley Reid jumps into her stepbrother’s bed, wanting muscular Isiah Maxwell’s big black cock! Little Riley is aggressive, massaging his meat through his underwear — it’s not like they’re actually relatives, and she’s always had the hots for him. The horny stepsister sucks his huge erection, laps his balls and talks dirty: “You like to see this big cock against your sister’s face?” Isiah fucks her throat, spit flowing. Riley’s cute butt bumps and her bald gash stretches through a breathless, interracial ride. Riley strokes his juice onto her tongue, slurps up the surplus semen and swallows.

Scene 2: Pretty, petite Sarah Shevon flashes her warm smile, natural tits and bushy fur. Black stud Mickey Mod oils her up. She sucks his hard cock and laps his balls; spit flows and her gagging makes tears run down her face. Sarah rides dick and enjoys pussy-to-mouth flavor. When Mickey fingers and rims her asshole, Sarah says, “Please fuck my ass.” He reams her rectum, which belches lube and gapes to show pink flowering intestinal innards. Drenched in oil and spit, Sarah diddles her wet pussy and tastes “my favorite kind of juice … ass juice” in an ass-to-mouth suck job. As director Aiden Starr makes dirty comments, greasy Sarah queefs. She eats the jism Mickey pumps up her nose!

Scene 3: Dominant MILF Aiden Starr and hung stud Mickey Mod work pretty, submissive Casey Calvert in a naked bathtub three-way spiked with Aiden’s nasty shit talking. The naturally busty blonde domme “manhandles” longhaired brunette Casey, kissing, choking, slapping, sucking nipples, eating pussy, fingering ass. Casey is made to eat cunt, finger her own anus and tongue Aiden’s bunghole. The sub takes Mickey’s big black cock in the mouth as Aiden sodomizes her with a toy. Casey gets choked and she eats more twat as she’s porked doggie-style. She licks balls as Mickey fucks Aiden and swallows his cream.

Scene 4: In a dungeon, buxom blonde Carissa Montgomery (hot in latex lingerie) inspects her slave, leggy, longhaired black fox Ana Foxxx. Slutty Ana wears only a tiny, see-through one-piece. Carissa talks a nasty streak throughout the scene, bossing and berating Ana for being such a slut. Carissa strips trim Ana, flogs her pussy and chews the nipples on her little, natural tits — preparing them for suction devices. Fingers and clothespins tweak Ana’s labia and vagina. Ana adds a vibrator and, when she has permission, wets herself in girl cum. Carissa applies a star wheel to Ana’s nipples, then sits on her face as Ana laps Mistress cunt. There’s fun with a big dildo on the end of a power drill! Ana howls in orgasm.

Scene 5: Adorable brunette Maddy O’Reilly and naturally stacked brat Aiden Starr love warming each other up with sensuous lesbian games — playful foot worship and spanking — before teaming up on the big black cock of Moe “The Monster” Johnson. The girls take turns slurping on his throbbing member and getting thoroughly fucked. Maddy enjoys a hard anal reaming and a dash of ass-to-mouth flavor. Their naughty interracial threesome climaxes with a messy cum swap!

Scene 6: Pretty, pale, all-natural redhead Penny Pax tweaks her nipples and buzzes her hairy pussy with a wand. Mickey Mod introduces his big black cock for a wet blow job. He drives his dick straight up her bunghole, making her moan, gasp and masturbate hard. “Treat me like a dirty, little fucking whore,” she begs, and Mickey accommodates with a wet, ass-to-mouth face fuck and a breath-controlled rectal reaming. Stiff pistoning makes her ass gape. Blushing Penny cums repeatedly with prick up ass and wand on clit. She blows cum bubbles, and her anus belches lube when she pulls a glass toy from her sphincter’s clutch.

Scene 7: A passionate, interracial threesome stars April Flores, the fleshy, flashy BBW with the cherry red hair; spunky, sexy blonde director/provocateur Aiden Starr; and African-American stud D Snoop. “Marshmallow girl” April’s string dress shows massive cleavage. The girls kiss, stroke and suck black cock; they nude up to envelop Snoop’s head in four big bosoms. This friendly menage-a-trois includes face sitting, girl-girl titty play, pussy-to-mouth cocksucking, foot fetish, doggie-style rutting, masturbation, choking, greasy fucking and a plug-in wand vibrator. D Snoop jerks a big load of jism into Aiden’s mouth and all over April’s monster melons. The girls share oral clean-up and, throughout the scene, joyful mouth kissing.

Scene 8: Fleshy, delightfully dirty Proxy Paige rides Mickey Mod’s big black cock, her big butt bouncing. With hair and bush dyed pink, the heavily tattooed and pierced slut pries the meat up her flexible rectum, her big cheeks in your face. Slurping cock ass-to-mouth, she tells of her adventure seducing hip-hop artists and then licks balls and tongues ass. Irrepressible Proxy has gasping anal orgasms. Mickey drizzles thick oil on her flexing rump, and her holes make echoing liquid sounds. She utters husky-voiced lust through a greasy anal manhandling. He pumps more oil up her rectum and fucks the gaping sphincter. Mickey also oils Proxy’s titties and fucks them before cumming on her boobs and in her mouth.

Stars: Ana Foxxx , Maddy O’Reilly, Penny Pax, April Flores, Casey Calvert, Aiden Starr, Sarah Shevon, Proxy Paige, Carissa Montgomery, Riley Reid, D. Snoop, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, Mickey Mod

Alessandra Noir Suck Fuck Rim Swallow

Video: Alessandra Noir Suck Fuck Rim Swallow

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Brandon Iron Productions
Alessandra enters wearing a tight black cocktail dress with open-toed high heels. She asks me if I’m ready to get my dick sucked today and the games begin. I offer my thumb to her mouth and she instinctively sucks it, a good sign. She tells me that she likes to suck before grabbing a cushion for her knees. Alessandra loves the taste of cum, she says, and really got into it 2 years ago, when she was 21. When I tell her to “go down there,” she doesn’t hesitate and starts an enthusiastic rim job. She polishes my ass to perfection before resuming her cocksucking. When I ask her when she starting eating ass, she replies, “Just recently.” I ask her, “Like, 5 minutes ago?” and she says, “Yep!” What a super duper pooper trooper! She removes her high heels and gives a soft-soled foot job with her size 7s. Back to cock worship but I tap her head to pick up the pace, which she does. “I can’t wait to have all your cum in my mouth. I’m so hungry for it.” She spells out “C-O-C-K-S-U-C-K-E-R” for me while popping the head out of her mouth before standing up and sitting on my cock. I help her by putting my thumb in her ass and set the pace. Pop #1 gets stuck so she agrees to agrees to return for another feeding, eating more ass before being rewarded with a thick full-sized serving. Do NOT miss her reaction to the sticky mess at 27:22 mins. Priceless! — Brandon Iron

Stars: Alessandra Noir, Brandon Iron

Tanya Tate Foot Fetish Orgasm In Yellow Top

Video: Tanya Tate Foot Fetish Orgasm In Yellow Top

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Tanya Tate Productions
In my bedroom I am sitting on the white drawers. I pull my big boobs out of my bright yellow top and work my way down to my black satin knickers. I rub over them and slide my hands further over my feet. I have black sling back high heels. I dangle my feet out of my shoes. I play with my feet letting you see my wrinkly soles, high arch and painted red toe nails. I rub my pussy with my fingers; spread my legs and feet, bringing myself to a massive orgasm. Foot fetish and Tanya Tate lovers, will you cum with me?

Stars: Tanya Tate

Rocco’s Psycho Teens 10

Video: Rocco's Psycho Teens 10

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Rocco Siffredi Productions

Italian porn god Rocco Siffredi’s “Rocco’s Psycho Teens 10” presents some of Europe’s most gorgeous young ladies in insane tales of teenage sluttiness. Three nasty scenes feature the decadent perversion for which the director is famed, including filthy face fucking, anal threesomes, toys and foot worship.

Scene 1: Rocco’s Orgy With Three Psycho Teens – Adorable young nymph Baby Jewel wants some fun with Rocco Siffredi before his guests arrive. The petite beauty sucks and rides his massive cock, moaning in pleasure. When models Nataly Gold and Audrey Jane show up, they all treat Rocco’s throbbing meat to sloppy slurping. There’s a blindfolded face fuck, ferocious ass fucking, foot worship and more. Jewel wears a strap-on dildo to help anally dominate and double-penetrate Audrey! Finally, Rocco splatters Jewel’s pretty face, and the ladies share a creamy kiss.

Scene 2: Hung Stud’s Anal & ATM Threesome – When pale, blonde cutie Empera and tattooed, black-haired beauty Soffia Like visit porn god Rocco Siffredi’s compound, the girls want to check out the size of young stud Chris Diamond’s endowment. Soffia follows Chris to the bathroom, and soon she’s kneeling to taste his massive, uncut cock. He pumps her asshole full of dick as Empera watches. Then the blonde crawls in and sucks his giant boner clean. The gorgeous models take turns getting their assholes fucked and orally worshiping Chris’ meat. Empera and Soffia share a post-fuck kiss.

Scene 3: Psycho Teen/Stepdad/MILF Anal Dream – Victor Solo’s red-haired stepdaughter, Rebecca Volpetti, faints, so he summons blonde MILF doctor Flower Blue to revive her. In a half-conscious dream state, Rebecca paws and kisses the older woman, and then pulls down her panties to lick the doctor’s pussy. The young cutie sucks stepdaddy Victor’s huge cock, and Dr. Blue joins the fun; Victor sodomizes both ladies in a nasty, butt-rimming anal threesome, and he splatters his stepdaughter with cum. Finally, four guys team up to use the women’s mouths and feed them more hot splooge.

Stars: Tina Hot, Christen Courtney, Baby Jewel, Sofia Like, Empera, Nataly Gold, Audrey Jane, Alexis Brill, Rebecca Volpetti, Chris Diamond, Alessandro Twin, Rocco Siffredi, Simone Twin, Steve, Fabrizio, Victor Solo, Flower Blue

Crissy Moran Pantyhose #2

Video: Crissy Moran Pantyhose #2

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Playtime Video

Scene One: To start out, you catch sexy Crissy Moran sitting at her desk, telling you she wants to give you a pantyhose show! “Do you like looking under my desk?” she coos as she smiles at you. She spreads her legs to let you see the black pantyhose, with built in lace panty. She stands and lifts her skirt as you see her perfect ass encased in sheer nylon. Excellent cotton crotch close-ups. Boots, top, 38D well packed lace bra and mini skirt fall away so she can tease you in her pantyhose on her desk.

Scene Two: Crissy models her print tight mini dress and suntan, sheer to the waist, pantyhose. Nice over and under the hose pussy play as she stands directly above you. The hose go south as you see her sweet trimmed snatch.

Scene Three: Crissy raises her light blue dress to expose that perfect ass in white control top pantyhose. She loves teasing you and does her best. “Are you ready to see my pantyhosed feet?” she asks as she slides off her white pumps. Excellent sheer toed foot close-ups! Dress off, she thrusts her hips in your face before she strips to nude. Hot!

Stars: Crissy Moran

All Girl Frenzy

Video: All Girl Frenzy

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Director Aiden Riley pairs up the cutest lesbians in town, and he knows how to get the hottest action from these kinky, young goddesses: He lets them do anything they want! “All Girl Frenzy” illustrates the result of this total freedom; left to their own urges, Aiden’s slutty starlets slowly feed on each other’s lusts, eventually attacking in explosions of perverted passion! Gabriella Paltrova and Sarah Vandella ream girl rectums with fingers, tongues and toys, even eating gummy candies out of stuffed buttholes! Amara Romani and Jenna Sativa slurp peach slices from inside each other’s sweet rectum. They share fingering, pussy spanking, ass eating and drool-swapping fun. Kissa Sins and Sasha Heart spit into each other’s mouth. Sasha orgasms from her vibrator, and Kissa grinds her big butt on Sasha’s face, showering her with girl squirt! Roommates Sasha and Serena Blair make love in the bathroom after a frustrating night at the club. Serena cums hard on a vibrator, and her glass dildo makes Sasha climax on the toilet.

Scene 1: Kinky Lesbian Anal Foodstuffs – Wearing colorful bikini attire, petite brunette Gabriella Paltrova and aggressive blonde cutie Sarah Vandella can’t keep their hands and mouths off of each other. They take turns worshiping sensitive tits, lapping at juicy pussies and tongue-lubing tasty assholes. Sarah and Gabriella’s filthy lesbian fun escalates to a crescendo as these perverse anal sluts gag on dildos and ream each other’s rectum with fingers, tongues and toys. They even eat gummy candies out of their stuffed buttholes!

Scene 2: Passionate, Kinky, Tasty Lesbian Date – Fishnet-clad lesbian girlfriends Amara Romani and Jenna Sativa have a peachy time slurping peach slices, sweet pussies and assholes! Jenny hungrily tongues Amara’s slippery anus, shoving pieces of fruit inside her lover’s rectum for flavor. Their nasty urges building to an erotic frenzy, these passion-crazed sweethearts enjoy vibrators and anal toys. Their date is a messy, slobbery session of frenetic fingering, toe sucking, pussy spanking, gagging, ass eating and drool swapping!

Scene 3: Kinky Lesbian Breath Play & Squirting – Foxy blonde lesbians Kissa Sins and Sasha Heart like to explore perversions, like spitting into mouths and closing off each other’s breathing holes. They share natural tit worship. Sasha sucks Kissa’s toes, eats her juicy pussy and chokes her while finger-fucking her to orgasm. They rub their oiled-up asses together and buzz their pussies in a tasty 69 session. Sasha climaxes with her vibrator. Kissa grinds her big ass on Sasha’s face and showers her with squirting girl-cum!

Scene 4: Orgasmic Lesbian Passion Session – Two young lesbian beauties, brunette slut Serena Blair and gorgeous blonde Sasha Heart, have returned home from a club frustrated and horny. Sasha seductively licks her girlfriend’s fingers, face and neck and passionately grabs Serena’s phat, juicy ass. Before long, the bathroom is filled with their musky aromas as the girls pleasure each other with tit sucking, pussy eating, butthole rimming and foot worship. Serena cums from a marathon session of cunnilingus and makes Sasha climax on the toilet using a glass dildo.

Stars: Sarah Vandella, Sasha Heart, Gabriella Paltrova, Serena Blair, Jenna Sativa, Amara Romani, Kissa Sins

My Sex Therapist

Video: My Sex Therapist

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This Girlsway compilation features horny opportunistic lesbians that love being taken advantage of and love eating pussy! Business owner Ryan Ryans accidentally gives her receptionist Abby Cross lingerie on National Secretary Day, and ends up receiving an orgasm in return. Psychotherapist Celeste Star deeply probes Elle Alexandra when repressed lesbian tendencies cause doubt in her relationship with her husband. Shoe executive India Summer shows new hire Sara Luvv the ropes when it turns to being a foot fetish model. Psychotherapist Celeste Star joins Elle Alexandra on a therapy couch as the pair work on curing Elle’s persistent lesbian thoughts. Secretary Abby Cross blindfolds Ryan Ryans in bed before secretly swapping places with Jessa Rhodes to give her girlfriend a special night of surprises.

Secretary Day: Business owner Ryan Ryans wants to thank her secretary Abby Cross on National Secretary’s Day for her outstanding contribution at work. So the busy executive shops online for a gift, and settles on a beautiful coat. She sees a good deal on a bra and panty set for herself, and adds it to her cart. Before heading home she notifies Abby that a package will arrive for her tomorrow, and she can’t wait to see her wearing it. When Abby receives the package the next morning, she finds the coat, but also the sexy underwear. Abby naturally assumes her hot boss wants to have lesbian sex with her, but doesn’t know if Ryan realizes she’s also into girls. When Ryan walks in to find Abby wearing nothing but her new coat on top of the new lingerie, Ryan tries to apologize for the miscommunication. She insists the lingerie was meant for herself, but Abby thinks Ryan is acting shy, or concerned about coming off as unprofessional. Abby does her best to convince Ryan that she’s wants to please her, right here, right now. Ryan tries to stop her excitable assistant, worried that someone will walk in on them. Ryan has trouble relaxing, sitting upright in the chair, while Abby peels off her suit one piece at a time. She pulls Ryan’s huge tits out her lacy bra, spreads her legs and goes down on her hairy pussy, not taking her mouth away until she cums. The lesbians 69 under the conference table, and then they scissor fuck, two wet pussies grinding together intensely, cumming at the same time!

My Sex Therapist Part One: Red Hot, Elle Alexandra finds herself deeply confused about her sexual orientation as she wakes up to find a text from her past lesbian lover. Married now, she tells herself she’s happy however, she can’t help shake the feeling that deep down, it’s a pussy that she wants not, her husband’s cock. She decides to seek out the best therapist in the business, the gorgeous Celeste Star, to gain some clarity on her current situation. As Elle begins to tell Celeste her troubles, Celeste’s solution is for Elle to seek out a woman, to enjoy sexual experiences with in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Someone who knows her history and who’s capable of providing her with exactly the type of pleasure she needs. Elle is open to this however, she has no idea where to find this woman.. Little does she know, she’s sitting right in front of her. Celeste offers her services, to which Elle, happily agrees. Once the arrangement is settled, they begin their work. This may not have been what Elle expected however, as Celeste places her head in between Elle’s legs, licking her pussy, causing her to cry out in passion. She knows she’s come the right place.

Executive Pussy: Scene Description:
When Sara Luvv gets a new job at the Summer Shoe Company, her boss makes it clear that staff work double duty as foot models, posing with the shoes in photos. Everything is going great, until India snoops through Sara’s cell phone and sees a text in which Sara describes India as a MILF. When Sara is asked to show off the new pair of sexy high heels, India tries to fondle Sara’s feet. When India stops by Sara’s apartment on Sunday morning, wanting to finish her foot inspection, Sara feels very self conscious. She’s not sure how thrilled she is to see her boss on the weekend. She’s not sure if it’s okay to behave so unprofessionally with the person who just hired her.

Sara tells India she doesn’t even necessarily want the job. But India can’t keep Sara’s foot out of her mouth, kissing and counting her ten little piggies. India matter of factly points out that Sara checked the box on the job application that said she is interested in foot fetish modelling. What’s being asked of her isn’t that complicated. And it feels good. Sara agrees that her feet feel amazing being fondled, so India peels off Sara’s top and sucks on her big juicy nipples, then takes the liberty to finger her tight pussy. She strips off her employee’s bottoms and eat her wet pussy to orgasm. Then Sara fucks India, tribbing the MILF, pussy on pussy until both lesbians cum hard. Best. Job. Ever.

My Sex Therapist Part Two: Sexy redhead, Elle Alexandra and her gorgeous therapist, Celeste Star, lay in each other’s arm on Celeste’s desk. Spent from the passionate, lesbian lovemaking they’ve just had. Elle sees how much she’s missed being with a woman, having since devoted herself to her husband’s cock for the past year of her marriage. Celeste has shown her, the way to having both of what she wants, and pussy and a cock. However, the more time she spends with Celeste, the more she realizes it was a mistake for her to think she was anything but a lesbian. The orgasm she’s had in the past little while with Celeste can never compare to fucking a man. As their kisses become more urgent, Elle stops realizing the time, and preparing to leave to meet her husband. Celeste isn’t letting her go that easily. Before Elle knows what’s going on, she’s laying on the desk, with Celeste’s wet pussy in her mouth. As Elle orgasm she can’t help but cry out, that she’s cheating on her husband again and again, as her body quivers with pleasure. This is exactly the kind of behavior Celeste was looking to get out of Elle, unbeknownst to her, theirs more to the story,than that which meets the eye.

Tied Up Naked: Things have been going so well since Ryan Ryans started dating her secretary Abby Cross, the lesbians already moved in together. Snuggling in bed, Abby tells Ryan she has a surprise for her. She clasps Ryan’s wrists in soft pink sex shackles, and covers her eyes with a boudoir sleeping mask. Then Abby leaves the room without giving Ryan a clue what to expect. She quietly swaps places with Ryan’s gorgeous client Jessa Rhodes who begins to play with Ryan. Ryan wants to know who is kissing her, and sucking on her nipples, and writhing naked on top of her. She knows it’s not Abby, or anyone she’s fucked before. But the secret remains in the bag. Ryan and Jessa embrace passionately, enjoying the sensations exploding all over their skin. Jessa goes down on Ryan’s hairy pussy, teasing her with her hot breath, before using her lips and tongue to make contact with her sensitive clit. Ryan begs Jessa to let her cum, but Jessa pulls her fingers away. They keep fucking each other, with Abby’s gracious permission, until Jessa needs to cum badly, and starts tribbing Ryan’s pussy, until both of their pussies explode! Will Abby ever tell her who that was?!

Stars: Sara Luvv, Ryan Ryans, Celeste Star, India Summer, Elle Alexandra , Jessa Rhodes , Abby Cross

Foot Worship Gonzo

Video: Foot Worship Gonzo

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Bombshell Media XxX Films

Tom visited Nesty at home… they were cuddling when the blonde beauty’s phone rang… It was Tom’s girlfriend who was already crying, because Tom is cheating on her because he doens’t like foot fetish and his not home even now. Poor girl was very depressed… Nesty tried to calm her down while playing with Tom… Nesty the little bitch knew what her girlfriend can’t give to Tom she can, because she’s really into foot fetish.After the telephone call they didn’t think much, they immediately started to tease each other. Tom’s dick was hard from the stockings and Nesty’s pure and soft feet… He stroked it, licked it, sucked it, loved the girl’s feet and experience. It was a plus that he was doing it with his girlfriend’s friend. He enjoyed every minute of it and in the end ejaculted on Nesty’s feet. The view and excitement made a huge orgasm and no foot was left dry.

After a training day of work Monique went to work out. She arrived home really tired with sore muscles, but for her surprise her cousin Tom was home. They were happy to see each other, they have a very good sibling relationship… Tom asks if she wants a protein shake then watches Monique taking her shoes off slowly… Tom has a pervy feet fetish, he can’t handle it… after the girl drinks she takes a shower. Tom uses the opportunity to smell the girl’s used shoes which makes him horny… the foot smell and the idea makes his dick hard and he starts to masturbate furiously.. it was so good he started to peak on his sister while she showered… the water slipped down her curvy body while his brother jerks while smelling her shoes… when the girl started to wash her feet Tom dropped the shoes, the girl noticed… Tom was standing there with an erected dick in front of her naked cousin… luckily Tom had a great cock Monique couldn’t take her eyes off it… the girl offered Tom a fuck, only if they don’t blow it… of course, the guy said yes, he wanted to fuck her for a long time and the sibling sin fuck began. Monique loved Tom’s foot fetish so she went on with it… sibling love was in its highest, it was hot and wild… filled with passion…

Stars: Nesty, Monique Woods, Tom Raider

Naked Stars In Handcuffs

Video: Naked Stars In Handcuffs

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Mr. Skin

Handcuffs are the second-sexiest thing about cops (number one being the way those tight polyester uniforms ride up in the crotch), but you don’t have to be a lawbreaker to appreciate the cold kiss of metal on warm flesh. So cuff ‘em with the bound babes and tied-up trollops of Mr. Skin’s Naked Stars in Handcuffs playlist. Just be sure to leave one hand free…

Kicking things off is Gemma Arterton, handcuffed by both wrists and both feet in 2007′s The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Gemma is a kinkster’s wet dream come true with a ball gag in her mouth and a bag over her head as some creeps take pics of her bound nude body. Hey, you got doubles of those?

Next Chloe Hunter bares every inch in a pair of psychedelic drug-fueled sex scenes from Spun (2002). Chloe tries all sorts of games in bed with Jason Schwartzman, including waterspouts, and both hand and foot cuffs; when Jason gets up to leave, he leaves Chloe bound in bed with duct tape over her eyes and mouth. Sticky!

Then Holly Hunter gives us a great look at her seat meat cuffed face-down on a bed as her guy draws on her ass with lipstick before cruelly leaving her alone and helpless in a 2007 clip from Saving Grace. Then her coworkers come in, which only heightens the embarrassment.

After that we’ve got Erika Eleniak’s awesome orbs poking out of her bra as she’s handcuffed to a metal bed frame in Chasers (1994),

Madonna overpowered and cuffed to a bed before Willam Dafoe delivers her a backdoor banging in Body of Evidence (1993),

Michele Norris going full, furry ’70s frontal as a guy straps her to a bed and takes her for a ride in Ginger (1971),

and Rebecka Hemse all sweaty and cuffed to a bed, wearing a bra but baring bush, in Just Another Love Story (2007). The guy she’s with roughly uncuffs her when she screams, but when she tries to escape, he throws her to the floors and smacks her several times in the jaw.

Finally, Anne Parillaud assumes the position down on all fours before Anthony La Paglia cuffs her arms behind her back and screws her from behind in Innocent Blood (1992),

and Christine Long is handcuffed to a bed in a queasy, disorienting sequence from Nightstalker (2003).

Nacho’s Threesomes

Video: Nacho's Threesomes

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Nacho Vidal Productions

A legendary porn stud with one of the world’s most impressive cocks, Nacho Vidal has his pick of female companions. In “Nacho’s Threesomes,” the pornographer grabs more than his share, enjoying passionate, intimate sex with absolutely gorgeous Spanish models, two at a time!

Scene 1: Threesome: Two Models, One Cock – Busty model Susy Gala poses nude for photographer Nacho Vidal, showing off her big, round boobs and perfect ass, while her stunning, all-natural girlfriend, Julia Roca, watches. When it’s Julia’s turn to pose, Nacho can’t resist burying his giant cock inside her furry cunt! Susy joins in for a dick-riding, face-sitting threesome. These beautiful Spanish sluts suck Nacho’s huge member and bounce on his shaft until he deposits a load of sperm on Julia’s fine booty.

Scene 2: Two Big-Assed Sluts, One Huge Cock -Director Nacho Vidal films raven-haired doll Claudia Bavel and pale, pink-haired Lilyan Red as the fishnet-clad Spanish beauties primp in the dressing room mirror. Drawn irresistibly by their soft butts, he buries his tongue in each girl’s asshole; soon there’s a full-on pussy-pounding threesome happening, with the stunning, big-assed sluts getting fucked in turn, licking each other’s pussy and sucking on the director’s giant, throbbing cock. Nacho receives a fishnet foot job and ends up blowing a creamy load on Claudia’s fine booty.

Scene 3: Sluts Take Turns With Nacho’s Pole – Gorgeous, young model Penelope Cum and big-assed blonde vixen Medusa seduce director Nacho Vidal. He licks Medusa’s sweet cunt and rubs his gigantic dick between her ass cheeks; he shoves his enormous boner into Penelope’s pretty mouth. These amazing Spanish sluts team up to suck his pole and take turns riding cock, grinding on his shaft and licking each other’s exquisite twat. After a passionate, pussy-pounding three-way, he pulls out of Medusa’s pussy and cums in Penelope’s pretty mouth.

Scene 4: Two Lesbian Girlfriends, One Huge Cock – Thick, big-booty blonde Lulu Pretel and intense, blue-haired stunner Onix Babe are sharing a lesbian make out session, and director Nacho Vidal wants in on the fun! He slowly pushes his enormous cock inside slender Onix’s tight pussy; Lulu sucks her girlfriend’s juices from his shaft. These tattooed Spanish beauties take turns slurping and riding the director’s throbbing pole, licking pussy and tonguing
asshole in a passionate, nasty threesome. After Nacho cums on Lulu’s huge, jiggling ass, Onix sucks out the last drops.

Scene 5: Threesome: Nacho & Silvia Test A Slut – Stunning redhead Silvia Rubi agrees to help director Nacho Vidal test the slutty qualities of fresh, young, blue-haired Yuno Love. Silvia strips Yuno nude, admiring her small, soft boobs, and makes the cutie kneel to suck Nacho’s giant, throbbing cock. Soon the tattooed Spanish beauties are grinding on each other’s pretty face and worshiping Nacho’s thick prick in a pussy-pounding threesome. The soft, pale, big-assed whores ride Nacho until he spurts out a creamy load.

Stars: Julia Roca, Penelope Cum, Lilyan Red, Carlota Teen, Onix Babe, Claudia Bavel, Yuno Love, Silvia Rubi, Medusa, Susi Gala, Lulu Pretel, Nacho Vidal

The Domina Files Volume 62 – Lady Madea, Antwerp, Belgium

Video: The Domina Files Volume 62 -  Lady Madea, Antwerp, Belgium

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SPI Media
Tucked away in the former Red Light district of Antwerp Lady Medea reigns in the domain of Mistress Shane, who trained her over the last few years. In this fast paced movie the meaning of foot for food gets a whole new meaning. When Lady Medea submits Magdalena to a severe humiliation. Then there is bondage and strict CBT on her slave Hercules, followed by a severe whipping and caning session with Gladys, who is beaten into pure ecstasy and made to come by the same firm hand of the Mistress as she moves the cane without mercy! Complete with a studio tour, interview segments with Lady Medea and an impression of the city of Antwerp.

Stars: Lady Medea

Wasteland – Return Of The FemDoms

Video: Wasteland - Return Of The FemDoms

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Severe Sex
Six Wasteland FemDoms are back with full intensity, subjecting five lovely submissives to domestic discipline, extreme spanking, flogging and caning, breast and pussy punishment, strap-on sex, foot worship, squirting, bone-shaking orgasms, and many other surprises in Return of the FemDoms!

Stars: Bella Vendetta, Mistress Chloe, Mistress Irony, Goddess Starla, Jada Sinn, Lily Ligotage, Leila Hazlett, Mistress Kasha, Ava Mir-Ausziehen, Mistress Mayhem, Cheri Rose, ReVay

Lena Nicole & Taylor Renee Jerk Off Encouragement Tights Pantyhose

Video: Lena Nicole & Taylor Renee Jerk Off Encouragement Tights Pantyhose

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Playtime Video

Scene One: Lena Nicole and Taylor Renee have teamed up to bring you Playtimes Sexiest Sirens in tights! Lena starts you off with a sexy silent treatment as she rolls around the couch in her black cotton tights and matching black turtle neck sweater. Her facial expressions say it all as she stares into your eyes with a sexy little grin on her face as she continues to tease with her nice round ass encased in her black ribbed tights. Finally she speaks to you in her sexy voice and tells you that she hopes you’re enjoying her sexy tights fashion show. Lena takes off her sweater and continues to tease you with her little black tank bra and tight pulling on her see through tights. She shows you right where she wants you to land your first load on her sexy tights before she takes them off and changes into another pair of grey tights. She encourages you to keep stroking your cock to her and she removes her tank bra and climbs back on the couch for some more up close and personal time with you as she turns the camera on herself. She gives you a little foot play as she lifts her sexy little tight covered feet up to your face and lets you play with her toes. Lena hikes her tights up hard making sure to fill every little crease with her grey tights. The camel toes she pulls on as she stands over the top of you will have your mouth watering like a hungry dog. After you squirt her down again, she slides out of the cotton tights and into a skin tight pair of shiny pink tights that will have your cock harder than hell as she models them for you and backs her perfect ass right up to your face and coaxes another sticky mess from your throbbing cock. Her shiny tights fall into the fold of her pussy lips giving you the juicy camel toe that you love so much. But wait, it gets even better. Lena grabs her bottle of baby oil and lubes herself down in her tights so that you can see even more of her sexy wet body. Now move over Lena, because the old schoolgirl is back to remind all these guys where Playtime got its start!

Scene Two: Taylor is the dirty mind that used to train all the schoolgirls how to talk you with the filth that you love to hear. Taylor stands before you in a sexy grey sweater with grey tights and matching grey heels. In her sexy raspy voice she tells you what you better be doing with your cock. This sexy cougar is on fire for your cock and she’s not above begging you for it. She is a cum guzzling whore as she spreads her big juicy labia open for you to land your hot load into. She is getting creamy as she smashes her fat labia tight into her tights for you. She moves to the floor and gets on all fours as she spreads her ass cheeks apart and takes another load all over her ass. She ropes her tights against her nice wet pussy, her sweater comes off and she takes another load from you before suggesting you go get some rest before round 2.

Scene Three: Taylor is now lying before you on the floor in pair of sheer black tights and a sexy matching bra telling you that this time she wants to be “your” victim. She wants you to take control of her and show her much cum you’ve saved up for her. She begs for your cum with no shame in her game and she gets more and more turned on thinking about being your cum slave. She refers to herself as your girlfriend as she bends her ass in your face and spanks on herself while your cock begins to throb for her. She tells you that her fuck hole is your fuck hole and she wants you to fill it up with your creamy cum. Taylor moves to the couch and lifts her leg up high showing you what you do to her horny little pussy. She tells you that she wants to be the girl that makes your entire world spin. She wants to make your cock pop every time she’s on your screen. She begins to call you her daddy and she’s your baby girl. You bust your nut on her and she licks it up and swipes it in her mouth. She tells you that she loves you and brags about how good her daddy is to her. She moves on all fours doggies style and thrusts her ass up and down as if it’s on your cock and she begs you for one more load for your baby girl. Go Daddy go, she screams out as she opens her legs to receive your hot man slime one more time.

Scene Four: Get ready for some more of this naughty cougar as she sits before you in her shiny white tights with a sexy white tie top blouse letting you know that you should feel not an ounce of shame as you feel the need to masturbate to her. She knows it’s hard for all men that are in her presence to control themselves. She tells you that even she finds herself masturbating to herself at times. She hikes her tights up nice and snug against her fat pussy lips while you dump your load all up on her. Now this time she wants you to unload all over her ass as she gets on her knees and hikes her tight round ass up while spreading her cheeks open for you. She is so understanding of your need to jerk off to her in her tights and you can clearly see by the wetness in her tights that she too is needing to jerk off like you.

Scene Five: It’s time for another round of in your pussy play as she appears before you in a pair of shiny blue pantyhose that form to her tight body like a glove. She lets you know that she is back in control this time and she owns you and your cock. She tells you how easy you are as she sees your cock blowing to pieces just moments after she begins her sexy control session. She refers to you as her little cum puppet and takes everything you’ve got saved up in that big fat cock of yours. There’s no turning back now. Taylor has gotten a hold of your cock and she doesn’t let go of it until she’s good and ready to. You won’t want to miss Taylor Renee and Lena Nicole as they team up to control your every hand cock connection!

Stars: Lena Nicole, Taylor Renee

Whipped Ass Featuring Hope

Video: Whipped Ass Featuring Hope

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Welcome Hope to WhippedAss. Hope is only 20 years old, brand spanking new to BDSM, cute as a button and willing to get tied up and dominated by the amazingly sexy Lorelei Lee even though she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. Lorelei pushes Hope right to her limits treating her like a rag doll and showing her what lesbian BDSM is all about. Flogging, crop, foot worship, bondage, pussy licking and strap-on fucking are all included.

Stars: Lorelei Lee, Hope Howell

Brat Girls 154

Video: Brat Girls 154

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Kinky Europe Productions
Watch Princess Roxy completely humiliate her slave in the 154th installment of Brat Girls. The tattooed temptress makes her male slave submit through levels of foot worship, boot licking, sneaker sniffing, and toe sucking his way into her good graces. Just when you think she can’t get any more demanding, Princess Roxy turns him into her human ashtray and spit receptacle!

Stars: Princess Roxy

Wrecked At Work

Video: Wrecked At Work

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Reality Kings

Scene One: Sydney Leathers interviewed a few candidates to fill an extremely demanding position in her company’s HR department. The previous person who held the position resigned due to her inappropriate behavior. Tyler interviewed for the job and Sydney was extremely impressed, but she needed to know it he could handle her big tits and fuck her on demand. Tyler was up for the task; he stuffed Sydney’s pretty mouth with his hard cock and then relentlessly fucked her tight pussy. Sydney hired Tyler after he blasted his jizz all over her boss ass tits.

Scene Two: Alejandra Leon is the kind of interior decorator that knows exactly what she wants and when someone or something gets in the way of her vision she loses it. This was exactly the situation when she ordered a 9 foot Christmas tree, but they delivered one which was only 6-7 feet. She was livid and immediately jumped on the phone to give the manager a piece of her mind. He went to her home as soon as he could to try and ameliorate the situation, and when Alejandra opened the door and he saw how hot she was with her huge tits, he couldn’t help but flirt with her. She wanted a 9 foot tree, and while he couldn’t deliver that right away and had his workers start driving one over to her, one thing he could do was give her 9 inches. She snatched the offer up in her clutches and dragged him by his dick into her bedroom. There’s nothing like a strong, assertive woman who knows what she wants!

Scene Three: Priya Price hired Van the handyman to fix a broken custom door in her new apartment. He realized that the door needed to be completely replaced so he charged her more than what he initially quoted. Priya was infuriated and tried to reason with Van but he wouldn’t budge on the amount. Eventually, Priya was able to seduce Van with her big tits and get her custom door built for free.

Scene Four: Jamie Valentine is waiting on her maintenance man. He is running late and she is growing inpatient. Once Van finally gets there, she tries to calm the situation by being funny, instead of being professional. Jamie does not take kindly to that and sets him in his place and puts him to work. Van finishes the job and come inside to let her know. That’s when she notices the massive boner on him. She asks what’s hiding in his pants. He shows her. Jamie grabs it and starts blowing him off. This is one sexy, fine, boss! They proceed to fuck on the couch, doggy style. Later, Van nuts all over her pretty face and tits. Job well done, Van!

Scene Five: Parker Swayze came into the office practically on fire. She was gunning for some results, but her employee just wasn’t bright enough to connect the dots. She had her tits in his face, and her dress hiked up to her pussy. She had to sit down next to him and grab his dick. He finally got the message that she wanted some serious on-the-job concentration. She pulled his dick out and made sure she crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s. He pretty much just let the boss take control the whole way through and blasted his ink jet all over her huge tits.

Scene Six: Lena Paul was upset! JMac’s company messed up the finishing of the floor. Now he was 20 minutes late. Instead of taking her seriously he kept staring at her breasts. When she confronted him about it, JMac said frankly he wanted those tits. And guess what? If you ask for something nicely, you usually get it. So he sucked them. Then she sucked him. Next he licked her ass until she climbed on top of him. JMac is a strong guy, while she was riding him he just lifted Lena and held her spread-eagled up in the air while fucking her. Her beautiful, natural titties were bouncing left and right and up and down. He fucked her sideways, doggy-style, and from the top until he finally came all over her tits.

Stars: Parker Swayze, Priya Price, Alejandra Leon, Lena Paul, Sydney Leathers, Jamie Valentine, Tyler Steele, Sean Lawless, T. Stone, J-Mac, Van Wylde

Nylon Worship 3

Video: Nylon Worship 3

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This young stud can’t help but to get on his knees and worship the silky seductiveness of his woman in her nylons. While watching her bathe he can’t help but to wrap his engorged member in the discarded stocking! She decides to help him out with a foot job before wrapping her greedy mouth around his shaft until he creams her mouth for a happy ending.

Curves For Days

Video: Curves For Days

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Burning Angel Entertainment

Axis Evol and Chad Alva were giving each other ‘fuck me’ eyes, so we took advantage of their pent up sexual tension by making them fuck it out on camera. Axis teased and played with her big natural boobs, with red high waisted spandex pants looking like a bodacious rockabilly pin up. Chad could feel her wetness through her pants – so he ripped them open and went to town on her ready and waiting lady wallet and pretty pink buttonhole, thick ass and titties bouncing like crazy! She’s SO good at fucking, especially when getting titties fucked or taking an anal pounding by a big dig like Chad’s! Her epic tits get a nice creamy load, too.

Featured cover model Tank: Besides having pretty tattooed feet that guys love to jerk off to, this foot model and fetishist wants much, much more sex in her life! She has a stunning natural body and loves to get fucked hard and has no limits. She pleads with Gage Sin to fuck her but first a footjob. She Gets his dick deep inside her pussy, and then wants it in her ass.

Farrah Paws was going to do whatever it takes to get into the baddest motorcycle gang in town – even if she had to have lesbian intercourse with the leader of the pack, Alison Tyler, though this initiation was nothing to complain about! It’s Alison’s way or the highway and if Farrah wanted in, she had to get up in that pussy and make her cum. She was a little nervous but loved sucking on Alison’s big tits and licking all her curves up and down, like a leather-clad sex kitten, glancing into Alison’s eyes for approval when she began to finger her cunt. Girls who ride (each other) are so hot!

It’s a bit taboo to think about having sex with your stepsister, but here we are. Small Hands was homesick for the United States after his mom married some soccer player in Ibiza. He missed pizza, the 405, spring break in Havasu, and Guy Fieri… but at least he got Raquel Adan out of the deal – the hottest stepsister ever! If you can imagine, he gets totally lost in thought at her epic curves. Maybe someday he’ll learn Spanish to talk dirty in return – but for now, they let their bodies do the talking. Perhaps his new home could be between her legs!

Curvy gothic goddess Brianna Rose is back and looking fine as hell! Outfitted in a tight corset and chain bikini, she’s well-behaved for Xander as she submits to his sexual whims and leads her on a leash. Brianna crawls on her hands and knees to await her prize of a spanking and tongue lashing on her juicy ass and pussy, followed by a hard doggy style pounding and tit fuck delivered by her master. She hungrily slurps down his thick cock and rode him like a good girl in anticipation of the delivery of his satanic seed onto her big natural breasts. This woman likes it rough!

Stars: Axis Evol, Farrah Paws, Raquel Adan , Tank (i), Alison Tyler, Brianna Rose, Gage Sin, Chad Alva, Xander Corvus, Small Hands

Foot Fetish Daily #28

Video: Foot Fetish Daily #28

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Kick Ass
Guys, it’s time to check out some beautiful feet! Yes, vaginas are totally awesome: tight, wet holes that seem to perfectly fit your dick. And mouths! Yeah, those are pretty cool, too! But if you’re looking for something a little more exotic and a little off the beaten path, so to speak, then maybe it’s time you tried something new: a pretty girl’s feet! If you’ve never had a woman’s arches pressing down on your throbbing cock, then you just haven’t lived yet! There’s a quiet crowd that already knows about the joys of foot fucking; these ladies want to welcome you into their fold and they’re more than happy to show you around! Feet are everywhere in this, and it’s the perfect time for foot fetishists to get their kicks! So if anyone considers himself a “sole” man, this might be the right fit! Kick Ass Pictures presents Foot Fetish Daily 28! Mind you, all of these sexy models have eager feet! Enjoy this Foot Fetish movie.

Stars: Dolly Leigh, Charlotte Cross, Emma Hix, Chad Alva, Eric John

The Soccer Star

Video: The Soccer Star

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Web Young

This girlsway compilation features fresh faced lesbians who are coming of age and eager for beavers! Soccer star Zoe Parker proves herself a true player, when she scores with teen journalist Yhivi, after hitting the showers before her interview. Nerdy step sister Kristen Scott gets caught red handed while masturbating and fantasizing about fucking her bitchy step sister Kimmy Granger. Sexy Spanish tutor Veronica Rodriguez uses an unconventional teaching style on her student JoJo Kiss, leading to a lesson in the art of lesbian squirting. Sibling rivalry becomes lesbian lust when teen step sisters Kristen Scott and Kimmy Granger choose to make love not war. When teen journalist Yhivi comes back to finish her article with Zoe Parker, in order to meet her tight deadline, the soccer star wants to lick her pussy in exchange.

The Soccer Star Part One: Soccer Star Zoe Parker has just led her team to victory and now it’s time to enjoy all the benefits! After a quick interview, she heads to the showers. An out of breath Yhivi arrives, only to discover that the interview has already taken place. Not wanting to lose the story she’s promised her editors, she musters her pride, and enters the bathroom. As Zoe wipes off her wet body from the shower, Yhivi is standing there. Zoe knows she should be freaked out however, she takes in this cute brunette and decides she’s in for some extra fun. As they begin to chat, Zoe hands Yhivi some oil, to rub on her back, not thinking much of it, she complies. However, she notices Zoe is more focused on the massage than on answering her questions, especially when Zoe, grabs the oil and pours it down her chest. As the interview progresses, it becomes less about words and more about pleasure. As Zoe licks Yhivi’s hard nipples, her tongue slowly glides down her body until it reaches her awaiting pussy. As she buries her face in between her legs, Yhivi bites her bottom lip in order to stifle her cries of passion. As she cums into this Soccer Star’s hot, sexy mouth, she decides it’s her turn to take over this interview and Zoe has no idea what’s coming.

Bunking Up Part One: Kimmy Granger has always been at the top of the pecking order when it comes to her popularity at school. She’s so popular that no matter what she does or what she says she’s treated like a goddess, no matter how much of a bitch she can be. Today the hot topic is her mother’s new marriage to Kristen Scott’s dad. While their parents are madly in love, Kimmy just knows that this Kristen chick she knows as the weird gamer girl who eats her lunch on the toilet is going to be a heap of trouble, and ultimately drag her down. When Kristen shows up to introduce herself, Kimmy acts like a typical bitchy mean girl and shuns her from the start. Kristen finds Kimmy’s porn stash and begins to masturbate right there in front of her idol Kimmy, but it’s when she starts to fantasize about Kimmy that things get real. In her imagination, Kimmy as a sexy goddess who knows just how to treat her teen lesbian pussy, even feeding Kristen her shaved pussy while they 69 and trib until they both have incredible orgasms. But will Kristen’s fantasy come true? Only one way to find out!

The Spanish Tutor: As the sexy JoJo Kiss attempts to perfect her Spanish, she enlists the help of bombshell Veronica Rodriguez. Veronica is confident she’ll have JoJo speaking Spanish by the end of their lesson however, JoJo is not convinced. Veronica decides it’s better to show JoJo what she’s saying so she can better understand the language rather than just recite words for her to repeat. With this, JoJo is told to sit on the table, while Veronica recites erotic sentences for JoJo to repeat. It’s not long before talking has ceased and the real lesson begins. As JoJo’s dress falls to the floor, revealing her big, beautiful tits. Veronica can’t control herself as she jumps onto the table and begins sucking her hard nipples. JoJo tries to gain control of the situation, wanting to get back to the lesson however, Veronica’s mouth on her nipples excites her so much, the only words she can say are encouraging for Veronica, as she moans with pleasure. Spanish used to be difficult for her but now, with Veronica’s help, it may just be her new favorite language!

Bunking Up Part Two: After Kristen Scott was caught masturbating at the foot of her step-sister’s bed while watching Kimmy Granger’s teen lesbian porn and fantasizing about having lesbian sex with her new sister and sucking her shaved pussy into her warm mouth. Kimmy is pretty angry that Kristen would do that right there in front of her, and threatens to tell everyone at school about how she’s a dirty perverted lesbian who wants to have lesbian sex with her new step-sister!

Kristen knows a thing or two about being bullied, so it surprises Kimmy when Kristen accuses her of stashing teen lesbian porn under her bed. Kimmy softens up pretty quickly, and it soon comes to the point that these tender teens realize their lesbian fantasies, and lick each other’s tiny boobs and suck each other’s sweet pussies until they both come.

The Soccer Star Part Two: Wild and passionate lesbian sex with Soccer Star Zoe Parker leaves Yhivi in a tough situation. A simple phone call with her editor, reminds her that she was supposed to be giving an interview. They were laying on the bathroom floor licking each other’s pussies, while she was supposed to be gathering information from Zoe. Most of the important questions were left unanswered, so of course round two had to happen. She doesn’t want to let her editor down, or come off as a complete idiot, so Yhivi races back to Zoe’s place in the hopes of getting the real story.

When Zoe sees Yhivi, she’s only got one thing on her mind, using her mouth again! That’s a given, but it’s not going to be for answering any of her questions, it’s for pleasing her tight teen pussy. Zoe is used to getting everything she wants, but this time she may be at a loss when Yhivi decides it’s business before pleasure.

Stars: Veronica Rodriguez, Zoe Parker, Yhivi, Kimmy Granger, Jojo Kiss, Kristen Scott