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Tag Archives: French

Body Worship

Video: Body Worship

Watch This Video!

Viv Thomas

Foot Worship: Sexy Clea Gaultier and Daniella Margot look irresistible in high heels and sexy lingerie, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s “Body Worship” puts the emphasis on beautiful feet and lovely legs. A sultry voiceover narrative sets the tone for the sizzling seduction, as statuesque Clea sits and raises a foot onto sweet blonde Daniella’s shoulder. Danielle runs her eyes and lips over the French fox’s silky skin, then removes one of her shoes, inhaling deeply as she nuzzles the pretty toes. Clea lays back, hands running over her body as Danielle licks and sucks her toes. They kiss deeply and Danielle sucks her hot lover’s nipples as she fondles her feet, and then rubs them over her beautiful big breasts, teasing her own nipples to stiffness. Chloe thrusts her foot between Daniella’s thighs, stroking her pussy; Daniella rocks her hips as she grinds against Chloe’s toes, then kisses all the way up Chloe’s leg to the big wet patch on her panties that is evidence of her excitement. She tugs the damp fabric aside to reveal Chloe’s hot pink pussy, licking and sucking her clit, spreading the wet folds open with her tongue. She peels off Chloe’s panties, playing the pearls between her toes, and then frigs Chloe’s splayed pussy with her feet, dipping her big toe right inside the slick hole, making her orgasm. Chloe licks Daniella’s toes clean before going down to eat her smooth shaved pussy, and suck her toes. But Daniella wants to get off on Chloe’s foot, and uses it to masturbate, hips arching up off the couch as she climaxes.

Pussy Worship: Sweet brunette Lilu whispers in sexy Frida Sante’s ear, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic masterpiece “Body Worship” begins. She teases hot tamale Frida with her words, then with a hot trail of kisses down her body, parting Frida’s thighs to reveal that the crotch of her panties is a string of pearls that nestle between her pussy lips. Lilu pulls on the string, the peals already coated with Frida’s wetness as she kisses all around her pussy. When the sensual teasing has driven Frida wild, the pussy worship begins in earnest, as Lilu spreads her lips apart and licks down the line of pearls, pressing them deeper. She sucks on Frida’s splayed lips, making her gasp and moan, and then tugs aside the string to expose the slick pinkness within, licking Frida’s clit and opening her up with her eager tongue. Lilu straddles Frida in a sixty-nine, getting licked through her sheer panties, before Frida bares her shaved pussy and eats it avidly. Lilu fingers and licks Frida’s dripping slit, focusing intently on her clit. Now Lilu lays back, as Frida stuffs her panties into her tight pussy. She sits astride Frida’s pussy so she can grind her clit on the pearls, panties still crammed into her pussy, and climaxes, gasping and shuddering. Peeling off her pearl panties, Frida moves onto all fours and Lilu eats her from behind with long, wet swipes of her tongue, making her orgasm with great intensity. Slowly, Frida pulls the saturated panties from Lilu’s drenched hole and wipes them over her face.

Bosoms:Cute, busty babes Daphne Anbel and Ally Breelsen look so hot in sexy lingerie in episode three of “Body Worship.” They suck each other’s hard nipples and rub them together, before Ally strokes her perfect breasts over Daphne’s shaved pussy and then sits astride her, grinding against her tits until she orgasms. She eats and tit-fucks Daphne from behind, then lies back as Daphne sucks her nipples and rubs her clit to a breathless climax.

Enjoyable Ass Worship: Raven-haired Melody Mae strokes and squeezes cute blonde Aria Logan’s hot ass, in episode four of “Body Worship.” Aria goes face down, ass up as Melody licks her asshole, then slides one finger into her tight ass and another into her wet pussy, driving her wild. Melody lies back with her legs spread wide as Aria thrusts a thumb into her asshole and eats her pussy until she has an intense orgasm. Aria sits on Melody’s face, fingering her own ass while Melody licks her to a climax.

Stars: Ally Breelsen , Aria Logan, Clea Gaultier, Daniella Margot , Daphne Anbel, Frida Sante, Lilu, Melody Mae

She Caught Me

Video: She Caught Me

Watch This Video!

Almost Caught Changing

Teen Dillion Harper is changing into sexy lingerie when her stepmother Mona Wales walks into her bedroom. She’s also wearing lingerie and needs Dillion’s help with finishing her outfit. After straightening the seams on her high thigh stockings, she brings her face to her breast. Dillion suckles her nipple like a good little girl. Then Mona sucks on Dillion’s juicy nipples and squeezes her big full teen tits while Dillion makes the cutest little faces.

Dillion is worried her daddy will walk in but Mona promises he’s busy with the weed wacker. She pulls her panties and feeds them to her. Then she diddles her clit while she sits on her lap, till Dillion’s squirt runs down her legs. The teen apologizes for making a mess, then she buries her face in her stepmother’s pussy and diligently brings the breathless MILF to orgasm. Then she helps Mona try on her delicate red lace garter.

Just then Mona’s husband walks in and asks for Dillion, sure that he heard her voice. Once she manages to make him go away, the lesbians get back to their sordid business. Dillion grinds against her stepmother’s tongue, till her father interrupts them again to wash his hands. Then Mona sits on Dillion’s face while Dillion rims her stepmother’s asshole. After Mona licks her little pucker too, they scissor their legs and trib each other’s tight wet pussies!

Getting Caught: Almost Freaky

Eliza Jane has been up all night ruminating like a crazy person about something that’s truly pissing her the fuck off. She’s soon to be married which clearly compounds with the attention seeking of her step-mom Brandi Love and Eliza’s soon to be hubby’s mom Chanel Preston. When major life changes happen at such times it can’t be easy to rewire your values to let lesbians just act like normal lesbians around you. I get it. It must be awfully frustrating. Boo Hoo…

Brandi makes it her mission to fix things with Eliza. She thinks patching things up, telling her she’ll always be her number one, and getting on with life will fix things instantly, but Eliza’s subconscious leads her to make a spectacle, as she begins using phrases like ‘wanting to be Brandi’s good little girl,’ and kissing her step-mother passionately on the lips, moaning, hoping that she’ll always be Brandi’s little lesbian play thing. It’s clear Eliza is jealous.

Brandi tries in earnest to explain things easily without divulging the reality that she’s screwing her step-daughter. But Chanel still can’t understand why after being so nice to Eliza, she’s still such a whiny little bridezilla. Brandi and Chanel can’t keep their hands off one another, and start getting into it, when this time Eliza interrupts. Things are not going well, but soon enough the truth drops, and it’s clear it’s time the Moms need to teach their good little girl a lesson.

What’s This For?

When naive teen stepdaughter Haley Reed sifts through her stepmother Ashley Fires’ bedside table she finds a knobby looking vibrator. She turns it on and innocently massages her underarms. Ashley walks in and explains it’s a personal massager. When Haley looks at her blankly, Ashley knows it’s time for ‘the talk.’ She explains it’s for self-relaxation and it’s normal.

Ashley puts the vibrator on Haley’s developing breasts and it makes her tingle. When Ashley discovers that Haley still hasn’t had her first kiss, she kisses her passionately, as her hand moves between her legs. She rubs Haley’s pussy over her red panties making it clear that her father can never find out about this.

She gets them both undressed and lays Haley on the bed. Her panties are wet at the crotch. Ashley pulls them aside and makes out with her pussy. Haley’s been scared to touch herself even though the girls at school talk about it. Ashley shows her where to touch, right on the clit, and uses her mouth to demonstrate. Haley likes it so much she suckles her stepmother’s breast and cums with Ashley’s finger in her pussy.

Ashley lies back to let Haley gain experience at eating pussy. Haley’s clit licking makes Ashley so proud she cums. The MILF rims Haley while rubbing her pussy till she collapses in her arms from cumming. Ashley sit on Haley’s face and feeds the teen her asshole while she rubs out an orgasm. Then Ashley puts her soaking wet pussy on Haley’s and both cum hard from the tribbing!

We DP’d Mom

Teen Samantha Rone and her stepsister Cadence Lux are served eggs for breakfast by their MILF stepmother Sarah Vandella. Cadence doesn’t want eggs so she brattily spills water on the new wood table, making Sarah very mad. Samantha tells Cadence to behave, she doesn’t want to get grounded. But Cadence wants to get back at Sarah for yelling at them. She tries to convince Samantha they should squirt all over her bed.

Eventually Samantha warms to her scheming stepsister’s plan, earning her a French kiss from Cadence. Samantha is reluctant to proceed because she doesn’t want to do something wrong by fooling around with family. But Candace reminds her for the upteenth time, it’s okay because they aren’t genetically related.

The teens sneak into Sarah’s bedroom and get undressed on the bed. Samantha hooks her finger into Cadence’ pussy, and with a lick of her lip she squirts a giant stream of pussy juice onto the comforter. When it’s Samantha’s turn to cum all over Cadence’s finger, their stepmom walks in the room and sees everything! Only instead of being upset, Sarah is intrigued and supportive. She’s never seen anyone squirt before!

Sarah asks the girls to teach her how to squirt. They don’t know how to react. The prospect of fucking their stepmom is weird. Sarah points out it’s not weird if Samantha and Cadence do it to each other. It’s okay, if they apply the same logic to a threesome with their stepmom.

Sarah gets naked and lies down onto the cum soaked bed waiting for someone to make her cum. She encourages her stepdaughters to play. They suckle her huge MILF tits and they all make out with each other. Cadence watches for a few seconds while Sarah gets licked out by Samantha. Then Sarah takes a mouthful of Cadence’ pussy. The MILF doesn’t squirt but she cums. It’s Cadence’ turn to try making Sarah squirt. She does her darndest to juice her stepmom’s pussy, to no avail.

Maybe with some help, Sarah will be able to squirt. The teens pull out a few sex toys from their stepmom’s well-stocked arsenal. Cadence fucks Sarah with a dildo while the MILF eats Samantha’s squirting pussy. Sarah still doesn’t squirt. She thinks she needs more toys. Samantha inserts a butt plug into Sarah’s asshole while Cadence drives the dildo in and out of Sarah’s pussy. Finally, Sarah lets out a massive squirt!

Samantha takes control of the dildo, freeing up Cadence to squirt in Sarah’s face. The girls then offer to fuck Sarah with two strapons. Cadence lies down underneath Sarah and inserts her strapon into Sarah’s ass. Meanwhile Samantha fucks the MILF’s pussy with her strapon. The lesbian teens continue to DP their stepmom till she squirts. Sarah flips over to face Samantha. She fucks Samantha’s strapon, while her ass gets fucked by Cadence from behind.

The MILF fingers Samantha ’til she drains the rest of her juice into her mouth. Samantha teams up with Sarah to make Cadence squirt volumes all over the bed. Then Mommy Sarah licks her stepdaughters’ clits till they shower her with squirt!

Stars: Ashley Fires, Brandi Love, Cadence Lux, Chanel Preston, Dillion Harper, Eliza Jane, Haley Reed, Mona Wales, Samantha Rone, Sarah Vandella

Anale A La Francaise

Video: Anale A La Francaise

Watch This Video!

Porndoe Premium
Caroline C. is a gorgeous freckled redhead who enjoys a steamy sex session with Josh, having his cock pound her hard in all holes and eating his creamy cum. Celia and Ninos go for some dirty ass fucking action. Picked up from the street, this blonde French newbie will also suck some cock and get a messy facial. Doryann Marguet and Emilie go for amateur sex on a rooftop. This blonde French newbie sucks dick before and after doggy to reverse cowgirl ass fucking. She gets a facial and some cum in mouth. Amazing French girl with a nice set of tits and a delicious booty, Mya Lorenn, surrenders her fuck holes to Fabrice Triple X and Richard Langin to get screwed nice and deep before eventually tasting some of their boner milk. Dirty blonde girl Sheina Axe takes a serious anal pounding in the back of a truck and cleans that spunky cock with her mouth like a naughty little slut in the end. French brunette MILF Tatyana is ready to get fucked real hard. The horny Russian is a newbie perfect for fresh French porn. With her shaved wet pussy, big tits and ass and curvy body she’s ready to take on two cocks at the same time for double the splooge!

Stars: Caroline, Celia, Mya Lorenn, Sheina Axe, Tatyana, Doryann Marguet, Fabrice Triple X, Josh Jo, Ninos Paoli, Richard Langin, Terry Kemaco

Just Like My Sister

Video: Just Like My Sister

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Web Young
Just Like My Sister

Teen Cassidy Klein is in the middle of fucking her girlfriend Melissa Moore when her stepsister Lana Rhoades comes home and sees what they’re doing through the window. While Melissa’s in the bathroom, Lana tells Cassidy that she took pictures of their lewdness in action, and she plans to show their parents, unless she leaves and lets Lana fuck Melissa. Of course, Cassidy says no but Lana doesn’t relent. The sisters quickly come up with a plan.

Cassidy makes Melissa cover her eyes while she rubs her clit. Then Cassidy quietly leaves the bedroom and Lana comes out from under the bed. She takes Cassidy’s place playing with her pussy. Cassidy rubs her own pussy while she listens from the next room. Feeling excluded, Cassidy joins the lesbians on the bed. Melissa keeps her eyes closed and is none the wiser. Lana and Cassidy take turns licking Melissa’s pussy.

When Cassidy gets territorial, Lana calls out in objection, and Melissa uncovers her eyes. Seeing two naked girls in bed with her, she demands to know what is going on. Cassidy explains the situation and Melissa agrees to Lana’s terms. She’s always wanted to fuck Cassidy’s hot sister. Once Cassidy swallows that bitter pill, they resume their threesome, only this time Cassidy and Lana play with each other too.

Melissa lies down and spreads her legs for Lana while Cassidy eats her stepsister’s ass. Lana tribs Cassidy while Melissa sits on Cassidy’s face, then Cassidy watches Lana fuck her girlfriend’s tongue. Melissa and Lana eat Cassidy’s ass and pussy. The stepsisters devour Melissa’s sweet lips and clit. Cassidy cums in Lana’s mouth while Melissa sucks the pucker of Lana’s ass till she cums. Cassidy grinds against her girlfriend’s tongue while Lana tribs the cum from Melissa!

Wakeup Bang

Teen girlfriends Abella Danger and Lena Anderson wake up after date night and think of what to do. Since Lena fell asleep on Abella, she never got to try something. Abella suggests they get back to what they were doing before Lena fell asleep. She starts warming her up with passionate kisses.

Soon the lesbians have pulled off their pjs, pressing flesh against flesh. Abella brings her mouth to Lena’s pussy. Lena cums and then climbs on top of Abella to reciprocate. Abella has Lena ride her face. Then, Abella spreads her legs wide while lying on her stomach and Lena eats her asshole. Abella fingers Lena and feeds her the juice. She licks her shaved wet pussy, then grinds against her tongue. After that, Abella eats Lena’s ass till she’s full!

Well Sis, That was Easy!

Brand new teen stepsisters Scarlett Sage and Haley Reed meet each other for the first time in their parents’ living room. When Haley retreats up the stairs to her new bedroom, Scarlett heads up to her bedroom kicking herself all the way for sounding so stupid during their brief introduction. She calls her friend to vent and tells her that her new stepsister is extremely hot. She doesn’t know if she’s into girls in that way. She’s nervous to say anything about wanting to fuck her. Just then, Haley wanders into her room hearing everything she says over the phone.

When Scarlett hangs up on her friend, Haley tells her she does want to fuck. Now Scarlett is nervous and apprehensive. She wonders what will happen if their parents find out. Haley puts her fears at ease and licks her perky small tits. She gets between her legs and licks her pussy until Scarlett convulses from cumming.

Haley sticks her ass in the air and lets Scarlett reciprocate. She also eats her asshole. Then, she perches her pussy over Scarlett’s hot mouth. The lesbian teens cum hard while 69ing. Haley sucks on Scarlett’s toes as she tribs her sopping wet pussy. Scarlett cums one more time in Haley’s mouth.

Crazy Girlsway Fan

Logged in as StrangerDanger, beautiful but awkward teen Rebel Lynn just learned the Girlsway scene she submitted is being shot today with the model she requested Abella Danger. Rebel is obsessed with Girlsway, more specifically with Miss Danger. She gets her mom to make her a sandwich then she sets out on a mission to meet the Girlsway girl of her dreams. Using social media to pinpoint her location, Rebel drives to the set and sneaks inside.

Abella is cleaning up from the scene she just finished shooting. The girls cross paths in the hallway and Abella mistakes Rebel for the girl she’s supposed to be working with today. Rebel plays along, but the only problem is she has no experience. Luckily, Abella is really sweet and gives her a couple of pointers in the bedroom. Abella lets her warm up with some tasty French kisses. Rebel goes right for her tits then into her pants. Abella is impressed with her cunnilingus skills.

She stops her to save the climax for the scene but Rebel insists on making her cum in her mouth. When it’s Abella’s turn go down on Rebel, the crazy Girlsway fan cannot believe who is taking off her official Girlsway pants. She almost blows her cover when she tells Abella that she bought them at the store when she should have received them as a gift from the director. She sets the pants aside and goes down on Rebel. After Rebel cums she licks Abella’s pussy then climbs into her lap and gets fingered. She asks her idol to show her how to trib. Rebel takes a turn and really gets the hang of it. With all this practice, maybe Rebel should try her hand at porn!

Stars: Abella Danger, Cassidy Klein, Haley Reed, Lana Rhoades, Blaire Ivory, Melissa Moore, Rebel Lynn, Scarlett Sage

The Upper Floor – Gorgeous Fan Girl

Video: The Upper Floor - Gorgeous Fan Girl

Watch This Video!


Fan Girl Stella Cox Gets the Final Upper Floor Slave Training

Stella Cox is a long term fan of The Upper Floor and jumped at the chance to be our big titted slut trainee for the day. Wowed by the historical porn palace and TUF staff who are now serving as tour guides, she uses her gorgeous body and submissive manner to seduce our staff into giving her one final anal training at The Armory. As she exchanges flirtations with The Maid in perfect French and runs her curious little hand over the Butler’s cock straining against his pants Stella feigns an innocent curiosity, but is betrayed by her devious eyes. Soon the door is locked and she is crawling with her ass high in the air, begging for cock, and having her face buried in the Maid’s curvy ass instead.

Lesson One: Tourists don’t just walk in and get fucked on The Upper Floor. One must always earn cock. Stella will be earning hers in a terrible squat in hard bondage, her head locked in stocks, a vibrator firmly tied to her cunt, and the simple command to beg for and hold her orgasms. The Maid laughs at her plight while enjoying a deep anal fucking and crop beating from the Butler. She laughs until she finds that in fact she will be paying for all of Stella’s stolen orgasms with a strict caning. Stella need only look pretty and scream around Xander’s cock fresh from Arabelle’s ass. However, if she wants that dick she must learn her rules and hold those wild orgasms back like a good girl. Perhaps a bit of electrical discipline will help. Next scene finds Stella tied wide open on a chair, getting all her holes plundered by the Butler as Arabelle attempts to teach her.

Lesson Two: Eyeline. This curious little slut cannot stop looking at people and must learn her place. Luckily she can learn while being double stuffed and tormented by the Maid, but in Scene Three she is not so lucky.

The very strenuous bondage has her in a complete strappado, her elbows touching in tight rope, arms yanked far above her head as she is anally ravaged by The Butler. She struggles to learn her Final Rule: Deportment. However The Maid seems hell bent on distracting her with pussy in her face, vibes on her cunt, and verbal humiliation. What training day would be complete without the trays and a cattle prod?

Last Scene finds Stella in a painful squat, astraddle on the Butler’s huge Cock, trying to balance trays, her beautiful tits bouncing in rope while she begs and cries and drops tray after tray. No matter, the Maid simple places the items back in her bands and shocks that pussy with the cattle prod while laughing with sadistic joy. Eventually Stella Earns her collar and a place licking the Maid’s pussy as she enjoys one last round of anal orgasms on the Butler’s cock. It is indeed a special day, so Stella is treated to a face full of cum and left as every fan girl should be: locked naked in a cage for further use in the future.

Stars: Arabelle Raphael, Stella Cox, Xander Corvus

Teenage French Maid Hairy Bush Ballbusting And Fucking With Avi Love

Video: Teenage French Maid Hairy Bush Ballbusting And Fucking With Avi Love

Watch This Video!

Ultima Entertainment

Avi is tired of cleaning up your cum-stained sheets! This hot teen maid decided to bust her employer’s balls when she found his cum-stained bedsheets and underwear on the floor. She gave him several hard kicks to his balls with her bare feet, and he fell to the floor where she continued the onslaught by stomping on his aching nuts!

Avi Love proceeded to bite and chew on his cock and balls until he finally decided to give her a huge pay increase. Will this young, sexy teenage maid change her mind and give him the happy ending he was dreaming about? Or will she continue messing with his genitals and humiliating him verbally for being a pathetic wanker?

Stars: Avi Love, Eric Jover

Airbags en Serie

Video: Airbags en Serie

Watch This Video!

Are you ready for some fun with busty, French babes? Do you think you want to come and play with their funbags? Needless to say, if you love French women, you’re going to love this title from Safado Studios. Personally, I loved seeing these stacked, French beauties do their thing! And you will too!

Stars: Phoebe, Stella Black, Marion Moon, Mademoiselle Lilith, Max Casanova

Tattoo Lovers

Video: Tattoo Lovers

Watch This Video!

Nacho Vidal Productions

Director/stud Nacho Vidal, Evil Angel’s Spanish madman, loves girls with interesting body art; he too is impressively inked. In “Tattoo Lovers,” Nacho presents tat-on-tat action — his dates with five arousingly illustrated vixens.

Scene 1: Tattooed Venus Dicked And Dominated – Sexy Venezuelan Venus Afrodita’s string bikini shows off big boobs, luscious legs and the art inked on her tan skin: a big Phoenix rising on her back, lushly decorated thighs and more. She masturbates her shaved pussy for dominant, tattooed stud Nacho Vidal, who shoves his massive cock in her cleavage for a titty fuck. He slaps and fucks her face in a spit-soaked blow job. Her auburn hair flows wildly as he fucks her doggie-style, till he clamps his foot on her head. Venus fucks passionately, screaming in orgasm. Nacho cums on her pussy and Venus eats the cream.

Scene 2: Tattooed, 19YO Mey Dicked ’n Dominated – Tiny Mey Madness, a Spanish bleach-blonde beauty of just 19 years, has wicked piercings (including a septum ring) and exquisite tattoos. Dominant, tattooed Nacho Vidal rims her asshole and fucks and fucks her, standing against the full-length mirror. She moans in orgasm as his monster cock stuffs and spreads wide her bald pussy. Mey sucks twat-flavored meat and digs her face in his ass for a deep rim job. She rides dick passionately, French kissing, gasping, cumming. Nacho slaps her little titties and licks her foot. She grips the sheets in a doggie-style manhandling. Nacho spunks her pretty face. The ink above her breasts says “Abandon hope, all who enter here” in Latin!

Scene 3: Tattooed Sandy Dicked And Dominated – Sandy Alser has long, brown hair in a shaved-side ’do, multiple piercings (septum, lip, nipples) and a variety of tattoos decorating her body, including colorful art on her leg. In lingerie and heels, the natural-breasted cutie spreads her shaved holes for tattooed stud Nacho Vidal. He stuffs his huge meat in her bald gash; she humps back, moaning, through the standing, doggie-style romp. Dominant Nacho humps her armpit; Sandy lovingly, passionately blows and caresses his massive cock. She rides to groaning orgasms, till Nacho cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Cute, Tattooed Jadee’s Juicy Fuck – Latina cutie Jadee Presleyy’s hair tumbles down to her ass. The natural-breasted 22-year-old has a big smile and tattoos decorating her shoulder, thighs and ass. She holds tattooed Nacho Vidal’s huge prick as he takes a leak! Nacho grips kneeling Jadee’s head for a spit-soaked, deep-throat face fuck. She tugs his face up her ass for a rim job. Doggie-style fucking over the bathroom sink makes her moan, till Nacho carry-fucks her to the bedroom. She rides his massive meat passionately, butt pumping. We hear and see juice soaking her bald pussy as he porks it. They French kiss deeply, and he cums over her gash.

Scene 5: Tattooed, 20YO Claudia: Reality Porn – Claudia Bavel, just 20, tugs tight jean shorts way up into her ass crack. The longhaired Spanish beauty has a tiny waist, natural jugs and tattoos, including a winged woman between her big boobs. Tattooed Spanish stud Nacho Vidal rims her ass, and her spit lubes a hand job. She kneels to blow his massive meat. Claudia sits on his face. Their French kissing and passionate fucking looks like real sex, not porn. Titties bounce as skin slams. Nacho grips and spanks her fleshy butt cheeks as he pumps pussy. He creams her rear and she flexes her cum-coated cheek.

Stars: Claudia Bavel, Jade Presley , Mey Madness , Sandy Alser , Venus Afrodita , Nacho Vidal

Solomon’s POVs – French Finger Fuck Blue Balls Blow Job

Video: Solomon's POVs - French Finger Fuck Blue Balls Blow Job

Watch This Video!

Digital Videovision
We have all heard of French Kissing, but how about we introduce you to French Finger Fucking, and who can do that job better than French model Dolly Golden who so eagerly receives a good penetrating finger fuck from a POV angle. And then just as much as French Kissing can give a good case of throbbing blue balls, so can a good french Blow Job give you and excellent exhilarating throbbing but satisfying blue balls spacial in French POV erotic style.

Stars: Dolly Golden, David Solomon

French Maid To Hire 3

Video: French Maid To Hire 3

Watch This Video!

Nathan Blake Productions
Who wouldn’t love a sexy French maid dressed provocatively, cleaning your place and servicing your cock? Cecilia De Lys is wearing no panties as she clean Nathan Blake’s place. She says it’s her job to service him and begins sucking his thick black dick. She loves that he fucks both her pussy and ass. Tara Holiday is a more mature maid and Nathan thinks she’s a 5 star. Tara tells him she puts all she can in her work. She starts straitening up the place and finds a Pyrex toy and tells him she needs a break. She can’t help but use and masturbates. What great tits she has to fuck, beside her pussy. Mea Malone is cleaning and she too finds a Pyrex toys. Doesn’t take her long to put that toy in her ass and so will Nathan. Cathy Heaven, another sexy maid loves her asshole played with and fucked. She plays with both her holes before the black rod gets them both.

Stars: Cathy Heaven, Mea Melone , Cecilia De Lys, Tara Holiday, Nathan Blake

Swallowed Volume 3

Video: Swallowed Volume 3

Watch This Video!

Mike Adriano Media

For those addicted to reverse blow bangs – where multiple babes gang up in sloppy, super-charged suck jobs – director Mike Adriano’s “ Volume 3″ will feed your habit. His signature POV+ camera style captures filthy, cum-swapping spectacles starring an eclectic cast of 13 cute cocksuckers.

Scene 1: Three-Way Multi-Racial Fellatio – Scorching American Latina Vicki Chase joins hard-bodied blonde Cali Carter and mocha-skinned stunner Ana Foxxx for multi-racial fellatio — it’s a slobbery three-way reverse blow bang for director Mike Adriano. After a sexy strip show, the girls enjoy filthy deep-throating with sloppy ball slurping and rude rectal rimming. The rabid interracial trio drools over the camera lens through a vulgar, POV-style blow job. Mike spritzes their sweet faces in jism, and they share creamy, cum-swapping French kisses.

Scene 2: Lily And Allie’s Creamy Double BJ – Gorgeous blonde Lily LaBeau and adorable, plump-rumped Allie Haze meet dirty director Mike Adriano for a decadent, deep-throating double blow job. The sluts suck tenaciously, smothering Mike’s swollen meat in streams of slobber. They bury his boner in their hungry mouths, lapping balls, rimming ass and lewdly swapping spit. He floods Lily’s greedy gullet. For the climax, the determined duo shares creamy French kisses.

Scene 3: Dirty Three-On-One Reverse Blow Bang – Buxom brunette Romi Rain, spunky Asian slut Kalina Ryu and stacked stunner Abigail Mac team up for a sloppy, slobber-soaked suck job. They treat join director Mike Adriano’s thick dick to a blistering three-way blow job chock full of ball lapping and asshole eating. Kalina and Abigail drool over Romi’s jumbo jugs during a playful tease. The gorgeous girls taunt the camera and talk dirty while Mike tongues their bungholes. This spit-swappin’, POV-style slurp fest comes with intense gagging and tireless throat fucking. The tempestuous trio generously shares Mike’s frothy load.

Scene 4: Cocksucking Clones Swap Sloppy Spunk – Athletic, ass-blessed angels Cali Carter and Candice Dare could almost be cocksucking clones! The lovely sluts show off for director Mike Adriano, stripping out of tight outfits for a decadent double blow job. Their mouths salivate with
anticipation, and Mike crams his thick cock into their hungry throats. The girls produce massive spit bubbles through a savage, sack-slurping suck fest, and they exchange strings of sloppy slobber while passionately kissing. After a nasty double face fuck, Mike pumps his cum down Candice’s throat and the girls generously swap spunk.

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Stars: Lily LeBeau, Abigail Mac, Romi Rain, Cali Carter, Chanell Heart, Candice Dare, Lily Ocean, Allie Haze, Summer Day (i), Vicki Chase, Alyssa Cole, Bailey Blue, Ana Foxxx , Mike Adriano

Solomons POV – 19 YO French Blonde Fuck Delight

Video: Solomons POV - 19 YO French Blonde Fuck Delight

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Digital Videovision
19 YO French girls are what you would call horny by association. When they start fucking you they are all exited and aroused, and Melisa Lauren is the perfect example of why you must fuck them long and steady to keep the sexual French reputation as always pure and simple. We have all heard of French kissing but Melisa introduces us to French pussy kissing as you observe on this front box cover where her stud performs it all so well, and culminates with a profuse slow cum shot.

Stars: Melissa Lauren, David Solomon

The Girls Only Collection – Lesbionic Persuasion

Video: The Girls Only Collection - Lesbionic Persuasion

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HoloGirls VR
The Girls Only Collection – Lesbionic Persuasion. Wow! Check this out, Lydia’s first lesbian experience and it’s caught on 360 degree film for you to enjoy with your Oculus Rift. Have you seen the power of this technology to elevate your porn experience to a whole new level? You can watch the timid bi-curious Lydia follow the instructions of her naughty French playmate, Lilly Fatale as they explore each other’s tight young bodies. At first Lydia is unsure about Lily sticking her long tongue into her mouth but once she feels Lily’s tender caress and hears her reassuring whispers she’s ready to get into it! See Lydia tenderly lick Lily’s silky shaved pussy as she plays with her own glistening snatch. Enjoy Lydia’s squeals of pleasure as her experienced partner puts her tongue to work against that delicate pink clitty. Then these dripping wet ladies take a double dildo together, which angle will you watch from as the explode as one in juicy orgasms?

Stars: Lily Fatale, Lydia Lust

Naked Stars On A Balcony

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Mr. Skin

No matter which way you view a woman, she always looks better naked. But some like to put women on a pedestal, which is fine, but we’d rather see her showing off all her beauty while standing on a balcony. If you feel the same, check out this amazing playlist of nude stars on a balcony.

Teri Hatcher shows tush, bush and boobs while looking down from above in Heaven’s Prisoners,

Naomi Watts wows with some brief butt before hitting the terrace to give a full frontal flash in Mother and Child,

Jessica Marais climbs out of the pool to do some sun tanning, showing boobs and backside, in Magic City,

Olga Kurylenko flaunts her perfect pair and thong-clad ass as she enjoys a smoke in Hitman,

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and Arielle Dombasie puts on a long distance show in Le jour et la nuit.

The Player

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Nacho Vidal Productions

Porn powerhouse Nacho Vidal presents “The Player,” a moody, sexually intense XXX feature starring the super-hung Spanish madman in the title role. Combining cinematic production values (locations, wardrobe and drama) with graphic gonzo sexual performances, this twisted erotica looks prestigious and feels freaky. Needing a new challenge, Nacho contracts top madam Yasmin Scott to assign wicked adventures — he’s game to try anything. In a stylish strip club, Nacho shares a public “girlfriend experience” with stunning Alexa Tomas, as club patrons jack off. Thickly built Soraya Wells fucks a baseball bat; Nacho works her to torrential ejaculations and slurps puddles of girl squirt from the lighted stage floor! In a gay club, leather men watch and masturbate as Nacho fucks cute, tiny Ena Sweet on a sex swing. Latex-clad Silvia Rubi restrains our hero in bondage stocks; he doesn’t know whether to love or hate strap-on pegging. Nacho frees racy Susy Gala from a cage for a cunt-squirting fuck. Madam Yasmin wants to enslave naked, vulnerable Nacho. They share intense lovemaking and bunghole-tonguing rim jobs in 69 position. By the time she squirts girl juice, it’s not clear who is a slave to whom.

Scene 1: Gorgeous Alexa’s Strip Club Fuck – At a stylish strip club, longhaired Spanish stunner Alexa Tomas meets stud Nacho Vidal. They make out in public, getting naked as they go. The trim beauty with the fantastic legs and natural tits blows Nacho’s colossal erection and strokes it with two hands. When she’s stark naked, he eats and fingers her bald slit. Alexa parks her pussy on Nacho’s massive pole. As club patrons watch and jack off, he takes her doggie-style, drilling her into a fish tank. Totally nude on a lighted stripper stage, Alexa and Nacho go at it: She gives wet, deep-throat head. He fucks her doggie-style and cums on her back. They share a “girlfriend experience” French kiss.

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Stars: Silvia Rubi, Susy Gala, Ena Sweet, Alexa Tomas, Yasmin Scott, Soraya Wells , Nacho Vidal, Philip Zyos

The Getaway: Xmas Edition

Video: The Getaway: Xmas Edition

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I used to pet his head at night and tell him, “I love you, and I’m always here for you, sweet dream, and kiss him on his forehead.” It was a simple ritual that was just as important as brushing your teeth, and to be honest with you, I needed it as much as him. I’ve always had a special bond with my baby boy, and I know his friends would call him a ‘Momma’s boy,’ but we were more than mother and son, we were more than friends. It’s a special bond that transcends any typical mother and son relationship, we’re close in the way that he can read my feelings just by looking at me, and I can sense when something is wrong in his life even if we’re apart. He married a French woman named Sabine, she looks a lot like me, full breasts, bright red hair, blue eyes, and porcelain skin but I knew she was not good for him. She took him away to live in Bordeaux for seven long years, and he never wanted to leave on the Holidays. I knew something was wrong, and Sabine would always find some excuse to interrupt my alone time with him, but when he would leave I would help him on with his coat, embrace him, and whisper in his ear, “I love you and I’m always here for you.”

I was elated when he moved back to town four months ago, but saw Sabine and my son drift apart, she never felt at home here and longed to go back. December 22, at 5:30 in the afternoon I called him and he told me he wouldn’t be going to my sister’s for Christmas. He confessed that Sabine has left him two weeks ago and he doesn’t want to explain to everyone just yet that they are divorcing. He asked, “Mom, can you come over for Christmas? Just me and you?” I smiled warmly, it felt as if my son had come back home, and we began to plan what we’d do to pass the time. I got off the phone and packed my bag. I left in such a hurry, it’s an 8 hour drive to his home, and I know my boy needs me, he needed me years ago.

He opens the door and I see he decorated for me, the Christmas tree was up with the ornaments that I give him as a family tradition one per Christmas. He helps me off with my coat and I press his cheek to mine, I kiss him, taking in his masculine scent. He locks eyes with me, I know he is reading my thoughts. We both avert our eyes, our closeness confuses us both, there’s a tightness between us, like a jute rope that pulled so tight the strands are starting to pop, dying to be released. I fantasize every time I tease him, a simple kiss that will keep my pussy wet for days dreaming about what I could have done, what I should have done if he wasn’t my son.

Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

My Maid And Me

Video: My Maid And Me

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Marc Dorcel
Finding qualified staff who are ready to do anything to please their employers’ needs and perverse fantasies is really hard. Cherry, a young upper class woman is lucky because her maids all have what it takes to satisfy her. They’re young, pretty, and most of all, they love a job well done. Nikita, a young French maid who was recently hired is certainly the most submissive of them all. When her boss asks her to fondle her and let her play with her wet pussy, the pretty brunette can only oblige. They don’t know that Kristof, one of the few male employees et spying on them, masturbating before having his dick sucked by Nesty, another very obedient maid. Later that day, a very important guest is about to discover Nikita’s special hidden skills. Selected among all the employees, Nikita will have to submit to this man’s lustful fantasies Cherry, the house Mistress has decided that all her employees would have to show her their devotion. Aisha, a pretty blonde will have to share the gardener’s cock with her boss in a hardcore trio. The young employee didn’t know that Cherry was an anal sex lover. On the other side of the property, Gina and Kristof take advantage of their time off to share a very intimate moment. The young woman will show her partner that she can take it deep in the ass as well as her boss. Nikita was so turned on by her recent sexual encounters that she had to end her day with two guests who did not expect such a high quality “”room service”". Nikita will open all her holes for them in a very intense double penetration before turning their threesome into a foursome with Kristof.

Stars: Nesty, Nikita Bellucci , Cherry Kiss, Gina Gerson, Aisha Angel, Thomas, Totti, Mugur, Renato (i), Kristof Cale

Swallowed Volume 2

Video: Swallowed Volume 2

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Mike Adriano Media

Smut maestro Mike Adriano hosts groups of two-to-five salivating sluts in the filthy, slobber-soaked reverse blow bangs of “ Volume 2.” The dirty director/well-hung performer pounds a total of 17 throats, with each scene culminating in a creamy, cum-swapping climax.

Scene 1: Director Mike Adriano hosts five cock-hungry honeys in a decadent, drool-drenched reverse blow bang. Cherie DeVille, Samia Duarte, Dollie Darko, Juelz Ventura and Rita Rush wear slinky swimsuits. Mike rims each of their assholes. Their eager, salivating mouths wetly worship his thick prick in a ferocious, deep-throating multiple face fuck. The girls gag on Mike’s meat, tongue bunghole, lap balls and swap spit. He spurts a hot load into Juelz’s mouth, and the girls share sloppy, sperm-slathered kisses.

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B-List Bombshells

Video: B-List Bombshells

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Mr. Skin

Their acting careers may be on the B-List, but these sexy actresses all have grade A bodies!

Model/actress Kelly Brook gives us a very clear view of her perfect round booty and a peek of some nipples as she strips off her bikini for some skinny dipping fun in Survival Island (2004). Kate French will have you getting European on your peen when she whips off her bikini top to get a little action in the lake in Fired Up (2009). In this spectacular topless scene from Magic City (2012-2013), Jessica Marais has knockers that look so great you will be magically hard. Sexy French tart Audrey Tautou gives us a gander at her perky gazongas while in a milk bath with Vahina Giocante in Le libertin (2000). Ali Corbrin goes after what she wants when she pulls of her dress and lets her massive meat pillows spill out in this funny/sexy scene from American Reunion (2012). Paz Vega shows off her moves as she does a sexy striptease that leaves her going full frontal before she takes a seat on her man’s face in Sex and Lucia (2001).

Evil Couple Prowls Anal Teens 2

Video: Evil Couple Prowls Anal Teens 2

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Le Wood BMC

Legendary MILF Francesca Le and hung stud Mark Wood, the wife-and-husband perverts of LeWood Productions, team up on precocious, all-natural cuties in the kinky vignettes of “Evil Couple Prowls Anal Teens 2.” These tawdry threesomes are packed with hard throat fucking, no-holes-barred intercourse and delightful depravity, with dominant Francesca provoking the action as her hung husband ruthlessly works the sluts.

Scene 1: Anal Couple Dominates Teen Stripper – Joseline Kelly’s secret has been exposed: Mark Wood and Francesca Le find out that the teenage cutie has been moonlighting as a stripper! Joseline parades her perky rump and supple tits, spreading her holes for a nasty anal three-way. The flirtatious tart gags on Mark’s thick member with provocation from dominant Francesca. Mark’s club-like cock stretches Joseline’s sphincter to gaping. The teen smiles proudly as Francesca spits into her mouth. Both ladies enjoy hard sodomy and bunghole rimming; they give messy, ass-to-mouth blow jobs swap cum mouth-to-mouth.

Scene 2: 18YO Busted By Anal Couple – All-natural cutie Alyssa Cole has her parents’ place to herself, but when neighbors Francesca Le and Mark Wood come over to check on the house, they catch her texting nude selfies. The 18-year-old nymph playfully struts her stuff; the kinky couple ravages her, rimming her rump and fingering her holes. The girls treat Mark to a sloppy, tag-team blow job. He porks Alyssa up the ass. Both babes suck cock ass-to-mouth in this messy anal three-way. Mark decorates Alyssa’s face in jism and she shares sloppy, cum flavored French kisses with Francesca.

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Scene 4: 19YO’s Social Media Anal Threesome – Jojo Kiss posts nude selfies online in a naïve attempt to seduce a celebrity. Swingers Francesca Le and Mark Wood stop by and persuade her to broadcast an anal three-way, to help achieve her far-fetched fantasy. The 19-year-old cutie fucks herself with a dildo and joins Francesca for a dual blow job. Mark fucks Francesca while gobbling Jojo’s pussy. The cock-starved minx takes a rude rectal wrecking from Mark, with Francesca’s nasty assistance. They enjoy nasty bunghole rimming, lewd ass-to-mouth cocksucking and a creamy, cum-swapping climax.

Stars: Alyssa Cole, Francesca Le, Jojo Kiss, Joseline Kelly, Chloe Couture, Mark Wood

Naughty Maids

Video: Naughty Maids

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Alex Romero
The sweetest ladies in the sexiest of all professional attire await. Open the door, the maids are here! When it comes to getting a good tip, they will be doing more than cleaning your house in “Naughty Maids,’ where whorish girls put on French maid outfits at let their inner sex freaks go nuts! Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Stars: London Keyes, Nikki Thorne, Aleska Diamond, Jessie Volt, Eve Fox, Kathia Nobili, Nick Lang, Choky Ice, James Brossman, George Uhl, Lauro Giotto

Roommate Obsession

Video: Roommate Obsession

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Viv Thomas
Its moving day but these girls don’t care about a luxury condo or the square footage of an apartment. What these eight beautiful girls really want to do is move in on their secret attractions, fantasies and lusts while giving full reign to their “Roommate Obsession”. Its one thing to wonder about what could be…but when these lesbian lovers succumb to their sexual urges it’s better than they could’ve ever imagined! Angelina Brill touches herself as she spies on curvy Kitty Lovedream getting dressed. Kitty catches Angelina sniffing her panties, and aroused by her roomie’s infatuation, starts to kiss and caress her. Cunnilingus leads to energetic anal licking and fingering, before they grind their pussies together in a frantic scissors session. French fox Tiffany Doll shows her new roommate Alexis Brill around the apartment, sparks of attraction flying. In Tiffany’s fantasy, Alexis unzips her dress and lets it fall as Tiffany rubs herself frantically through her clothes. Tiffany licks Alexis to boiling point, then straddles her face and rides hard, before Alexis fingers her pussy and ass simultaneously, driving her wild. Does the sweet ending hint that Tiffany’s fantasy may be fulfilled? You decide…Anita B can’t concentrate because Asian beauty Mona Kim is playing music so loudly. She catches Mona dancing in just her underwear, her nipples already stiff with excitement. Mona goes heels over head and Anita fingers her ass to a powerful orgasm. Face-sitting, finger-banging and pussy-licking give them both plenty more juicy climaxes. Cute Candy Sweet is missing her sexy roomie Cindy Loarn, and when Cindy returns unexpectedly they have a passionate reunion. A frenetic sixty-nine gets them both hot, Candy sliding a finger into her lover’s ass to push her over the edge. They move into spoons and Candy fingers Cindy’s ass again, before they switch to scissors and rub their way to an explosive mutual orgasm. When simmering sexual desire meets opportunity, you just know a Roommate Obsession can have thrilling consequences!

Stars: Candy Sweet (i), Angelina Brill, Mona Kim, Kitty Lovedream, Tiffany Doll, Anita Bellini, Alexis Brill, Cindy Loarn

Raw 29 – MILF Edition

Video: Raw 29 - MILF Edition

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Manuel Ferrara Productions

In the marathon (well over four hours) “Raw 29 MILF Edition,” smooth superstud Manuel Ferrara takes us behind the porn scenes, hooking up for private dates with busty, well-seasoned sluts that have spent years boning up on their sexual skills. Whether at home or in hotel rooms, the hugely hung director/stud captures his experienced conquests in intimate, one-on-one sessions of unfiltered passion.

Scene 1: Raw Footage: Blonde MILF & Hung Stud – Curvaceous blonde MILF Cherie DeVille is an experienced lady that knows how to charm a huge cock. Superstud director Manuel Ferrara worships Cherie’s giant titties and licks her sweet, shaved twat. The sassy slut sucks on his enormous, uncut schlong. Wanton Cherie sucks Manuel’s balls and rides his pole; he gives her tight pussy a ferocious, passionate pounding. For the climax, Cherie eagerly slurps the hot, creamy cum spurting from his cock head.

Scene 2: Raw Anal Date: French MILF & Hung Stud – A sexy French MILF with long, black hair, Mya Lorenn meets director Manuel Ferrara in a rainy park at the center of Paris. They stroll over to a hotel and get a room, where the glamorous, seasoned slut strips to her lacy lingerie and wraps her lips around Manuel’s massive meat. He eats her pussy and Mya straddles him for a passionate ride, grinding on his dick. The director fills Mya’s thick ass with cock, rectally reaming this stylish lady. Fittingly, he splatters her face with sperm.

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Stars: Veronica Avluv, Cherie DeVille, Ania Kinski, Mya Lorenn, Manuel Ferrara

Rocco’s Intimate Castings #3

Video: Rocco's Intimate Castings #3

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Rocco Siffredi Productions

The busy office of Italian porn megastud Rocco Siffredi has been the gateway to erotic exposure for many young, aspiring starlets. In “Rocco’s Intimate Castings #3,” the legend welcomes a fresh batch of beautiful sluts (as well as some special veteran bombshells) to his audition space, where he tests their talents with the help of a couple of handpicked cocksmen. Gorgeous blonde Candee Licious gets dominated and fucked by muscular Chad Rockwell, and afterward receives a mouthful of hot sperm. Slender brunette Ria Hill encounters Rocco’s old friend Victor, who invades the petite minx’s every hole. French stunner Nikita Bellucci enjoys a nasty, ass-to-mouth threesome with Chad and tanned brunette Debora. The ladies share a mouthful of splooge. Anina, a beautiful, 18-year-old, can barely fit Rocco’s gigantic cock in her tiny mouth! Chad breaks in sassy brunette teen Cindy, ferociously pounding her pussy and asshole. Romanian vixen Aida Sweet rides Italian stud Nando La Motta and gobbles up his cum.

Scene 1: Student’s Nasty Porn Audition

Gorgeous, blonde student Candee Licious hopes to work her way through college by doing adult movies —the slender, all-natural doll visits director Rocco Siffredi’s office to audition. Candee meets muscular stud Chad Rockwell and kneels to slurp on his balls and gag on his huge cock. He makes Candee lick up his spit while banging her from behind, and he flips her upside down for a lewd, standing 69. After she’s been thoroughly fucked, the adorable blonde receives a mouthful of hot sperm.

Scene 2: Submissive Slut’s Anal Audition

Stunning, skinny brunette Ria Hill meets muscular stud Victor in an audition for legendary director Rocco Siffredi. The beautiful, young slut submits to Victor’s perverted demands: He peels off her jean shorts, burying his tongue in Ria’s sweet pussy. She obediently sucks his fat cock, and after a nasty face fuck, he pumps his meat into Ria’s tight slot from the rear. The slender cutie takes an intense anal pounding with ass-to-mouth cocksucking, and she opens wide for some tasty cum.

Scene 3: Bi Threesome With Ass-To-Mouth Flavor

Stunning French bombshell Nikita Bellucci meets English stud Chad Rockwell for the first time — and gets to know him by sucking his big, hard cock. While the party is happening, tanned brunette babe Debora enters and decides she wants some three-way action! While Chad is reaming the French beauty’s perfect ass, the girls kiss. Debora eagerly slurps Nikita’s pussy and sucks dick ass-to-mouth! Nikita gets anally pounded and shares a mouthful of messy splooge with her new girlfriend.

Scene 4: 18YO Auditions With Legendary Rocco

Anina, a beautiful 18-year-old, is eager to meet legendary director Rocco Siffredi for a special audition. The fresh-faced teenager giggles as Rocco shoves his tongue into her tight, young ass. When she kneels, she can barely fit the older man’s gigantic cock in her tiny mouth! Rocco pumps his thick shaft inside Anina’s
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Scene 5: Obedient Teen’s Anal Audition

Sassy teen Cindy, an all-natural cutie, visits director Rocco Siffredi’s office for a private audition. She obediently spreads her tight ass cheeks and sucks Rocco’s finger ass-to-mouth. Porn stud Chad Rockwell shows up to test Cindy’s sexual skills. The submissive, dark-haired doll hungrily slurps on his big boner. Chad spits on the mirror and makes submissive Cindy lap it up! The sexy slut’s pussy and asshole take ferocious poundings, and Chad fills her mouth with a thick, messy cum load.

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Lethal Hardcore
Natasha Nice is a seductive French harlot with a banging 34D-27-37 figure and an insatiable urge to feel hot cum drip out of her tight little pussy. Natalie Starr a former Penthouse pet, was very happy to deep throat that cock before he pounded her pussy to orgasm and finished off with a warm creampie. Katy Jane is a horny one from merry old England with incredible 32E boobies the loves the feeling of a man blowing his load deep inside her cunt. Holy hooters Rachel Raxxx’s boobs are 30JJ’s and she’s only 18 years old. Wait till you watch her titty fuck in this interracial scene.

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Mr. Skin
1986 was the year skinfamous fire-crotch Lindsay Lohan was born, and her nude for-bare-rs like Kim Basinger and Demi Moore were making sure she could grow up in a world free of shame. So take an outstanding look back at Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes – 1986.
Kim Basinger gets blindfolded so Mickey Rourke can rub ice all over her diamond cutter peaks in 9 1/2 Weeks, Kim Basinger does a scintillating outdoors bump-and-grind that bares plenty of buns and sideboob in 9 1/2 Weeks, More boobage from Kim Basinger as she gets banged like a cheap gong in a rainy stairwell in 9 1/2 Weeks, See Demi Moore’s sweet little pre-silicone suckers during a bedroom hump session in About Last Night… (1986), Cynthia Gibb plays a hockey groupie so you can practice your slap shot to her perky pucks and in Youngblood, Michelle Bauer gets an A+ in Boob and Bush baring 101 for a locker room shower scene in Reform School Girls, Naked babes abound but Andrea Darnell’s cocoa puffs, can, and muff steal the scene in Reform School Girls, Penny Baker lets her magnificent, massive mammages hang out while lounging in bed in The Men’s Club, Béatrice Dalle gets her French funbaguettes fondled before her man pulls off her panties to munch fur pie in Betty Blue, See lactoids and even a hint of lower lippage as Andrea Thompson gets toughed up by handsy pervos in Manhattan Gigolo,Melanie Griffith rips open her shirt and shakes out her jumbo jigglers over a handcuffed Jeff Daniels in Something Wild, Lisa Eichhorn is held and has to reveal hoots, heinie, and hair pie in Opposing Force, Vanity slowly strips out of her lingerie so a dude can take polaroids of her topless form in 52 Pick-Up, See tiny tanned titlets from a nubile Goldie Hawn when she takes a bath in Wildcats,Amanda Donohoe walks down the beach pulling off her bikini to reveal her own furry crotch covering in Castaway, Get a glimpse of boobsters and bearded clam from Béatrice Dalle as a creepo peeps on her sleeping in Betty Blue,Isabella Rossellini is dazed and wandering around nude, but her fine full frontal form still looks stunning in Blue Velvet,Jessica Moore gets kinky and rubs her terrific T&A all over a cross-dressing dude in Undici giorni, undici notti,Nicole Kidman gets out of bed revealing dainty rackage and tight tush in Windrider,Fabiana Udenio fantastic fun bags make an appearance as she gets frisky outdoors in Hardbodies 2,Laura Gemser goes muff diving on her gal-pal before standing up to reveal her own sugar basin in Voglia di guardare, Tantalizing tit torpedoes from Tracy Camilla Johns, plus sweet seat meat as she gets down to business in bed for She’s Gotta Have It, and Emmanuelle Seigner unveils her mams in the locker room but immediately gets slapped by a jealous dame in Cours privé.

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Marc Dorcel

“My name is Tony. With my wife Rebecca, we are the owners of a luxurious guest house in the English countryside. Rebecca and I have been married for a long time and our marriage couldn’t be any happier. During the day, I have to go to my office to take care of business while Rebecca is in charge of our customers’ well being. Knowing her, I know for a fact that she does everything to make them feel at home. When this cute French couple asks her to bring them sandwiches in their room, she can’t refuse. She certainly wasn’t expecting to find them in such an indecent posture or that they would ask her to join their little sex games.
After our last guests left, since we didn’t expect anyone before the next day, I offered her to spend the evening at a nice restaurant. Both our agenda being so full all the time, she jumped on the opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to cancel at the last minute but I know that with her cheerful personality, she would manage to have fun without me. When she came back, she told me she had met with two old friends with whom she had had a pretty good time.

I really have the feeling that I’m not taking care of her the way I should and I wouldn’t want her to go with other men. From what I heard, the two young gardeners I hired to look after our property had some inappropriate words about Rebecca but she assured me she managed to snub them and calm them down. I have to admit I haven’t been very honest with her lately. I knew from the beginning that she had a very high libido and that she loved sex a lot. Taking a few steps back, setting up these surveillance cameras all over the house might have been the best idea I’ve ever had. Without them, I would’ve never known that Rebecca was a true nymphomaniac who took every opportunity to cheat on me. The only one she Rebecca hasn’t fucked is Luke, my driver…until now that is. I must say that watching her fuck other men or women on tape really turned me on. Now that the situation is clear between us and since she suggested it, I know she won’t mind me relaxing with Nikita, the pretty French and Sienna, our governess.”

Stars: Rebecca More, Nikita Bellucci , Sienna Day, Pascal White, Tony De Sergio, Ben Kelly, Luke Hardy, Max Deeds, Sam Bourne, Adrian Dimas

Fuck The French

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Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan

Shot On Location in France!

Beautiful scenery, historic monuments, depraved European sluts! Fuck the French showcases four hot, hungry European natives. They all speak fairly good English but they master the language of filthy sex. Pretty Lucy Heart is an all-natural blonde Russian in Paris and she craves a big, fat baguette inside all of her holes. Rose Valerie looks pretty and proper in her glasses, but she’s an anal-sex loving freak underneath it all. Cara Saint Germain is the stuff of dreams, and her dreamy mouth and pussy get stuffed right back. Sophia Laure has long legs, long hair, giant tits, and a welcoming asshole. It’s no wonder Manuel goes back to visit his home country, these whores will spoil you with their HO-SPIT-tality!

Stars: Sophia Laure, Rose Valerie , Lucy Heart, Cara Saint-Germain, Manuel Ferrara

Goodbye My Love

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Viv Thomas

“Goodbye My Love” delivers four evocative episodes exploring the bittersweet experience of parting from a lover. Adoring lesbian couples wring out every last drop of sexual pleasure from their moments together. Flame-haired Leila Smith is the star, and there’s no mistaking the warmth of the connection she has with her girlfriends. First she does her utmost to prevent Silvie Luca from leaving. Silvie drags herself away, but rushes back for one more torrid embrace. Within moments she is crouching between Leila’s thighs to lick her and slide two fingers into her juiced-up pussy. Their energetic licking leaves them craving each other’s company more than ever.

Busty blonde Angel Piaf is showering and packing for her trip, Leila both helping and distracting as she shares her sadness at her girlfriend’s departure. Angel comes back to surprise Leila, getting pleasured in missionary, doggie and spoons positions, and then Leila sits on her face, rocking her pelvis as Angel tongues her puffy clit. She turns over so Angel can lick her from behind with long swipes of her tongue, and then gets eaten and fingered to a powerful climax. Leila leaves Carolina Abril lonely and masturbating, until on impulse she dresses hurriedly and dashes into the street in pursuit of her girlfriend. Back in the bedroom, she touches herself to show Leila how hot she is, before Leila takes over licking and fingering her. She stands and grinds against Carolina’s face, then eats her again, giving her a tremendous orgasm. Leila goes face down, ass up and Carolina licks her asshole, spanks her cheeks and makes her cum noisily.

Finally freckled French fox Tiffany Doll tries not to disturb Leila’s slumber as she leaves, but returns to rouse her with a kiss. She laps at Leila’s juicy pink folds, driving her wild by thrusting a couple of fingers in and out as she licks, then moves to her knees, her peachy ass high in the air so Leila can eat her from behind. Leila straddles Tiffany’s face, then pins her down with her pussy exposed for a frantic tongue-lashing. Both already on the brink, they finger each other to an explosive simultaneous orgasm. :Goodbye My Love” is sure to give all those who have been separated from their lover a sigh of recognition – and a smile when recollecting the passion of being reunited!

Stars: Leila Smith, Tiffany Doll, Angel Piaf, Carolina Abril, Silvie Luca

40 Years Old – My New Vicious Life (English)

Video: 40 Years Old - My New Vicious Life (English)

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Marc Dorcel

“My name is Tony. With my wife Rebecca, we are the owners of a luxurious guest house in the English countryside. Rebecca and I have been married for a long time and our marriage couldn’t be any happier. During the day, I have to go to my office to take care of business while Rebecca is in charge of our customers’ well being. Knowing her, I know for a fact that she does everything to make them feel at home. When this cute French couple asks her to bring them sandwiches in their room, she can’t refuse. She certainly wasn’t expecting to find them in such an indecent posture or that they would ask her to join their little sex games.
After our last guests left, since we didn’t expect anyone before the next day, I offered her to spend the evening at a nice restaurant. Both our agenda being so full all the time, she jumped on the opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to cancel at the last minute but I know that with her cheerful personality, she would manage to have fun without me. When she came back, she told me she had met with two old friends with whom she had had a pretty good time.

I really have the feeling that I’m not taking care of her the way I should and I wouldn’t want her to go with other men. From what I heard, the two young gardeners I hired to look after our property had some inappropriate words about Rebecca but she assured me she managed to snub them and calm them down. I have to admit I haven’t been very honest with her lately. I knew from the beginning that she had a very high libido and that she loved sex a lot. Taking a few steps back, setting up these surveillance cameras all over the house might have been the best idea I’ve ever had. Without them, I would’ve never known that Rebecca was a true nymphomaniac who took every opportunity to cheat on me. The only one she Rebecca hasn’t fucked is Luke, my driver…until now that is. I must say that watching her fuck other men or women on tape really turned me on. Now that the situation is clear between us and since she suggested it, I know she won’t mind me relaxing with Nikita, the pretty French and Sienna, our governess.”

Stars: Rebecca More, Nikita Bellucci , Sienna Day, Sam Bourne, Adrian Dimas , Pascal White, Tony De Sergio, Ben Kelly, Luke Hardy, Max Deeds