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Tag Archives: Humiliation

From The First Moment

Video: From The First Moment

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Wicked Pictures
Kira (Alix Lynx) is about to marry her handsome movie star boyfriend James except he gets cold feet and leaves her at the wedding. To escape the humiliation of dealing with the swarming press, Kira escapes to her friend’s ranch to mend her broken heart. Falling in love again is the last thing on her mind..until she meets rugged cowboy Gavin (Damon Dice). From the first moment, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Can Kira break thru his tough shell and finally find true love?

Stars: Alexa Grace , Alix Lynx, Alana Cruise , Robby Echo, Damon Dice, Lucas Frost

Femdom Fury

Video: Femdom Fury

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Severe Sex
Three of Wasteland’s most Vociferous Femdoms put seven naughty submissives through the paces of BDSM training, punishment, humiliation and depraved sex acts to bring them under complete control and lead them to massive orgasms, deep sub-space and total bliss!

Stars: Sophie, Ava, Nora, Bella Vendetta, Shiva, Mistress Violet, Mistress Irony, Goddess Starla, Twenty, Violet, Peaches

Brutal Castings – Chanel Collins

Video: Brutal Castings - Chanel Collins

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Fetish Network
Sweet, innocent, shapely and sexy all are perfect descriptions of cute, blonde teen, girly girl, Chanel Collins. Wishing to share her ample charms with the world, she finds herself in the offices, where she will soon learn what it takes to make her modeling dreams cum true. Dressed to thrill in white short shorts and a tight blue tank top, Chanel is ordered to strip down to her bra and panties. She resists, but the master is persuasive, slapping some sense into her. Chanel strips, but takes too long for the master’s liking, so he ties her hands with rope and directs her to grope his cock though his pants. He hardly rips her panties off and shoves two fingers deep inside her tight teen cunt, making her orgasm quickly. Chanel’s humiliation continues as her pussy is viciously spanked while she deep throats his cock. After hot sex and an airtight blowjob, he pounds her little pussy and luscious ass doggie style while using her head as a foot rest. Hard spanking on Chanel’s beautiful, tan booty assures her submission and then she gets railed reverse cowgirl style so we can see her swollen, over excited clit. The party ends with Chanel getting pounded in the piledriver position and receiving a massive load of love batter on her face. Will Chanel be famous? Find out!

Stars: Chanel Collins, Bruno Dickens

Brutal Castings – Lizzie Bell

Video: Brutal Castings - Lizzie Bell

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Fetish Network
Lizzie Bell, a bubbly teen from Kentucky comes to Teen Castings with the hopes of becoming the next big thing. Lizzie’s from a small town, and girls from small towns always work harder than anyone else to achieve their goals. The agent gives Lizzie her chance to earn his respect, but she won’t take anything off, so he can see what she looks like. The master ties her hands with rope and slaps her face until she comes around to his way of thinking and finally strips down. Humiliation and anguish are very effective coaching tools and usually put the girls at ease. Giving a deepthroat blowjob also helps girls to relax, especially teen girls, and Lizzie can barely take the master’s huge cock in her throat without choking. She works hard at it though, and gets that hog all the way down. The master decides to switch it up and spanks her naked pussy with the dirty sole of his dress shoe to get her ready for a deep four finger penetration, and he fingerfucks her until she squirts all over the casting couch. A hot fuck finale takes it all the way to the money shot. Lizzie takes a huge load on her face and leaves it there all the way through the post-fuck interview. We got a freshly made sex slave here!

Stars: Lizzie Bell, Bruno Dickens

Brutal Pickups Goldie

Video: Brutal Pickups Goldie

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Fetish Network
Poor Goldie. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time, we find our favorite sex slave looking hotter than ever and wandering around the dark streets of a bad neighborhood, lost and crying. It just so happens, Bruno is hanging out in a nearby alley. Goldie begs him for help, but Bruno repeatedly tells the desperate slut that he can’t help her, and that he is NOT a nice guy. Goldie persists, and soon finds out that Bruno wasn’t lying as he drags her into an alley by her hair and ties her with rope to a cargo container. He rips her clothes off and savagely gropes her naked tits and pussy. Goldie sobs as Bruno fucks her sweet, little hairless pussy with his big, mean tattooed fingers. Next, he pulls out his fat hard cock and slaps her face before roughly deepthroat fucking her mouth and spanking her welted ass. The duct tape comes out and Bruno tapes Goldie’s ankles together and her mouth shut for the shocking final assault. Goldie’s public sex humiliation has just begun!

Stars: Goldie Rush, Bruno Dickemz

Ballbusting And Choking Humiliation By Angel Austin

Video: Ballbusting And Choking Humiliation By Angel Austin

Watch This Video!

Ultima Entertainment
Angel Austin was a young wife who was tired of being unsatisfied by her cuck husband’s small cock and balls. She invited her secret lover over one night so that her husband could watch him fuck her with his huge cock after she ball busted and humiliated her husband for being a small-dicked loser! A happy wife means a happy life…and Angel is determined to get her happy ending.

Stars: Angel Austin, Eric Jover, Scott Lyons

Brutal Castings – Skye West

Video: Brutal Castings - Skye West

Watch This Video!

Fetish Network
They should rename Orlando “Whorelando” because we get so many filthy sluts from there it’s unbelievable, but not cute little 4′ 11″ teen wannabe model Skye West. She’s no slut. She’s a good girl who wants to be famous through hard work and determinatin…not by giving blowjobs to strange men. Riiiight! Wait until she’s on our casting couch being shown the REAL path to fame. Entitled bitch thinks the world owes her a modeling career because she’s pretty. Bullshit! All the world owes her is a fat cock to deepthroat, and that’s what she gets when she hesitates to take off her clothes for some file photos. Her hands tied with rope and her face slapped, she is held by her hair as the master Dom fucks her mouth. This is humiliation Skye has never experienced before, but this is how all teen models get famous. Our agent asks her, “Do you want to be a model?” Skye says, “Yes!” Then the agent says, “Then model your tongue around my cock, you dumb cunt!” A hardcore four finger pussy penetration teaches Skye another valuable lesson – that she squirts when she orgasms – when properly dominated of course! Lots of tough fucking makes Skye cum several times, and a big load of hot jizz in her mouth ends the audition with an oral creampie. This is Skye’s first hardcore sex scene, and we believe her career is off to a fantastic start!

Stars: Skye West, Bruno Dickems

Brutal Castings – Tiffany Watson

Video: Brutal Castings - Tiffany Watson

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Fetish Network
Blonde, pretty, fresh from the farm and full of natural curvy goodness, 19-year-old Tiffany Watson comes to our notorious casting couch fresh from the potato fields of Boise, Idaho. They grow ‘em real nice in that part of the country, but Tiffany has dreams of fame and fortune in the big city and made her way into a meeting with Master Brick Danger. Well, it’s really more of a “meating” actually, but you get the picture. Submissive Tiff gets smashed ten different ways before the party is over. Reluctant to show those awesome natural tits of hers and curvy hips, Brick has to take the upper hand and direct Miss Watson’s utter, (or is that udder?), humiliation starting off by binding her wrists and jamming his big dick down her throat until she gags on it. After the deepthroat blowjob she gets spanked hard until her ass is bright red and raw. This only serves to get her excited for the vigorous sex training she receives over the next 40 minutes ending in a shower of squirt and a load of hot jizz on her face. This scene is hotter than a baked potato!!!

Stars: Tiffany Watson, Brick Danger


Video: Worthless

Watch This Video!

Pascal’s Sub Sluts
Misha Mayfair is an anal angel that is punished for being so cute. Orion Starr is addicted to sex and likes it rough. Watch the humiliation of an anal teen slave, Luna Rival. Alexxa Vice is such a fuck toy and she wants her ass to get destroyed. Plenty of bondage, flogging, squirting, deep throating, gagging, and more.

Stars: Misha Mayfair, Alexxa Vice , Orion Starr (i), Luna Rival

Brutal Pickups – Valerie White

Video: Brutal Pickups - Valerie White

Watch This Video!

Fetish Network
Valerie White may be a cute, little blonde teen with a banging body that most guys would find hard to resist, but Bruno has no problem telling her to come back tomorrow when she shows up at the club after hours to retrieve her purse. Valerie explains that she needs the purse to get home, but Bruno just wants to lock up. Seeing how desperate Valerie is, Bruno decides to let her give him a deepthroat blowjob with her hands tied with rope in exchange for a look around. Valerie agrees to the humiliation and role play, and begins sucking his dick in full view of the public. After a nice long suck, Bruno throws her over a table and pounds her out doggie and cowgirl style. Bruno spanks her ass and rails her hairless pussy missionary style until he conjures up a big load to unleash on her pierced nipples and tits. Hardcore, humiliating public sex at its best.

Stars: Valerie White, Bruno Dickems

Brat Girls 151

Video: Brat Girls 151

Watch This Video!

Kinky Europe Productions
Princess Nikki & Neomi Melone walk into the living room to find their sub sitting on their couch. That is a no no. Now the masked man must endure licking the Dominant ladies high heels. They also enjoy spitting and humiliating the man. Spitting big gobs into their hands and on their shoes and he must lick and eat it. Off come their heels and he must lick the ladies dirty smelly feet. They touch where his penis is and tell him he’s got nothing there. They stomp all over him until they make him smell their sexy asses, then he gives them a rimming. Next the ladies use their slave as a human ashtray. The women continue to belittle him and they tease him by kissing each other. Then Princess Nikki and Neomi show the slave his place. Apparently he has asked for ass humiliation which entails him smelling their smelly farts.

Stars: Princess Nikki, Neomi Melone

Brutal Castings – Sadie Pop

Video: Brutal Castings - Sadie Pop

Watch This Video!

Fetish Network
Pretty, petite and just 19, banging Brooklyn cutie pie Sadie Pop thinks she’s got what it takes to make it big, big, big in the world of modeling. Brad Knight intends to find out on his casting couch, but this 5′ 0″ spinner is a little too shy for Master Brad’s liking when he asks her to strip down and show her girly goodies. What spoiled brat Sadie needs is sex slave training, and the best way to initiate that is systematic humiliation in every possible way until she submits her entire being to Brad’s cock. First, some rope bondage as her wrists are bound together and she is rendered helpless. She is now nothing but a cum dumpster. Having no other options, Sadie dutifully gives Brad a deep throat blowjob, tonguing down his hung cock pretty well for a novice. Vigorous sex is good for sassy teenagers like Sadie too, and Brad gives her tiny body the fucking of its young life as he ravages her slop holes in every position until he dispenses his thick sex curds all over her face. But does Sadie get the part?

Stars: Sadie Pop, Brad Knight

The Strap Attack All-Stars

Video: The Strap Attack All-Stars

Watch This Video!

Joey Silvera Productions

Joey Silvera’s number one kink is pegging, and he’s shown his spectacular strap-on love throughout his directing career. NOW, see his favorites compiled into one film! Gorgeous blonde Carter Cruise menaces bitch-boy Wolf Hudson with her brown, harnessed strap-on. He tongues her armpits and blows the dildo; she tugs his head up her crack and porks his ass. Buxom, shit-talking Phoenix Marie dominates in high heels, black dong strapped on. Submissive Robert Axel sucks her toes, which she stuffs up his bunghole. The big-assed broad butt-fucks him, and she’s taking your ass next! Sexy, young Abella Danger works Chad Diamond, smothering his face in her strong cheeks, flogging his rump pink, rudely railing his loose asshole and making him clean her tool ass-to-mouth. Little Dakota Skye humiliates Chad, spitting on his face; she fucks him into the floor, and he jerks jism into his own mouth! Blonde bimbo Kagney Linn Karter wears a tiara — she’s the Homecoming Queen! She can suck big Christian’s cock while fucking him! The Queen rubs his load all over his face. Tanned, busty Juelz Ventura buries fingers in Christian’s sphincter and pumps her phallus in his clenched rectum.

Scene 1: Carter Cruise is a gorgeous blonde in a tiny leather dress, heels … with a menacing, brown strap-on dildo extending from her crotch. Wolf Hudson is her bitch. He sucks her feet through fishnets, tongues her armpits and blows that strap-on. As Wolf rims her hot, tan-lined ass, she tugs his head up her crack for more devoted worship. Carter sits on his face. She rides his dick as she chokes and slaps him. Flexing her biceps, she porks him up the ass. Wolf masturbates as he’s fucked. She gets off on a vibrator as he fucks himself with the toy. Bossy Carter compels Wolf to cum in her hand, and she wipes his jism on his face.

Scene 2: Buxom, braided blonde Phoenix Marie is a dominant figure in high heels with a thick black dildo strapped on. She seduces muscular black stud Robert Axel, sucking and stroking his prick. Hot Phoenix makes him gag on her strapped-on cock. The submissive dude sucks her toes, which she stuffs up his ass, and she strokes his meat with two greasy feet. They squat face-to-face, and the big-hipped broad butt-fucks him as he jacks his dick. She pinches his nipples with her toes and pegs him doggie-style, big butt pumping. Phoenix rims and spits in his asshole. He fucks her to orgasm, making her harnessed dildo bounce. The nasty-talking whore makes Robert jack himself off, and she orders the audience to clean the spilled cum — she’s taking your ass next.

Scene 3: Sexy, young brunette Abella Danger flexes her muscles, wearing a black bra, pleated skirt…and a big, fat strap-on dildo for her submissive boy-slave, Chad Diamond! She dominates him, smothering his face with her strong ass, flogging his rump until it’s pink and fucking his mouth with her giant fake cock. Abella sucks his throbbing dick and inserts several fingers into his rectum before rudely fucking his loose asshole and making him clean her toy — ass-to-mouth.

Scene 4: Little blonde Dakota Skye is cute in tiny cut-offs, fishnets, heels and a unicorn tank top, but she wants revenge — perverted stepfather Chad Diamond cheated her out of the car promised in exchange for a fuck! Dakota blackmails him into submission: She spits on and slaps his face and makes him kneel to
suck her huge strap-on dong as she taunts him. Chad licks her asshole and gets to fuck it as she buzzes on a wand vibrator. Hot, nasty Dakota reams his asshole doggie-style, and he sucks dildo ass-to-mouth. As Dakota fucks him into the floor, he jerks a load of jism into his own mouth! The humiliation concludes with trampling, foot worship and more spit.

Scene 5: Meaty-assed blonde bimbo Kagney Linn Karter sports fishnets, red lingerie and a purple tiara — she’s the Homecoming Queen! Muscular stud Christian criticizes her crown, earning a pegging from her strap-on dildo. Kagney Linn rims his shaved ass, sucks his dick and balls from behind and lubes him up. “Suck the Queen … play with your cock while you suck my dick,” she whines. He rims her bunghole and Frenches her ass-to-mouth. She porks his ass doggie-style and on his back … she can suck his cock while fucking him! He slurps her ATM-flavored dong and screws her as she buzzes her clit with a vibrator. As she porks him, he cums in her palm, and the Queen rubs his load all over his face.

Scene 6: Tanned, tattooed, super-busty Juelz Ventura takes some MMA training from muscular stud Christian. But what this shapely slut really wants is to fuck her instructor’s tight asshole with a big, buttwrecking strap-on dildo! She wiggles her fine rump, grinding her ass in Christian’s face. He hungrily services her juicy pussy and fucks Juelz doggie-style. Gagging on his massive boner, she buries her fingers deep, past the bald stud’s sphincter, before pumping her phallus into his clenched rectum. Christian sucks Juelz’ tool ass-to-mouth. Finally, she rams his colon again while jacking his prick until it splatters his belly with cum.

Stars: Phoenix Marie, Juelz Ventura, Kagney Linn Karter, Dakota Sky, Carter Cruise, Abella Danger, Christian XXX, Wolf Hudson, Chad Diamond, Robert Axel

Brat Girls 149

Video: Brat Girls 149

Watch This Video!

Kinky Europe Productions
The beautiful yet dominant Princess Nikki is back to dole out even more humiliation and corporal punishment in Brat Girls 149. She’s up to her usual bratty ways! She talks dirty as usual, making her submissive slaves smell and lick her perfect asshole until she decides that it’s enough, and then she beats them with belts and tramples their faces.

Stars: Princess Nikki

The Torment Of Lady Bianca

Video: The Torment Of Lady Bianca

Watch This Video!


Chapter 1: The Preparation

Lady Bianca was taken to the dreaded ‘Hall Of Punishment.’ It was deiced by the council and the “Great Leader” that she was to take the blame for the United Northern States’ loss to the ‘Eastern District’ and her punishment would be broadcast to the world. In preparation, Veronica, the chief interrogator and punisher, made the good Lady strip naked, affixed her to a table, roughly shaved her pubic area cleaning off the shaving cream by dumping rubbing alcohol on her freshly shaven nether regions. Veronica then proved you can have too much of a good thing when she used a vibrator to the point of pain.
After being shaved and tormented by the vibrator, Lady Bianca was turned over to be prepared to be moved to the Punishment room. Once in position, an anal hook was inserted to the Princess of the Northern States. She screamed as the hook entered her, as Veronica had mixed a menthol solution with the lubricant. Bianca was then bound and taken to the punishment room. Bianca exclaimed “This isn’t the punishment!?”

Chapter 2: Ordeal One

Bound by rope and an anal hook that had been lubricated with menthol, Lady Bianca was taken to the punishment room and affixed to the St. Andrews Cross, all the while pleading for the anal hook to be removed. Unfortunately for her, it took time to for Veronica to unbind her. Bianca felt a temporary sense of relief when the hook was removed. Then, with a loud scream, she felt the first lash fall…

As the flogger descended time and again upon her back and ass, Lady Bianca pleaded for Veronica to do anything but that. The nation’s chief interrogator then placed the flogger over her shoulder and cupped the good Lady’s bottom with her hand. Suddenly Veronica struck Bianca’s bottom hard, using an unusual upward stoke that sent pain through Bianca’s entire body. If anything, this was actually a more intense punishment than the flogger as Veronica knew to strike certain nerve endings that would cause maximum pain. Once done, Veronica noted that she would be back. The now frightened Princess of the Northern District screamed “I thought this was the punishment! How is this to end?!” There was no answer.

Chapter 3: Ordeal Two

After being given a rest, Lady Bianca was taken down from the St. Andrews Cross and dragged into a room and thrust over Veronica’s lap. With her nation and the world watching, The Lady Bianca cried out as Veronica spanked her. Bianca was shocked at how much pain the chief integrator could inflict with just her hand on her naked bottom and soon she gave up any hope of maintaining any bit of dignity as she could do nothing but cries and plead for mercy.
As her punishment progressed, the naked princess of the United Northern States was reduced to crying and pleading as her humiliation was transmitted to the world. Once this ordeal was over, Lady Bianca was made to kneel with her red, punished bottom on display. No matter how hard she tried, rubbing did not reduce the pain.

Stars: Bianca Rose, Veronica Bound

Getting Used To Discipline From Spanked Cuties

Video: Getting Used To Discipline From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video!

A much as Mrs. Shanelle is trying, every day again and again… Sophie just doesn’t want to learn her lesson! But Mrs. Shanelle wouldn’t be a well known and highly successful educator, if she would give up on Sophie. Clothes off, bent over the kitchen table and ready for the strap! Let’s see how long Sophie will remember the wound, humiliation and tears THIS time!

Stars: Sophie, Shanelle

Dolly & Ashley Roberts Jerk Off Encouragement Wrestling Pantyhose

Video: Dolly & Ashley Roberts Jerk Off Encouragement Wrestling Pantyhose

Watch This Video!

Playtime Video

Scene One: Here’s a 2 for 1 combo featuring Dolly and Ashley Roberts in a verbally humiliating pantyhose tease. Dolly’s the jack off instructor and Ashley’s her student. Standing over the camera they let you look at their pantyhose covered pussy while they imitate you jacking off. They stick their feet in your face and laugh at you some more saying how pathetic you are. Tits and ass come into play when the dresses come off and they roll around in pantyhose telling you to hurry up and cum you losers. Both girls stand nude before you asking “is this what you need to cum?” and they end this scene with a fuck you!

Scene Two: Dolly explains what guys like about pantyhose and films Ashley giving ass shots, crotch shots, foot shots, up close squat shots before she peels off Ashley’s pantyhose saying you’ll never be able to touch her that way. Ashley slides on another pair then Dolly takes the stage and changes standing up asking if you like looking at her crotch when you jack off. The girls make it to the floor and spread their legs for more verbal humiliation about your small cock before they give a final side by side jack off session.

Scene Three: In scene 3 Dolly and Ashley are wearing nothing but pantyhose fighting over who gets to make fun of you first. They want to know who you liked better. Who’s sexier? Who did you cum to? Push comes to shove as the girls wrestle on the ground pulling each other’s hose off and end with open pussy shots telling you that you don’t even deserve the two of them.

Stars: Ashley Roberts, Dolly

I Did Nothing Wrong From Spanked Cuties

Video: I Did Nothing Wrong From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video!

This is the first episode of a new 8-story series with Sophie getting punished by Mrs. Shanelle. Another series full of humiliation and tears. In this first episode Sophie learns that Mrs. Shanelle is not exactly a ‘joking mood’ person, but rather takes her assignment as Sophie’s new educator very serious!

Stars: Sophie

Brat Girls 140

Video: Brat Girls 140

Watch This Video!

Kinky Europe Productions
Princess Nikki is back for more punishment and humiliation in Brat Girls 140. Her slave is happy to do whatever the Princess wants, including becoming a receptacle for her spit, taking her strap-on up his ass, and letting Princess Nikki and her friend humiliate him by making him crawl around with them on his back.

Stars: Princess Nikki

Mom Knows Best

Video: Mom Knows Best

Watch This Video!

Episode 1: Senior Skip Day

Bianca took part in the annual senior skip day, in which many of the girls in the senior class skipped school and spent the day at the mall. Most of the girls went home knowing that they were caught but many of their parents would either laugh it off as a ritual of passage or at worst, give their daughters a good talking to. Such is not the case at Biancas house. When she deserves a punishment it is delivered by a hard spanking to her bare bottom. In ritual fashion, Bianca is made to face her mother, lift her skirt, and her panties were slowly lowered to make her feel the humiliation of being exposed. Soon, embarrassment is the least of her concerns as she is taken over her mother’s lap for her punishment. Her tears flowed as she begged her mother for forgiveness. Bianca found herself reacting as a bad little girl to her bare bottom spanking by crying and begging her mommy to stop. After her spanking was over, and promising never to behave this way again, Bianca was placed in the corner with her red bottom on display to consider the consequences of her actions.

Episode 2: Tears Of A Clown

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush. Bianca, through her tears promised never to disrespect any of her teachers again, but her mother continued to spank her with the bath brush until she felt the lesson was learned. Just as Bianca thought her torment was over, Bianca’s mother began rubbing her sore bottom with the bristles of the bath brush causing the bratty girl to shout in pain. Then Bianca was made to stand naked in the corner of the bathroom. She was cold and filled with shame and remorse.

Episode 3: Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Despite being grounded, Bianca snuck out to be with her boyfriend. When she arrived home she found her mother waiting for her. Bianca was instructed to go to her mother’s bedroom, strip to her bra and panties, and wait for her spanking. At first, Bianca thought the stress of waiting was the worst part of her punishment; then the spanking on her bare bottom began. Her opinion rapidly changed. As her mother spanked her bare bottom, Bianca promised never to defy her again no matter how much she needed to see her boyfriend. Once her spanking was at an end, Bianca was instructed to stay in the room, compose herself and then go to bed. After her mother left the room, the naughty brat found herself both horrified and fascinated at the damage inflicted to her bottom.

Episode 4: Can’t Fight It

Bianca informed her mother that she told her Headmaster to go to hell. She regretted doing so and immediately apologized. Her mother appreciated her honesty but noted that she was still going to be spanked. Bianca hoped to take this punishment well. Unfortunately, the moment she felt the pain from her mother’s powerful hand all attempts at maintaining her composure were abandoned in favor of tears and pleading for the punishment to end. Biancas spanking began over her skirt, then on her panties. Then her regulation school whites were lowered and now her spanking was administered to her bare bottom. After the spanking, Bianca’s mother lectured the teary eyed girl regarding her recent behavior. Bianca promised to do better with her sore, red bottom serving as motivation.

Episode 5: First Week Home

Bianca is now a freshman in college and is happy with her new adult to adult relationship with her mother. That was until her mother angrily approached her with a two hundred dollar ticket for public drinking. Suddenly the college girl found herself over her mother’s lap and being spanked while she pleads for forgiveness. After her spanking was over, Bianca’s mother warned her that her next bare bottom spanking would happen at school should she get cited for public drinking again.

Stars: Bianca Rose, Miss Lisa

FemDom Ass Worship 28

Video: FemDom Ass Worship 28

Watch This Video!

Meanbitch Productions
Vicki Chase, Aubrey Gold, Chanel Preston and Sarah Vandella are the dominating, domineering divas demanding their subjects worship them literally from head to toe! Ass worship, facesitting, foot worship, sexual slavery& humiliation are equal parts of the formula to get these men to do exactly what they want in four fetish-filled scenes! So cum on, kick your shoes off, get comfortable and get ready to get your throbbing cock drained to the last gooey drop!

Stars: Chanel Preston, Aubrey Gold, Sarah Vandella, Vicki Chase, Dominik Kross, Marcelo, Jack Vegas

Mean Amazon Bitches #6

Video: Mean Amazon Bitches #6

Watch This Video!

Meanbitch Productions
It’s time to get mean and nasty! Are you a weak little bitch or dude who needs to be put in his place by a tall, superior Mistress? Then this is the video for you! Four giant queens put small slaves in their places with lots of facesitting, ass worship, pussy eating, foot worship, humiliation and more!

Stars: Alison Tyler, Zoey Paige, Virgo Perdot, Jasmine Summers, Karen Fisher, Damien Kross, Jack Vegas

Wasteland – Captive Desire

Video: Wasteland - Captive Desire

Watch This Video!

Severe Sex
From the award-winning minds at Wasteland, Captive Desires brings you some of the most compelling and authentic BDSM scenes you’ll ever see. In this volume, 7 male Doms put 8 beautiful female submissives to the test with extremes ranging from massive fucking machines to oceans of hot wax, plus caning, single tail whipping, and humiliation play at its finest!

Stars: Sadie Holmes, Vyxen Steel, Lily Ligotage, Madeline Blue, Nyssa Nevers, Sicilia Ricci, Miss Gia Love, Slave Debbie, David Lawrence, Master Johnny, Lance Hart, Rich, Gee Richards, Eric X

Brutal Pickups – Sabrina Banks

Video: Brutal Pickups - Sabrina Banks

Watch This Video!

Fetish Network
Who would have thought that an ATM would lead to not only cash, but also a new willing sex slave? In Bruno’s world, anywhere is a good place to meet extreme teen sex sluts to break down with rough sex and humiliate. Sabrina is a verrrrry cute brunette babe with a super nice body, and she is broke, scared and desperate to get home. She begs Bruno for a few dollars to get home, and he tells her he can’t help her. Sabrina keeps begging for help, so Bruno takes her into a nearby office building where she deepthroats his cock in the doorway. After the public sex suck-off, Bruno throws her into an elevator and savagely tears her clothes off and gropes her tits and pussy before ruthlessly fucking her from behind. When the elevator arrives at the roof, Bruno drags Sabrina across the gravel roof and continues her intense and total humiliation tying her hands with rope and taping her mouth shut before fucking her rotten and firing a huge load into her mouth which she obediently swallows. Good whore!

Stars: Sabrina Banks, Bruno Dickemz

Whipped Ass – Featuring Lorelei Lee and AJ Applegate

Video: Whipped Ass - Featuring Lorelei Lee and AJ Applegate

Watch This Video!

AJ Applegate Flogged and Anally Strap-on Fucked by Lorelei Lee

Hot blonde AJ Applegate finds herself under the control of dominatrix Goddess Lorelei Lee. Trapped in her cage, AJ is caned before she’s released, only to be flogged and spanked. Lorelei subjects AJ to some erotic humiliation by making her piss in her bondage and all over the floor. Lorelei then shoves AJ’s toes and foot up her cunt before fucking her foot to orgasm. Bound and helpless, AJ takes Lorelei’s fingers and comes all over her hand. Finally a good hard lesbian anal strap-on fucking concludes a smoking hot BDSM scene between two gorgeous women!

Stars: Lorelei Lee, AJ Applegate

Smack Talking Bitches Vol. 3

Video: Smack Talking Bitches Vol. 3

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Julie Simone Productions
Julie Simone and her femdom friends are back to talk smack! They don’t hold back while talking directly to you. The red-headed mistress and her cohorts resort to chastity belts, foot worship, leather fetish, small penis humiliation and even pillow humping to tease your cock. There’s even talk of hooking your balls up to a saline bag and anything else they can think of; as long as these dominating women are in control. Come join the fun and let all your sub fantasies be brought to life in ten scenes directed by the AVN Hall of Famer herself, Julie Simone!

Stars: Julie Simone, Nikki Sebastian, Maya Sinstress, Eden Alexander, Deanna Deadly, Mistrix Ms E, Alice Skary

Horny Cuckold Bitches

Video: Horny Cuckold Bitches

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Evil Angel – Aiden Starr

Mistress of kinky pleasure Aiden Starr directs perverse scenes of erotic infidelity for freaks that get off on the humiliation of betrayal. Cruel sluts put lewd affairs in the face of their wimpy partners, making the submissive “Horny Cuckold Bitches” watch their women service better hung real men.

Scene 1: Busty, bitchy blonde Aiden Starr loves teasing her husband, Slave Fluffy, with her cruel infidelity. Keeping Fluffy behind bars, his little dick imprisoned in a metal chastity device, Aiden makes the pasty white cuckold witness her fucking big, black boyfriend Jovan Jordan. The curvaceous slut sucks Jovan’s immense cock, taking a pussy-stretching interracial ride, and enjoys a cum facial. Finally releasing her pathetic hubby from his confinement, Aiden buzzes his restrained penis with a vibrator until he spurts sperm all over himself!

Scene 2: Slave Fluffy’s curvy, kinky wife, Aiden Starr, crams a ball gag into his mouth and locks him in a cage. Wearing a chastity harness, he’s made to watch busty, blonde stepdaughter Marsha May blow her big-dicked boyfriend, Owen Gray. The cuckolded stepdad sees Marsha gagging on the young man’s meat and hears her scream in ecstasy as her pussy gets pounded — right on top of his barred cell! Finally, the blonde slut takes a creamy cum facial and shows off the mess with glee.

Scene 3: Sultry, big-assed redhead Sophia Locke is married to wimpy cuckold Jimmy Broadway; she keeps him in a cage with a metal chastity device harnessed on his pathetic prick. One phone call later, Isiah Maxwell is pleasuring Sophia’s cunt with his tongue and pushing his enormous, black cock into her mouth. Her husband can only watch and listen as the ebony stud fucks his horny wife, making her cum over and over. After an interracial pussy pounding, Sophia spits the black man’s cum into hubby’s mouth!

Scene 4: Older white cuckold Johnny Cockring likes sucking on a big black dildo, imagining he could satisfy busty blonde wife Sarah Vandella. Sarah suddenly shows up with her date, Moe “The Monster” Johnson, and sucks the ebony stud’s big black cock as her wimpy husband watches. The unfaithful wife sits on Moe’s face and crams his enormous shaft down her throat. She greases Moe’s giant joint for a pussy-stretching interracial ride. Finally, she grabs hubby’s wallet so she and her real man can go party some more!

Stars: Marsha May, Aiden Starr, Sarah Vandella, Sophia Locke, Isiah Maxwell, Jovan Jordan, Slave Fluffy, Johnny Cockring, Jimmy Broadway, Moe Johnson, Owen Gray

Ex-Mom Movement

Video: Ex-Mom Movement

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Mercedes is having an identity crisis of the worst kind. She doesn’t realize the life she covets is not the life for her at all! This is the type of turmoil one can end up in when we strive to meet someone else’s high set expectations. Mercedes has been seduced by not one but four of her step-daughters, all from previous marriages. Her dilemma drives her to the brink of insanity until her friend Kendra sends her to Dr. Allie Haze. We know Mercedes has had a rich, formative past, but will her new therapist Allie pick up on Mercedes’ stifled lesbian inner voice, or help Mercedes be that same boring housewife she’s always thought she wanted to be? Witness Mercedes’ incredible transformation from typical heterosexual housewife, through a journey into her past, leading her to become the star lesbian MANTIS agent we’ve grown to know and love.

Pass The Mom Part One: Mercedes Carrera promises herself that things will be different this time with her new family. She isn’t going to re-live her past mistakes that included lesbian fornication with her step-daughters. This grave mistake cost her a lot and she isn’t going to screw it up again with her new found home. Mercedes learned from her sexual blunders and promised herself she will do everything she can to be a good wife and loving mother.

Even though it is early morning, sisters Goldie and Riley Reid talk about how exciting it is having a new mom in the house. They envy her flawless beauty, but Riley feels there is something about Mercedes she isn’t exactly being honest about. Their new mommy has to be hiding something, and Riley is going to find exactly what that is. They look her up on the internet, and by a fluke find a blog revealing Mercedes past. Riley plots the perfect plan to have Mercedes at their bidding; Goldie is going to seduce her while Riley watches everything through the closet and when Goldie is done having sex with her mom, she will seduce her too!

Goldie sneaks into her parents room, wakes up Mercedes and tells her she cant sleep because she’s too horny. Mercedes doesn’t know how to react and she sure didn’t want to wake up her husband. Goldie needs a mommy to show her how to deal with all of her sexual desires. Mercedes touches her daughters lips as she removes her night gown and has Goldie promise this is going to be their little secret. Meanwhile, Riley hides in the closet, licking her lips with envy that it isn’t the other way around, and she is fucking Mercedes, but she’ll have her turn, (not) soon enough!

Pass The Mom Part Two: Last time on Mommy’s Girl, Riley Reid and sister Goldie came up with the perfect plot to have their new stepmother Mercedes Carrera at their beck and call. Knowing their new mother has something she’s hiding, sisters Riley and Goldie did some research online, discovering Mercedes dark past of a lesbian incident with her previous stepdaughters. Goldie lures her new mother into her room this time, seducing the gullible milf to repeat the mistakes she swore she would never make again.

Mercedes hides in the bathroom, going over what in the hell just happened. If her husband found out she had sex with his daughter, this would mean another marriage down the drain. Riley walks into the bathroom disrupting her thoughts, making sure her mommy is OK. Mercedes assures her that all is well and to get ready for class. But Riley’s thoughts aren’t about school, she is ready for a lesson only her mommy can teach! Riley admits she knows about her mom’s history and the lesbian escapade that transpired with Goldie and it is Riley’s turn to get that lesbian relief!

Mercedes complies with her daughter’s wishes, giving in to pleasing Riley’s nubile pussy. Riley spreads her legs, ready for her mother’s warm soothing mouth. Riley’s pussy juice flows down Mercedes chin, as she craves to know what it tastes like. Mercedes places her hand over Riley’s pussy lips, stroking her clitoris and inducing Riley’s rapturous orgasm. Riley’s promises to be a good girl and not tell her father in exchange for a chance to eat her new mother’s sweet pussy. Mercedes has no choice but to allow her daughter this request, so she spreads her legs exposing her shaved pussy for Riley to indulge promising Riley she will ejaculate all over her face. Riley wants more than just her mother’s cum over her face, she asks Mercedes to pick her off the floor while she fingers her from behind.

Ex-Mom Movement Part One: At her wits end, Mercedes Carrera paces back and forth, suffering from the pain and humiliation from two crippled marriages. All because she couldn’t control her lesbian sexuality, Mercedes is now alone, unable to cope with her shattered life. But this isn’t all her fault. Promising to be a good wife and learn her lessons from her first ruined marriage, she puts her foot down, swears she will never have lesbian sex again and remain a loyal wife. Unfortunately, her past catches up to her, her new stepdaughters finding out how she had sex with her first husband’s daughter was devastating, and now they are now manipulating the vulnerable woman to their advantage, leaving Mercedes yet again, a lesbian disaster. Mercedes friend Kendra calls, imploring she goes to conversion therapy and meet with specialist Allie Haze. Mercedes a brain cell away from boarding the cuckoo train, agrees to meet this Allie Haze but with little hope anyone can help her.

Mercedes sits down with Allie in her office and starts talking about her lesbian experiences with her stepdaughters. Despite Mercedes feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, Allie convinces her this will help in her therapy. Mercedes’ story begins her story about her lesbian escapade, beginning with her first stepdaughters Jenna and Sara, who seduced her to have sex with both of them. Mercedes then explains how Sara uploaded the hidden sex tape online, exposing her lesbian affair to the whole town and new husband. As time passed, she met a new man, promising herself she would never repeat the same mistakes. But her new stepdaughters knew about her shady past, using this as leeway to get what they wanted! Mercedes tried really hard to be a good wife, but was suckered into complying to her new daughters’ sexual demands.

Allie knows exactly what she has to do to mend this browbeaten milf. Role-play. Allie will play the stepdaughter and see how Mercedes reacts toward her advances and learn from there. Allie approaches Mercedes, touching her knees, face and the tip of her cleavage. Mercedes becomes nervous as Allie sits on her lap, unsuccessful in shooing her ‘daughter’ from being too forward. Allie removes her bra and skirt, wanting her mommy to teach her naughty things. Mercedes thinks shes had enough, no way can this be part of her therapy, but Allie insists they take it all the way, reenacting everything Mercedes did in the past, which includes pussy eating, fingering and unrighteous lesbian acts all in the name of therapy!

Ex-Mom Movement Part Two: On the brink of a major breakdown, Mercedes Carrera seeks help from conversion therapist Allie Haze. After a thorough history of Mercedes filthy fetishes and lesbian attraction for all her past stepdaughter’s, Allie suggests that a little role play could shed some light on Mercedes mental predicament. Allie pretends to be one of Mercedes stepdaughters, as she roots inside the core of her psyche, bringing out the worst of Mercedes’ obsession with her lesbianism.

Mercedes is on her knees crying, convinced that she cannot control her sexual urges for tight young pussy. Allie comforts her client, assuring her that this breakthrough is just another step away from being healed. Mercedes has learned she is a sexual monster that preys on young, fleshy daughters. Allie uses her therapy skills to open Mercedes mind, making her realize that she isn’t a sick monster after all, just a woman hiding in the shadows from her own sapphic desires. Mercedes finally has an epiphany, and realizes that she was never attracted to men, all her confusion finally lifts away, and she comes to her sense. She is a full blown lesbian. But Allie wants to try one last treatment, one she likes to call ‘sapphic conversion therapy’, a role playing game aiming to test Mercedes’ sexual urges and to confirm Allie’s theory.

Mercedes stands up showing off her huge ass with Allie in front of her on her knees and spreads her lesbian patient’s shaved pussy. Allie strokes and teases Mercedes’ clit, pushing two of her fingers deep inside her hole. Mercedes begs that Allie not to stop until she cums. Mercedes sits on top of Allie, tribbing away with built up lesbian fury, finally unashamed of her natural desires. Hungry to taste Allie’s pussy, Mercedes spreads her pink pussy wide open, gratifying Allie with her mouth and tongue.
It took a lot of effort but Allie thinks Mercedes is finally at peace, realizing who she is and what her heart desires! Women!

Private Practice: Allie Haze, a highly trained psychologist is in a therapy session with her patient. She cannot concentrate hearing him talk about his lame life. She can’t wait for this session to be over. Her mind drifts on more important things, anything to make the time go faster. Luck be with her and time was up. So happy her day was finally over, Allie receives an unexpected knock at the door and realizes she had a last minute appointment. This appointment would definitely require her attention, mentally and physically.

Karla Kush, a beautiful blonde teenager introduces herself to Allie. Allie was so relieved that Karla was at least hot. Karla lies on the couch bothered as to why her mother made her to see a therapist. Allie comforts Karla, making her feel as ease and to think of her as a friend rather than a doctor. Karla confides in Allie, saying she became sexually active at a very early age. Karla elaborates on her sexual experiences which made Allie horny and sexually attracted to her new patient. Allie asks Karla to talk more about those experiences, wanting specifics. Karla confesses all her inner secrets, playing with boys and girls. Allie cannot resist touching her thighs as Karla elaborates on her lesbian experiences. It’s clear that Karla has had a lot of sex with numerous partners, including the entire football team. But she also admits that her girlfriends are way more interesting to play with than boys. She needed the reassurance that being with girls wasn’t wrong,but a normal teenager curious about her sexuality. Allie was thankful for all the information and thinks they have a lot to talk about where she can help Karla feel like she is a healthy, teenager exploring her sexuality. Karla admits that she’s had this life long fantasy of fucking a woman in power, and authority. Allie takes this as a sign of seduction and is ashamed she is having these thoughts of actually having sex with her patient but she cannot control her desires.

Unprofessional or not, they both agree to keep this a secret. They rip off each other clothes where Allie licks Karla’s pussy, sucking on her juicy labia then inserting two fingers inside of her. Karla groans with excitement and pleasure moaning to touch her doctors pussy. Allie spreads her legs open, ready for Karla to put her mouth all over it. Karla loves Allie’s sexy huge ass, spanking and placing her fingers deep inside her hole making her cum. Karla places herself over Allie’s face, being eaten out and fingering Allie deep and hard. Karla screams from an intense orgasm. But Allie is far from done pleasuring her. Placing Karla upside down, Allie continues to finger her, spanking her outer lips. Karla jumps onto Allie, kissing passionately and tribbing. Karla’s fantasy became a reality today, and Allie is adamant Karla makes an appointment very soon so they can explore more of Karla’s fantasies. Hottest Therapy session ever!

Stars: Karla Kush, Mercedes Carrera, Miss Goldie, Allie Haze, Riley Reid

Top To Bottom

Video: Top To Bottom

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Shadow Lane

Miss Gregory explains to her supervisor, Mr. Osborne, that Miss Violet is the subject of the session he is about to observe. Miss Violet has bad eating habits and Miss Gregory plans to correct them. Mr. Osborne takes a seat and promises to stay out of her way. Violet arrives late, sullen and disappointed that her favorite therapist is on vacation. Miss Gregory scolds her for being late. Violet tries to reschedule for when Miss Rouge is back, but Miss Gregory won’t permit it. She warns Violet that she has already cancelled two scheduled appointments without proper notice and informs Violet that under her contract, she can be charged up to two hundred dollars for every missed appointment. Miss Gregory promises to waive these penalties if Violet promises to behave and accept her discipline therapy. Violet agrees, but seems inclined to fight Miss Gregory every step of the way. Miss Gregory decides to immediately correct Violet’s bratty attitude with an over the knee spanking. Mr. Osborne makes notes. Miss Gregory gets Violet to admit that she is completely ignoring the healthy eating recommendations she has been given at the clinic.

Miss Gregory tells Violet to take her clothes off while she prepares her therapeutic enema. Violet complains that Miss Rouge always lets her change into cute pajamas for her treatment. Miss Gregory brings her some pajamas to change into but tells her she won’t be allowed to keep them on for long. Miss Gregory places Violet face down on exam table, lubricates her and takes her temperature rectally. Presently she uses a lube shooter to better lubricate Violet for her enema. Miss Gregory gives Violet the bag enema, with a clever dildo nozzle inserted to deliver the warm water. At Miss Gregory’s request, Mr. Osborne assists by holding the bag quite high. When Violet claims she can’t hold it any longer, Miss Gregory is very strict and tells her she must, spanking her and squeezing her tummy while Violet is on all fours. By now Violet’s pajama bottoms are off and her beautiful little bosom is exposed. When Violet can’t hold the water anymore, Miss Gregory escorts her out of the room, holding the bag. Violet is still plugged with the wiggly dildo nozzle.

Miss Gregory promises Violet a finishing caning, which she deserves for being a disagreeable patient that day. Violet is caned over the spanking bench. Twenty-four thwacks with the cane are administered to the platinum blonde, leaving her ivory bottom scored with pink lines. After the caning, Violet is told to put her clothes back on and depart. As this happens Miss Gregory corrects and scolds Violet for her improper grammar (“Where’s my dress at?”) while taking her by the ear. Violet departs, but she doesn’t go far. Mr. Osborne takes issue with Miss Gregory’s harsh, bossy methods and lack of compassion towards her cute patient. He tell her that she, Miss Gregory, is the one who needs correction most that day and that he has decided to administer it, then and there. He starts with an over the knee spanking.

Violet sneaks back into the room, crawling on all fours, to witness the subsequent correction. Suddenly, a giggle from Violet alerts them that she has come back to watch her dominant get spanked. Mr. Osborne tells Violet she needs a bit more discipline, and from him. The girls are made to kneel, side-by-side, on a leather bench, for more hand spanking and a strapping apiece. Violet doesn’t mind about her extra spanking because she loves that Miss Gregory is getting it too. But then she protests, “She should get the same kind of humiliation I got, the anal kind!” Mr. Osborne tells Violet to be quiet but orders Miss Gregory to produce at least a butt plug to make the punishments more even. Miss Gregory protests but Mr. Osborne threatens to write a scathing report on her methods if she doesn’t submit, so she does. While Miss Gregory receives her plugged, hard strapping, she cries real, visible tears that shoot from her eyes. Finally Miss Gregory begs to be allowed to leave and Mr Osborne gives his permission. Violet enthusiastically hugs him, telling him this was the best session of her life.

Stars: Sarah Gregory, Violet October, John Osbourne

Taboo Mommy

Video: Taboo Mommy

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Venus Girls Productions
Holly Heart is the taboo mommy! And in this one, mommy gets to dominate many men and she’ll do anything to make her men obey her and do whatever she wants! Taboo Mommy’s got it all … from handjobs, to paddles, to blowjobs, humiliation and much, much more! You’ll want to enjoy this one!

Stars: Holly Heart, Anthony Rosano, Jimmy Broadway, Eli Hunter