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Tag Archives: Mom

My Daddy’s Point Of View

Video: My Daddy's Point Of View

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Team Skeet
Peyton Robble: Steppy, if I tell you something, do you promise not to get mad? I took your bed pills and switched them in the other blue ones you have! I can see how happy you are by that boner in your pants. You always told me not to shy away from our problems ya know… I’m not Shy :) Can I help you with your problem? I love you steppy!

Zoe Parker: Why do you spend all your time and attention on that ugly wife of yours? You take her out, buy her stuff and all she does is fuck the pool boy. Can I show you how much better I am for you? My young pussy is so tight, I’ll make you feel so much better than mom does. I will do anything to make my knight in shining armor happy :)

Lily Jordan: Daddy I finally passed! Haha no not my math test, a pregnancy test! Why are you mad? Oh I see, YOU were supposed to be the only one that cum inside me. I know your semen would never get me pregnant, it just makes my tummy feel yummy:). After it works its magic can I ride you like we did last time? I miss you inside me so much!

Katy Kiss: Hey pops, I know you are busy, but can we talk? I need some new jeans. My butt is almost grown out of old ones, wanna see?? You should spank it to see how jiggly it is too. I’ll show you how badly I really need them if you want. Let me suck your penis to show you I mean it! If I swallow I can have the credit card right?

Mickey Tyler: Don’t sound so surprised, princess. You knew this day was coming. Now that you are older shaving is just unavoidable. Maybe I can help you trim that perfectly tight teen pussy. What father could resist? After i shave it, maybe I could fuck it? Prepare yourself young lady, daddy is going in dry.

Stars: Zoey Parker, Katy Kiss, Lily Jordan, Mickey Tyler, Peyton Robbie

Monsters Of Jizz Volume 102 – First Time Handjobs

Video: Monsters Of Jizz Volume 102 - First Time Handjobs

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Monsters Of Jizz

It’s all First Time Handjobs in this edition of Monsters Of Jizz. Some of the clips included in this compilation: Sexy Slut Sucks a Dick; Kinky Girls Wants it in Her Panties; She’s Never Seen a Dick Before; Mom Teaches Daughter; and Hot Girls Love Big Loads of Cum!

Stars: Haley, Mila May, Ryan

A Stepmother’s Affair

Video: A Stepmother's Affair

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Peter North Presents
Dad is not around and your stepmom is lonely. She comforts and gives you support when you are ‘down’. Now, mom can get you ‘up’. She wants a younger, bigger, and harder version of the dad that she fell in love with. She wants to go at it all the time. So go ahead, it’s your dirty little secret!

Stars: Sasha Sean, Reagan Foxx, Tegan James, Simone Garza , Jesse Jones, Xander Corvus, Logan Long

Ctrl-Alt-Del: Mommy VII

Video: Ctrl-Alt-Del: Mommy VII

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Dear Journal,

I don’t usually write in happenings of my day, but I am so filled with happiness and excitement I have to tell someone. I know that I can’t tell another person about the best day of my life, not even my mother, but I can tell you. I’ve finally created a mind control medicine that is going to make me rich, and I have to thank my volatile relationship with my mother for the inspiration behind the research of my grand discovery.

My mother and I used to have a close relationship until her and Dad got a divorce seven years ago. I resented Mom for the split, I felt as though she was keeping me from my father, and I acted out. Mom sent me away to a boarding school in France, she kept in contact with me, sending me home to visit with her on Holidays and some Summer vacation months, I know she meant the best, but I was so young that the divorce and the separation from my mother affected me, and maybe it affected how I feel about women. I have mixed feelings about the separation, but ultimately I have to thank my mother for her decision to send me away, it was in France where I found my true passion in Chemistry and mind control.

I’ve always been intensely interested in electronics, unlike women, they are easy to understand. You can build a remote control car, for example, and it will accelerate, turn, and stop with basic signals from a remote. The human body can behave much like a remote control car, you can control neurotransmitters of the brain, almost as easy as a simple circuit board, with medicine that enhance dopamine and norepinephrine. You can make a person happier, sleepy, and when you use other natural chemicals found in the body, you can safely cause a person to forget, to turn off their inhibitions, and to react to commands. This might be sounding a little dark but my findings can be used for good, just imagine what a PTSD sufferer would pay to reprogram his brain to forget a certain part of the past. I admit, I’ve had fantasizes of using this to benefit my own sexual fantasies. I think any human being would. Just imagine, close your eyes and imagine that you could get away with having sex with a supermodel, she’s bobbing her head up and down on your cock with everything she’s got, eager to please you, as if making you cum was her only ambition in life, and she’s grateful for the opportunity. Do you get it, now? I’ll bet in front of people you’d say you would never do an unethical thing like control a woman’s brain, but when you are alone with a stunning woman, and the remote is in your hand, with no possibility of getting caught, you’d play out your wildest fantasies with her. I know you would. The woman I chose was my mother. I didn’t plan on using my mother for my first human test, but she left me with no choice, she was threatening me, my work, and I couldn’t let her stand in the way of my success. – Alex Legend

Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

Lesbian House Hunters Part 14

Video: Lesbian House Hunters Part 14

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Girlfriends Films
Anya & Lena are trying to sell their house. Anya sets up Prinzzess and Lena to be together because Lena wants to be with another woman. Anya tells Angela that they are choosing a different Realtor, but Angela lowers her percentage rate and offers herself to go to be with her to close the deal. Elsa’s mom told Reagan to come over to take pictures of the house in order to sell it. Later, Reagan starts fantasizing and sticks her hand down her pantyhose. The next day her fantasy comes true. Katie and Lauren are enjoying some wine and Lauren can’t resist kissing Katie and they head up to the bedroom.

Stars: Katie Morgan, Angela White, Prinzzess, Lauren Phillips, Elsa Jean, Anya Olsen, Reagan Foxx, Lena Paul

My Mom’s Dark Secret

Video: My Mom's Dark Secret

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Third Degree
Once mom goes black, she never goes back! These white MILFs have a sexy, dark secret that they just can’t deny! They want to suck big black cocks and ride them like the interracial cowgirls they are! What their families don’t know won’t do harm to them, but these horny moms have everything to gain from getting their dark chocolate hardcore fantasies fulfilled!

Stars: Cherie DeVille, Christie Stevens, Alena Croft, Mercedes Carrera, Ricky Johnson, Prince Yahshua, Jovan Jordan, Jack Blaque

OMG! You’re My Daddy!

Video: OMG! You're My Daddy!

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Desperate Pleasures

Zara Ryan: After a long flight from Australia I was sitting at the airport bar when this guy approached me. I went back to his place and before I knew it he had me bent over the table taking me from behind. He pounded me hard before cumming all over my stomach. Needless to say he invited me to stay til my next flight out. Turns out he was hung up on this Australian woman he knew long ago and when he showed me a picture of her I was shocked to discover it was my mum! But finding out he was my Daddy somehow made things even hotter between us.

Stefania Mafra: Before my mother passed she told me several times to find my godfather if anything ever happened to her. I found him and he welcomed me into his home for the night. When I couldn’t he let me climb in bed with him. His touch began to turn me on and I could tell he was turned on too. Needless to say we wound up having sex in his bed and we both relieved some tension. Unfortunately he came inside me and I’m not on the pill. The next morning he made a comment and we both realized I was actually his daughter!

Akira Shell: The other day Hope caught me reading her diary. I was reading about the things she was doing with her Daddy and it turned me on. She called her Daddy in and he fucked me while Hope watched. A few months later Hope’s Daddy and I were going through some old photos and I found a pic of my mom and Hope’s Dad. It seems they were fucking around after Hope’s mom split and based on the time frame he’s actually my Daddy. That discovery mad things even hotter for both of us. I can’t wait to tell Hope she’s my sister!

Stars: Akira Shell, Zara Ryan, Stefania Mafra, JW Ties

Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks 19

Video: Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks 19

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Team Skeet

Scene 1: Penny Nichols in “Tiny Red Riding Hood”. Penny went to visit her grandma for Halloween since it’s their favorite holiday and they love doing spooky stuff together. When she got there her grandma was already wearing a mask and tucked under the blankets because she was cold. She asked Penny to warm her up with some body heat, so she jumped on top of and rubbed her down! Penny felt something strange poking her and when she looked to see what it was, she was shocked! It wasn’t her grandma all along – it was her caretaker playing a prank on Penny! She said she would take care of him as long as he took care of her grandma, and then went to town on his giant cock! Tiny penny then got pounded into again and again, loving every second of it. Finally he dropped his big bad seed all over her face and chest! Happy Halloween!

Scene 2: Michelle Martinez aka Michelle Rodriguez: Michelle is a super tiny Hispanic girl who was bored at home with nothing to do. She went downstairs and tried to get her step brother, Alex to take her somewhere and does something fun. He wasn’t having it because he was busy watching the game. He had the brilliant idea to play hide and seek with her and told her to go hide while he stayed and watched the game. She went to go hide under a desk and discovered a monster dildo that was nearly half the size of her! Michelle started to play with it and try to fit inside of her but it wasn’t even going inside! That’s when Alex caught her in the act! It wasn’t long until Michelle had her mouth full of her step bros dick – she struggled to fit it in her mouth but she tried her best. She got her tight teeny twat destroyed by his monster cock and she took his load to her face like a champ!

Scene 3: Teen tiny Jenna Reid was home alone so she decided to go into her parent’s room to try on some of her mom’s bras and heels, but when she found her step dads shirt she put that on instead. Jenna has been obsessed with her step dad Tony ever since her mom married him. She always fantasized about getting fucked by him. Jenna played with herself while wearing Tony’s shirt and when Tony barged in things got hot and heavy. After a bit of teasing and dirty talk, Tony licked her holes and Jenna returned the favor of gagging on his thick meatsicle! Tony stretched her tight teen twat and made this little slut cum multiple times! In the end this dirty teen was begging for her step daddy’s cum and that’s exactly what she got!
Scene 4: Renee Roulette in “Tiny Business Proposal”. Renee was doing a favor for her dad to drop off some important paperwork for his business partner, Mirko to sign. The thing is Renee has had a crush on him forever. Now was her chance to finally get him to fuck her! She opened her legs to show off her pretty 18 year old pussy and Mirko tried his hardest not to stare but he couldn’t help it. Renee finally jumped on his lap and convinced him to fuck! Renee dropped to her knees and choked on his rod while getting face fucked! Tiny Renee got bent over and drilled into before climbing on top and bouncing her petite frame up and down on his giant meatsicle! Renee orgasmed a couple times before Mirko dropped his load all over her mouth!

Scene 4: Kharlie Stone responded to an internet ad to get some headshots taken for the start of her modeling career. She shows up at Shawn’s house and after the pictures were taken he suggested that she take some lingerie photos and told her he could get her a hook up with jobs. He hooks her up with some cute lingerie and they take some sexy photos. After that she offers to pay him in something other than money – her pussy! Kharlie noticed Shawn’s monster cock bulging through is pants as he was taking the pictures and when she took it out she couldn’t believe how big he was! She could barely fit it in her tiny little mouth! Shawn bent her over the couch and filled her tight twat before she got on top and he manhandled her petite frame! Her teen pussy made him explode all over her cute face!

Stars: Renee Roulette, Jenna Reid, Kharlie Stone, Michelle Martinez, Penny Nichols, Juan Largo, Alex Jones, Mirko steel, Tony D, Shawn

Sex POV 20

Video: Sex POV 20

Watch This Video!


I Am So Happy To See You Again: I admit to being glad you and my mom broke up. You are better off without her, don’t you think? It gives me a chance to spend time with you without the guilt of her finding out. I wanted you the whole time you two were dating. In fact I think maybe you two broke up because of me. You would throw little hints around that I was exactly like a younger version of her. Men like a young tight body and a mind that hasn’t been too warped yet by the world. Come closer, let me touch you and give you what my mom could never give.

I Have To Do It: This is so stupid to be grounded. I guess I should be glad my dad let you come over but I’m way too horny to not have sex while you’re here. We could fuck really quick right here on the couch. My whole family is upstairs watching a movie so way we’ll get caught if we’re quick. Come on, make your girlfriend happy.

Are You Sure Your Wife Is Asleep: I consider myself lucky to have this nanny job and be employed by a sexy older man. I picked the right career path that led me to you. I’m assuming by you coming into my room that your wife took a sleeping pill again and is out. You don’t waste any time making your way to my room for some fun do you? Well, come closer so I can touch it.

This Is a One Night Fuck Only: I can’t even begin to explain how frustrated I am at the whole dating process. You are the last date of the week and I had such high hopes. First of all, you lied on your profile about your height but I agreed to continue the date because you are semi-good looking. It’s obvious I tower over you. It’s obvious I am turning into a cranky bitch and need some sexual release. I’m only agreeing to fuck you tonight on the grounds you don’t get to cum until I do. This is a one time, one shot deal. Let’s get to it before I change my mind, shorty.

Stars: Amarna Miller, Lauren Phillips, Alexa Grace , Elsa Jean

Daddy Fuck My Ass

Video: Daddy Fuck My Ass

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Burning Angel Entertainment

Scene 1: Petite Goth Holly Hendrix is a music school dropout… Well not really, they kicked her out because she’s a truly awful singer! Her stepdad was surprised and angry that she was home because he paid so much for her to attend the best music school. Miss Hendrix will be getting lessons in opening her throat… and her pussy….and her asshole! She has to work off her debt and hit those high notes somehow. Seems she’ll be busy fucking, sucking and being a well-behaved slut for the rest of the semester! All things considered, this is a good deal when your stepdad is Steve Holmes.

Scene 2: Bad girl Sloane Synful was smoking cigarettes, and her stepdad Tommy Pistol caught her. He was so infuriated at her filthy habit that he didn’t notice she was also topless in public! He carried her off inside to teach her a lesson in pleasing step-daddy’s dick so he won’t narc to her mom. Sloane slobbered his knob down her throat, making his erection even stiffer before she had a seat for a ride on top. If his stepdaughter was going get away with her bad behavior, that meant taking some stepfather cock deep inside her perfect bung. She definitely earns daddy’s permission to cum and jizz on her perfect tits!

Scene 3: Sweet stepdaughter Anna de Ville’s plan to make her drunk mom’s new hubby Steve Holmes dinner for stepfather-daughter bonding night failed, and he was kind enough to order a pizza – which mom NEVER lets them have. Turned on by their naughty love of the stuff, Steve offered her a big serving of sausage while waiting for delivery! She helped herself to his cock with a sloppy blowjob, and received a pussy pounding on the kitchen counter before feeling a new sensation… A finger… and then a penis in her pristine anus! Anna has the most precious pink gape. They truly bonded over eating each other’s assholes, and then pizza.

Scene 4: Mark Wood’s slutty red-headed step daughter Alexa Nova was trying to go out of the house dressed in all black AGAIN. He buys her brightly colored outfits, but she rejects them and wants her clothes to match the color of her soul, and to look like a gothic whore just like her mom! Earning a scolding, he demanded she strip and go to her room. The young rebel clearly has to learn a lesson, and needs some of daddy’s discipline in her life. As it turns out, she could also use his big fat dick deep down her throat and inside her tight little puckerhole too!

Stars: Alexa Nova, Holly Hendrix, Anna Deville, Sloane Synful, Mark Wood, Steve Holmes, Tommy Pistol

All The World’s A Stage

Video: All The World's A Stage

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My hot mom is working out in the living room, putting on an ass show just for me. I know my mom has been horny as hell for me, and can you blame her? “I’m really coming into my own,” she says, which is basically my little boy dick isn’t so little anymore, and she can’t wait to drop to her knees for me. I know what you’re thinking, you think its pretty f’ed up to think about my mom in a sexual way, and it wasn’t always this way. I’m telling you the cause of my fantasies is completely the fault of my mother’s. I bet you’d get your dick hard if your 44 year old mother looked half her age, and she kept wagging her titties in your face with her low cut blouse, and swinging her ass from left to right. I caught her looking over her shoulder last time she did it, it’s like she wants to make sure I’m noticing. I’m going to make a move. I’ll prove it to you!

In her words:

My boy is a senior in High School now and I am feeling concerned for him. He’s withdrawn from all his friends, he doesn’t go out on the weekends, and all he wants to do is hang out at home. I talked with my psychiatrist about it and she told me that “it’s normal for boys to mature later than girls.” I even confessed that I think my son might try to make a sexual advance to me! It pained me to confess that to her; as if I didn’t speak it aloud then it would go away. He cupped my bum when he hugged me last week, even though there is more evidence to prove that it’s not just in my head that was enough for her to agree with me. I am a good mother. I swear to you! I worry for my son. I want him to grow up normally, and I don’t want to cross the line. I have one more confession that I haven’t told anyone, not my psychiatrist, nor my sister, or my closest girlfriend, come in close and I will whisper it to you and you alone. I feel sexy when he looks at me. I swear to you that I will not act on it. He is just a boy, my boy, and he will grow out of this stage. He will need me to help him through it.

Stars: Blair Williams, Robby Echo

Lesbian Family Affair Volume 4

Video: Lesbian Family Affair Volume 4

Watch This Video!

Filly Films
Summer Day & Tiffany Watson are at the office looking for mom’s presents. They discover sex toys in one of the desk drawers. Tanya Tate, their mother walks in on the girls playing with all the toys. Mommy shows her girls how the toys work. Jasmine Summers is excited to tell her mom Mercedes Carrera that they’ve won the softball tournament. Meanwhile Maya Bijou admits that she hears Jasmine & Mercedes at night, making certain sexual sounds. So they start out kissing which leads to more in the office. Lily Rader has forgotten her keys and is locked out of the house. So she goes to the office to get another set from her mom Alexis Fawx. Lily catches her mother and coworker getting naked for online purposes. Lily catches them and joins in. bonus scene from “Tanya Tate’s: Lesbian Family Affair: starring Aaliyah Love, Tanya & Zoey Monroe. Then another bonus scene from “Mommy & Me #10” with Tanya Tate & Karla Kush.

Stars: Alexis Fawx, Karla Kush, Mercedes Carrera, Olivia Austin, Jasmine Summers, Tiffany Watson, Summer Day (i), Lily Rader, Tanya Tate, Maya Bijou , Aaliyah Love, Zoey Monroe

Touchdown With Mom

Video: Touchdown With Mom

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Taboo Passions
What the hell is my mom doing? She has been acting strange this weekend. I have been hearing moaning and what sounds like porn and a vibrator. She really needs to get laid. One afternoon I was watching sports and waiting for the game to start when mom walks in the living room. Oh, great, I thought. She was wearing a short little dress and carrying a towel and oil and some weird little black pouch. I tried to ignore her and watch the game. She started eating a banana and playing with her pussy. She is being really distracting. I could not help myself and started to get a boner. I hope she does not notice it. She bent over in front of me and showed me her huge ass. Fuck, she is seducing me and I am not going to be able to say no. Damn, it is too late she grabbed my cock and started sucking. Her mouth felt so good and then she turned around and told me to open up the black pouch. It was a butt plug. I stuck it in and fucked her on the couch. I have to admit this is much better than watching sports! I cannot believe I just scored a touchdown with my mom!

Stars: Madisin Lee, Freddie Cee

My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 12

Video: My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 12

Watch This Video!

Lethal Hardcore
When Blair Williams got caught ditching school by her stepdad, she told him that none of her classmates will let her toss their salads, so he let her give it a try! Candice Dare’s stepdad let her use his treadmill, but she wanted to burn some calories on the cock, so she tongued his ass and let him beat her pussy off.
When the school called Alyssa Cole’s stepdad about her not turning in a history essay, she begged him not to tell her mom so he had her lick his asshole as punishment before he pounded her tight pink hole. Dolly Leigh got horny doing some yoga posses with her stepdad so she licked his ass and let him give her the downward doggy style.


Stars: Candice Dare, Dolly Leigh, Blair Williams, Alyssa Cole

Lesbian Legal Part 10

Video: Lesbian Legal Part 10

Watch This Video!

Girlfriends Films
Elsa Jean and Harley Jade are sister’s living together; recently their mom has passed and has left the two with a lot of inheritance. So real estate attorney’s Reagan Foxx and Mercedes Carrera come up with a solution to fix the siblings arguments and the girls put the house up for sale. Darcie Dolce is looking at a piece of property and wants to surprise her life coach that she has been dating, Jenna Sativa. Darcie gets bad news that her new album really hasn’t been a hit since it was about Jenna. She called Mercedes to cancel the sale of the house. Mercedes calls up Reagan and they tell the girls that are fighting that they have a solution.

Stars: Mercedes Carrera, Jenna Sativa, Elsa Jean, Harley Jade, Darcie Dolce, Reagan Foxx

Girls Kissing Girls 20

Video: Girls Kissing Girls 20

Watch This Video!

Sweetheart Video
Sweetheart’s award-winning series continues with more sensual, deep kissing action. Bobbi Dylan and Cassidy Klein are rival ballerinas, who come head to head in the studio after-hours, ready to work out their difference. Editor in Chief Dana Vespoli is ready to fire writer Chanel Preston after a drunken video of Preston surfaces on social media. Chanel tries to convince Vespoli otherwise. Reality star Sovereign Syre can’t wait to show off her new personal trainer on her TV show, but trainer Lea Lexis is really put off by the spotlight. Sovereign tries to persuade the Romanian beauty to see things from a different perspective. Finally, hot mom Cherie DeVille seeks guidance from LBGTQ counselor Casey Calvert after Cherie’s daughter comes out as gay. Casey shows Cherie that being a lesbian is where it’s at.

Stars: Sovereign Syre, Casey Calvert, Cassidy Klein, Bobbi Dylan, Dana Vespoli, Lea Lexis, Chanel Preston, Cherie DeVille

I Love When Daddy Cums Home

Video: I Love When Daddy Cums Home

Watch This Video!

Peter North Presents
Alana Summers stars in “Dot It Again Daddy”. With mom home, Dad has an unexpected “close shave” from his daughter. Jill Kassidy in “Caught Her Playing”. Step dad was shocked to see his step daughter masturbating but even a bigger surprise was what she wanted! The “The Special Gift”. It’s Katya’s 18th birthday and daddy gives her a big toy. Cover girl Liza Rowe in “Inappropriate Behavior”. Liza is scared and says she heard something in her room so she jumps into daddy’s bed because she needs his touch.

Stars: Alana Summers , Katya Rodriguez, Liza Rowe, Jill Kassidy, John Strong, Eric John

Hookup Hotshot – Send Nudes

Video: Hookup Hotshot - Send Nudes

Watch This Video!

Bryan Gozzling

Bryan Gozzling’s social media know-how seduces sassy sluts into hardcore flesh meets. In “Hookup Hotshot: Send Nudes,” the notorious director/stud chronicles his super-charged, dominant dates with diverse babes, including his first-ever MILF hookup.

Scene 1: MILF Veronica’s Graphic Anal Hookup – Director Bryan Gozzling gets catfished by busty MILF Veronica Avluv! Veronica catches her daughter chatting with Bryan via a dating app when she’s supposed to be doing chores, so Mom confiscates the phone … and sets up an anal date of her own! When they meet up, Bryan fingers Veronica’s cunt till she spews fountains of girl squirt. Veronica gushes gag spit during intense deep-throating, and her legs tremble when Bryan ferociously porks her asshole. She wildly flaunts her elastic twat and prolapsed anus and sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Bryan spatters her face in sperm.

Scene 2: Squirting Teen’s Face-Soaking Hook-Up – Tattooed teen Chloe Carter matches with Bryan Gozzling on a dating app. After a flirty chat, the adorable brunette strolls up to his doorstep wearing skin-tight jeans, jelly shoes and pigtail buns in her hair. Dominant Bryan pulls up Chloe’s shirt and fingers her cunt, and then gags her while spitting on her face. An intense mouth fuck gives way to a choking, pussy-plundering dick-down. The submissive slut gets smeared in slobber and slime. She gushes girl squirt all over her own face! After a vicious hook-up, Bryan hoses Chloe’s face in semen.

Scene 3: 19-Year-Old’s Happy Halloween Trick – Pig-tailed,19-year-old cutie Ariel Grace wants to go trick-or-treating, but when she meets director Bryan Gozzling on a dating app, she decides to stop by his place first. Looking adorable in a see-through belly shirt, tight booty shorts and a devil horn headband, she struts up to his doorstep … and takes an intense, impromptu cunt pounding. Ariel climaxes from anal fingering. She gushes slobber and slime when Bryan fucks her face. The bold babe jams a dildo down her throat while Bryan pummels her pussy. She rides dick with passion, and he slathers her in heaps of semen.

Scene 4: Hipster Chick’s Wicked Anal Hook-Up – Hipster cutie Arya Faye has discovered a hot new dating app. After matching with director Bryan Gozzling, she strolls over to his place for some nasty sodomy. Her meaty cunt peeks from her shorts as Bryan fondles her, and he fingers her to a squirt-spewing orgasm. Wicked Arya inserts an anal bondage hook into her asshole and takes a harsh mouth fuck. She enjoys a ruthless rectum wrecking from Bryan’s boner. The giggling nymph flaunts her gaping butthole and sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Bryan gags and chokes her.

Stars: Veronica Avluv, Chloe Carter, Arya Fae , Ariel Grace, Bryan Gozzling

Nerd Pervert Volume 31

Video: Nerd Pervert Volume 31

Watch This Video!

Nerd Pervert
Craig’s mom Alisha seems to love young cock. After some cock-sucking fun, Craig knocks at the door and she has to sneak out the backdoor. Mona Summers is back to jumpstart her career from makeup artist to porn star, so she fucks Paul for part of her audition, but she has the tightest arse ever, he could hardly get it up. Sophie is prepared to do porn, now that the shock has worn off, she wants to redo her audition and do it better. This means the Nerd gets to do it all over again with her, bonus for him! Bella Star is getting impatient and calls around to hurry Paul about her audition tape and ends up sucking his cock.

Stars: Alisha Rydes, Bella Star (i), Sophie Garcia, Mona Summers, Paul Taylor

Family Fantasies – MILF 1764

Video: Family Fantasies - MILF 1764

Watch This Video!

Red MILF Productions
Rachel is a very sexy wife and for month’s she has been trying to turn her husband Jack on by all different sexy lingerie to wear. Nothing seems to be working and she’s extremely horny. Her stepson Michael notices that his MILF mom is extra sexy. This turns him on and makes the moves on his stepmom. Rachel finally gets the sexual satisfaction that she needs.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Michael, Jack Moore

East Coast Booty – Jenna Kelley 2

Video: East Coast Booty - Jenna Kelley 2

Watch This Video!

East Coast Booty
Remember Jenna, she is the one who had her mom show up with her to the shoot right. Well this crazy bitch came back for round 2. I guess some white girls just can get enough black cock.

Stars: Jenna Kelley, Jay Money

My Girlfriend’s Hot Mom 7

Video: My Girlfriend's Hot Mom 7

Watch This Video!

Reality Kings
You can totally see where the girlfriend gets her good looks! In fact, her mom is even hotter! If anything, her Dad’s genes ruined the beauty of the original! Hot MILFs slinking around behind their daughter’s back, looking to prove that not only does experience CUM with age, but age makes you experience cum!

Stars: Sophia Bella, Stacie Starr, Charlotte Davis, Scarlett Daze, Nicky, Dasani Lezian, Levi Cash

FantASStic DP 6

Video: FantASStic DP 6

Watch This Video!

Studio: Productions
Monique and her friends know how to have fun and top it all with the best champagne. Sensing their arousal, she indulges them in a little swirl to “show off her outfit”, but doesn’t stop there. The decked out hot mom takes off her dress and gets on her knees to suck dick,
switching from one to the other before taking them both deep inside her. Karina Grand has her two men blindfolded. She’s tied them and brought them to her lair, an anonymous place she keeps for her fun times. This act is quickly dropped however, and Choky and Victor dig
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My Eye! I’m Not Supposed To Get Boobs In It!

Video: My Eye! I'm Not Supposed To Get Boobs In It!

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Mr. Skin

Get ready to get a close-up view of some of the greatest boobs as these gland-tastic gals give their lucky co-stars an eyeful of mams.

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Home For Thanksgiving

Video: Home For Thanksgiving

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Taboo Passions
It’s been awhile since I have been home. I have missed my sister’s sweet tight pussy though. I wonder what fun we can get into this time. She is such a little freak. I taught her to be a good little slut for me. Damn my mom looks hot in that tight short skirt. She has such a big ass. While my mom was talking about my sister, she showed up. She told me to be quite and then she quietly crawled towards me so that my mom could not see her. She took out her titties and grabbed my cock and started giving me a blowjob while my mom was in the background talking. This turned me on, I had a hot wet mouth and my moms big ass to look at. I bent my sister over doggystyle and fucked her under the counter and until I cum all in her mouth and my sister swallows. This is going to be a great Thanksgiving! — Freddie Cee

Stars: Anastasia Rose, Madisin Lee, Freddie Cee

Stop Fucking My Friends

Video: Stop Fucking My Friends

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This Mommy’s Girl compilation will leave you feeling so dirty you’ll need a shower for your filth. Gia suspects her father is being duped by cheating stepmother Julia Ann, but the teen can’t believe her eyes when she catches the MILF fucking her friend Molly Mae. When MILF India Summer seduces her best friend’s daughter Megan Rain by masturbating in front of her, Megan must reevaluate how she feels about the woman she supposedly hates. Cadence Lux must prove her love for fiancée Kenna James by participating in a lesbian orgy with Kenna’s stepmoms Dana DeArmond and Katie Morgan. Megan Rain lives out the ultimate mommy fantasy when she gets fucked by her mother’s MILF best friend India Summer. When Gia Paige confronts stepmother Julia Ann about fucking her friend Molly Mae, a lesbian orgy ensues as the MILF persuades her step daughter to loosen up a little.

Stop Fucking My Friends Part One: Julia Ann isn’t going to win Stepmother of the Year award, but that’s okay, she doesn’t seem overly impressed with her husband’s daughter either, apart from her choice in friends. Julia Ann loves Gia’s friends, particularly Molly Mae. Gia counts on Molly to be her confidante and sounding board.

When Gia calls Molly to vent her suspicions that Julia is cheating on her dad with the pool boy, Gia has no clue Molly and Julia have been secretly hooking up and fucking! And when the lesbians arrange to meet this time, they don’t realize that Gia sneaks back in the house, hoping to catch her stepmother in the act. When Gia finds out she’s proven right about her stepmother, and betrayed by her friend with big natural tits, she gets horny, more than angry, rubbing her clit in the closet, while secretly spying on them licking pussy and orgasming in each other’s mouths!

My Mom’s Friend Part One: Megan Rain can’t stand her mom’s best friend India Summer who not only is a bad influence but prevents them from spending quality time with each other. Megan hears a knock at the door and with her bad luck, India walks in looking for her companion but Megan advises her she isn’t home. India takes in upon herself to go to the master bedroom and waits for her there and to preoccupy herself, she opens up her legs and begins touching her pussy. Megan walks upstairs and catches the milf hands deep in masturbation. Megan is stunned to discover that her mother and India are lesbian lovers but somehow intrigued by India’s seductiveness.

Megan kisses India’s thighs and licks her pussy with her soft tongue then places her finger deep inside India’s hole making her sweat with pleasure. India can’t wait to get a mouthful of Megan’s youthful pussy licking her moist backside and swirling her finger deep inside her forbidden fruit. Crossing each other legs, they begin tribbing passionately as they simultaneously peak in lesbian bliss creating a huge mess of pussy juice on the bed. Megan admits that she’s always been jealous of her mother’s relationship with India and fantasizes about her constantly. With Megan’s mom coming home any minute, India promises her an experience she will never forget!

Meet The Moms: Cadence Lux walks in to find love letters from her lesbian lover Kenna James. When she sees Kenna sitting on the couch, Kenna offers her one of two gifts; a lollipop, or something hidden in her other hand. Cadence takes what’s hidden, and is surprised with an engagement ring. Cadence accepts the ring, but is adamant about meeting Kenna’s parents. Kenna reminds her that her family is overbearing, but regardless, Cadence has to meet her parents before they say the words ‘I Do.’

Kenna arranges a Mother’s Day get together with her stepmoms Dana DeArmond and Katie Morgan. Her anxiety increases, wishing they can leave before it’s too late. Cadence is introduced to her future in-laws. However, Dana becomes condescending and questions Cadence’s loyalty to Kenna. To make matters worse, Dana grabs a lie detector test, wraps it around Cadence and interrogates her about her lesbianism. Cadence flunks the polygraph by denying any attraction towards Katie and with Kenna fed up with their shenanigans, demands an end to this game. But, the fun is only just about to begin, Katie grabs Cadence and kisses her sensually and demands she show how much of a real lesbian she is.

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My Mom’s Friend Part Two: Previously on Mommy’sGirl, Megan Rain and India Summer engage in an unexpected lesbian adventure filled with hot pussy eating and finger fucking delights. Megan’s sexual fantasies come alive when India dresses up in her mother’s dress fulfilling Megan’s ultimate mommy fantasy. Megan immediately succumbs to India’s lesbian charm as she spreads her fantasy mother’s legs apart and eats out her moist pussy making her juices flow heavenly. India places her mouth over Megan’s tight shaved pussy licking her luscious lips and teasing her flawless butthole. To conclude their mommy fantasy sex-capade, they 69 moistening each other’s pussies vigorously as both lesbian lover’s peak simultaneously.

Stop Fucking My Friends Part Two: After catching her stepmom Julia Ann fucking her best friend Molly Mae, Gia Paige confronts the lesbians post coitus and isn’t thrilled to hear them criticize her for being a killjoy who needs to loosen up. Gia just wants Julia to be loyal to her daddy, and to stop fucking her friends! Julia is happy that Gia is being more communicative, at least. With Molly on Julia’s side, Gia opens up to the possibility that Julia isn’t so bad, and that maybe she has a point about having more fun. And just like that, the lesbian MILF seduces the nubile teens into a threesome, cradling her naked stepdaughter in her lap, while Molly makes them cum with her tongue.

Stars: Julia Ann, Dana DeArmond, India Summer, Molly Mae, Cadence Lux, Megan Rain, Kenna James, Gia Paige, Katie Morgan

Curves For Days

Video: Curves For Days

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Burning Angel Entertainment

Axis Evol and Chad Alva were giving each other ‘fuck me’ eyes, so we took advantage of their pent up sexual tension by making them fuck it out on camera. Axis teased and played with her big natural boobs, with red high waisted spandex pants looking like a bodacious rockabilly pin up. Chad could feel her wetness through her pants – so he ripped them open and went to town on her ready and waiting lady wallet and pretty pink buttonhole, thick ass and titties bouncing like crazy! She’s SO good at fucking, especially when getting titties fucked or taking an anal pounding by a big dig like Chad’s! Her epic tits get a nice creamy load, too.

Featured cover model Tank: Besides having pretty tattooed feet that guys love to jerk off to, this foot model and fetishist wants much, much more sex in her life! She has a stunning natural body and loves to get fucked hard and has no limits. She pleads with Gage Sin to fuck her but first a footjob. She Gets his dick deep inside her pussy, and then wants it in her ass.

Farrah Paws was going to do whatever it takes to get into the baddest motorcycle gang in town – even if she had to have lesbian intercourse with the leader of the pack, Alison Tyler, though this initiation was nothing to complain about! It’s Alison’s way or the highway and if Farrah wanted in, she had to get up in that pussy and make her cum. She was a little nervous but loved sucking on Alison’s big tits and licking all her curves up and down, like a leather-clad sex kitten, glancing into Alison’s eyes for approval when she began to finger her cunt. Girls who ride (each other) are so hot!

It’s a bit taboo to think about having sex with your stepsister, but here we are. Small Hands was homesick for the United States after his mom married some soccer player in Ibiza. He missed pizza, the 405, spring break in Havasu, and Guy Fieri… but at least he got Raquel Adan out of the deal – the hottest stepsister ever! If you can imagine, he gets totally lost in thought at her epic curves. Maybe someday he’ll learn Spanish to talk dirty in return – but for now, they let their bodies do the talking. Perhaps his new home could be between her legs!

Curvy gothic goddess Brianna Rose is back and looking fine as hell! Outfitted in a tight corset and chain bikini, she’s well-behaved for Xander as she submits to his sexual whims and leads her on a leash. Brianna crawls on her hands and knees to await her prize of a spanking and tongue lashing on her juicy ass and pussy, followed by a hard doggy style pounding and tit fuck delivered by her master. She hungrily slurps down his thick cock and rode him like a good girl in anticipation of the delivery of his satanic seed onto her big natural breasts. This woman likes it rough!

Stars: Axis Evol, Farrah Paws, Raquel Adan , Tank (i), Alison Tyler, Brianna Rose, Gage Sin, Chad Alva, Xander Corvus, Small Hands

ChickPass Amateurs Volume 52

Video: ChickPass Amateurs Volume 52

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T&A Studios
The ChickPass Amateurs are back for more homemade hardcore action. This volume features our mature, over 40 wives, including the debut of brunette MILF Deliah Dukes, pussy fucking fun with busty swinger Alesia Pleasure, sexy masturbation scenes with Deliah and Alesia, and more hardcore sex with Latina mom Sandie Marquez.

Stars: Alesia Pleasure, Deliah Dukes, Sandie Marquez, Logan Drake

Dirty Talkin’ Stepdaughters 6

Video: Dirty Talkin' Stepdaughters 6

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Lethal Hardcore
Lucie was so pissed off at her mom for grounding her that she came onto her stepdad and now he is pounding her! When Bailey Got her mom’s car towed, she needed her stepdad to pay the impound fees, so she let him suck on her perky tits and plow her tight pink pussy! When Bella rose got caught masturbating by her parry stepdad, she let him stretch her tight little cunt out with his big hard cock! When Maya saw video of her stepdad fucking her mom on his camera, she just had to get his huge cock deep inside her sight hole!

Stars: Bailey Brookes, Bella Rose (ii), Maya Kendrick, Lucie Kline

Bang My Hot Stepmom

Video: Bang My Hot Stepmom

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VR Bangers
VR Bangers presents “Bang My Hot Stepmom” starring Jasmine Jae & Ziggy Star & Chad White. Have you ever dreamed of appearing in a room where you can watch a hot threesome happening between a step mom, daughter and boyfriend? Well, today is your lucky day! Watch how this classy British step mom is being fucked by her step daughter’s boyfriend. Treat yourself with this exotic experience and you’ll never want to go back to reality again.

Stars: Jasmine Jae, Ziggy Star, Chad White