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Tag Archives: Mother

Daddy Fuck My Ass 2

Video: Daddy Fuck My Ass 2

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Burning Angel Entertainment

Good girl Kristen Scott patiently waited for mother to leave, so that she could put on a kinky Goth outfit complete with a ball gag and leash for her ‘stepdaddy’ Tommy Pistol – he needs to fuck her ass! Sometimes a little angel princess desires her inner bad girl to be dominated and punished! He kindly teases and spanks her pussy before allowing darling Kristen to slide his knob down her throat – it needs to be nice and hard to pound her sweet muff, and even harder to enter through the back door! Good girls get to cum with daddy’s cock in their ass and a load of sticky jizz to swallow!

Haley’s witchy mom started a fight with her stepdad Ramon, leaving before he could surprise her with the romantic evening he’d planned! It broke Haley’s heart to see him so disappointed, and she became determined to show him a good time. Dressed up in lingerie with a black thong over stockings, the leggy blonde sex kitten dropped a few subtle hints that she was down for some step-dad D. He’s a wonderful man and deserved to be happy, so she offered her very comforting pink pussy and anal sex as a gift to cheer him up! Turns out Haley could teach her mother a few things about fucking…

Tank was sneaking out of the house wearing slutty clothes but woke her snoring step-dad who was bewildered by her ensemble. She can’t go out dressed like THAT! But Tank disagreed, and said he can’t tell her what to do- he’s just upset because he hasn’t seen her naked, so she pulled her tits out! Instinctively, he honked her natural knockers- but it was OK because Tommy isn’t her REAL dad! They’re both getting a taste of forbidden fruit today, but if they’re gonna fuck, his stepdaughter is gonna have to do things his way. Good girls welcome a spanking and anal sex from daddy!

Steve Holmes’ wife won’t fuck him anymore because she says he got too fat! Papa Steve wanted to take action, so he decided to learn some workout tips and tricks from his sexy fit stepdaughter Julie Kay. After watching her perform some perfect pelvic thrusts and deep squats showcasing those shapely buns – he couldn’t control himself or his boner through his spandex leotard. It was so wrong- but so right! Julie loved her stepfather dearly, and thought he was great just the way he was… so, in order to show her appreciation, she let him put it in her ass! What a good girl, so sweet.

Stars: Haley Reed, Julie Kay, Kristen Scott, Tank (i), Ramon Nomar, Steve Holmes, Tommy Pistol

The Rental

Video: The Rental

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Pure Taboo
The Rental

The scene opens on Amy, a 20-year-old college sophomore, (Aubrey Sinclair) as she sits crying in the front seat of her car. Her vehicle has been loaded up with boxes and clothes and an eviction notice rests atop a notebook on the passenger seat. The student was recently kicked out of her apartment and has spent the past few days living out of her car. She is dirty and tired and incredibly anxious. When her phone rings, a return call from an application she submitted, she answers enthusiastically … but her face falls as she is told, for the tenth time, that her credit is too poor to be considered. There is only one rental left – a private room in a house. Since the place is close by, she decides to skip a call and go directly there. After all, perhaps meeting the landlord in person will give her a stronger chance at pleading her case. When she knocks on the door, she is greeted by a man. At first, he is very timid and uneager to open but when she mentions being interested in the room he’s advertised, his expression changes and he warmly invites her inside. He introduces himself as Philip (Tommy Pistol) and shows her around the house, while she cautiously checks him out. Something about him seems a little strange but the place is very nice and clean and the price is right, so she decides to ignore it. When Philip offers to let her to move in right away and not worry about a lease (or credit check) she jumps at the chance. Eagerly, she heads back outside to begin grabbing her things as Philip stands at the door watching her intently.

Throughout the day, as Amy unpacks in her room, Philip keeps making excuses to come in and check on her. She finds it annoying and a little creepy, especially the way her landlord leers at her, but it’s all so harmless that she shrugs it off. Even after he is found watching in her room as she gets out of the shower, he is so nervous and apologetic that she shrugs it off. She gets into bed, calls her mother to tell her about the move, glossing over the details, and then turns out the light to go bed. That night, she is woken up by a rustling noise. Looking out across the darkened room, she discovers Philip has snuck in, rifled through her dirty clothes, and is now sniffing her panties while watching her sleep. She panics and confronts him, turning on the light and threatening to call the police. He calms her down and explains that he is harmless, he just has a little problem… He is a sexual deviant who is obsessed with young women. Everything about them: how they look, how they smell, how they taste. When she showed up at his doorstep and inquired about the room, he couldn’t help himself. And, now that she’s living under his roof, he finds the temptation unbearable. Nervously, she asks him if he is a sex offender and he assures her that he has no criminal record, it’s just a … hobby of sorts. He promises to be the easiest landlord ever, if she’ll just allow him to watch her from time to time. Letting her guard down, she realizes that she has power over the pervert and this descends into a negotiation where she agrees to let him ‘obsess’ over her in exchange for free room and board. Excitedly, he goes along with it … agreeing to her terms as she removes articles of clothing and lets him touch her. Eventually, she tells him she will let him use her body however he wants in exchange for covering her entire year’s tuition and the horny pervert agrees.

Head of the House

After his parents unexpectedly die in a car crash, troubled college student Damian Charles (Brad Knight) is left the keys to the family’s estate in their will. The only clause is that he allows his step-sister, Miranda Alexander (Lana Rhoades), to live there until her 21st birthday. The step-siblings have never gotten along but, now that he has firm control over the household, something starts to shift within him. After first begrudgingly letting her stay with him, he slowly starts to get off on the feeling of bossing her around and imposes stricter and stricter rules on her, ‘as long as she lives under his roof!’ It begins with chores and a curfew but soon turns sexual. Ultimately, he strikes a deal with the precocious 18-year-old teen that she can do whatever she wants in the house, so long as she agrees to service him.

Stars: Aubrey Sinclair, Lana Rhoades, Brad Knight, Tommy Pistol

No More Fairy Tales

Video: No More Fairy Tales

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The Magic Diary

Stepdaughter Scarlett Sage is going through her late aunt’s book collection in the garage. She brings in a pile of hardcovers and heads into her bedroom. When Scarlett turns her back, one of books flies onto the floor mysteriously. She picks it up and opens it. It was her aunt’s diary. She reads a few entries and sets down the book. Her aunt wrote that she wished she won the lottery. In the next entry she wrote that she won the lottery. Apparently, whatever her aunt wrote in the diary came true, but each of her wishes had consequences.

Scarlett dares to write an entry and try out her theory. She writes that she wishes her stepmom would accept her decision to be vegetarian. Low and behold, Syren offers to treat her to a vegan burger instead of spaghetti and meatballs. She asks her mom what happened to her aunt. Her mom explains the tragic story on their way to the restaurant.

Scarlett continues to write in the diary. Her wishes keep coming true. She wishes for a car and minutes later, she gets a car. One night Syren comes into Scarlett’s bedroom to wish her good night before date night with Scarlett’s dad. Scarlett wishes her mom would dress up and take her to the movies. Syren comes back saying her husband just canceled and invites her instead. Understanding the power of the book, Scarlett wishes her stepmother would be overcome with horniness.

Suddenly, Syren comes into Scarlett’s room to reschedule their dinner plans. Something’s come over her and she can’t go out just yet. Syren is desperate to scratch a certain itch but she wants to wait for Scarlett’s father to get home. Scarlett knows what she needs to do to make her feel better. And she makes too many advances for Syren to withstand them all. Eventually, Syren succumbs to Scarlett’s soft and silky flesh and gentle playful kisses on her big mom boobs, all the down to her fine MILF pussy.

Scarlett ignores her stepmother’s attempts to stop before making contact with her clitoris. She tries to convince the teen of the consequences if her father finds out. But Scarlett promises, she’s calling the shots. She’s the keeper of the diary after all. Scarlett takes off her top and Syren loses her mind touching her tiny teen tits. Scarlett desires the MILF so much she slowly devours every inch of her juicy pussy. Then Syren licks her step-daughter’s pussy till she cums in her mouth. They take turns running their tongues over all their sensitive places, exploring every crevice and fold of their bodies, and releasing many shuddering orgasms!

The Daisy Chain

Stepmother Mindi Mink gets a call from her teen stepdaughter Jenna Foxx who is away at college. Since Jenna will finally be home next week, Mindi wants her to come to her knitting club meeting. They call themselves The Daisy Chain. At first Jenna complains that she wants to see her friends but Mindi puts her foot down.

When Jenna and Mindi get to the meeting, she meets the other members of the club, MILF Alexis Fawx and her teen stepdaughter Alex Grey. The stepmother-stepdaughter duo seem normal at first, until they start kissing inappropriately. When Alex takes off her dress to knit in her underwear, Jenna questions their behavior. Mindi tells her it’s normal and not to make a scene. But then Alexis gets undressed too.

When Jenna raises a stink, topless and braless Alexis brings her over to their sofa and tries to pull down the straps of her dress. Alexis simply wants to know if she’s homophobic. Jenna says she’s had her lesbian experience with a girl in college. She barely notices that Mindi has gotten undressed, and that she is making out with Alex.

Alexis convinces Jenna to lay back and let her suck on her pussy. Meanwhile Mindi is licking Alex’s shaved pussy. Then the lesbians form a daisy chain as one licks out the other. Alex eats Mindi who licks Alexis who munches on Jenna. The MILFs play with each other and watch the teens fuck. Jenna’s ebony skin looks so pretty against Alex’s creamy complexion. The couples form another daisy chain and all of them cum in tandem.

Everyone encircles Jenna to give her pussy special attention. Stepmother Mindi makes Jenna cum hard in her mouth. Then the ladies all worship Mindy. Jenna slowly sucks on her MILF nipples and makes her way down to her mom’s swollen clit. She licks her pussy till she explodes!

Evil Step Mother

In this racy spin-off of A Dirty Cinderella Story, thrice-widowed Hollywood movie star Jelena Jensen puts her family first. The legendary actress is devoted to raising her two feisty stepdaughters Katrina Jade and Georgia Jones whom she inherited along with her husbands’ vast fortunes.

When Katrina and Georgia come into Jelena’s room and interrupt her meditation to complain about their day, Jelena reports that Mrs. Feinstein said that Georgia is giving sexual favors to all the girls at school. Katrina chimes in that she made them all cum. Jelena is unamused. She sternly reminds them, they’re Hollywood royalty and shouldn’t be giving it away. Jelena proposes it’s time for them to take a refresher course.

The diva demands that Katrina demonstrate her skills at pussy eating. She commands them to take off their clothes. Jelena wants them both together. She makes Georgia spread her legs and evaluates Katrina as she eats her out. She reprimands her for diving in without warming her up first. The stepsisters bicker with each other throughout, but Jelena keeps them on track. Katrina makes out with Georgia and plays with her tits, before going down on her again.

Jelena plays with her MILF tits while Katrina makes Georgia cum. After dishing a few pointers, she tells Georgia to go down on Katrina. The stepsisters continue their squabbling while Georgia eats Katrina. Meanwhile, Jelena masturbates and enjoys the show. Katrina tribs Georgia’s pussy and gives her an orgasm. Then they nurse their stepmother’s breasts.

Jelena lies down and spreads her legs ceremoniously. She tells the girls they know what to do. Both teens bring their mouths to her pussy then lick her clit and labia, hoping for their stepmother’s praise. Katrina tribs Jelena vigorously while Georgia rides Jelena’s tongue. The teens swap positions and rejuvenate Jelena with their flowing juices!

No More Fairy Tales

Stepmother Sarah Vandella tucks teen Cadence Lux into bed with a story about the witches of Salem. Cadence fears witches and begs for a fairy tale, but Sarah insists she needs to learn that not all witches are bad, and not all stories are fairy tales. And things in life don’t always go the way we want. Cadence is frightened and confused. She asks her mother if a prince will take her virginity. Sarah promises her, all in good time.

Sarah coddles her stepdaughter, sorry she scared her with talk about witches. She wants to make her feel better. She tickles Cadence on her private area, gently reminding the teen that, as her stepmother, there are certain things she can teach her. She unhooks Cadence’s bra.

Then she brushes her hand over the crotch of her panties, pulls them off and kisses her pretty bush. She licks Cadence’s clit, sucking the folds of her pussy till she cums for Mommy. Then Cadence puts her mouth onto Sarah’s pussy and slurps at it noisily till she makes her cum.

Mommy Sarah puts on a purple strapon toy and lubes it up. The teen sits on the toy and bounces up and down, loving how good it feels filling up her virgin pussy. She wiggles her hips riding it to the hilt.

Cadence removes the strapon to eat her mother’s pussy while sitting on her face. Then Sarah teaches Cadence about tribbing. The teen really comes out of her shell, grinding her pussy then licking her cum off her mom.

Stars: Alex Grey, Alexis Fawx, Cadence Lux, Georgia Jones, Jelena Jensen, Jenna Foxx, Katrina Jade, Mindi Mink, Sarah Vandella, Scarlett Sage, Syren De Mer

Pornstars Like It Black 2

Video: Pornstars Like It Black 2

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The Vag-Itarian

Sean wants to be cured of his pussy eating addiction. Dr. Riley Reid, his psychiatrist decides that the only way to cure him is to show him that getting could be as good as giving. Not without taking advantage of his pussy eating addiction first, of course.

Handcuffed Housewife

Dani Daniels married her husband for money and kinky sex. She loves being handcuffed to the bed. So when the feds bust her beloved for insider trading, she gets righteously pissed off. Agent Prince is more than happy to help the handcuffed housewife teach her lying husband a lesson.

Principal Photography

Professor Sara Jay has been busted for having an affair with her student and Dean Jax Slayher is not happy. He demands that Sara end the relationship immediately. However when her student refuses to accept being dumped, Sara and Jax decide to show him it’s over by sending him selfies of their prof on Dean fuck session.

Happiness Is A Warm Bum

A big but squeezed into tight jeans is a fine thing indeed. In this latest edition of big wet butts, Addison Lee’s bouncy booty is just begging to come out and play. Jax Slayher pulls her jeans down halfway, oils up those cheeks and gives that ass the attention it deserves.

A St. Patty’s Pounding

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today we celebrate with comely lass AJ Applegate as she offers her own “Pot Of Gold” to Irishman Sean Michaels. Top of the morning!

A Dirty Shower

Jewel Jade’s daughter is nervous about her blind date with Stallion so she asks her mother to make sure that the guy isn’t a total creep when he comes to pick her up. As soon as Jewels lays eyes on Stallion, however, she knows she has to keep that cock all to herself, so she sneaks him into the bathroom, where the two of them can have a nice wet fuck in private.

Stars: Addison Lee, AJ Applegate, Dani Daniels, Jewels Jade, Madison Lee, Riley Reid, Sara Jay, Jax Slayher, Prince Yashua, Sean Michaels, Stallion

Mother & Daughter Swapping Cock

Video: Mother & Daughter Swapping Cock

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Doghouse Digital
Come get some seductive cock swapping family values, wet & wild pussies! These are mother-daughter tag teams for your cock, and these sexy Euro sluts enjoy fucking multiple cocks at the same time in their mouths and sweet pussies. 4 extraordinary scenes of young and mature women getting pounded really good!

Stars: Ally Style, Angel Wicky, Cherry Kiss, Evelina Darling, Kathy Anderson, Sarah Kay, Tera Link, Valentina Ross, Angelo Godshack, Charlie Dean, George Uhl, Mark Zicha, Raul Costa, Don Diego, Steve O, Eric Tomfor

Tapping The Twins

Video: Tapping The Twins

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Porndoe Premium

Hot stepmother Cynthia Vellons seduces stepdaughter Gina Gerson. The beautiful teen babe gets masturbated with a vibrator, then puts on a strap-on and fucks her MILF stepmommy in this naughty forbidden fuck.

Sexy big-titted Czech babe Barbara Bieber seduces stepbrother Kristof Cale. They fuck each other lustfully and he covers her with jizz.

Gorgeous babes Silvia and Eveline Dellai seduce their stepfather Martynez. He takes turns fucking them and cums on their perky tits.

Naughty blondie Klara seduces her stepson and his friend. She’s is for some juicy fucking and DP with Michael Fly and Andrew Levix, finished with cum on her tits and sweet shaved pussy.

Gorgeous Lucia Denvile is attracted to her step-uncle. She ends up getting fucked by him right on the kitchen table while her mother is away, having her sweet cunt filled with hot cum.

Stars: Barbara Bieber, Cynthia Vellons, Eveline Dellai, Gina Gerson, Klara, Lucia Denvile, Silvia Dellai, Andrew Lewix, Kristof Cale, Michael Fly, Martynez

Make Her Submit 3

Video: Make Her Submit 3

Watch This Video!

Team Skeet

Some women will just take what they want. Even if it’s another woman!

Nina is a boy crazy, so her folks send her to live with grandma. She meets Elena, a sexually aggressive girl who teaches Nina that there’s more to sex than just a dick. Pussy is a pretty damn good tool.

Blake is telling therapist Samantha how her last lover was dominant. Samantha gets turned on and offers Blake her extra special therapy session. Nothing goes with pussy eating like a little bondage!

Tutor Sara is snooping through Lola’s phone and finds some very sexy selfies. She decides to teach Lola a lesson so she spanks her, strips her naked and starts eating her pussy. Best. Tutor. Session… Ever!

Lilly was going to her ex’s house to mess with his head, but his mother Sarah, wasn’t having it. She pushes Lilly against a wall , tears of her clothes and teaches this little vixen a lesson or two about love.

Stars: Blake Eden, Ellena Woods, Lily Adams , Lola Faye, Nina North, Samantha Hayes, Sara Jay , Sarah Vandela

Freudian Homework

Video: Freudian Homework

Watch This Video!


I Caught Mom Touching Herself: When Mindi Mink can’t convince her husband to take a break from his video game to indulge in some sexy time, she draws herself a bath. She gets in the tub wearing noise cancelling earphones and begins to masturbate her pussy. She doesn’t hear her smoking hot step daughter Carmen Caliente calling for her. When Carmen’s dad suggests checking the bathroom, the teen Latina walks in on her step mom touching herself.

Mindi doesn’t notice the teen, so Carmen stays to watch and then decides to play. She strips naked and hops in the bath. Mindi is shocked and startled, insisting it’s totally inappropriate, but Carmen tempts Mindi with her perky little titties.

Once Mindi’s convinced, Carmen leans out of tub and sticks her ass in the air. Mindi spanks her juicy rump before rimming her hole and licking her pussy. Then Mindi guides the lesbian teen’s mouth over her bushy pussy. Carmen sucks her gently till she cums all over her face. Then Carmen feeds her meaty clit to Mindi who shows off her skills to the horny teen. Carmen can’t keep her voice down when she cum in her mouth. She licks her juices off her stepmother’s lips and sits back inside the bath.

Mindi lies on top of Carmen and tribs her till she cums. Then Carmen scissor fucks Mindi, kissing her passionately while tribbing between her legs. Will Carmen cum in her step mom’s mouth before her dad comes knocking?

Parent Teacher Conference Part One: When teen Kate England gets in trouble at school she tries to hide it from her parents by intercepting an email calling them in for a parent teacher conference. Kate is sure that her step mom Tegan James will punish her with a grounding if she goes to the meeting. The teen surreptitiously deletes the email from her step mother’s computer, but she doesn’t have a chance to delete the copy on her phone before she grabs it to leave for work. Kate stalls the MILF by begging for some quality play time together. She compliments her huge tits and convinces Tegan to play hooky. The mischievous blond kisses her mom on the mouth, while unbuttoning her blouse and removing her bra to suck on her huge swollen nipples.

Kate slips off her lacy red panties and pink bra. Tegan sucks on the teen’s nipple then strokes her pussy while they deliciously kiss. The lesbian MILF lowers her head between Kate’s legs and sucks her pussy till she cums in her mouth. Now Kate wants to take care of Mommy, so Tegan spreads wide and tells the lesbian teen to show her what she taught her. Kate licks her pussy with her pierced tongue. Mommy Tegan says she loves having her pussy licked by dirty little girls, especially Kate. She’s so glad Daddy’s gone all the time, so she can cum all over Kate’s filthy mouth.

After Mommy has an orgasm, Kate asks for one. She climbs on all fours and Tegan eats her pussy and ass from behind. The sexy MILF talks dirty about the first time she fucked Kate when she turned eighteen, when Kate begged her to lick her pussy after a spanking. Kate gets so worked up she cums all over the sofa. The teen licks Tegan’s ass and fingers her sopping wet slit till she quivers. Mommy Tegan licks her step daughter’s tongue all clean. Then the lesbians scissor their legs and trib each other’s pussies till they cum. Will Kate have a moment alone with Mommy Tegan’s phone?

Freudian Homework: Psychologist stepmother Brandi Love is helping her stepdaughter Elsa Jean understand the concept of Freud’s Oedipus complex for the teen’s psychology class. Elsa is shocked by the Freudian theory that offspring sexually desire their parents unconsciously. Brandi insists it’s a normal part of human development.

Brandi wants to help Elsa ace her exam, and also to process her own Oedipal struggle, so not to encumber her later in life. Elsa looks up at her stepmother with her big trusting eyes and asks if she’s suggesting they have sex. Brandi cups her angelic face and clarifies that she’s insisting.

Brandi confidently unearths her enormous breasts and gets her stepdaughter undressed. She opens her legs invitingly and Elsa timidly goes down on the MILF. Brandi praises her by cumming in her mouth, then climbs overtop and tribs the tiny teen. Elsa moans as her stepmother grinds their clits together. Then Brandi sucks the cum out of Elsa in 69!

I Hooked Up With Mom Online: Teen Anna De Ville is indulgently masturbating to mother daughter porn on Girlsway while hooking up with a MILF online, only to realize it’s her stepmom Alana Cruise! Shocked and appalled, Anna puts down her vibrator to show Alana the telltale selfie. She barges into the master bedroom, interrupting Alana’s self-pleasuring to share what she just learned. Anna is furious that Alana has the gall to cheat on her father. Anna gives her a choice, either she tells on Alana or Alana finishes her off. Anna really needs to cum.

Alana is mortified by her stepdaughter’s ultimatum, but Anna refuses to accept Alana’s morality bullshit, citing she’s only her stepmother. Since no amount of begging will get her off the hook, Alana sucks on her juicy tits then pull off her panties. As Alana licks her daughter’s clit, Anna waxes over the irony of her porn fantasy from minutes ago now coming true. Anna grinds against her mother’s tongue till she cums in her mouth, amazing Alana with the wetness of her pussy.

Alana lies back at Anna’s behest, she spreads her legs and lets Anna suck on her pussy. The teen doesn’t let up till she makes her mother cum. Then she plants her pussy on Alana’s and starts rocking her hips like a motor. Once the tribbing makes them both cum, she tells her mom to eat out her ass. Alana sticks her tongue in deep while Anna rubs her clit and praises her mom for being so good at rimming. Then Anna straddles Alana’s face and releases her orgasm on her tongue!

Parent Teacher Conference Part Two: So far, teen Kate England has managed to avoid her parent teacher conference, but her luck runs out when her history teacher Abigail Mac comes over to the house. Abigail informs Kate’s step mother Tegan James that her daughter’s been skipping school chronically. She’s made every attempt to reach her by email and phone, but her efforts have been unsuccessful.

Meanwhile Kate’s upstairs gloating because she thinks she’s in the clear. She deleted all the email evidence yesterday on her step mother’s phone after fucking her to gain access to the device. Tegan invites the teacher inside and goes upstairs to bust her bubble. She’s flunking history. The MILF confiscates Kate’s phone and leaves her with something to think about.

Back in the living room, Kate’s conservatively dressed teacher Abigail finds herself attracted to Tegan and can’t resist coming onto the sexy tanned MILF. She reaches out to touch her huge breasts, thinking Kate isn’t home. She straddles Tegan’s lap and the lesbians kiss passionately. Just then Kate decides to see what’s happening downstairs. Kate’s in total shock as she watches silently from the doorway, jealous that her mom got to bang her hot teacher first. She reaches into her jean shorts to masturbate, then bumps her head against the wall and blows her cover. Tegan calls her into the room. Abigail covers up her beautiful milky white breasts, but Tegan lets her huge tits hang out. She’s unfazed by the teen’s interruption.

Abigail offers to leave the house but Kate suggests they make it a lesbian threesome. When the teacher looks at them confused, they admit to their sexual relationship. Abigail become irate and threatens to call the authorities. They point out the home security camera and threaten to report her to the school for sleeping with a parent. Abigail calms her heated judgements. She still isn’t comfortable having sex with her student, but fucking her mother is okay. Kate watches and strokes her bare pussy while the lesbian foreplay resumes.

After Tegan makes the hot teacher cum in her mouth, Abigail reciprocates while Kate rides her step mother’s face. Abigail graciously lets Kate lick the MILF at the same time, slowly warming to the idea of a threesome with her student. After Tegan cums all over her mouth, Abigail eats Kate while Tegan licks her hairy pussy. Then the MILF and the dirty little Mommy’s girl swap. Tegan rides Abigail’s face while Kate makes her hot teacher cum. Tegan tribs the teacher while Kate sits on her face. Then Kate tribs Abigail hard until she cums! Did Kate earn a passing grade for that hot lesbian threesome?

Stars: Abigail Mac, Anna Deville, Brandi Love, Carmen Caliente , Elsa Jean, Kate England , Mindi Mink, Alana Cruise , Tegan James

Mother Naughty Daughter Horny

Video: Mother Naughty Daughter Horny

Watch This Video!

WestSex Brazil
Kenya Suzuky, Monica Lima and Priscila are ready to show Ed Junior and Tony Tigrao just what it means to be horny and in desperate need of a balls deep drilling! Kenya invites Tony up to her apartment for a no-holes-barred romp between the sheets that leaves her face covered in cream. Monica walks in on Ed jerking his man meat and decides to help. Watch her suck and fuck him in every position before he unloads on her pert little ass! Priscila knows she’s a lot of woman to handle…that’s why she takes on Ed and Tony in a DP that makes her scream for joy and beg for a double facial!

Stars: Priscila, Monica Lima , Tony Tigrao, Ed Junior, Kenya Suzuky

Orgasm! Collection

Video: Orgasm! Collection

Watch This Video!


Orgasm! collection is packed with 6 hot women from 19 to 32 masturbating to genuine, pussy pulsating orgasms with a Hitachi magic wand vibrator. In addition to orgasm contractions, some grool when they cum, others squirt a little, some are multi-orgasmic … this is just a variety pack of real female orgasms!

First up is Daniella Margot, a 19 year old hottie that loves to masturbate. She sits on the arm of the white leather chair wearing little pajama shorts and a T-shirt with large arm holes- she teases us a little by squeezing the T-shirt in the middle which pulls out both of her lovely natural breasts. Daniella stands up and takes off her shorts and panties, then sits back in the chair, legs akimbo, and starts to rub her perfectly shaved pussy with her fingers. After a few moments, she extracts a Hitachi magic wand from behind her, turns it on, and very gingerly places it on her clitoris. She clearly enjoys the sensation of the vibrations as she ever so gently starts thrusting her hips against the toy. Daniella starts to softly pant and moan, and we already catch glimpses of some pre-orgasm contractions around her anus and perineum. All of a sudden, Daniella thrusts her head back and cums hard! Her pussy contacts and pulsates and even pushes out a little squirt, and it’s along orgasm that she rides out completely! Very nice! Daniella turns off the toy and rubs the sides of her engorged vulva as she recovers.

31 year old Rachel Evans clearly has done this before … she is standing in front of a leather sofa wearing a short dress that clings to her shapely body just perfectly. She slowly pulls her larges beasts out of the top, give her nipples a bit of a tweak before she turns around and hikes her skirt to show off her thong clad buttocks. Rachel drops her panties to the floor and sits down on the couch, immediately firing up the Hitachi and touching it to her large breasts … moving it down over her flat belly shaved pubic mound … and finally taking it down the sides of her pussy and lightly teasing her lips and clit. Rachel starts cooing and moaning as she focuses the vibrations on her clit and large-ish pussy lips. She pulls her legs up and spreads wide, pulls her pussy lips to one side, and presses the tip of the wand to the top side of her clit. “Yeah” … pant … pant … hiss … as she start to rock her hips against the big toy. “Yeah” … hiss … pant … Rachel is really enjoying this! Her eyes are closed and her tongue comes out on occasion to lick her lips as she continues to masturbate, just taking her time and enjoying every bit of it. Her hip thrusting gets faster and more “deliberate” and all of a sudden she pants hard, lets out a little yelp and starts to shudder and shake as her orgasm takes hold, and even though she immediately removes the wand and pushes down on her clit with her hand, her visible contractions go on for a while! Rachel is sated as she smiles at the camera. Nice!

Piper Holland loves to masturbate. She even masturbates at work in her cubicle!! And she really is the girl next door that enjoys filming herself getting off! Piper is pretty horny when she sets up for this scene and she told us all about it … here is what she had to say: This is what Piper had to say … “Here’s my story – I’ve been highly horny this whole weekend. Sexy texting with a male friend. I gave in to my toy early this morning and got myself all worked up and then it just STOPPED. Mother fucker. All I could think is my friend wouldn’t have stopped lol. He would have finished the job and had me out of breath lol. So I had to use my fingers to finish. Totally NOT the same. Left me more frustrated lol. I needed more. So a while later, more dirty sexy texts, and a hot bath. (I’ve been going to the gym lately and I am soooooo sore today. Off topic.) I still wanted more. But my toy still won’t work and I’m ready to explode lol. So I remember I had an extra electric toothbrush that wasn’t even open. Score!! So that’s where it comes (wink wink) and saves the day! It was intense and wonderful! Haha. Good thing I was home alone cuz it was loud lol.” She was super wet, and it was indeed a huge pulsating orgasm!! I liked the way she rubs her juices on her nipples too …

That’s 32 year old Uma Zex’s butt on the screen ;-) . Uma is wearing a very short shiny black skirt with white stripes and a matching short top. This is the perspective of a stationary camera, so we get to see her drop her top and skirt without a full view of her face … but we do get to see her natural breast and a lock of blonde hair before she finally settles on the couch. Now just wearing her black thong panties and high heeled black shoes, Uma sits back on the couch and caresses her body. She takes off her panties and parts her legs – she is shaven except for a short trimmed Brazilian style pubic patch. Uma immediately reaches for the Hitachi, turns it on, and runs it over her body before shifting her focus to her pussy and clit. The big toy has her panting very quickly and she genuinely seems to be enjoying every bit of the toy. She shifts position and her legs start to tremble and shake and she even squirts a little from all the stimulation. Her head rolls back and her upper body gets quite the sex flush as Uma keep son buzzing away with the vibrator. Although it’s hard to see a distinct start and end due to her placement of the Hitachi, it appears to me that she really is rolling form one orgasm into another! Uma switches the position of the toy, and once again works herself up to several sex flushed and leg trembling orgasms that leave her hot, sweaty, and satisfied.

Donna Letty is 23 years old, has long dark hair and is sitting in the white leather chair wearing a cut-off denim shirt and cut-off denim shorts. She peels open and un-knots her top, exposing her orange bra and a bit tattoo on her left shoulder. Donna stands up and drops her little shorts … burnt orange panties and orange shoes. She takes off her bra and reveals her perfect small breasts and nipples, then peels her panties down her long legs to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy. She rubs her pussy which suddenly showed that her labia are actually quite a lot larger than they originally appeared! Donna flips over onto her hands and knees on the chair, then grabs the Hitachi and starts to masturbate doggy style. Donna starts moaning loudly from the sensations as the big buzzer moves over her ample vulva. She even turns to toy onto high power. But she can’t seem to keep it in one place for very long, so she flips over, hangs one leg over each arm for maximum exposure and plants the toy back onto her clit and pussy. This time she holds it firmly with two hands and the sides of her pussy seem to quickly get engorged moments before a big set of contractions take over as she cums! It’s a nice orgasm that goes on and on! Donny turns down the power of the vibe but keeps on teasing her pussy and clit. The camera moves in for a closer look, and she really does have nice and fleshy pussy! Donna switches the wand to high power again, moaning and panting as she buzzes away at her clit … but she’s done. And it was a great orgasm too!

19 year old Charlotte Rose crawls onto the bed and gives her nipples a little tweak before taking her top off. She gets comfy, parts her legs and starts to masturbate with the Hitachi through her panties … but she wants a little more direct contact, so after a short while she takes her panties off completely. Charlotte flips over doggy style and continues to buzz away at her clit. The sensations have her twitching and moaning very quickly … she starts to grind against the toy as she masturbates, letting out little whimpers as she does. Charlotte says that she cums easily … and she clearly does! With a little whimper and a twitching foot, she cums with her butt in the air. Her contractions were soft, but clearly visible. Charlotte also says that one orgasm is never enough, so she flips over, puts the wand back on her clit (on high power) and keeps on going until she has another orgasm! The camera man suggests she do it again – no problem … she puts the wand back on her clit until she starts cumming again, but the camera man reminds her not to close her legs, so she spreads them and goes again! This last orgasm was very visible and even squeezed out a nice bead of pussy juice! I’m not sure how many times she came actually!

Stars: Rachel Evans, Uma Zex, Charlotte Rose, Daniella Margot , Piper Holland, Donna Letty

Ctrl-Alt-Del: Mommy VII

Video: Ctrl-Alt-Del: Mommy VII

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Dear Journal,

I don’t usually write in happenings of my day, but I am so filled with happiness and excitement I have to tell someone. I know that I can’t tell another person about the best day of my life, not even my mother, but I can tell you. I’ve finally created a mind control medicine that is going to make me rich, and I have to thank my volatile relationship with my mother for the inspiration behind the research of my grand discovery.

My mother and I used to have a close relationship until her and Dad got a divorce seven years ago. I resented Mom for the split, I felt as though she was keeping me from my father, and I acted out. Mom sent me away to a boarding school in France, she kept in contact with me, sending me home to visit with her on Holidays and some Summer vacation months, I know she meant the best, but I was so young that the divorce and the separation from my mother affected me, and maybe it affected how I feel about women. I have mixed feelings about the separation, but ultimately I have to thank my mother for her decision to send me away, it was in France where I found my true passion in Chemistry and mind control.

I’ve always been intensely interested in electronics, unlike women, they are easy to understand. You can build a remote control car, for example, and it will accelerate, turn, and stop with basic signals from a remote. The human body can behave much like a remote control car, you can control neurotransmitters of the brain, almost as easy as a simple circuit board, with medicine that enhance dopamine and norepinephrine. You can make a person happier, sleepy, and when you use other natural chemicals found in the body, you can safely cause a person to forget, to turn off their inhibitions, and to react to commands. This might be sounding a little dark but my findings can be used for good, just imagine what a PTSD sufferer would pay to reprogram his brain to forget a certain part of the past. I admit, I’ve had fantasizes of using this to benefit my own sexual fantasies. I think any human being would. Just imagine, close your eyes and imagine that you could get away with having sex with a supermodel, she’s bobbing her head up and down on your cock with everything she’s got, eager to please you, as if making you cum was her only ambition in life, and she’s grateful for the opportunity. Do you get it, now? I’ll bet in front of people you’d say you would never do an unethical thing like control a woman’s brain, but when you are alone with a stunning woman, and the remote is in your hand, with no possibility of getting caught, you’d play out your wildest fantasies with her. I know you would. The woman I chose was my mother. I didn’t plan on using my mother for my first human test, but she left me with no choice, she was threatening me, my work, and I couldn’t let her stand in the way of my success. – Alex Legend

Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

MILF 2 – Reife Ladies Ficken Junge Boys

Video: MILF 2 - Reife Ladies Ficken Junge Boys

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Inflagranti Film Berlin
Mature, hot ladies have young boys and can be fucked by them properly: The bailiff is shameless and horny. She lets a young guy handle debts through ficks. Mike’s mother sends her son out of the house to lead the buddy to perverse fucking. Jerry Steel jerks and dreams of Mrs. Weber. Suddenly the lady sits in front of him. Mrs. Kempe, the sow, surprised the daughter’s friend in the bathroom and showed him how to make it “right”.

Stars: Gabi, Rene, Sexy Susi, Fash, Jeremy P. Nova, Jerry Steel

Mom’s Shrink

Video: Mom's Shrink

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MILF Sarah Vandella distracts her teen stepdaughter Molly Mae from hooking up with her son by teaching her how to lick a woman’s pussy. When Angela Sommers brings stepdaughter Elle Alexandra to family therapy, Dr. Allie Haze encourages them to bond in a lesbian threesome. When Tanya Tate hires Brett Rossi to take a revealing portrait with stepdaughter Samantha Hayes, as a gift for her husband, the shoot descends into a lesbian orgy. When Kristen Scott learns her BFF fucked her stepmom Angela Sommers, she seduces the MILF for some motherly licking. After Sarah Vandella confides to stepdaughter Molly Mae she fantasizes about her, the teen turns her stepmom’s sex dream into reality.

Jealous Of My Son Part One: Sarah Vandella couldn’t be happier now that she has the perfect family, except that she fears her new step daughter Molly Mae may be sexually active with her son. Sarah has a little talk with Molly about brother and sisterly love but she clears the air that nothing taboo or inappropriate is happening behind her back. Sarah admits she’s a little jealous of all the time Molly is spending with her son and admits how she wants to offer her a lesson in lesbian fornication. Molly grabs hold of Sarah’s massive boobs, nourishing her mouth with her mother’s perfectly ripe nipples. Sarah spreads her daughter’s legs apart eating out Molly’s tight, flawless pussy, watching her scream in euphoria. Sarah introduces her daughter to the divine pleasures of tribbing, thrusting their pink pussies in perfect harmony and swapping mouth filling orgasmic tongue thrusts in lesbian jubilation only for Sarah to wake up and find out it was only a dream!

The Family Therapist: After Elle Alexandra complains to her dad that her workaholic stepmom Angela Sommers treats her coldly and makes her feel like a nuisance, he sends them both to talk out their issues with a great family therapist Allie Haze. When the girls meet for their therapy session, Elle says she feels neglected by her stepmom, and Angela responds that her career is stressful and she feels underappreciated by Elle. Allie identifies a lack of affection in the relationship, observing that while Angela provides for Elle financially, she’s not meeting her emotional needs. The therapist recommends an unconventional but effective technique to help Angela express her affection for Elle. In order to remove the emotional masks we wear during the roles we play, as stepmother/career woman or student/stepdaughter, Allie instructs them to figuratively step out of those roles by literally removing the clothing layers that reinforce those patterns of relating and behaving. ‘You want us to get naked?!’ Angela is skeptical but willing to do whatever it takes for the sake of her family. In this state of undress, Allie instructs the naked girls to hug. Then kiss on the lips, then kiss with tongue. Allie loves watching families cum together, it brings her so much pleasure as a therapist. When she touches her clients’ wet pussies, she can feel they’re about to make a breakthrough. The lesbians kiss each other on the pussy lips, and before the session is over, all three girls are tonguing and tribbing their horny pussies till they cum!

The Family Portrait: Planning the perfect surprise present for her husband, Tanya Tate books photographer Brett Rossi to shoot a family portrait of Tanya with her step daughter Samantha Hayes. They look like twins in matching black dresses with ringlets in their long flowing hair. But little Samantha is much shyer than her MILF step mom. Brett helps the teen come out of her shell, getting her to lighten up in front of the camera, and have fun posing like model. Brett snaps a lot of photos and gradually gets the girls into sexier positions. Tanya wants the photos to look intimate to reflect their close bond, but Samantha needs convincing when the poses get a little more risque. After all, her father will see them! She reluctantly agrees to show her pink panties in the picture, sitting with her legs spread. But then the dress comes off, followed by the bra and panties, and Samantha has nothing left to remove. That’s when Brett suggests that Tanya takes off her dress. She positions the naked brunettes in various positions, depicting sex acts between mother and daughter. But soon the positions become more sex and less act. Samantha is a virgin and no one’s put a tongue on her clit before her step mom. Brett puts the camera on a self-timer, and inserts herself into the lesbian sex scene. Tanya and Brett team up on Samantha, fingering and tribbing the teen’s pussy, then eating her like the meat between their sandwich!

My BFF’s Mom: Angela Sommers is sad that her beloved stepdaughter Elle is going college. But Elle confides to her best friend Kristen Scott that she can’t leave fast enough, not since their last therapy session, when she had lesbian sex her own stepmother. When Kristen meets the infamous Angela while Elle is running errands, she offers to step in while Elle is away, in case Angela needs any help. What starts off innocent enough turns into an uncomfortable situation for Angela. Kristen seems to be hitting on the lesbian MILF. She knows Angela fucked Elle, and she wants to call her Mommy. This is so wrong, but Angela can’t resist the college age pussy, even though Elle could walk in on them at any moment. Kristen flaunts her little tits that look like Elle’s, rendering Angela powerless against the teen seductrice. As Kristen slowly removes their layers of clothing, parting Angela’s legs, and moving deeper into the crevices of her body, Angela is tormented with pleasure, and riddled with guilt for wanting it. When Kristen puts her wet mouth on Angela’s pulsating vagina, their carnal lust quickly descends into a frenzy of tribbing as the lesbians grind their wet pussies together, getting off with explosive orgasms! But will they get off scott free?

Jealous Of My Son Part Two: Milf stepmother, Sarah Vandella wakes up from her smoking hot lesbian dream determined to have a talk with her new daughter Molly Mae about the birds and the bees. When she confronts her, she re-enacts what transpired in her dream, admitting that she wants to experiment with her sexually…Molly is taken aback but the desire to taste another Mommy’s pussy is overwhelming as she watches Sarah undress and expose her massive boobs. Sarah explores Molly’s youthful body by tasting her sweet nipples and luscious pussy lips. Sarah then proceeds to fill her mouth with the sweet taste of Molly’s pussy making her daughter gasp in lesbian euphoria. They please one another in several positions, ending in a 69 position where they orgasm simultaneously and reach epic heights of lesbian gratification!

Stars: Sarah Vandella, Tanya Tate, Allie Haze, Molly Mae, Brett Rossi, Elle Alexandra , Angela Sommers, Samantha Hayes, Kristen Scott

OMG! You’re My Daddy!

Video: OMG! You're My Daddy!

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Desperate Pleasures

Zara Ryan: After a long flight from Australia I was sitting at the airport bar when this guy approached me. I went back to his place and before I knew it he had me bent over the table taking me from behind. He pounded me hard before cumming all over my stomach. Needless to say he invited me to stay til my next flight out. Turns out he was hung up on this Australian woman he knew long ago and when he showed me a picture of her I was shocked to discover it was my mum! But finding out he was my Daddy somehow made things even hotter between us.

Stefania Mafra: Before my mother passed she told me several times to find my godfather if anything ever happened to her. I found him and he welcomed me into his home for the night. When I couldn’t he let me climb in bed with him. His touch began to turn me on and I could tell he was turned on too. Needless to say we wound up having sex in his bed and we both relieved some tension. Unfortunately he came inside me and I’m not on the pill. The next morning he made a comment and we both realized I was actually his daughter!

Akira Shell: The other day Hope caught me reading her diary. I was reading about the things she was doing with her Daddy and it turned me on. She called her Daddy in and he fucked me while Hope watched. A few months later Hope’s Daddy and I were going through some old photos and I found a pic of my mom and Hope’s Dad. It seems they were fucking around after Hope’s mom split and based on the time frame he’s actually my Daddy. That discovery mad things even hotter for both of us. I can’t wait to tell Hope she’s my sister!

Stars: Akira Shell, Zara Ryan, Stefania Mafra, JW Ties

Mother Son Secrets VI

Video: Mother Son Secrets VI

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Forbidden Fruits Films
In Mother Son Secrets VI, Jodi West and friends who you what really happens when Father is away and only his hot new wife and son are left home alone! In five taboo tales, starring only the horniest mature MILFs, new step-mothers fall into forbidden romances with their young hung step-sons!

Stars: Jodi West, Shay Fox, Tony Rubino, Damon Dice, T. Stone, Cody Steele

Megan Archer 2 – Autoerotic

Video: Megan Archer 2 - Autoerotic

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Megan Archer is standing by the couch in a “Lifeguard” T-shirt and pink flannel shorts. There is every indication that she is not wearing a bra ;-) which she confirms quite quickly as she pulls the shirt off. She drops her shorts and panties next before hopping onto the couch and spreading her legs. She has nice natural breasts and a very lippy pussy … she reaches between her parted legs and starts to firmly rub her clit with two fingers. Her other hand reaches up and cups her breast as Megan starts to moan softly. She has interesting rubbing style – she rubs from her clit down to her vagina, occasionally pushing her labia into herself. Megan’s rubbing gets faster and more deliberate and we can already hear the squishy noises as the camera give us a good close up view of the action. Megan is clearly quite aroused as she flips over onto her hands and knees and continues to masturbate doggy style. After a short while, she flips back over and continues her finger assault, now jamming the tips of 3 fingers into her pussy as she stimulates herself. Megan keeps her eyes closed as she concentrates on the sensations … she moans and pants which intensify all of a sudden as her orgasm takes hold, causing her to do some crunches :-) , her contractions visible around her butt. The camera moves in to show us just how wet her lovely labia are!

Megan is lounging on the sofa in her white robe … it looks like she just had a little nap (probably to recover from her last orgasm!). She removes the robe and is completely naked underneath. Megan parades about a little, showing off her slender body, perky nipples and bulging labia. She then sits on the couch, parts her legs and turns on a pink penis shaped vibe. As soon as she touches her clit with it, she lets out a big “Ohhh” … the thing must have some zest! Megan starts masturbating with the vibe in the style we’ve become accustomed to seeing of her – stimulating her entire vulva and mashing her large labia into her vagina along with the tip of the toy. She firmly rubs the toy up and down over her clit and vulva so hard that it bends … and she does this over and over, eyes closed as she soaks up the pleasure the vibrations are giving her. After a while, Megan gets up into a kneeling position on the couch. She keeps the toy planted between her legs and eventually leans back into a kneeling position and then slides onto her back again. Her rubbing gets faster and more rhythmic as the camera moves in for a close up of the action … she really is mashing that toy into her pussy! Megan’s orgasm happens all of a sudden again – this time with the camera zoomed into the action … she lets out a couple of moans as her contractions take hold and she cums. She turns the toy off and touches her swollen clit and lips as she recovers.

Now Megan is wearing a short red dress and standing in front of the couch. The dress keeps hiking up as she moves and exposes her shaved pussy and protruding pussy lips :-o … Megan lifts the dress up over her head, sheds her shoes and stockings and settles on the couch with her legs apart and clutching a little silver bullet vibrator. After caressing her breasts and body, she turns on the tiny buzzer and touches her clit with it. Quite quickly, Megan starts rubbing her clit in a firm circular fashion, practically digging the shiny toy into the folds of her pussy lips. It doesn’t quite reach her vagina, so her lips get pushed and bunched up at the base of her pussy. It’s quite an interesting perspective as her style is truly unique! Megan once again flips over onto her hands and knees and continues masturbating with her bottom in the air. She pushes the little toys, twirls it in her folds, slides it to her vagina, rubs it firmly over her clit … then she slides back down onto the couch and announces that “the battery is dying” …then “thank god I’ve got a spare” as she picks up a blue vibrator and plants it on her clit. This one allows her to assume her usually masturbation style and has her moaning in seconds. Megan remains on her back and slowly intensifies the stimulation, up to the point where she is practically humping the vibe … and this does the trick – Megan moans loudly and cums hard with her usual soft contractions! She parts her big lips to show us just how wet that made her.

Megan is still naked, laying on the couch and playing with her breasts and nipples. Her nipples harden nicely to her touch … she sits up and parts her legs, and there is a Hitachi magic wand laying ominously close by ;-) . Megan grabs both of her small breasts and tweaks her nipples a bit, then slips one hand down to her pussy for a little rub-a-dub-dub. It’s only a short rub as she is looking forward to getting down with the mother of all vibrators! She fires up the Hitachi and pushes it firmly down on her clit, which scrunches her large labia down to the base of her vagina. It’s pretty obvious that Megan really likes the way this toy makes her feel … she instantly started moaning when it touched her! The camera zooms in for a nice close up of her squished lips and the vibe action on her clit. She really does have a nice pussy! Megan must like doggy style masturbation as once again, she flips over onto her knees. She positions the wand in such a way that the back end is wedged against the couch and Megan can rock her hips and pussy very firmly against it, squishing her lips up towards her anus. We can an occasionally glimpse of her slippery juices as she does this faster and faster. And quiet unexpectedly, Megan lets out a moan and cums as she tips over … we catch a glimpse of a contraction as she apologizes, then sits on the couch and plays with her wet pussy with her fingers. Once she has recovered, she turns the Hitachi back on and continues masturbating, gently thrusting her hips up against the toy. The intensity and frequency of her thrust increase as she jams the vibe against her pussy with two hands and practically bends it in half! She is determined to cum again to make up for her “botched” orgasm … and she does indeed get there, but has a hard time keeping her legs apart. The camera zooms in for a closer look at the aftermath.

Stars: Megan Archer

All The World’s A Stage

Video: All The World's A Stage

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My hot mom is working out in the living room, putting on an ass show just for me. I know my mom has been horny as hell for me, and can you blame her? “I’m really coming into my own,” she says, which is basically my little boy dick isn’t so little anymore, and she can’t wait to drop to her knees for me. I know what you’re thinking, you think its pretty f’ed up to think about my mom in a sexual way, and it wasn’t always this way. I’m telling you the cause of my fantasies is completely the fault of my mother’s. I bet you’d get your dick hard if your 44 year old mother looked half her age, and she kept wagging her titties in your face with her low cut blouse, and swinging her ass from left to right. I caught her looking over her shoulder last time she did it, it’s like she wants to make sure I’m noticing. I’m going to make a move. I’ll prove it to you!

In her words:

My boy is a senior in High School now and I am feeling concerned for him. He’s withdrawn from all his friends, he doesn’t go out on the weekends, and all he wants to do is hang out at home. I talked with my psychiatrist about it and she told me that “it’s normal for boys to mature later than girls.” I even confessed that I think my son might try to make a sexual advance to me! It pained me to confess that to her; as if I didn’t speak it aloud then it would go away. He cupped my bum when he hugged me last week, even though there is more evidence to prove that it’s not just in my head that was enough for her to agree with me. I am a good mother. I swear to you! I worry for my son. I want him to grow up normally, and I don’t want to cross the line. I have one more confession that I haven’t told anyone, not my psychiatrist, nor my sister, or my closest girlfriend, come in close and I will whisper it to you and you alone. I feel sexy when he looks at me. I swear to you that I will not act on it. He is just a boy, my boy, and he will grow out of this stage. He will need me to help him through it.

Stars: Blair Williams, Robby Echo

Naked Stars On A Balcony

Video: Naked Stars On A Balcony

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Mr. Skin

No matter which way you view a woman, she always looks better naked. But some like to put women on a pedestal, which is fine, but we’d rather see her showing off all her beauty while standing on a balcony. If you feel the same, check out this amazing playlist of nude stars on a balcony.

Teri Hatcher shows tush, bush and boobs while looking down from above in Heaven’s Prisoners,

Naomi Watts wows with some brief butt before hitting the terrace to give a full frontal flash in Mother and Child,

Jessica Marais climbs out of the pool to do some sun tanning, showing boobs and backside, in Magic City,

Olga Kurylenko flaunts her perfect pair and thong-clad ass as she enjoys a smoke in Hitman,

Charlotte Rampling does some long distance flashing, then treats us to some full frontal fun in Swimming Pool,

Bethenny Frankel pops her top while sunbathing in Hollywood Hills 90028,

Kristin Scott Thomas gives us ass and bush on a balcony in Le bal du gouverneur,

Katie Lohmann gives up all three B’s while getting banged on the balcony in Dead Sexy,

Kate French goes boobs out while receiving some licking in The L Word,

Deborah Kara Unger shows some brief buns in Crash,

Rinko Kikuchi flashes rump in Babel, Rutanya Alda teases some boobies in The Long Goodbye,

Daryl Hannah gives up some glands in Summer Lovers,

Fabienne Babe gets caressed and totally undressed in Les passengers,

Jackie Swanson racks out before heading to the ledge in Lethal Weapon,

Lauren Hutton unleashes her hooters in Hécate,

Ynez Veneracion bares her lil’ boobies and butt in Huwag,

and Arielle Dombasie puts on a long distance show in Le jour et la nuit.

The Getaway: Xmas Edition

Video: The Getaway: Xmas Edition

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I used to pet his head at night and tell him, “I love you, and I’m always here for you, sweet dream, and kiss him on his forehead.” It was a simple ritual that was just as important as brushing your teeth, and to be honest with you, I needed it as much as him. I’ve always had a special bond with my baby boy, and I know his friends would call him a ‘Momma’s boy,’ but we were more than mother and son, we were more than friends. It’s a special bond that transcends any typical mother and son relationship, we’re close in the way that he can read my feelings just by looking at me, and I can sense when something is wrong in his life even if we’re apart. He married a French woman named Sabine, she looks a lot like me, full breasts, bright red hair, blue eyes, and porcelain skin but I knew she was not good for him. She took him away to live in Bordeaux for seven long years, and he never wanted to leave on the Holidays. I knew something was wrong, and Sabine would always find some excuse to interrupt my alone time with him, but when he would leave I would help him on with his coat, embrace him, and whisper in his ear, “I love you and I’m always here for you.”

I was elated when he moved back to town four months ago, but saw Sabine and my son drift apart, she never felt at home here and longed to go back. December 22, at 5:30 in the afternoon I called him and he told me he wouldn’t be going to my sister’s for Christmas. He confessed that Sabine has left him two weeks ago and he doesn’t want to explain to everyone just yet that they are divorcing. He asked, “Mom, can you come over for Christmas? Just me and you?” I smiled warmly, it felt as if my son had come back home, and we began to plan what we’d do to pass the time. I got off the phone and packed my bag. I left in such a hurry, it’s an 8 hour drive to his home, and I know my boy needs me, he needed me years ago.

He opens the door and I see he decorated for me, the Christmas tree was up with the ornaments that I give him as a family tradition one per Christmas. He helps me off with my coat and I press his cheek to mine, I kiss him, taking in his masculine scent. He locks eyes with me, I know he is reading my thoughts. We both avert our eyes, our closeness confuses us both, there’s a tightness between us, like a jute rope that pulled so tight the strands are starting to pop, dying to be released. I fantasize every time I tease him, a simple kiss that will keep my pussy wet for days dreaming about what I could have done, what I should have done if he wasn’t my son.

Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

Lesbian Family Affair Volume 4

Video: Lesbian Family Affair Volume 4

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Filly Films
Summer Day & Tiffany Watson are at the office looking for mom’s presents. They discover sex toys in one of the desk drawers. Tanya Tate, their mother walks in on the girls playing with all the toys. Mommy shows her girls how the toys work. Jasmine Summers is excited to tell her mom Mercedes Carrera that they’ve won the softball tournament. Meanwhile Maya Bijou admits that she hears Jasmine & Mercedes at night, making certain sexual sounds. So they start out kissing which leads to more in the office. Lily Rader has forgotten her keys and is locked out of the house. So she goes to the office to get another set from her mom Alexis Fawx. Lily catches her mother and coworker getting naked for online purposes. Lily catches them and joins in. bonus scene from “Tanya Tate’s: Lesbian Family Affair: starring Aaliyah Love, Tanya & Zoey Monroe. Then another bonus scene from “Mommy & Me #10” with Tanya Tate & Karla Kush.

Stars: Alexis Fawx, Karla Kush, Mercedes Carrera, Olivia Austin, Jasmine Summers, Tiffany Watson, Summer Day (i), Lily Rader, Tanya Tate, Maya Bijou , Aaliyah Love, Zoey Monroe

My Stepdaughter Fucked Me

Video: My Stepdaughter Fucked Me

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Carl’s Stepdaughter, Lexi Bleu, talks to Carl as he comes out of the shower. She learns that her mother is gone and won’t be back for a few hours. She tells Carl she has a surprise for him and to lie on the bed and close his eyes. She squats over his face and places her pussy over his mouth. She tells Carl she’s always wanted to fuck him and convinces him it will be their secret. Carl can’t resist her charms and eats her and fucks her. When he’s ready to cum, he cums on her ass and licks it up.

Stars: Lexi Bleu, Carl Hubay

Moms In Control 2

Video: Moms In Control 2

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Only Anal Until Marriage

Carter Cruise is madly in love with her boyfriend Chris, and wants to take things to the next level. But when her stepmom Phoenix Marie catches the couple in action she decides to teach Carter how to be a slut and a proper young lady all at the same time!

It’s Too Big

Janice Griffith and her boyfriend Jessy have been getting hot and still haven’t fucked because Janice is afraid his cock is too big for her tight virgin pussy! Janice’s stepmom, busty MILF Eva Notty decides to do her duty as a cougar and teach Janice how to take a dick!

How To Make A Tart

Gianna Nicole and her boyfriend Brick Danger have a study date, but all Brick seems to have on his mind is getting in Gianna’s pants. She tries to keep him focused on the books, but her stepmom Syren De Mer sees how horny he is and decides to get a little piece of that action for herself.

Bathtime With A Hot MILF

Sara Luvv took her time sucking Clover’s cock, wetting down the tip while she jerked and teased his balls. When Sara’s hot new step mother walked in the bathroom and caught the young lover fooling around in the tub, she decided to join in and show them how to fuck like a pro.

Double The MILFS Double The Fun

Nina Elle and her friend Dana Vespoli are a couple of sexually frustrated MILF babes whose husbands haven’t been satisfying them properly lately. They sneak in the room while Tucker is giving Danny a handjob and decide to show her how it’s done.

Stars: Sara Luvv, Dana Vespoli, Nina Elle, India Summer, Carter Cruise, Janet Mason, Tucker Starr, Syren De Mer, Janice Griffith, Phoenix Marie, Gianna Nicole, Farrah Dahl, Eva Notty, Clover, Brick Danger, Chris Strokes, Danny D, Jessy Jones

Family Fantsies – MILF 1748 – Home Education

Video: Family Fantsies - MILF 1748 - Home Education

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Red MILF Productions

Rachel Steele is very broad-minded when it comes to helping her son Chris to pass his biology exam. One evening she comes into his room while he is studying and announces that she is going to personally teach him all he needs to know about sexual intercourse and the female body. Young Chris has always idolized his mother. Far from being shocked at her proposal, he welcomes it as a dream come true. The next thing we see is lesson one with Rachel stripped down to red lingerie, sitting on her bed, instructing Chris in the art of foreplay. After showing him how to fondle and suckle her naked breasts, she parts her legs and invites him to rub his fingers over her panty-clad pussy. Last of all she spends a long time French-kissing him to help him perfect his technique. Chris learns so well that several days later he aces his exam. Rachel is delighted. But there is yet more that she wants him.

In lesson two, she shows Chris how to skillfully take off her dress, bra and panties before stripping off himself. All the while her manner is that of perfectly loving and understanding mother. Some days later, as a reward for Chris cleaning the pool, Rachel decides to give him his third – and most important – lesson. This is the one where he is to learn how to go all the way with a woman. It begins with Rachel getting Chris to show her all that he has previously learned. Once he has undressed his mother to just her stockings and garters, he hugs and kisses her, then joins her on the bed where she lies back with her legs widely parted. There the young man fingers and licks out her pussy – exciting her and gaining her praise. Rachel then gives her son a long and sensual blowjob as prelude to slipping a condom over his cock and giving him his first-ever fuck. In a variety of positions – including missionary, doggy and cowgirl – she moans and gasps and talks taboo as he pounds her pussy with an expertise that exceeds her highest expectations. Afterwards, having Chris has blasted her face and chest with cum, she hugs him tight. The young man has proved himself a star pupil. Rachel could not be a prouder – or more satisfied – mother.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Chris

Naked Babes Of Comic Con

Video: Naked Babes Of Comic Con

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Mr. Skin

Do sexy babes in latex and leather give you that little extra bang! Pow! In your shorts? Whether your dream date is a sci-fi siren or a geeky gamer girl, we’re sure you’ll agree that the hot stars of Mr. Skin’s Naked Babes of Comic-Con playlist are in mint condition:

Kicking things off is former Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood, who shows off her tight body in all sorts of titillating positions in Playboy’s Yoga with Sara Jean Underwood.

Need more Sara Jean? Never fear- we’ve got footage of the Attack of the Show! Hottie reporting live from the World Naked Bike Ride. Nice pedal pushers!

Next we’ve got a delicious duet of scenes from Underworld and Total Recall star Kate Beckinsale nude in Underworld: Evolution (2006) and Uncovered (1994),

A tasty little nip slip (I Know What You Did Last Summer, 1997) and lesbian kiss (Cruel Intentions, 1999) from Buffy herself, Sara Michelle Gellar,

and Emilia Clarke‘s spectacular nude debut on the fantasy series Game of Thrones. Holy Mother of Dragons!

After that, deadly dame Maggie Q (Nikita) shows off her funbaggie-q in Manhattan Midnight (2001),

Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki and Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui in sexy lingerie in Women in Trouble (2009) and a mind-boggling girl-girl lap dance from Elektra Luxx (2010),

and Halle Berry in her leather costume (aka the only good part of) Catwoman (2004),

followed by a nice topless palate cleanser– Halle’s SKINfamous topless sunbathing scene from Swordfish (2001).

Next we’ve got Sookie Stackhouse (or Rogue, if you’re an X-Men fan), Anna Paquin, baring some rack-quin on True Blood,

svelte sci-fi sirens Rachel Nichols and Zoe Saldana as panty-clad roommates in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009),

Kirsten Dunst and that famous wet t-shirt from Spider-Man (2002),

and, at long last, a look and Mary Jane‘s mammaries as Kristen makes her nude debut in All Good Things (2010).

Next we’ve got another comic-book hottie, the incomparable Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four (2005),

followed by a look under Jessica’s hood in a kinky bare-assed spanking scene from The Killer Inside Me (2010).

Then Lucy Lawless is tall, tough, and fantastically stacked in a sexy clip from Xena: Warrior Princess,

but for a better look at Lucy braless, check out her unbelievable threesome scene with Jamie Murray and a very lucky man on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

After that, Maggie Gyllenhaal will make your dark knight rise with some full frontal nudity from Secretary (2002),

as will Katie Holmes in her one and only topless scene to date from The Gift (2000).

Finally, X-Woman Rebecca Romijn morphs into full frontal mode in Femme Fatale (2002),

the perpetually naked Esme Bianco reminds us again why we love Game of Thrones,

Summer Glau terminates our sperm in a sexy scene from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,

Natalie Portman shows off her slinky figure in a pair of sexy scenes from V for Vendetta (2005),

and Carrie Fisher asserts her status as the ultimate nerd crush in that classic Slave Leia costume from Return of the Jedi (1983).

My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 10

Video: My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 10

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Devil’s Film
Devil’s Film presents the tenth installment of My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother. These horny mothers-in-law won’t stop nagging their virile sons for a hard fuck. Despite desperate pleadings from their wives, they have to give their mom-in-laws a good anal fucking just so they won’t have to hear it anymore!

Stars: Britney Amber, Aiden Ashley, Sheena Ryder, Nickey Huntsman, Trillium, Savannah Fyre, Sarah Vandella, Seth Gamble, Chad Alva, Ike Diezel, Donny Sins

Mommy & Me 14

Video: Mommy & Me 14

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Filly Films
Sweet beautiful daughter, let’s teach you about sex with girls. There’s no one better to take your virginity than Mommy! It takes a loving mother to truly share an erotic experience with a young, nubile lesbian girl! It`s about to get hot in here as these sexy, pussy-thirst quenching lesbians get Seduced By Mommy! So come and join Filly films on this latest edition of Mommy & Me!

Stars: Raquel Roper, Kali Karinena, Farrah Dahl, Jayme Langford, Esmi Lee, Lacie James

Insane Ingenues

Video: Insane Ingenues

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Pretty Dirty

This Pretty Dirty compilation is a scandalous repertoire of gorgeous girls going crazy for cock! When stepdaughter Maya Bijou’s incorrigible antics spiral out of control, single dad John Strong whips out his dick to discipline her bad behavior. When an innocent schoolgirl crush becomes a dark obsession, teacher Derrick Pierce gets caught in a web of lies and the only way out is to fuck his troubled student Gina Valentina. College student Jillian Janson is asking for punishment when she gives Professor Seth Gamble an ultimatum about his predilection for student pussy. When crazy ex Sara Luvv harasses Michael Vegas with a million messages, then tearfully breaks into his house, he calms her down with his cock, before having her arrested.

Bad Little Spinner: When John Strong gets a phone call from his boss, his incorrigible step daughter Maya Bijou suddenly wants his attention, and gets very impatient when he won’t give it to her. She’s driving him crazy though, ripping papers on his desk, dropping his knickknacks, opening his jeans and sucking on his cock, making him almost pop while he’s talking to his boss. He hangs up the phone, chastising her for being a brat, making it impossible to carry on that conversation, and jeopardizing his job. Amused by her step dad’s frustrations, Maya taunts him by jumping on the bed. Judging by the raging erection poking out of his jeans, he’s obviously not done teaching her a lesson. She plops down on the bed, and bares her ass for more disciplining. He sticks his dick deep in her teen pussy, and she takes his big boner like a bad little spinner, going up and down, round and round his big hard cock, till her juicy pussy cums, and dad follows suit, cumming in her mouth that talks back to him.

Help Me Teacher: High school student Gina Valentina is hot for teacher Derrick Pierce. She likes to skip his class and masturbate to fantasies of him fucking her. When her constant school skipping results in him calling her parents, she pretends to be her mother on the phone, and proposes a parent teacher meeting at the Valentina residence on Friday afternoon. Finally, Gina can be alone with Mr. Pierce and seduce him to have sex with her! When Friday rolls around, Gina dresses up in a sexy outfit, and applies heavy dark eyeshadow around her eyes, to give off the illusion that she has two black eyes. When Mr. Pierce arrives, she answers the door pretending to sob, and acts out an imaginary story about her mother giving her the shiners which is why she’s too embarrassed to show up at school. Concerned she’s under severe mental and emotional distress, Derrick insists they call for help. But Gina refuses to let him contact the police. Derrick tries to leave, but Gina begs him to stay with her, hyperventilating through her fake tears like a desperate schoolgirl with raging hormones. When Derrick explains with sensitivity that he came to see her parents, Gina acts even more delusional, ranting that he came to have sex with her. She rips open her shirt, yelling at him to fuck her. When he rejects her, she starts to pound on herself, making visible marks on her body so she can blame them on him. That’s when it dawns on him that he’s been set up. He has to fuck this crazy bitch or she will ruin his reputation. A victorious Gina undresses her teacher, popping his hardened cock into her mouth like she’s swallowing a trophy. After tasting his precum, the crazy hornball takes off her panties and lowers herself onto his cock, filling her willing pussy up to the hilt. He fucks her tight pussy, before spraying his cum all over her face!

Dominate Me Professor: When high school student Jillian Janson finds out her professor Seth Gamble has a record for hooking up with female students, she decides to play a dangerous game, by going to his house to divulge the juicy gossip, in hopes he’ll agree to some private tutoring. But Seth tells her to leave, he can’t afford to get caught with a student. When she threatens to go public with the story, he doesn’t respond well to her ultimatum. His eye twitches with rage, igniting a fire in his pants, and triggering an onslaught of urges he can’t control. He’s going to give her exactly what she wants. He tosses her on the bed, swiftly and decisively, and begins dominating her pussy with his extremely excited cock. Jillian proves to be a very obedient student, who bends over when spoken to, and cums on command, squirting on his cock while he spanks her little round ass. The professor keeps fucking her teen pussy, authoritatively from behind, till his cock shoots a huge load of cum into her mouth! A+!

My Ex Is Crazy: When crazy ex-girlfriend Sara Luvv is still stalking Michael Vegas six months after their break up, not even a restraining order can help him find peace from this girl. Sixty missed calls in two hours! Michael is stressing out over the crazy number of messages she leaves on his phone, but Sara is freaking out with jealousy after seeing him with another girl. Sara lets herself into his house without permission, and confronts him while he’s coming out of the shower, that he’s a cheater, that she loves him, and that she’s desperate to touch him.

She’s yelling at him one minute, flirting the next, and crying too. Michael doesn’t know what to do except try to calm her down. She keeps begging to have sex with him, so Michael gives in, one last time. She sounds like a lunatic, demanding to be called his princess, and frankly Michael is scared to do anything that will set her off again. Better to just shut up, lick her pussy, make her cum and get her the hell away. He placates her by fucking her with his hard cock to keep her calm. Feeding her delusions, and her pussy, he fucks her till she orgasms, then he takes her pussy from behind and cums all over her tits, and as she drifts off to sleep, he calls 911.

Stars: Sara Luvv, Jillian Janson, Gina Valentina, Maya Bijou , John Strong, Derrick Pierce, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas

Stop Fucking My Friends

Video: Stop Fucking My Friends

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This Mommy’s Girl compilation will leave you feeling so dirty you’ll need a shower for your filth. Gia suspects her father is being duped by cheating stepmother Julia Ann, but the teen can’t believe her eyes when she catches the MILF fucking her friend Molly Mae. When MILF India Summer seduces her best friend’s daughter Megan Rain by masturbating in front of her, Megan must reevaluate how she feels about the woman she supposedly hates. Cadence Lux must prove her love for fiancée Kenna James by participating in a lesbian orgy with Kenna’s stepmoms Dana DeArmond and Katie Morgan. Megan Rain lives out the ultimate mommy fantasy when she gets fucked by her mother’s MILF best friend India Summer. When Gia Paige confronts stepmother Julia Ann about fucking her friend Molly Mae, a lesbian orgy ensues as the MILF persuades her step daughter to loosen up a little.

Stop Fucking My Friends Part One: Julia Ann isn’t going to win Stepmother of the Year award, but that’s okay, she doesn’t seem overly impressed with her husband’s daughter either, apart from her choice in friends. Julia Ann loves Gia’s friends, particularly Molly Mae. Gia counts on Molly to be her confidante and sounding board.

When Gia calls Molly to vent her suspicions that Julia is cheating on her dad with the pool boy, Gia has no clue Molly and Julia have been secretly hooking up and fucking! And when the lesbians arrange to meet this time, they don’t realize that Gia sneaks back in the house, hoping to catch her stepmother in the act. When Gia finds out she’s proven right about her stepmother, and betrayed by her friend with big natural tits, she gets horny, more than angry, rubbing her clit in the closet, while secretly spying on them licking pussy and orgasming in each other’s mouths!

My Mom’s Friend Part One: Megan Rain can’t stand her mom’s best friend India Summer who not only is a bad influence but prevents them from spending quality time with each other. Megan hears a knock at the door and with her bad luck, India walks in looking for her companion but Megan advises her she isn’t home. India takes in upon herself to go to the master bedroom and waits for her there and to preoccupy herself, she opens up her legs and begins touching her pussy. Megan walks upstairs and catches the milf hands deep in masturbation. Megan is stunned to discover that her mother and India are lesbian lovers but somehow intrigued by India’s seductiveness.

Megan kisses India’s thighs and licks her pussy with her soft tongue then places her finger deep inside India’s hole making her sweat with pleasure. India can’t wait to get a mouthful of Megan’s youthful pussy licking her moist backside and swirling her finger deep inside her forbidden fruit. Crossing each other legs, they begin tribbing passionately as they simultaneously peak in lesbian bliss creating a huge mess of pussy juice on the bed. Megan admits that she’s always been jealous of her mother’s relationship with India and fantasizes about her constantly. With Megan’s mom coming home any minute, India promises her an experience she will never forget!

Meet The Moms: Cadence Lux walks in to find love letters from her lesbian lover Kenna James. When she sees Kenna sitting on the couch, Kenna offers her one of two gifts; a lollipop, or something hidden in her other hand. Cadence takes what’s hidden, and is surprised with an engagement ring. Cadence accepts the ring, but is adamant about meeting Kenna’s parents. Kenna reminds her that her family is overbearing, but regardless, Cadence has to meet her parents before they say the words ‘I Do.’

Kenna arranges a Mother’s Day get together with her stepmoms Dana DeArmond and Katie Morgan. Her anxiety increases, wishing they can leave before it’s too late. Cadence is introduced to her future in-laws. However, Dana becomes condescending and questions Cadence’s loyalty to Kenna. To make matters worse, Dana grabs a lie detector test, wraps it around Cadence and interrogates her about her lesbianism. Cadence flunks the polygraph by denying any attraction towards Katie and with Kenna fed up with their shenanigans, demands an end to this game. But, the fun is only just about to begin, Katie grabs Cadence and kisses her sensually and demands she show how much of a real lesbian she is.

Kenna watches in disgust as Katie spreads her legs apart and orders Cadence to eat her juicy pussy. Cadence opens her mouth and doing what she’s told, makes Katie moan and orgasm all while Dana is holding Kenna back making her to watch. Dana takes her daughter’s clothes off to engage in a lesbian foursome pleasing one another systematically. One by one, they take turns sucking each other’s boobs and pussy lips in a lesbian chain of pure sapphic euphoria. Cadence is still utterly shocked that this is happening but didn’t stop Dana from finger fucking her pussy and making her squirt effortlessly, making this an intense lesbian mother-daughter orgy she will never forget!

My Mom’s Friend Part Two: Previously on Mommy’sGirl, Megan Rain and India Summer engage in an unexpected lesbian adventure filled with hot pussy eating and finger fucking delights. Megan’s sexual fantasies come alive when India dresses up in her mother’s dress fulfilling Megan’s ultimate mommy fantasy. Megan immediately succumbs to India’s lesbian charm as she spreads her fantasy mother’s legs apart and eats out her moist pussy making her juices flow heavenly. India places her mouth over Megan’s tight shaved pussy licking her luscious lips and teasing her flawless butthole. To conclude their mommy fantasy sex-capade, they 69 moistening each other’s pussies vigorously as both lesbian lover’s peak simultaneously.

Stop Fucking My Friends Part Two: After catching her stepmom Julia Ann fucking her best friend Molly Mae, Gia Paige confronts the lesbians post coitus and isn’t thrilled to hear them criticize her for being a killjoy who needs to loosen up. Gia just wants Julia to be loyal to her daddy, and to stop fucking her friends! Julia is happy that Gia is being more communicative, at least. With Molly on Julia’s side, Gia opens up to the possibility that Julia isn’t so bad, and that maybe she has a point about having more fun. And just like that, the lesbian MILF seduces the nubile teens into a threesome, cradling her naked stepdaughter in her lap, while Molly makes them cum with her tongue.

Stars: Julia Ann, Dana DeArmond, India Summer, Molly Mae, Cadence Lux, Megan Rain, Kenna James, Gia Paige, Katie Morgan

Family Fantasies – MILF 1777 – Mother Stay With Me

Video: Family Fantasies - MILF 1777 - Mother Stay With Me

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Red MILF Productions
Rachel has left her husband and is embarrassed that she came to stay with her step son Michael. He assures her everything will be ok. Michael gives her lots of compliments and he tells her it’s all Dad’s fault. Michael is sleeping and didn’t pack any pajamas so she slips into the bed in her bra & panty set. But before she does, she checks out herself and Michael wakes up staring at this step mom. Her son watches as his mother masturbates. She hasn’t had sex in quite some time and so Michael and she do it.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Michael

My Virgin Daughter

Video: My Virgin Daughter

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This lesbian compilation from Mommy’s Girl pushes the limits of lesbian family taboo. Christian traditionalist step mom Jelena Jensen has a sex dream of devirginizing her tumultuous teen step daughter Cassidy Klein. Financially struggling step mom Chanel Preston recruits step daughter Rebel Lynn as a phone sex operator, but the job gets them so horny, they need to make each other cum. When phone sex operators Rebel Lynn and Chanel Preston get their first male caller, fantasy family roleplay becomes lesbian pussy licking reality for the step mother-daughter duo. Teen Tiffany Watson makes stepmom Alexis Fawx dress up in lingerie and fuck her as a payment for lying about her business trip. Jelena Jensen seduces step daughter cassidy Klein to have lesbian sex, to give her the practice she needs to please her future husband, but still keep her virginity in tact.

My Virgin Daughter Part One: As the new mother figure in the home, Jelena Jensen informs her husband that it’s been hard bonding with his daughter Cassidy Klein. One minute, her step daughter is sweet and caring then the next, rambunctious and miserable. Jelena doesn’t know what to do in order for them to have a stable relationship if Cassidy can’t tell her why she is so upset. Jelena’s husband thinks they should have a good talk, considering Jelena’s first marriage ended because she had a sexual relationship with her ex husband’s pornstar daughter. Jelena decides that, first thing tomorrow morning, she will approach the young christian girl and make amends in hopes they can flourish into a loving mother-daughter relationship.

Jelana wakes up alone on her bed, hearing screams from a not so distant Cassidy. Jelena calls out to Cassidy as the voices become louder. Louder and louder she hears her daughter wailing for help until a seemingly sublime power confounds her. Cassidy faces Jelena, crying out to be devirginized. Jelena doesn’t understand what has gotten into her daughter, and begs her to go back to sleep, but Cassidy insists that feeling the warmth of her mother’s pussy on her mouth will fulfill her fantasy. Jelena resists as much as possible, but the adamant virgin is too fast for her to react, and is already engaging in her lesbian fantasy. Cassidy fills her mouth with her mother’s warm and tasty pussy, making Jelena moan in euphoria. When Cassidy places herself over Jelena’s mouth, she grinds her hips in pleasure, unable to control her lesbian sexual excitement. There is no turning back as Jelena takes charge fully, pleasing her daughter by tribbing vigorously until she realizes that all of a sudden, she is alone with Cassidy no where to be found. Waking up in the morning, she realizes it was just a dream, knowing fully well what she must do to subdue her lesbian subconscious!

Work From Home Part One: Stepmother, Chanel Preston finds herself falling deeper and deeper into debt. It doesn’t help that her new husband just up and left her and her step-daughter Rebel Lynn. Desperate to find a way to better her situation, she decides to take a job as a phone sex operator. When Rebel finds out that her beloved stepmother has taken on this second job, she decides she should help out as well. Together they become a daughter/mother phone sex duo. The one thing they need to do before they start accepting calls is figure out what to say. For this they head onto the Girlsway website, after watching a few scenes not only do they feel prepared to chat, but they’re also super horny! Chanel believes this to be the best opportunity to teach her daughter a few new techniques so they can really be prepared. She starts off by showing her how to kiss on the lips, which quickly turns from her lips to her nipples. Rebel sucks them while sliding her hand further and further down until she’s playing with her mommy’s wet pussy. As Chanel moans with delight, she sees Rebel staring up at her, while licking her pussy juices. Chanel directs Rebel to lay down, while she rides her so their lesbian pussies are touching. Rebel can’t help but cry out in lesbian passion as they cum onto each other. She’s never felt this way before and can’t wait to do it over and over again, with all their clients waiting …. How will their first call go?

Mommy Fashion Show: Tiffany Watson snoops through her step mother’s suitcase after she claims to be back from a business trip. Tiffany finds nothing but lingerie packed in stepmom Alexis Fawx’ luggage which raises an eyebrow. While Alexis rinses off in the shower, Tiffany tries on some of the sexy lingerie but is caught. Alexis is furious but Tiffany is onto her mother’s deceitful ploys and extracurricular activity behind her father’s back. Tiffany orders Alexis to pose for her in her sexy lingerie and eat out her pussy. Alexis protests claiming she isn’t a lesbian but must do what her daughter says to keep her quiet. Tiffany grabs onto Alexis as she licks her daughter’s shaved, soft pussy filling her mouth with cum. It’s Tiffany’s turn to have some lesbian fun as she rolls her pierced tongue over her mothers tight, shaved pussy satisfying her holes better than her husband ever could!

Work From Home Part Two: As Stepdaughter, Rebel Lynn flips through a magazine in her room, her Stepmother, Chanel Preston runs in alerting her, they have their first caller. Their first phone sex caller, that is. As the phone call begins, both Chanel and Rebel feed each other compliments, Chanel remarks on how hot her daughter’s ass looks in her tight pants. While, Rebel describes how her mother’s tits look in her hot, pink dress. They begin to kiss, softly, and then more passionately as their hands glide down each other’s bodies. All while, the caller listens on. Hearing the moans passing between both, mother and daughter as Rebel sucks on her mommy’s big tits. It’s not before long, that Chanel strips Rebel’s clothing off so she can lick her tight, wet pussy. As Rebel watches her mommy starring up at her from in between her legs. Remarking how it feels to have her mommy suck her clit. As the caller listens, mommy and daughter take turns making each other cum, in 69. All this takes place, while the caller moans with pleasure as she listens to the way Chanel describes what it’s like to watch her daughter pleasure herself. Wanting to please her mommy, Rebel rides her, with eager encouragement as the sound of their pussies rub together. Can this really be their first call… you’ll have to watch to find out!

My Virgin Daughter Part Two: Previously on Girlsway, Jelena Jensen had a surreal dream that her step daughter Cassidy Klein was in dire help to lose her virginity. After numerous attempts to discourage her lesbian step daughter, Jelena’s couldn’t resist her lesbian sexual urges to fulfill her daughters wishes. Today, Jelena confides in Cassidy, going into intricate details regarding her dream and the symbolism behind it. Jelena believes that this dream is a revelation brought to her by Jesus to guide Cassidy as her guardian angel and help her learn how to express herself by indulging in sexual pleasures. With no experience in masturbation, orgasms and love making, Cassidy is clueless and trusts her mother to show her everything she needs to know.

Jelena asks Cassidy to remove her pants and her mother let’s loose her enormous boobs from her bra, with her nipples fully erect. Cassidy feels her boobs for the very first time, showing her how to stimulate her sexually. They sit beside each other as Jelena shows Cassidy how to please and manipulate her warm, shaved pussy. Jelena shows her daughter where her clitoris is located, a sensitive place above her pussy where she can rub slowly or vigorously. Jelena wets her finger, despite Cassidy’s reluctance and begins pleasing her daughter’s pussy. Cassidy screams in lesbian euphoria feeling her first real womanly orgasm. Jelena places her bare pussy lips over her daughter’s mouth and teaches her how to give another woman an orgasm, guiding her to move her mouth and lips gently over her throbbing lesbian pussy. Finally the lesbian fantasy culminates with them tribbing their moist pussies together, moaning in lesbian satisfaction and cumming ecstatically in passion. But both women have a shocking secret of their own making this an epic twist!

Stars: Rebel Lynn, Tiffany Watson, Jelena Jensen, Chanel Preston, Alexis Fawx, Cassidy Klein