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Tag Archives: Panties

Ebony Trans Sex

Video: Ebony Trans Sex

Watch This Video!

CX Wow presents “Ebony Trans Sex,” starring Kendall Dreams, Layla Bugatti, Natalia La Porta, and Nina Rios. Christian XXX is one lucky guy! He’s got a very horny lineup of black transsexuals who drop their panties at his call. Whatever he wants, he gets. Kendall adores him and shows just how much when he gets to her hotel room. Layla just wants to ride Christian into the sunset. Natalia loves every minute she spends with him and Nina is a cock sitting pro.

Stars: Christian XXX, Kendall Dreams (Trans) , Layla Bugatti (Trans), Natalia La Potra, Nina Rios (Trans)

Domestic Violets

Video: Domestic Violets

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Have you ever felt torn on the inside, as if one half of you knew your desires were wrong, but the other half insisted on it anyway? That’s how I feel about my momma, Penny. Penny is actually my step-mom, but my real mom left my Dad and met Penny when I was just a girl. Penny IS my momma, even though my real momma got back together with my Dad just a couple of years ago.

I still can’t believe that she wanted me to live with her and call her mother, as if she didn’t miss out on my entire upbringing. As soon as I turned eighteen, I moved back with my momma Penny, and it burns my parents. Momma Penny and I have a special relationship. I sometimes think she is flirting with me, or maybe it is that evil side of me trying to convince me of that? I can’t be certain but oh– I so desperately want to believe that she wants me. I have tried to show her, in my little ways, that I want her too, but I am never bold enough.

I’m leaving for college tomorrow and I am having those torn feelings again. It’s my last chance to make my dreams come true. I want Momma to know how badly I want her, how I want to see her little red bush in between her legs, and how badly I want to see her pretty face cum.

I can hear thunder in the distance. Momma knows I hate thunderstorms so she’ll be expecting me to show up at her door and crawl into bed with her. She will run her fingers through my chestnut brown hair and tell me, “it’ll be alright,” until she’s napping, and I slip my hands down into my panties and finger my little pussy until I cum. That evil half of me tells me that she knows full well that I cum while her breasts are pressed up against mine, that she is fake napping through it all. I will come up with something, anything, to make my dreams come true.

Stars: Penny Pax, Violet Starr

The Rental

Video: The Rental

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Pure Taboo
The Rental

The scene opens on Amy, a 20-year-old college sophomore, (Aubrey Sinclair) as she sits crying in the front seat of her car. Her vehicle has been loaded up with boxes and clothes and an eviction notice rests atop a notebook on the passenger seat. The student was recently kicked out of her apartment and has spent the past few days living out of her car. She is dirty and tired and incredibly anxious. When her phone rings, a return call from an application she submitted, she answers enthusiastically … but her face falls as she is told, for the tenth time, that her credit is too poor to be considered. There is only one rental left – a private room in a house. Since the place is close by, she decides to skip a call and go directly there. After all, perhaps meeting the landlord in person will give her a stronger chance at pleading her case. When she knocks on the door, she is greeted by a man. At first, he is very timid and uneager to open but when she mentions being interested in the room he’s advertised, his expression changes and he warmly invites her inside. He introduces himself as Philip (Tommy Pistol) and shows her around the house, while she cautiously checks him out. Something about him seems a little strange but the place is very nice and clean and the price is right, so she decides to ignore it. When Philip offers to let her to move in right away and not worry about a lease (or credit check) she jumps at the chance. Eagerly, she heads back outside to begin grabbing her things as Philip stands at the door watching her intently.

Throughout the day, as Amy unpacks in her room, Philip keeps making excuses to come in and check on her. She finds it annoying and a little creepy, especially the way her landlord leers at her, but it’s all so harmless that she shrugs it off. Even after he is found watching in her room as she gets out of the shower, he is so nervous and apologetic that she shrugs it off. She gets into bed, calls her mother to tell her about the move, glossing over the details, and then turns out the light to go bed. That night, she is woken up by a rustling noise. Looking out across the darkened room, she discovers Philip has snuck in, rifled through her dirty clothes, and is now sniffing her panties while watching her sleep. She panics and confronts him, turning on the light and threatening to call the police. He calms her down and explains that he is harmless, he just has a little problem… He is a sexual deviant who is obsessed with young women. Everything about them: how they look, how they smell, how they taste. When she showed up at his doorstep and inquired about the room, he couldn’t help himself. And, now that she’s living under his roof, he finds the temptation unbearable. Nervously, she asks him if he is a sex offender and he assures her that he has no criminal record, it’s just a … hobby of sorts. He promises to be the easiest landlord ever, if she’ll just allow him to watch her from time to time. Letting her guard down, she realizes that she has power over the pervert and this descends into a negotiation where she agrees to let him ‘obsess’ over her in exchange for free room and board. Excitedly, he goes along with it … agreeing to her terms as she removes articles of clothing and lets him touch her. Eventually, she tells him she will let him use her body however he wants in exchange for covering her entire year’s tuition and the horny pervert agrees.

Head of the House

After his parents unexpectedly die in a car crash, troubled college student Damian Charles (Brad Knight) is left the keys to the family’s estate in their will. The only clause is that he allows his step-sister, Miranda Alexander (Lana Rhoades), to live there until her 21st birthday. The step-siblings have never gotten along but, now that he has firm control over the household, something starts to shift within him. After first begrudgingly letting her stay with him, he slowly starts to get off on the feeling of bossing her around and imposes stricter and stricter rules on her, ‘as long as she lives under his roof!’ It begins with chores and a curfew but soon turns sexual. Ultimately, he strikes a deal with the precocious 18-year-old teen that she can do whatever she wants in the house, so long as she agrees to service him.

Stars: Aubrey Sinclair, Lana Rhoades, Brad Knight, Tommy Pistol

Body Worship

Video: Body Worship

Watch This Video!

Viv Thomas

Foot Worship: Sexy Clea Gaultier and Daniella Margot look irresistible in high heels and sexy lingerie, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s “Body Worship” puts the emphasis on beautiful feet and lovely legs. A sultry voiceover narrative sets the tone for the sizzling seduction, as statuesque Clea sits and raises a foot onto sweet blonde Daniella’s shoulder. Danielle runs her eyes and lips over the French fox’s silky skin, then removes one of her shoes, inhaling deeply as she nuzzles the pretty toes. Clea lays back, hands running over her body as Danielle licks and sucks her toes. They kiss deeply and Danielle sucks her hot lover’s nipples as she fondles her feet, and then rubs them over her beautiful big breasts, teasing her own nipples to stiffness. Chloe thrusts her foot between Daniella’s thighs, stroking her pussy; Daniella rocks her hips as she grinds against Chloe’s toes, then kisses all the way up Chloe’s leg to the big wet patch on her panties that is evidence of her excitement. She tugs the damp fabric aside to reveal Chloe’s hot pink pussy, licking and sucking her clit, spreading the wet folds open with her tongue. She peels off Chloe’s panties, playing the pearls between her toes, and then frigs Chloe’s splayed pussy with her feet, dipping her big toe right inside the slick hole, making her orgasm. Chloe licks Daniella’s toes clean before going down to eat her smooth shaved pussy, and suck her toes. But Daniella wants to get off on Chloe’s foot, and uses it to masturbate, hips arching up off the couch as she climaxes.

Pussy Worship: Sweet brunette Lilu whispers in sexy Frida Sante’s ear, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic masterpiece “Body Worship” begins. She teases hot tamale Frida with her words, then with a hot trail of kisses down her body, parting Frida’s thighs to reveal that the crotch of her panties is a string of pearls that nestle between her pussy lips. Lilu pulls on the string, the peals already coated with Frida’s wetness as she kisses all around her pussy. When the sensual teasing has driven Frida wild, the pussy worship begins in earnest, as Lilu spreads her lips apart and licks down the line of pearls, pressing them deeper. She sucks on Frida’s splayed lips, making her gasp and moan, and then tugs aside the string to expose the slick pinkness within, licking Frida’s clit and opening her up with her eager tongue. Lilu straddles Frida in a sixty-nine, getting licked through her sheer panties, before Frida bares her shaved pussy and eats it avidly. Lilu fingers and licks Frida’s dripping slit, focusing intently on her clit. Now Lilu lays back, as Frida stuffs her panties into her tight pussy. She sits astride Frida’s pussy so she can grind her clit on the pearls, panties still crammed into her pussy, and climaxes, gasping and shuddering. Peeling off her pearl panties, Frida moves onto all fours and Lilu eats her from behind with long, wet swipes of her tongue, making her orgasm with great intensity. Slowly, Frida pulls the saturated panties from Lilu’s drenched hole and wipes them over her face.

Bosoms:Cute, busty babes Daphne Anbel and Ally Breelsen look so hot in sexy lingerie in episode three of “Body Worship.” They suck each other’s hard nipples and rub them together, before Ally strokes her perfect breasts over Daphne’s shaved pussy and then sits astride her, grinding against her tits until she orgasms. She eats and tit-fucks Daphne from behind, then lies back as Daphne sucks her nipples and rubs her clit to a breathless climax.

Enjoyable Ass Worship: Raven-haired Melody Mae strokes and squeezes cute blonde Aria Logan’s hot ass, in episode four of “Body Worship.” Aria goes face down, ass up as Melody licks her asshole, then slides one finger into her tight ass and another into her wet pussy, driving her wild. Melody lies back with her legs spread wide as Aria thrusts a thumb into her asshole and eats her pussy until she has an intense orgasm. Aria sits on Melody’s face, fingering her own ass while Melody licks her to a climax.

Stars: Ally Breelsen , Aria Logan, Clea Gaultier, Daniella Margot , Daphne Anbel, Frida Sante, Lilu, Melody Mae

Manuel Opens Their Asses 5

Video: Manuel Opens Their Asses 5

Watch This Video!

Jules Jordan Video – Jules Jordan

Hot, natural brunette babe, Kelsi Monroe, is posing and showing her beautiful round ass in this scene from Manuel Opens Their Asses 5. This pretty lady gets the treatment from Manuel and that includes some deep throat action, pussy pounding and hot anal!

Whitney Wright has her ass invaded by Manuel! Whitney Wright is a hot Oklahoma native that’s made her way out West to show us how much of a slut she is. She’s waiting on the table, face down ass up, in a hot lingerie set with thigh high stockings. Whitney shows off her body as she rubs her tight pussy and pulls aside her panties exposing that she’s got a bejeweled butt plug in her asshole already. Manuel fingers her tight cunt before pulling out his massive cock for her to suck on. Whitney gives an enthusiastic bj, making sure to pay attention to the balls (also giving Manuel an amazing rimjob), and she squeezes that cock between her perfect tits. She takes a deep pounding in her tight little pussy as Manuel fucks her hard on the bed. This whore won’t be happy til she feels that huge cock in her tiny asshole, so Manuel takes that little ass and makes it his own. Whitney gets a hard anal pounding before Manuel blasts his load all over her face.

Christiana Cinn’s is back for hot anal action with hungry asshole that devours Manuel’s massive cock. Christina is looking super sexy with her sexy lingerie that beautifully displays that sexy ass! She teases in front of the camera and shows off her round butt!

All natural babe, Natalia Starr, gets a face full of Manuel juice in this hot POV scene! Of course, that’s not all that happens. She makes sure to suck the uncut member that is bound to deliver and takes that thick fuck-stick in her puffy pink hole. Those natural titties bounce and sway like the beauties they are while Natalia rides cock like a slutty cowgirl! This little whore bends over and takes it balls deep, doggy style, and sucks it some more, never ignoring the art and importance of a good rim job, she does it all and makes total eye contact while getting those gorgeous tits fucked and licking the tip like a good little kitty. This Starr shines bright and takes a massively epic facial with a smile on her face.

Stars: Christiana Cinn, Kelsi Monroe, Natalia Starr, Whitney Wright , Manuel Ferrara

She Caught Me

Video: She Caught Me

Watch This Video!

Almost Caught Changing

Teen Dillion Harper is changing into sexy lingerie when her stepmother Mona Wales walks into her bedroom. She’s also wearing lingerie and needs Dillion’s help with finishing her outfit. After straightening the seams on her high thigh stockings, she brings her face to her breast. Dillion suckles her nipple like a good little girl. Then Mona sucks on Dillion’s juicy nipples and squeezes her big full teen tits while Dillion makes the cutest little faces.

Dillion is worried her daddy will walk in but Mona promises he’s busy with the weed wacker. She pulls her panties and feeds them to her. Then she diddles her clit while she sits on her lap, till Dillion’s squirt runs down her legs. The teen apologizes for making a mess, then she buries her face in her stepmother’s pussy and diligently brings the breathless MILF to orgasm. Then she helps Mona try on her delicate red lace garter.

Just then Mona’s husband walks in and asks for Dillion, sure that he heard her voice. Once she manages to make him go away, the lesbians get back to their sordid business. Dillion grinds against her stepmother’s tongue, till her father interrupts them again to wash his hands. Then Mona sits on Dillion’s face while Dillion rims her stepmother’s asshole. After Mona licks her little pucker too, they scissor their legs and trib each other’s tight wet pussies!

Getting Caught: Almost Freaky

Eliza Jane has been up all night ruminating like a crazy person about something that’s truly pissing her the fuck off. She’s soon to be married which clearly compounds with the attention seeking of her step-mom Brandi Love and Eliza’s soon to be hubby’s mom Chanel Preston. When major life changes happen at such times it can’t be easy to rewire your values to let lesbians just act like normal lesbians around you. I get it. It must be awfully frustrating. Boo Hoo…

Brandi makes it her mission to fix things with Eliza. She thinks patching things up, telling her she’ll always be her number one, and getting on with life will fix things instantly, but Eliza’s subconscious leads her to make a spectacle, as she begins using phrases like ‘wanting to be Brandi’s good little girl,’ and kissing her step-mother passionately on the lips, moaning, hoping that she’ll always be Brandi’s little lesbian play thing. It’s clear Eliza is jealous.

Brandi tries in earnest to explain things easily without divulging the reality that she’s screwing her step-daughter. But Chanel still can’t understand why after being so nice to Eliza, she’s still such a whiny little bridezilla. Brandi and Chanel can’t keep their hands off one another, and start getting into it, when this time Eliza interrupts. Things are not going well, but soon enough the truth drops, and it’s clear it’s time the Moms need to teach their good little girl a lesson.

What’s This For?

When naive teen stepdaughter Haley Reed sifts through her stepmother Ashley Fires’ bedside table she finds a knobby looking vibrator. She turns it on and innocently massages her underarms. Ashley walks in and explains it’s a personal massager. When Haley looks at her blankly, Ashley knows it’s time for ‘the talk.’ She explains it’s for self-relaxation and it’s normal.

Ashley puts the vibrator on Haley’s developing breasts and it makes her tingle. When Ashley discovers that Haley still hasn’t had her first kiss, she kisses her passionately, as her hand moves between her legs. She rubs Haley’s pussy over her red panties making it clear that her father can never find out about this.

She gets them both undressed and lays Haley on the bed. Her panties are wet at the crotch. Ashley pulls them aside and makes out with her pussy. Haley’s been scared to touch herself even though the girls at school talk about it. Ashley shows her where to touch, right on the clit, and uses her mouth to demonstrate. Haley likes it so much she suckles her stepmother’s breast and cums with Ashley’s finger in her pussy.

Ashley lies back to let Haley gain experience at eating pussy. Haley’s clit licking makes Ashley so proud she cums. The MILF rims Haley while rubbing her pussy till she collapses in her arms from cumming. Ashley sit on Haley’s face and feeds the teen her asshole while she rubs out an orgasm. Then Ashley puts her soaking wet pussy on Haley’s and both cum hard from the tribbing!

We DP’d Mom

Teen Samantha Rone and her stepsister Cadence Lux are served eggs for breakfast by their MILF stepmother Sarah Vandella. Cadence doesn’t want eggs so she brattily spills water on the new wood table, making Sarah very mad. Samantha tells Cadence to behave, she doesn’t want to get grounded. But Cadence wants to get back at Sarah for yelling at them. She tries to convince Samantha they should squirt all over her bed.

Eventually Samantha warms to her scheming stepsister’s plan, earning her a French kiss from Cadence. Samantha is reluctant to proceed because she doesn’t want to do something wrong by fooling around with family. But Candace reminds her for the upteenth time, it’s okay because they aren’t genetically related.

The teens sneak into Sarah’s bedroom and get undressed on the bed. Samantha hooks her finger into Cadence’ pussy, and with a lick of her lip she squirts a giant stream of pussy juice onto the comforter. When it’s Samantha’s turn to cum all over Cadence’s finger, their stepmom walks in the room and sees everything! Only instead of being upset, Sarah is intrigued and supportive. She’s never seen anyone squirt before!

Sarah asks the girls to teach her how to squirt. They don’t know how to react. The prospect of fucking their stepmom is weird. Sarah points out it’s not weird if Samantha and Cadence do it to each other. It’s okay, if they apply the same logic to a threesome with their stepmom.

Sarah gets naked and lies down onto the cum soaked bed waiting for someone to make her cum. She encourages her stepdaughters to play. They suckle her huge MILF tits and they all make out with each other. Cadence watches for a few seconds while Sarah gets licked out by Samantha. Then Sarah takes a mouthful of Cadence’ pussy. The MILF doesn’t squirt but she cums. It’s Cadence’ turn to try making Sarah squirt. She does her darndest to juice her stepmom’s pussy, to no avail.

Maybe with some help, Sarah will be able to squirt. The teens pull out a few sex toys from their stepmom’s well-stocked arsenal. Cadence fucks Sarah with a dildo while the MILF eats Samantha’s squirting pussy. Sarah still doesn’t squirt. She thinks she needs more toys. Samantha inserts a butt plug into Sarah’s asshole while Cadence drives the dildo in and out of Sarah’s pussy. Finally, Sarah lets out a massive squirt!

Samantha takes control of the dildo, freeing up Cadence to squirt in Sarah’s face. The girls then offer to fuck Sarah with two strapons. Cadence lies down underneath Sarah and inserts her strapon into Sarah’s ass. Meanwhile Samantha fucks the MILF’s pussy with her strapon. The lesbian teens continue to DP their stepmom till she squirts. Sarah flips over to face Samantha. She fucks Samantha’s strapon, while her ass gets fucked by Cadence from behind.

The MILF fingers Samantha ’til she drains the rest of her juice into her mouth. Samantha teams up with Sarah to make Cadence squirt volumes all over the bed. Then Mommy Sarah licks her stepdaughters’ clits till they shower her with squirt!

Stars: Ashley Fires, Brandi Love, Cadence Lux, Chanel Preston, Dillion Harper, Eliza Jane, Haley Reed, Mona Wales, Samantha Rone, Sarah Vandella

My Sexy Little Stepdaughter 2

Video: My Sexy Little Stepdaughter 2

Watch This Video!

Digital Sin
When the panties drop and the zippers pop, all family rules go out the window. Cadey Mercury, Alina West, Stoney Lynn and Kenzie Kai are so damn sexy that their stepdads simply can’t resist them! So watch them climb onto their stepdads for a ride they’ll never forget!

Stars: Alina West, Cadey Mercury, Kenzie Kai, Stoney Lynn, Ramon Nomar, Ryan McLane, Tommy Gunn, Toni Ribas

My Stepsister’s Secret

Video: My Stepsister's Secret

Watch This Video!


What is better than a young, petite, super attractive model? How about two? Lucky for you, Anya Olsen and Lily Jordan already are close friends. And I mean close. Anya approached us with a great shoot idea: recruiting Lily Jordan for her first time with us and an erotic frolic with Miss Olsen. Not that Lily needed any persuading. These bisexual babes each are barely five feet tall, but they pack a lot of sexual passion into their beautiful bodies. And they obviously love doing each other while you watch. Encore!

This year, beautiful Bree decided to hop down the bunny trail in search of some bunny tail. What did she find but a magical white unicorn cuddling with dream girl Jillian Janson in the Field of forest. Bree’s long ears sprung to attention. Is this a fantasy or reality? To find out, she took lovely Jillian to her natural lair (a bedroom) to explore her further. She certainly feels and kisses like a real girl. And once unmasked from her Gothic bunny suit, Bree discovers that Jillian’s pussy tastes quite delicious. The fair young blonde maiden seems to get quite wet when finger-fucked. Soon, the tables are turned, and the raven haired one with those luscious lips is naked on her back wearing only her bunny collar. Before long, two creamy-skinned bodies are cumming together. Then what should appear but a giant pink Rabbit Dildo. When allowed deep inside either girl’s perfect pussy, it produces Magical Orgasms. Spread those cheeks! My, what sweet asses they have. Moral to the story: If you look as great as Bree and Jillian, you can fuck happily ever after.

Colette Girl Kirra turned you on big time when she first shot with us. Now this brunette, blue-eyed college girl with the perfect ass returns and brings along two of her sizzling girlfriends. Blonde honey Hannah and brunette, sexually adventuresome Vanessa jumped at the chance to get naked for a sexual romp. These Czech models all love to lick pussy. Super excited Kirra and Hannah couldn’t wait to do each other 69 style. Orgasmic bliss. Yet there are days when a girl also wants something long, hard and wide inside her. No problem. Sensual Vanessa showed up with two strap-on cocks and, to everyone’s delight, a wild and uninhibited three-way took over. Since it is her birthday, Kirra got fucked extra hard by her fellow coeds — and yes, she loved it!

When new Colette Girls Nina North and Zoey Taylor were invited to hang out in their lingerie with popular Veronica Rodriquez, it wasn’t long before the caressing began and the bra and panties came off. Everyone knows that girls compare the size of guys’ cocks. Did you wonderful male subscribers realize that we girls also compare our pussies? Of course we do. Nina, Zoey and Veronica get up close and personal as they spread their legs, open their gorgeous lips, and glory in the beautiful perfection of their young, pink womanhood. This is a total turn-on, of course, and pussy licking and finger fucking quickly follow while we watch. Nina and Zoey are so appreciative of the invitation that they team up with a large dildo and fuck Veronica until she cums hard one more time. Orgasms for everyone!

Alex and Aubrey are HOT for each other, but luckily they like guys too! But this adorable pair have even talked marriage. Wouldn’t you be the lucky one enough to get in the middle. One lucky guy at X-Art will soon. Today Alex was horny and as I walked by her on the set I heard her whisper into Aubrey’s ear “Fuck Me Baby”…it was so hot I melted. Aubrey heard her and controlling little hottie she is, she did it. Hard.

Stars: Alex Grey, Anya Olsen, Aubrey Star, Bree, Zoey Taylor, Hannah, Jillian Jansen, Kira Zen , Lily Jordan, Nina North, Vanessa Mae, Veronica Rodriguez

She Loves Anal 2

Video: She Loves Anal 2

Watch This Video!

Le Wood BMC

Well-hung porn veteran Mark Wood and his lovely wife/LeWood partner, Francesca Le, share an unerring eye for young, passionate backdoor sluts. Mixing homespun vignettes with nasty gonzo shooting, LeWood’s “She Loves Anal 2” puts their filthy kinks into practice with intense, ferocious butt sex scenes.

Scene 1: Kristen Scott Sodomized To Anal Gaping

Mark Wood arrives home from an exhausting day to find his petite girlfriend, Kristen Scott, all dolled up in black fishnets and strappy lingerie. The 22-year-old beauty licks Mark’s huge cock; he grips a fistful of hair and fucks her mouth. After some doggie-style fucking, he stuffs Kristen’s rectum with a glass dildo. Then Mark’s prick porks her asshole as she buzzes her massager buzzes her clit. Sphincter gaping, Kristen sucks dick ass-to-mouth and climaxes her anal ride with a mouthful of her man’s hot sperm.

Scene 2: Latina Liv’s Ferocious Anal Reaming

In sexy lingerie, adorable Latina starlet Liv Revamped is ready for anal fucking! The petite cutie peels her panties to reveal a jeweled butt plug lodged in her tight, young asshole. She kneels to give Mark Wood’s huge dick a loving blowjob; he drills her pussy doggie-style as Liv tastes her ass-flavored toy. He reams her rump in multiple positions, and the eager slut sucks cock ass-to-mouth. After a ferocious rectal pounding, Mark spurts a load onto Liv’s outstretched tongue.

Scene 3: Big-Booty Cutie’s After-Party Buttfuck

Wearing a skintight, sheer mesh dress — and no panties! — busty, young Quinn Wilde tidies up after a successful sales party for her sex toy business. Mark Wood walks in, and Quinn offers to demonstrate the merch. She buzzes her clit with a massager. Quinn releases Mark’s massive dick for a wet blowjob. He pounds her pussy doggie-style and then stretches her bunghole using a string of beads. The stud buries his pole inside Quinn’s tender butthole. He fucks the big-booty cutie up the ass and cums in her mouth.

Scene 4: Asian Wife Saya Buttfucked To Gaping

Little Asian-American babe Saya Song dons sheer stockings, a skimpy bikini and high heels, preparing for the night’s swing party. But then tattooed Saya convinces Mark Wood to stay home for a private session of anal lovemaking. She bobs her head on his big boner, preparing her man with a sloppy blowjob. His thick prick stretches the petite slut’s furry pussy, and then her asshole — soon her sphincter is gaping. Saya sucks dick ass-to-mouth and swallows semen.

Stars: Kristen Scott, Liv Revamped, Quinn Wilde , Saya Song, Mark Wood

Freudian Homework

Video: Freudian Homework

Watch This Video!


I Caught Mom Touching Herself: When Mindi Mink can’t convince her husband to take a break from his video game to indulge in some sexy time, she draws herself a bath. She gets in the tub wearing noise cancelling earphones and begins to masturbate her pussy. She doesn’t hear her smoking hot step daughter Carmen Caliente calling for her. When Carmen’s dad suggests checking the bathroom, the teen Latina walks in on her step mom touching herself.

Mindi doesn’t notice the teen, so Carmen stays to watch and then decides to play. She strips naked and hops in the bath. Mindi is shocked and startled, insisting it’s totally inappropriate, but Carmen tempts Mindi with her perky little titties.

Once Mindi’s convinced, Carmen leans out of tub and sticks her ass in the air. Mindi spanks her juicy rump before rimming her hole and licking her pussy. Then Mindi guides the lesbian teen’s mouth over her bushy pussy. Carmen sucks her gently till she cums all over her face. Then Carmen feeds her meaty clit to Mindi who shows off her skills to the horny teen. Carmen can’t keep her voice down when she cum in her mouth. She licks her juices off her stepmother’s lips and sits back inside the bath.

Mindi lies on top of Carmen and tribs her till she cums. Then Carmen scissor fucks Mindi, kissing her passionately while tribbing between her legs. Will Carmen cum in her step mom’s mouth before her dad comes knocking?

Parent Teacher Conference Part One: When teen Kate England gets in trouble at school she tries to hide it from her parents by intercepting an email calling them in for a parent teacher conference. Kate is sure that her step mom Tegan James will punish her with a grounding if she goes to the meeting. The teen surreptitiously deletes the email from her step mother’s computer, but she doesn’t have a chance to delete the copy on her phone before she grabs it to leave for work. Kate stalls the MILF by begging for some quality play time together. She compliments her huge tits and convinces Tegan to play hooky. The mischievous blond kisses her mom on the mouth, while unbuttoning her blouse and removing her bra to suck on her huge swollen nipples.

Kate slips off her lacy red panties and pink bra. Tegan sucks on the teen’s nipple then strokes her pussy while they deliciously kiss. The lesbian MILF lowers her head between Kate’s legs and sucks her pussy till she cums in her mouth. Now Kate wants to take care of Mommy, so Tegan spreads wide and tells the lesbian teen to show her what she taught her. Kate licks her pussy with her pierced tongue. Mommy Tegan says she loves having her pussy licked by dirty little girls, especially Kate. She’s so glad Daddy’s gone all the time, so she can cum all over Kate’s filthy mouth.

After Mommy has an orgasm, Kate asks for one. She climbs on all fours and Tegan eats her pussy and ass from behind. The sexy MILF talks dirty about the first time she fucked Kate when she turned eighteen, when Kate begged her to lick her pussy after a spanking. Kate gets so worked up she cums all over the sofa. The teen licks Tegan’s ass and fingers her sopping wet slit till she quivers. Mommy Tegan licks her step daughter’s tongue all clean. Then the lesbians scissor their legs and trib each other’s pussies till they cum. Will Kate have a moment alone with Mommy Tegan’s phone?

Freudian Homework: Psychologist stepmother Brandi Love is helping her stepdaughter Elsa Jean understand the concept of Freud’s Oedipus complex for the teen’s psychology class. Elsa is shocked by the Freudian theory that offspring sexually desire their parents unconsciously. Brandi insists it’s a normal part of human development.

Brandi wants to help Elsa ace her exam, and also to process her own Oedipal struggle, so not to encumber her later in life. Elsa looks up at her stepmother with her big trusting eyes and asks if she’s suggesting they have sex. Brandi cups her angelic face and clarifies that she’s insisting.

Brandi confidently unearths her enormous breasts and gets her stepdaughter undressed. She opens her legs invitingly and Elsa timidly goes down on the MILF. Brandi praises her by cumming in her mouth, then climbs overtop and tribs the tiny teen. Elsa moans as her stepmother grinds their clits together. Then Brandi sucks the cum out of Elsa in 69!

I Hooked Up With Mom Online: Teen Anna De Ville is indulgently masturbating to mother daughter porn on Girlsway while hooking up with a MILF online, only to realize it’s her stepmom Alana Cruise! Shocked and appalled, Anna puts down her vibrator to show Alana the telltale selfie. She barges into the master bedroom, interrupting Alana’s self-pleasuring to share what she just learned. Anna is furious that Alana has the gall to cheat on her father. Anna gives her a choice, either she tells on Alana or Alana finishes her off. Anna really needs to cum.

Alana is mortified by her stepdaughter’s ultimatum, but Anna refuses to accept Alana’s morality bullshit, citing she’s only her stepmother. Since no amount of begging will get her off the hook, Alana sucks on her juicy tits then pull off her panties. As Alana licks her daughter’s clit, Anna waxes over the irony of her porn fantasy from minutes ago now coming true. Anna grinds against her mother’s tongue till she cums in her mouth, amazing Alana with the wetness of her pussy.

Alana lies back at Anna’s behest, she spreads her legs and lets Anna suck on her pussy. The teen doesn’t let up till she makes her mother cum. Then she plants her pussy on Alana’s and starts rocking her hips like a motor. Once the tribbing makes them both cum, she tells her mom to eat out her ass. Alana sticks her tongue in deep while Anna rubs her clit and praises her mom for being so good at rimming. Then Anna straddles Alana’s face and releases her orgasm on her tongue!

Parent Teacher Conference Part Two: So far, teen Kate England has managed to avoid her parent teacher conference, but her luck runs out when her history teacher Abigail Mac comes over to the house. Abigail informs Kate’s step mother Tegan James that her daughter’s been skipping school chronically. She’s made every attempt to reach her by email and phone, but her efforts have been unsuccessful.

Meanwhile Kate’s upstairs gloating because she thinks she’s in the clear. She deleted all the email evidence yesterday on her step mother’s phone after fucking her to gain access to the device. Tegan invites the teacher inside and goes upstairs to bust her bubble. She’s flunking history. The MILF confiscates Kate’s phone and leaves her with something to think about.

Back in the living room, Kate’s conservatively dressed teacher Abigail finds herself attracted to Tegan and can’t resist coming onto the sexy tanned MILF. She reaches out to touch her huge breasts, thinking Kate isn’t home. She straddles Tegan’s lap and the lesbians kiss passionately. Just then Kate decides to see what’s happening downstairs. Kate’s in total shock as she watches silently from the doorway, jealous that her mom got to bang her hot teacher first. She reaches into her jean shorts to masturbate, then bumps her head against the wall and blows her cover. Tegan calls her into the room. Abigail covers up her beautiful milky white breasts, but Tegan lets her huge tits hang out. She’s unfazed by the teen’s interruption.

Abigail offers to leave the house but Kate suggests they make it a lesbian threesome. When the teacher looks at them confused, they admit to their sexual relationship. Abigail become irate and threatens to call the authorities. They point out the home security camera and threaten to report her to the school for sleeping with a parent. Abigail calms her heated judgements. She still isn’t comfortable having sex with her student, but fucking her mother is okay. Kate watches and strokes her bare pussy while the lesbian foreplay resumes.

After Tegan makes the hot teacher cum in her mouth, Abigail reciprocates while Kate rides her step mother’s face. Abigail graciously lets Kate lick the MILF at the same time, slowly warming to the idea of a threesome with her student. After Tegan cums all over her mouth, Abigail eats Kate while Tegan licks her hairy pussy. Then the MILF and the dirty little Mommy’s girl swap. Tegan rides Abigail’s face while Kate makes her hot teacher cum. Tegan tribs the teacher while Kate sits on her face. Then Kate tribs Abigail hard until she cums! Did Kate earn a passing grade for that hot lesbian threesome?

Stars: Abigail Mac, Anna Deville, Brandi Love, Carmen Caliente , Elsa Jean, Kate England , Mindi Mink, Alana Cruise , Tegan James

I Meet A New Friend

Video: I Meet A New Friend

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Naughty Allie

You guys may remember a while back when I told you about traveling to Arizona with Jake during one of his business trips. Of course Jake was tied up in seminars all day which left me pretty bored until the day I met Rio.

I was relaxing at the hotel bar near the pool when this fine piece of ass strolled up and sat down right next to me. I struck up a conversation and we sat there engaged in small talk for about an hour or so. It wasn’t very long at all before things seemed to be taking a bit of a flirtatious turn.
I almost started to wonder if I was imagining the sexual energy that seemed to be all around us. I mean, I just met this girl and I didn’t even know for sure if she was bisexual or not. I decided to test the waters by stroking her thigh with my fingernails. Rio placed her hand on top of mine and said, “Mmmmmm, Allie don’t tease me like that.” I knew by her tone that I was about to get some pussy.

I looked at her and said, “It’s only teasing if the girl has no intent to follow through. I have every intention of following through here. How would you like to head over to my room for a little fun?” You should have seen her face light up as she said, “I thought you’d never ask, let’s get outta here!”

As we walked hand in hand back to my room I could feel the wetness between my legs as it started to trickle down my inner thighs. I swear I’m such a horny little slut sometimes. If I even begin to think that I’m about to get some action my pussy starts to gush like the fucking Hoover Dam.

As soon as we entered the room we sat down on the edge of the bed and began to fondle each other. I had been staring at Rio’s beautiful tits all afternoon but now I finally had the opportunity to actually feel them. Wow, I just couldn’t wait to get my mouth wrapped around those boobies.

We must have caressed, kissed, and fondled for more than an hour before getting to the really good stuff. Rio dropped to her knees at the foot of the bed which put her right between my legs. Her hot breath on my groin only acted to fuel the fire. This was really turning out to be my lucky day!

Rio giggled and looked up at me as she fingered my panties and said, “My it looks like you’re already wet down here. I think I’m going to have a taste of that.” I replied, “not before I get you naked and taste you first.” I’m not sure which I like more, being the pussy eater or the pussy eatee.

All I know for sure is the scent of a woman’s fully aroused pussy is enough to drive me crazy. Once I’ve picked up the scent you can’t stop me from getting a taste. We continued undressing each other until there was nothing standing between me and that gorgeous mound of throbbing flesh.

I dove between her thighs and went to work on that pussy as I massaged her slit with my expert tongue. I then penetrated her with my index and middle fingers so that I could manipulate her g-spot as I tongued her clit. This girl was bucking all over the bed as I chased her pussy with my face.

We eventually ended up 69′ing so that we could both enjoy the pleasures of eating pussy while being eaten. I paused for a moment and said, “Does that feel good?” She was practically gasping for air as she said, “Are you fucking kidding me, that feels incredible! I don’t suppose there’s any chance you have a dildo, I’m just dying to be fucked.”

“Oh really,” I said, “How bad do you want to be fucked because I have a strap-on if you really want it bad.” She hopped up on her knees and said, “I told you not to tease me!” I leaned over to the nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out my 9 inch pink cock already attached to its harness.

Rio jumped up to her knees and clapped her hands as she said, “Now this is really going to be fun, I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on!” She snatched it out of my hands and said, “Let me help you with this.” Once I was all suited up, Rio turned around and stuck her ass in the air giving me full access to her pussy and said, “Fuck me hard baby, make me cum!”

That was all the prompting I needed as I grabbed her by the hips and shoved my plastic cock into her eagerly awaiting hole. Her body shuddered momentarily as the head of my cock parted her pussy lips and then fully engulfed her pussy. I was fucking her as hard as I could when she said, “Fuck me missionary style so you can see my face when I cum!” She rolled over and spread her legs wide as I mounted her from the front.

It wasn’t long before I could tell by the look on her face that she was about to cum. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her as she started to breath more heavily. She started crying out, “You’re hitting me in the perfect spot, just keep fucking me just like that. Oh yesssss, that’s it you’re making me cum. Oh yessssss Allie, oh fuck yeah I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She must have repeated it at least fifty times, as if it wasn’t already obvious enough. ~Kisses, Allie

Stars: Naughty Allie, Rio Blaze

Private Moments 109

Video: Private Moments 109

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Scene One – Alina & Victoria: Laying back in their seats, Alina caresses herself using her fingers, rubbing vigorously at her clitoris, while Victoria uses her favorite toy on her own clit. As Alina gets closer and closer to orgasm, Victoria notices, which increases her own excitement levels and soon they simultaneously climax together.

Scene Two – Layla & Yasmeena: Both girls touch each other’s breasts and Layla says “we both have really big breasts.” The girls get aroused and start teasing themselves. Yasmeena squeezes her pert breasts while rubbing her hairy pussy, as Layla gets her sex toy and inserts it into her vagina.

Scene Three – Bonnie C. & Mariana: The girls slowly caress each other as Mariana opens her legs, her vagina visible through her sheer panties. Mariana cups Bonnie’s breasts ‘til her pink nipples get hard. Bonnie teases her naturally hairy bush before they start masturbating.

Scene Four – Bobbie & Jada: Their lust grows as more clothing falls away! Jada sits astride Bobbie, her bottom resting in her lap as they press their pale bodies together in a tight embrace, kissing. Naked, they lie side by side masturbating, Jada’s legs locking out in front of her as they both build to orgasm at the same time.

Scene Five – Brooklyn & Hania: Hania takes her shorts off and rubs into her pink polka dot panties as Brooklyn teases her large breasts. “I love your bum Brooklyn!” Brooklyn pinches Hania’s breasts and then Hania starts rubbing into her own hairy crotch.

Stars: Bonnie C., Layla, Victoria, Bobbie, Jada, Alina, Brooklyn, Mariana, Yasmeena, Hania

The Art Of Older Women

Video: The Art Of Older Women

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Fashion writher Abella Danger drops her pants at the chance to work with supermodel MILF Sandy Fantasy, assisting her with an orgasm before the show. When Kylie Page seeks revenge on her adulterous husband, divorce lawyer Alexis Fawx uses her lesbian mouth to help her client release tension. When student Alice March hires tutor Vicki Chase to help with an assignment on Romeo and Juliet, she also gets a lesson in pussy licking. When legal intern Abby Cross visits mob boss’ wife Cherie Deville, the MILF convinces her their lives are in danger unless they have lesbian sex as an alibi.

The Art Of Older Women Part One: Abella Danger has been trying to scale up the ranks in the fashion industry for quite some time, she has been writing pieces to great acclaim until she gets a call to do a piece for Sandy, one of the most gorgeous models of her time. Abella jumps to the occasion and takes the job, she quickly arrives at Sandy’s door only to realize she’s not even there. When Sandy does show up, it’s to get ready for her fashion show. She tries shooing Abella away, but Abella Begs to get the scoop to make sure her piece will make the difference. Sandy agrees to let her watch her get ready, and they go to the bathroom to fix Sandy up. Abella asks her questions but it’s clear Sandy will help her if she drops her pants and does everything the older woman asks of her. Abella catches on right away, telling Sandy she’ll do anything it takes to make it. Sandy instructs her willing young lady to take off her shoes. Soon, Abella is naked and sucking the model’s toes until Sandy makes Abella eat out the gorgeous older woman’s wet MILF pussy like a real pro. Abella can’t believe what is happening but, her eagerness leads her to give Sandy one of the best orgasms she’s had in a long time, taking care to give her a banging she’ll never forget. Or will she?

The Art Of Older Women Part Two: Kylie Page, aka Bonnie, has put up with enough of her lying and cheating husband. She’s so fed up that this time it’s the last straw, she’s caught him cheating on her too many times to just sit by and take it anymore. But before trying to get payback she’s thinking of divorce. Clean the adulterous fucker out for all he’s worth. She calls up Alexis Fawx, a highly rated divorce lawyer with a certain expertise for revenge against adulterers. Alexis takes an appointment with the gorgeous young woman immediately. Bonnie comes in furious, and lists off the women he’s been with, including her own sister, and a 70 year old woman with dentures! Well Alexis does her best to calm Bonnie down, and it comes to the point where Alexis even whips out a little seduction of her own, to help the poor helpless babe relax as much as Alexis knows is possible, with just a lick of the pussy here, and a lesbian kiss here and there. Alexis plays with Bonnie’s supple boobs and teases her pussy. One by one, pieces of their clothes fly off and before long Alexis has Bonnie’s throbbing red clit in her warm lesbian mouth and her expert fingers coaxing Bonnie’s orgasm to a head. Finally Alexis climbs onto her desk and tribs with Bonnie, further increasing the lesbian sexual tension in the room. She climbs onto Bonnie’s face, hungry to have her wet pussy licked and sucked until she cums all over the beautiful blonde’s soft mouth.

The Art Of Older Women Part Three: Alice March is sick of studying and she remembers her professor Dr. Matthews suggesting Vicki Chase as a tutor. She calls Vicki, hoping to get a visual idea of the material she has to cover. Turns out Vicky’s free at 6 tonight, so Alice gets excited and Vicki comes over. Alice begs to know about the irony in Romeo & Juliet, and while Vicki explains, Alice is overcome with lesbian sexual urges toward her tutor. Vicki goes on, but soon Alice finds herself distracted once again. This time when she comes back to reality she is actually touching Vicki’s pussy through her underwear. Vicki gets the idea, moving forward with Alice, showing her that she has a lot to teach a budding teen. She tells Alice to kiss her, knowing full well that Alice wants her and wants to be taught about sex. Alice tells Vicki she’s never been with a woman but Vicki persists, taking Alice’s tongue into her warm mouth. Vicki offers Alice her little boobs, and Alice offers hers. Before long their clothes are off and they’re screaming in lesbian bliss, sucking one another’s wet sweet pussies and tribbing, while cumming and screaming at the top of their lungs. Studying Romeo & Juliet has never been so sexy.

The Art Of Older Women Part Four: Intern Abby Cross is hired for the job of a lifetime, to evaluate the wife of ‘Biggie Deville’ a mobster that has been terrorizing the city for years, and now that he’s behind bars, it’s Abby’s job to speak to his wife Cherie Devile who’s the main witness in testifying against him and keeping him behind bars for good. Abby knocks on Cherie’s door and immediately Cherie is in a frantic, demanding to know who and why she is here. They hurry upstairs as Cherie closes the blinds and gives Abby a rundown of how knee deep she is just by coming here. With cameras surrounding the bedroom and with it being too late to leave forgetting this rendezvous ever happened, they both need an alibi to survive so tonight, Abby will become Cherie’s little lesbian puppet.

Abby is overwhelmed with Cherie’s determination to engage in lesbian fornication with a complete stranger but with the cameras rolling, fucking each other is the only way they will survive the night. Cherie rips off Abby’s black panties and licks her moist pussy zealously making Abby moan for more. Cherie demands that Abby eats her ass out to make their lesbian encounter credible, so Abby seals her mouth over Cherie’s unprecedented holes. Cherie sits on top of Abby and starts tribbing as they rub each other’s hard clits back and forth with Abby begging to cum all over Cherie’s pussy. With such a fantastic spectacle, Abby may come out of this alive, leaving Cherie’s home and reporting into her boss assuring her the interview went well, even better than she expected!

Stars: Abella Danger, Kylie Page, Vicki Chase, Cherie DeVille, Alexis Fawx, Abby Cross, Sandy Fantasy, Alice March

The Ladies Of Seinfeld

Video: The Ladies Of Seinfeld

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Mr. Skin
What’s the deal with The Ladies of SEINFELD? When these sitcom stars are stripping down, it’s a Brestivus for the Rest of Us!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has the distinction of being the only cast member to get nude on Seinfeld, since she slipped a nip in an episode entitled “The Busboy”,

Teri Hatcher played Jerry’s girlfriend Sidra, but proved her rack was real and spectacular in The Cool Surface,

Marisa Tomei played herself on Seinfeld, and gave an amazing look at her pert pair in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,

Denise Richards appeared as NBC president Russell Dalrymple’s daughter on Seinfeld, and unveiled her unbelievable breasts for some three-way lovin’ with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell in Wild Things,

Amanda Peet appeared as Jerry’s girlfriend Linette in Seinfeld, then busted out her bullets for some gunplay in The Whole Nine Yards,

Catherine Keener played another of Jerry’s girlfriends, and gave up a hint of hooter while headed to the shower in Living in Oblivion,

Marcia Cross played a dermatologist on Seinfeld, and showed plenty of skin in Female Perversions,

Kristin Davis played Jerry’s girlfriend Jenna for two episodes, and pulled down her sheer nightie to show off pert peaks in Sex and the City,

Courtney Cox pretended to be Jerry’s wife for dry cleaning discount, and you are going need dry-cleaning after seeing Courteney’s breast friends in Blue Desert,

Melora Walters played George’s “topless” girlfriend on Seinfeld, and showed what couldn’t come out for primetime in Twenty Bucks,

Paula Marshall played the NYU student journalist who outted George and Jerry, and displayed her distinctly hetero charms when trotting out T&A in Californication,

Lisa Edelstein also played a girlfriend of George’s in two episodes, then wore a sexy schoolgirl outfit to pole dance in House, M.D.,

Raquel Welch refused to swing her arms on Seinfeld, and gave great wet bikini in Lady in Cement,

Debra Messing was an anti dentite on Seinfeld, and slipped her left nip while showering in The Wedding Date,

Melinda Clarke played Alex on the episode “The Muffin Tops”, and showed off her muffin butt and some left boob in Return to Two Moon Junction,

Marlee Matlin played a lip reader for Seinfeld, and gave the best look at her magnificent milkers in In Her Defense,

Christine Taylor was yet another of Jerry’s girlfriends, and got pokie in a tight tank top and panties in Room 6,

Lauren Graham was known for her speed dial list on Seinfeld, and got very naughty in her skivvies for Bad Santa,

Jane Leeves played a virgin on Seinfeld, and donned some lacy lingerie in To Live and Die in L.A.,

Jennifer Coolidge played a masseuse on Seinfeld, and shook her daunting décolletage in Soul Men,

Jami Gertz was stingy with her TP on Seinfeld, but gave up a tiny hint of right side tit in Lip Service.

Mariska Hargitay auditioned for the role of Elaine for the show-within-the-show, and displayed some compelling cleavage in Blind Side.

Private Moments 108

Video: Private Moments 108

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Scene 1: Slender Alexandra lies in bed wearing only her panties as she touches her small breasts and teases herself. Her hands move down her body and opens up her legs as she rubs into her hairy pussy underneath her knickers. Taking her clothes off, she plays with her large labia. Pinching her pink nipples she gets turned on and she masturbates her wet pussy till she orgasms.

Scene 2: “I don’t use baby oil often but I really like the feeling of oil on my skin.” Billie and Mara are lounging in the bathroom as Billie liberally applies oil on her slender and long legs. Mara joins in and also lotions herself up in the oil. Billie asks Mara to apply the oil on her back and proceeds to remove her clothing. “My bum could use a little bit of oil.” Fully nude, Billie and Mara continue to apply oil all over their bodies and small breasts. “Oh, it feels nice down there.” Their lubricated hands move towards their crotch as the girls pleasure themselves to a wet orgasm.

Scene 3: “Where do you like to masturbate?” asks Aussie Leslie. “Everywhere,” answers redhead Emma. Talking about their masturbation routines, the girls get naughty in bathroom. “I mostly use my fingers but I also have some toys, also for anal play.” Leslie teases her pert breasts and moves her hands over her full bush. Emma takes off her vintage bra and knickers and plays with her ginger pubic hairs as she gets her pink nipples wet before both girls start rubbing their clits and masturbate to orgasm.

Scene 4: Lying on a blanket in the secluded forest floor, Laura puts the book she is reading to the side and starts to slowly caress her arms with her fingers. She turns around to lie on her back and uses the pendant of her necklace to tickle her nipples.
Her hands travel around her body and reach her crotch. She removes her tights and top, flashes her armpit hair and hairy bush peep through. Alone outdoors, she massages her clit until she orgasms.

Scene 5: Curvy Layla sits fully clothed on her dining table as she teases herself. Pulling her pink shirt down, she grabs her large breast with one hand and with the other, she rubs into her pussy. Getting aroused, she takes her clothes off, licks her finger and starts fingering her perfectly shaved pussy. Turning on her pink sex toy, she moves it into her meaty lips and masturbates to orgasm.

Scene 6: Slender Victoria lies on sofa and touches her pert breasts under her pink tank top. Her hands move down her body and they get into her shorts so she can tease herself. Pulling her shirt up, she licks her perky nipples. Takes her shirt off, she plays with her full bush. Finding a condom, she makes a balloon out of it that she rubs on her hairy pussy. Grabbing her sex toy, she inserts it into her wet pussy as she masturbates to orgasm.

Stars: Victoria, Leslie, Alexandra, Billie, Emma, Mara, Layla, Laura

Sarah Blake, Kandii & Chloe Woods Jack Off Instructional Pantyhose

Video: Sarah Blake, Kandii & Chloe Woods Jack Off Instructional Pantyhose

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Playtime Video

Scene One: 25 year old Sarah Blake is up first as she slides her hands up her silken legs and lifts her cocktail dress to let you view her sheer crotch, light brown pantyhose with control top. “Does that make you come?” as she needs your white load on her toes. She takes over the camera and rubs her pussy and wants to know if you want to touch her. She rips open the crotch of the hose and stabs her wet hole wit an 8″ dildo, comes, then licks it clean. Fucking hot!

Scene Two: Next, Sarah models sheer crotch brown pantyhose as she stands directly over you. She can’t keep her hands off her nylon covered pussy knowing you’re jacking off to her. Her sweet juices are clearly evident as she purrs, “Does this make you want to come?” She places her hand inside the hose and spreads her pussy wide. Nice solo bathroom masturbation scene before she again rips open the crotch and uses multiple fingers inside her steaming pussy to get herself off to a moaning orgasm!

Scene Three: With her ass in your face, encased in sheer crotch nude pantyhose over black bikini panties, the sexy blonde Kandii is second in this 3 girl video as they try to get a load or two out of you. “You know you want to come right here” as she points at that crotch. Sexy, over the camera views as she puts her double covered pussy inches from your face before pulling the pantyhose and panties down to show you her sweet slit.

Scene Four: Up last is Chloe Woods in shiny nude pantyhose and a pretty paisley dress. “Do you want to come on my ass?” she purrs at you in a sweet voice. A little alone time POV and a strip to nude takes you over the edge.

Scene Five: Chloe then models a pair of pantyhose with cotton crotch under a sexy black dress. “Do you like it down there? Are you jacking off to me?” Hell Yeah! This girl is sexy and sweet and will leave you begging for more.

Stars: Chloe Woods, Sarah Blake, Kandii

Schoolgirls & Teachers #2 – Lessons In Sodomy

Video: Schoolgirls & Teachers #2 - Lessons In Sodomy

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Alex Romero
100% anal action await! Get your lessons here! It’s “Schoolgirls And Teachers 2″, and these little students are ready to pull aside their panties and make room for some big cock! That’s right…these young little sluts are already playing with the big ones as they blow out their sphincters for some massive visitors!

Stars: Kerry, Kathia Nobili, London Keys, Marika Hase, Lyen Parker, Anita Bellini, James Brossman, Lauro Giotto, Nick Lang, Ian Scott, George Uhi

Orgasm! Collection

Video: Orgasm! Collection

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Orgasm! collection is packed with 6 hot women from 19 to 32 masturbating to genuine, pussy pulsating orgasms with a Hitachi magic wand vibrator. In addition to orgasm contractions, some grool when they cum, others squirt a little, some are multi-orgasmic … this is just a variety pack of real female orgasms!

First up is Daniella Margot, a 19 year old hottie that loves to masturbate. She sits on the arm of the white leather chair wearing little pajama shorts and a T-shirt with large arm holes- she teases us a little by squeezing the T-shirt in the middle which pulls out both of her lovely natural breasts. Daniella stands up and takes off her shorts and panties, then sits back in the chair, legs akimbo, and starts to rub her perfectly shaved pussy with her fingers. After a few moments, she extracts a Hitachi magic wand from behind her, turns it on, and very gingerly places it on her clitoris. She clearly enjoys the sensation of the vibrations as she ever so gently starts thrusting her hips against the toy. Daniella starts to softly pant and moan, and we already catch glimpses of some pre-orgasm contractions around her anus and perineum. All of a sudden, Daniella thrusts her head back and cums hard! Her pussy contacts and pulsates and even pushes out a little squirt, and it’s along orgasm that she rides out completely! Very nice! Daniella turns off the toy and rubs the sides of her engorged vulva as she recovers.

31 year old Rachel Evans clearly has done this before … she is standing in front of a leather sofa wearing a short dress that clings to her shapely body just perfectly. She slowly pulls her larges beasts out of the top, give her nipples a bit of a tweak before she turns around and hikes her skirt to show off her thong clad buttocks. Rachel drops her panties to the floor and sits down on the couch, immediately firing up the Hitachi and touching it to her large breasts … moving it down over her flat belly shaved pubic mound … and finally taking it down the sides of her pussy and lightly teasing her lips and clit. Rachel starts cooing and moaning as she focuses the vibrations on her clit and large-ish pussy lips. She pulls her legs up and spreads wide, pulls her pussy lips to one side, and presses the tip of the wand to the top side of her clit. “Yeah” … pant … pant … hiss … as she start to rock her hips against the big toy. “Yeah” … hiss … pant … Rachel is really enjoying this! Her eyes are closed and her tongue comes out on occasion to lick her lips as she continues to masturbate, just taking her time and enjoying every bit of it. Her hip thrusting gets faster and more “deliberate” and all of a sudden she pants hard, lets out a little yelp and starts to shudder and shake as her orgasm takes hold, and even though she immediately removes the wand and pushes down on her clit with her hand, her visible contractions go on for a while! Rachel is sated as she smiles at the camera. Nice!

Piper Holland loves to masturbate. She even masturbates at work in her cubicle!! And she really is the girl next door that enjoys filming herself getting off! Piper is pretty horny when she sets up for this scene and she told us all about it … here is what she had to say: This is what Piper had to say … “Here’s my story – I’ve been highly horny this whole weekend. Sexy texting with a male friend. I gave in to my toy early this morning and got myself all worked up and then it just STOPPED. Mother fucker. All I could think is my friend wouldn’t have stopped lol. He would have finished the job and had me out of breath lol. So I had to use my fingers to finish. Totally NOT the same. Left me more frustrated lol. I needed more. So a while later, more dirty sexy texts, and a hot bath. (I’ve been going to the gym lately and I am soooooo sore today. Off topic.) I still wanted more. But my toy still won’t work and I’m ready to explode lol. So I remember I had an extra electric toothbrush that wasn’t even open. Score!! So that’s where it comes (wink wink) and saves the day! It was intense and wonderful! Haha. Good thing I was home alone cuz it was loud lol.” She was super wet, and it was indeed a huge pulsating orgasm!! I liked the way she rubs her juices on her nipples too …

That’s 32 year old Uma Zex’s butt on the screen ;-) . Uma is wearing a very short shiny black skirt with white stripes and a matching short top. This is the perspective of a stationary camera, so we get to see her drop her top and skirt without a full view of her face … but we do get to see her natural breast and a lock of blonde hair before she finally settles on the couch. Now just wearing her black thong panties and high heeled black shoes, Uma sits back on the couch and caresses her body. She takes off her panties and parts her legs – she is shaven except for a short trimmed Brazilian style pubic patch. Uma immediately reaches for the Hitachi, turns it on, and runs it over her body before shifting her focus to her pussy and clit. The big toy has her panting very quickly and she genuinely seems to be enjoying every bit of the toy. She shifts position and her legs start to tremble and shake and she even squirts a little from all the stimulation. Her head rolls back and her upper body gets quite the sex flush as Uma keep son buzzing away with the vibrator. Although it’s hard to see a distinct start and end due to her placement of the Hitachi, it appears to me that she really is rolling form one orgasm into another! Uma switches the position of the toy, and once again works herself up to several sex flushed and leg trembling orgasms that leave her hot, sweaty, and satisfied.

Donna Letty is 23 years old, has long dark hair and is sitting in the white leather chair wearing a cut-off denim shirt and cut-off denim shorts. She peels open and un-knots her top, exposing her orange bra and a bit tattoo on her left shoulder. Donna stands up and drops her little shorts … burnt orange panties and orange shoes. She takes off her bra and reveals her perfect small breasts and nipples, then peels her panties down her long legs to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy. She rubs her pussy which suddenly showed that her labia are actually quite a lot larger than they originally appeared! Donna flips over onto her hands and knees on the chair, then grabs the Hitachi and starts to masturbate doggy style. Donna starts moaning loudly from the sensations as the big buzzer moves over her ample vulva. She even turns to toy onto high power. But she can’t seem to keep it in one place for very long, so she flips over, hangs one leg over each arm for maximum exposure and plants the toy back onto her clit and pussy. This time she holds it firmly with two hands and the sides of her pussy seem to quickly get engorged moments before a big set of contractions take over as she cums! It’s a nice orgasm that goes on and on! Donny turns down the power of the vibe but keeps on teasing her pussy and clit. The camera moves in for a closer look, and she really does have nice and fleshy pussy! Donna switches the wand to high power again, moaning and panting as she buzzes away at her clit … but she’s done. And it was a great orgasm too!

19 year old Charlotte Rose crawls onto the bed and gives her nipples a little tweak before taking her top off. She gets comfy, parts her legs and starts to masturbate with the Hitachi through her panties … but she wants a little more direct contact, so after a short while she takes her panties off completely. Charlotte flips over doggy style and continues to buzz away at her clit. The sensations have her twitching and moaning very quickly … she starts to grind against the toy as she masturbates, letting out little whimpers as she does. Charlotte says that she cums easily … and she clearly does! With a little whimper and a twitching foot, she cums with her butt in the air. Her contractions were soft, but clearly visible. Charlotte also says that one orgasm is never enough, so she flips over, puts the wand back on her clit (on high power) and keeps on going until she has another orgasm! The camera man suggests she do it again – no problem … she puts the wand back on her clit until she starts cumming again, but the camera man reminds her not to close her legs, so she spreads them and goes again! This last orgasm was very visible and even squeezed out a nice bead of pussy juice! I’m not sure how many times she came actually!

Stars: Rachel Evans, Uma Zex, Charlotte Rose, Daniella Margot , Piper Holland, Donna Letty

Sweeties Busting Out Of Sweaters

Video: Sweeties Busting Out Of Sweaters

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Mr. Skin

Sometimes the boobs and body just need to be free. These sweater wearing babes can’t keep the goodies under wrap any longer so they pull off their sweaters and let the puppies out to play!

Lou Charmelle starts us off in a graphic scene from Sex Stories (2009) when she pulls up her sweater, drops her panties and uses her vibrator. Susan George will have your meat dog barking when she removes her sweater and shows off the honkers in Straw Dogs (1971). Nastassja Kinski undresses as she walks up the stairs, pulling off her shirt and exposing her perky kittens and more in Cat People (1982). Nerdy hot singer Lisa Loeb shows off her fine ass in thong when she walks out onto the set during her video shoot for #1 Single (2006). It’s a crime for Emmanuelle Beart to keep her cans hidden so she takes off her shirt while hooking up with a guy in A Crime (2006). When the doctor lifts her skirt and sweater, we get a nice look at Laura Antonelli’s buns in Doctor Casanova (1972). This collection of babes baring all and busting out will leave you begging for sweater season!

Chick Pass Amateurs Volume 56

Video: Chick Pass Amateurs Volume 56

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T&A Studios

The ChickPass Amateurs are back for more homemade hardcore action. This volume features our swinging housewives, including the debut of mature brunette Trisha Delight, hot moms Deliah Dukes and Alesia Pleasure getting fucked, cock sucking with busty redhead Lia Shayde, and toy scenes with Deliah and Trisha.

Brunette MILF Trisha Delight gets naked to show off all her sexy curves, and then goes down on her knees to give Logan a demonstration of her awesome blowjob skills.

Horny housewife Deliah Dukes takes off her sexy white lingerie to let Logan pound her mature twat and takes a shot of cum on her belly.

Curvy MILF Alesia Pleasure gives Logan one of her amazing blowjobs and then goes down on the floor to let him pound her mature pussy.

Chubby MILF Lia Shayde goes down on Logan’s stiff cock, uses her huge boobs to tit fuck him, and jerks all the jizz onto those big knockers.

Mature hottie Deliah Dukes lets her sexy dress drop to the floor and pulls her blue panties to the side to fuck her hot pussy with a big pink toy.

Brunette housewife Trisha Delight takes off her cute little pajamas and uses a big toy to make her hot pussy cum hard.

Stars: Alesia Pleasure, Lia Shayde, Deliah Dukes, Trisha Delight, Logan Drake

The Greatest Skinny Dipping Scenes Part 1

Video: The Greatest Skinny Dipping Scenes Part 1

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Mr. Skin

There’s no better way to cool off on a hot day than taking a refreshing skinny dip. And sexy swimmers like Eva Green and Jennifer Connelly have got the flotation devices to put some spring in your board. So get ready to stroke your snorkel to Mr. Skin’s The Greatest Skinny Dipping Scenes Part 1:

You’ll be the one splashing when you see Roxanne Pallett moisten her mams, muff, and duff in Lake Placid 3,

See the fantastic faux funbags and trimmed fur of Holly Madison as she jumps into the pool in The Girls Next Door,

Violante Placido gets her wondrous wobblers wet and even gives a glimpse of hairpie in see-through panties in The American,

Tatas, trim, and tush as Elizabeth Berkley gets naked for some very energetic pool humping in Showgirls,

Horny mermaids Kelly Brook and Riley Steele bump mams and clams in a underwater ballet for Piranha 3D,

Skinny dipper Jennifer Connelly unveils her udderly impressive pair when she exits the water in The Hot Spot,

Your pants will be in pike position when you witness Emmy Rossum’s slippery T&A baring swim in Shameless,

Erica Durance takes out her tanned titlets to splish splash in the surf in House of the Dead,

Phoebe Cates gets clean in nature with a boob, buns, and bush baring swim in Paradise,

Salma Hayek’s huge hooters, hot heinie, and fluffy muff are all out for a seaside frolic in Ask the Dust,

Audra Ricketts brings out her floaters with a bevy of naked babes for The L Word

You’ll want to do the breaststroke when topless Ashley Judd is taking a disrobed dip in Norma Jean and Marilyn.

Welcome to the pubic pool where Rambo Suicide, James Suicide, Radeo Suicide,Chloe Suicide all go for an extended skinny dip in SuicideGirls: Guide to Living

Super-model Rebecca Romijn shows off her supermams and muff while plunging into the water in Femme Fatale,

Kate Winslet flaunts her fur-tastic full frontal form and cute caboose while climbing out of a pond in Iris

Parker Posey and Jane Adams both bare their bitties while stroking in the pool in The Anniversary Party.

Jane March reveals her creamy cans, trimmed frontal and perky duff while doing some underwater acrobatics with Bruce Willis in Color of Night,

Daryl Hannah flashes a hint of nip while exploring her natural habitat in Splash,

Juliette Lewis shows danglers, donut, and dainty derriere while getting wet and wild in Renegade.

Evan Rachel Wood delivers her hindquarters during an underwater hump session in Across the Universe,

Brooke Shields’ body double provide the boobs, buns, and bush for fun in the sun in The Blue Lagoon,

Melanie Griffith streamlines her swim session by doing it in her sleek birthday suit in Night Moves,

Sabine Timoteo takes the plunge into nudity and shows every slippery inch in In den Tag hinein,

Moist melons and hairpie from Stephanie Chao before she meets her untimely end in Jack Frost 2.

You’re going to need extra oxygen when Auretta Gay goes for a tits out scuba dive in Zombie,

Beverly D’Angelo presents her pink-tipped -pyramids for a swim and when she gets out her panties are wet and see-through in Hair,

and finally Eva Green’s luscious left lobber gets some fresh air and then a dunking in Cracks.

8th Street Latinas Vol. 23

Video: 8th Street Latinas Vol. 23

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Reality Kings

A Real Thrill: Kiki Taylor is off to a check cashing place so J-Mac follows her. He finds out that she’s pissed off at her boyfriend for fucking her roommate. She got home early wearing some sexy stockings and wanted to surprise him with an impromptu afternoon delight. She was the only one that got a surprise. Kiki was then offered to make some money and get revenge on her boyfriend. Luckily cooler heads did not prevail and her anger fueled her desire to have a quick fling with J-Mac.

Body of Beauty: Nikki Delano and hot & sexy and does some booty shaking & crawling on all fours. Preston Parker had no idea he was going to fuck her until he got to her and what a fuck she is and what a facial he gives her.

Dressed To Impress: Elsa came to have a good time and she was dressed in tight lingerie outfit with a tiny shirt. Doesn’t take her long to undress and reveal her luscious body. She sucks that cocked that cock and spread her long sexy legs to get her pussy munched on. She got her pussy pounded and got Brannon Rhodes man juice all over her pretty face. Then, she changed into a very sexy dress that she looked amazing in.

Golden Goodies: Guiliana Alexis is a very sexy Latina. She was waiting pool side in her hot little bikini. She wanted to get oiled up and fucked proper. This mamacita had a super tight body that looked awesome once she started shaking her sweet ass. She finally got her wish when the cock came out for her to play. She gets nailed hard by J-Mac.

Latin Attraction: James Deen had this unbelievably sexy Latina, Shay who he was always flirty with. He decided to visit her at her job and seal the deal. James locked the front door and took her to the back. She had some of her own sexual tension built up from all the weeks of flirting with James and she let it all out.

Open Door: JMac was walking out of the store when he spotted, Foxxy, this super cute girl sitting outside. She said she was looking for a job and JMac told her he could help. Foxxy was very open minded and willing. She showed JMac a hole in her jeans that showcased her panties. After some monetary persuasion, she came back to the car and revealed her beautiful tits. Both of her nipples were pierced and looked lovely. Foxxy took off her panties through the hole in her jeans and displayed her luscious pussy. She went back to the house with JMac and he offered her more money. She sucked and fucked that cock. She rode that dick as her juicy ass bounced. She got man juice all over her pretty face.

Stars: Nikki Delano, Guiliana Alexis, Foxxy Star , Kiki Taylor, Shay, Elisa, Preston Parker, James Deen, J-Mac, Brannon Rhodes

Bella Rose Teen Jerk Off Encouragement Playtime Nudes

Video: Bella Rose Teen Jerk Off Encouragement Playtime Nudes

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Playtime Video
Meet your new teenage all-natural little cumstress! This 19 year old will have you pounding and cumming for months. Using her seductive striptease skills, Bella Rose has you mesmerized and fully at attention by the time she’s slid her panties off and began masturbating for you. You will be a slave to this teen’s beautiful pussy!

Stars: Bella Rose

Monster Curves Volume 22

Video: Monster Curves Volume 22

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Reality Kings

Scene One: Mischa is back with another present for all the viewers. This time around she decided she will do anal. Her ass was worshiped, praised and venerated for a very long time. Even before we got to all the ass adoration, she teased us with her titan tush by dipping it into the jacuzzi like some enormous ass tea bag. Dripping wet, she walked up the steps to the bedroom ever so slowly letting every little drop ease down her robust rump and down her legs. Her juicy caboose just glistened in the afternoon light. She took a pounding and swallowed every last drop of cum. This is a perfect 10 update!

Scene Two: We have the smoking hot Sheena for you. This hottie has a super tight body with all the right curves to go with it. We caught her as she was going to start her workout. You have to check her sweet juicy ass as she bends over the exercise bike. This dirty nympho was ready to get down and dirty. She went straight for the cock once my buddy showed up. She wanted to get the full ass work out. She wanted the cock buried deep in her ass. Don’t miss this hot hot scene, sure to become an anal classic.

Scene Three: Dani returned for another dick-down after having her magnificent ass pounded the first time around. She wore a sexy short dress to the occasion which she took off after a few minutes of teasing us. She slowly revealed her amazing donk and it was definitely worth the wait. I was mesmerized when she started to walk and her cheeks shifted from side to side slightly bulging out of her sheer white bikini. Dani bounced her ass all over the pool area before showing us her smooth pretty pussy and inviting Preston to take a closer look. After smacking the monster booty, Preston took Dani indoors and fucked her relentlessly.

Scene Four: Christy invited me over to see her new spacious loft. When I arrived Christy greeted with a huge hug, I felt her nice big tits and hard nipples which got me excited. I was fixated on her amazing body during our elevator ride up to her loft, she was wearing tight jeans that accentuated her curvy hips and big booty so it was hard to concentrate on our conversation. Christy made an attempt at showing me her place, but I was only interested in seeing her monster booty so she gave me the tour with ass out. After worshiping her her perfect ass and tits, I called Manuel over. Soon after arriving, Manuel was deep in Christy’s tight little pussy. He relentlessly fucked all over the loft and eventually blasted his load in her pretty mouth.

Scene Five: Lily is back with more monster love. She loves shaking her ass in front of the camera every chance she gets. We gave her that chance again. She shook her ass for some time before she wanted to get naked. Her sexy all white outfit was just perfect for her. The panties were see through just enough to give us a tease of what was to come. She was rubbing her pussy lips as Bruno came in to give her the dick she was wet for. She got on her knees like the bad girl she is to get a mouth full of cock. After she had her taste tease, she dropped the panties and asked for some good fucking. Bruno laid it on her in just about every position. Her big natural tits and ass her making waves from the pounding. Lily gave that sexy I love to be fucked look over and over again. She is one sexy girl that we can watch forever.

Scene Six: Kimmy and her glorious ass came back for more. She brought with her a leather outfit that was pretty hardcore which matched her reason for coming to us again. She wanted a big cock in her ass. She strutted her sweet thick body around the house and giggled her ass. She played with herself to get more into the mood. Mick showed up with his dick to give Kimmy what she wanted. She crammed it into her throat before she asked him to lick her ass. He spread her cheek as wide as possible and dove right in. He got her ass hole all moistened up with saliva and slide right in nice and easy. She was loving his cock deep inside her ass. She took it like it was an easy Sunday morning. Soon after she came he stiffened up and splattered her chin which dripped all over her chest.

Stars: Lily Love, Kimmy Olsen, Mischa Brooks, Sheena Shaw, Christy Mack, Dani Lane, Mick Blue, Bruno Dickemz, Preston Parker, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara

Panty Pervert 2

Video: Panty Pervert 2

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Kevin Moore

Director/fetishist Kevin Moore’s “Panty Pervert 2” spotlights seductive starlets, tempestuous tease and bountiful booties encased in snug, sexy scanties: Each lady models an array of skimpy undergarments as POV-style shooting documents fetishy fuck play. Alluring Ashley Fires taunts Kevin as she strips. The fun loving blonde deep-throats and dominantly rides dick, and she shoves her undies into her cunt as she masturbates. Comely Candice Dare’s plush skirt hugs her perfectly plump rump. When she wriggles her panties over her thick butt cheeks, Kevin can’t help cock-smacking her derriere. Candice sports intimate garments in a lively, multi-position fuck, till Kevin’s cum splatters her G-string-clad tush. Exotic Heather Vahn looks gorgeous in a skintight dress with her panty line exposed. She gives a sloppy blow job, and her tender, pink butthole peeks from her knickers as Kevin fucks her. Passionate sex and frisky frottage make big-assed brunette Olivia Wilder whimper; she switches skivvies throughout her scene.

Scene 1: Lingerie Model Ashley Fucks Panty Perv

Alluring blonde Ashley Fires knows how to tease. The fun loving minx playfully taunts director Kevin Moore as his hard dick spanks her booty, and she gives a slobbery blow job in POV-style footage. Ashley models a variety of panties for the pervy fetishist and talks dirty as he fucks her. The hot slut deep-throats and dominantly rides dick. She shoves her undies into her cunt during a tempestuous, mid-scene masturbation session. Frisky fucking (with kinky foot play) climaxes as Kevin creams her plump ass cheeks.

Scene 2: Model Candice Dares To Fuck Panty Perv

Wearing a plush, bright orange skirt that tightly hugs her perfectly plump butt, comely blonde Candice Dare chats cheekily. She jiggles her radiant rump for director Kevin Moore, playfully yanking her tight panties up and down over her thick cheeks. Kevin can’t help whipping out his stiff dick to smack Candice’s derriere, and the wayward cutie shows her gratitude with a slobbery, POV-style blow job. Candice models an array of undergarments and whimpers through lively, multi-position pounding. Kevin blasts his cum over her G-string-clad tush.

Scene 3: Busty Model Heather Fucks A Panty Perv

Exotic Heather Vahn is a dark-haired beauty with huge tits and a penchant for playful tease. Wearing a skintight dress with her panty line exposed, the frisky, busty beauty taunts director Kevin Moore. She models multiple scanties, enjoys slobbery, POV-style fellatio and intense fucking, massaging her breasts as Kevin fucks her. Her flawless asshole peeks from her G-string. Rowdy Heather rides his dick and Kevin slathers her supple butt in spunk.

Scene 4: Big-Assed Olivia Fucks A Panty Perv

Big-assed Olivia Wilder loves teasing the camera in tight panties. The frisky girl flirts with perverted director Kevin Moore, who can’t help pulling out his dick to smack cock-smack her lusciously plump rump. The wild nymph strips down to heels and underwear for an intimate, POV-style BJ. She rides dick and whimpers
through a blistering, bent-over pounding, switching her skivvies throughout the scene. Kevin sprays his sperm over Olivia’s delectable derriere.

Stars: Ashley Fires, Heather Vahn, Olivia Wilder, Candice Dare, Kevin Moore

Brutal Castings – Chanel Collins

Video: Brutal Castings - Chanel Collins

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Fetish Network
Sweet, innocent, shapely and sexy all are perfect descriptions of cute, blonde teen, girly girl, Chanel Collins. Wishing to share her ample charms with the world, she finds herself in the offices, where she will soon learn what it takes to make her modeling dreams cum true. Dressed to thrill in white short shorts and a tight blue tank top, Chanel is ordered to strip down to her bra and panties. She resists, but the master is persuasive, slapping some sense into her. Chanel strips, but takes too long for the master’s liking, so he ties her hands with rope and directs her to grope his cock though his pants. He hardly rips her panties off and shoves two fingers deep inside her tight teen cunt, making her orgasm quickly. Chanel’s humiliation continues as her pussy is viciously spanked while she deep throats his cock. After hot sex and an airtight blowjob, he pounds her little pussy and luscious ass doggie style while using her head as a foot rest. Hard spanking on Chanel’s beautiful, tan booty assures her submission and then she gets railed reverse cowgirl style so we can see her swollen, over excited clit. The party ends with Chanel getting pounded in the piledriver position and receiving a massive load of love batter on her face. Will Chanel be famous? Find out!

Stars: Chanel Collins, Bruno Dickens

Naked Sports Wives And Girlfriends

Video: Naked Sports Wives And Girlfriends

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Mr. Skin

Athletes have always scored off the field with some of the hottest models and actresses working. Now you can see what those lucky sports stars got to see on Mr. Skin’s playlist of Naked Sports Wives and Girlfriends.

Alyssa Milano shows several well-lit, lingering looks at her marvelous melons while Charlotte Lewis snaps some sexy shots in Embrace of the Vampire,

Halle Berry bares her coco-nips, lush tuft and sweet, sweet seat as she gets boned by Billy Bob Thornton in an all out sex fest in Monster’s Ball,

Madonna gives a full frontal flash while riding a dude in Body of Evidence,

Ashley Judd shows it all, including a brief helping of bush while recreating the classic Playboy centerfold shoot in Norma Jean and Marilyn,

Jessica Biel proves that candle wax melts in your mouth and on her mams when she dribbles it all over her topless teats in Powder Blue,

Eliza Dushku bares quick, but incredible, boobage while changing clothes in The Alphabet Killer,

Willa Ford looks killa when she greets her man in nothing but a pair of panties in Impulse,

Kate Hudson shows cannage as she dances in a hotel room with a couple of band members in Almost Famous,

Marilyn Monroe bares her tush and left-hand hootage in this poolside still photo in Something’s Got to Give,

Kim Kardashian wiggles, jiggles, and giggles, but she’s unable to get her tight jeans up over her famously plump rump in Keeping up with the Kardashians,

Robin Givens shows one of the creamiest mocha buttocks ever committed to celluloid so Forest Whitaker can take a lick in A Rage in Harlem,

Tawny Kitaen gets restrained, topless, in front of a bunch of mirrors in Gwendoline,

Cameron Diaz’s right nip pops out of her dress as she fights with a guy in Gangs of New York,

Rachel Hunter bares breasts and a hint of bunnage on the balcony with Eric Roberts in Two Shades of Blue,
Jessica Alba lets out her juicy ass so Casey Affleck can ream it with a belt in The Killer Inside Me,
Kendra Wilkinson presents her perfect rack, crack and shorn snatch posing for a photo shoot in The Girls Next Door,

Mandy Moore walks to a window in a wide-open-sleeved shirt that shows off her right Mammary Moore in How to Deal,

Carmen Electra gives up a couple of quick Double-D shots while she gets it one with Mackenzie Astin in The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human,

Jessica Canseco lets out her juicy juggage while atop a ladder in Gettin’ It,

Raquel Welch beans a dude on the head with a gun; look for a quick flashage of crackage when her poncho blows up in Hannie Caulder,

Jennifer Walcott trots out her T&A in the bathroom while she and her friend get spied upon in American Pie Presents Band Camp,

Angie Harmon’s right rocket can be seen in all its proud glory as she boffs Sam Rockwell in his trailer home in Lawn Dogs,

Gabrielle Union lets a nipple slipple when she hits the dirt in Bad Boys II,

Bridgette Wilson briefly bares her right boob while posing for a photo shoot in The Real Blond,

Lisa Dergan gives us an assortment of titty-shots as she enjoys some sexuality with a muscle-bound mook in The Arena,

Carmella DeCesare gives us some natural knockers and a bit of shaved frontal while posing for Playboy in The Girls Next Door,

Cathy Lee Crosby shows quick glimpses of her boobs in the shower in Coach,

Brooke Shields hikes up her shirt to show a “tramp stamp” she’s like to get removed in Nip/Tuck,

Jamie-Lynn Sigler bares a bit of bada-boobage when both nips make a surprise appearance as she shimmies sexily for her lover in Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss: Unrated and Uncut,

Tara Reid shows a nice shot of her body while getting banged in a flashback in Body Shots,

Paris Hilton heads for her car and her right can flops out of her dress in Best of Paris!!!,

Carol Alt flashes can as she dives into a pool in Millions,

Angelica Bridges bares her right bobbler but the prized-part is blocked by a pastie in Son of the Beach.

TS Factor 8

Video: TS Factor 8

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Joey Silvera Productions

Porn legend Joey Silvera goes wherever the hottest transsexuals roam. His “TS Factor 8” packs an international cast of torrid T-girls in sizzling sexual encounters with horny males and biological females, and Joey includes three revealing solo masturbation scenes.

Scene 1: Latina T-Girl Candy’s Bulging Lust – Sporting fishnets, cat ears and a thick, alluring bulge inside her lacy panties, gorgeous American Latina T-girl Candy wants to show us how she gets off. Flexing her taut ass cheeks and stroking her sensitive nipples with long fingernails, she peels down her undies and releases her huge, rigid schlong. The TS cutie lubes her fat dick and pumps her stiff she-boner, moaning in pleasure. Hand moving faster along the curved shaft, Candy climaxes, milking out a creamy load of hot sperm.

Scene 2: TS Nikki Dates Busty, Lusty Bio Girl – Busty Latina bombshell Mercedes Carrera loves exploring the world of she-males, and statuesque TS temptress Nikki Vicious is just her size! Mercedes strips, squeezing her big, round knockers. She joins Nikki on the bed and wraps her lips around the T-girl’s stiff, uncut boner. Mercedes eagerly licks Nikki’s asshole and sodomizes her with a big dildo. After cumming with a vibrator, Mercedes continues reaming Nikki’s anus while the Trans girl jacks off to a creamy climax.

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