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Tag Archives: Panties

Only Mini And Socks!

Video: Only Mini And Socks!

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Girls in mini-skirts and long socks are very attractive and look very seductive, join 8 sexy ladies in Only Mini and Socks! A 4 hour movie consisting of sweet innocent ladies in mini-skirts and tube socks getting fucked hard-core by their male counterparts, these ladies will use their legs to jack off these men, and will make them horny just by posing and modeling for them in their sexy wear. They don’t have to get naked just slid down the panties and let the cock do the talking!

Fiona Cooper 1124 – Leah 2

Video: Fiona Cooper 1124 - Leah 2

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Fiona Cooper
LEAH 2 (18: 34DD/23/35). Straight to the top of the popularity charts went Leah, so she’s back already with a taste of things to come! More spanking, minis, tights, tops, baby doll nightie, shaven pussy, dressing gown, panties, dress, stockings & suspenders, thongs, riding gear & fun with the riding crop, panties, toys, sound. V540 SHAVEN HAVENS 3. Yet more smooth honey pots from the history files. Enjoy!

Stars: Leah

The Real Nakadashi – Butts File Rina

Video: The Real Nakadashi - Butts File Rina

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Meet Rina, she is absolutely gorgeous and just by looking into her eyes, you can see the naughty and devilish side of her that you would love to just bring out. She’s got a beautiful ass and her face is as gorgeous as any other girl that’s in the porn business. Watch as she first starts off in a nice interview then begins a sexy scene with a male companion ending in a steamy cream-pie. Then she takes a nice shower to cleanse herself and then gives out a blowjob. To end the movie, she poses and models in a bathroom, with just her bra and panties then gives a guys a smoking handjob and teases the living shit out of him with her sexy body stockings on. Extremely sexy women! She’s on Fire pretty much.

Stars: Rina

Resolved By Corporal Punishment 5 Tara

Video: Resolved By Corporal Punishment 5 Tara

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Raven Hill Studios
She ran-up a huge phone bill, then moved out, leaving her roommate to pay the bill. Now Tara pays dearly, by baring her tight bottom and submitting to a hand spanking, a leather strapping and a biting caning! After This ass blistering, maybe she’ll keep her phone conversations shorter. Tara just kept dialing long distance, and talking for hours. Then, after a disagreement with her roommate, this young lady decided to move out. Trouble was, she stuck the roommate with a huge telephone bill, and maintained she didn’t have to pay it because she did the girl a favor by leaving.

Tara’s roommate filed Small Claims Court papers against her to get her to pay the overdue bill. We stepped in, took care of the bill, and the, took care of Tara!

We promptly placed her over the knee for a sound hand spanking, turned her tight bottom a nice, cherry red. Then, a thick leather strap was smacked across her sore ass until painful welts were raised.

To finish, Tara bent way over a big desk, dropped her panties to the floor, and received hard, slashing strokes from the bamboo cane. If you want to watch an unsuspecting girl punished to her breaking point, this is a video for you.

Stars: Tara

Fiona Cooper 1142 – April

Video: Fiona Cooper 1142 - April

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Fiona Cooper
APRIL (26: 34C/25/36). Scottish beauty April has gorgeous hair, lovely tits and a delicious round bum; the rest is just as good. Minis, blouse, hold-ups, panties, shaven pussy, knee socks, mini-dress, tights, skirts, tops, thong, finger fun, school uniform, toys, sound.

MAIDS FOR PLEASURE 2. More delicious girlies doing the household chores in and out of their Maid uniforms, sort of!

Stars: April, Simone, Deeanne, Nerise

Fiona Cooper 1132 – Jordanna

Video: Fiona Cooper 1132 - Jordanna

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Fiona Cooper
JORDANNA (23: 36E25/36), A Scottish girl with a cute little face & big tits, this girl loves to play! Long dress, micro mini, panties, mini, stockings & suspenders, thong, tops, toys, cock sucking and cock pleasures, sound.

A381 SHAVEN HAVENS 9. The last of Mums early ‘havens’ series, another look at some cute hairless pussy.

Stars: Jordanna, Stephanie Bews

Fiona Cooper 1146 – Michelle 2

Video: Fiona Cooper 1146 - Michelle 2

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Fiona Cooper
MICHELLE 2 (28: 36G/25/36). Liverpool babe Michelle returns to let you play with her delicious big tits again. Calf boots, tights, panties, dancing, hold-ups, jumper, thongs, minis, tops, panties, corset, stockings & suspenders, fingerfun, toys, sound.

V723 LOTION LADIES 3 features lots of lovely FC girls and their thick, sticky lotion. Have fun.

Stars: Michelle

Pay To Play

Video: Pay To Play

Watch This Video!

Dan Hawke Productions
We fade in on Dan Hawke paying off Sasha Monet’s abductor while she, bound in a standing spread eagle, looks on from the background. Now that Sasha has been bought and paid for, Dan wants to enjoy his price. He freely fondles her ripe body while he cuts and tears away her clothing. He stuffs her sopping panties in her mouth and tapes them in place. Adding clamps to her pussy and nipples, he leaves her to contemplate her situation.

Next Sasha is bound kneeling on a platform. A taut pussy rope pulls her forward while her bound wrists tug her backwards. We enjoy her suffering for a while until Dan returns and ties her hair back to her bound wrists. This increases Sasha’s suffering intensely. Another pussy roping scene is up next, with Sasha seated to the wooden platform. She doesn’t sit for long. Dan hoists her pussy rope skywards forcing Sasha to maintain a tough position to prevent the rope from chafing her tender pussy.

Finally Sasha is bound in a standing spread eagle while Dan worked her over with floggers and his nasty leather paddle. Her ass reddens nicely from Dan’s attention. Also included is a great scene with Asian-American babe Jin-Ho forced to straddle a nasty wooden beam which slides and cuts into her tender cunt.

Stars: Sasha Monet, Dan Hawke, Nyssa Nevers, Jin Ho

Snappers 2

Video: Snappers 2

Watch This Video!

We have so received so many requests and so many orders for more “Snappers” and we would never want to disappoint – this all new compilation consists of the best orgasms we’ve seen lately from 20 women!

First we see the very lovely, very sexy Sabrina lounging on the sofa in a pretty black and blue bra. She is using a large red jelly vibe on her clitoris and pulling her hood back pretty hard. Sabrina’s cooch lips are completely shaved, but she maintains a thick patch of trimmed hair on the top of cooch. As Sabrina keeps the toy buzzing, her cooch is getting nice and juicy. Sabrina lets out a big gasp and then the strong, tugging, pulling contractions start. It’s a long, nice and extremely visible one that leave white girl at the base of her vagina.

Roxanne is seated completely naked on the bed enjoying the magic wand. Roxanne is very attractive – thin, with next full breasts. After sitting back and enjoying the power of the wand for a bit, Roxanne lets out a soft, “Oh yeah” as she pulls her head up off the pillows and cums really long and really hard. Her nice, completely shaved cooch is nice and engorged.

The dynamic duo of Kitty Kat and Rio Lee is lying side-by-side on the bed masturbating together. Kitty Kat has a silver vibe toy in her panties and Rio Lee is manually massaging her clit, licking her fingers and taking her time. Kitty Kat sits up to remove her top and panties – she seems to enjoy stealing glances at Rio Lee. And Rio Lee is the first to cum – with a big wet, squirting, juicy orgasm – all over the place! Kitty Kat follows rather soon thereafter with a pussy pulsating closeup cooch cam view of long, hard orgasm, too. The girls giggle and say it was good.

Lippy-cooched Genie is lying on the bed in a pair of black thigh-high stockings, high heels and sexy lingerie. She removes her bra and reaches for her large pink vibe. She pulls her panties aside and starts buzzing her clit. She pulls her legs up in the air and her lips are so large they are almost dangling there! Genie stops for a moment and adjusts the tops of her stockings, but gets right back to the buzzing. It doesn’t take long for Genie to have a nice, long, great big visible, snapping orgasm with lots and lots of contractions. She just pants softly, but it is so strong she pulls her head off the pillow.

Captured in widescreen view, Claudia Rossi is taking off her sweat top and sweat pants lounging on the bed. She is wearing a pair of sexy panties white panties, too. Claudia’s tank top is pulled up, showing off her perfect breasts and perfect body. She reaches a hand down into her panties before removing them and buzzing her clit with the pocket rocket. I think she gets really close to having an orgasm very quickly with the little pocket rocket, so she takes the toy away and pauses for a bit. Of course, she puts the toy back on her clit and before long, Claudia is having a really nice, really long and really visible orgasm! Her nipples are nice and erect, too!

Little Miss Susie B. with the long blonde locks is wanking in the bathroom with a purple vibe – her favourite. She is seated, naked, on the toilet with a towel under her bum and her leg is up and stretched across the sink basin. She is supporting most of her weight with one hand while the toy is firmly applied to her clit and pussy. The camera moves in for a really closeup view of her nearly bald pussy just as Susie B starts to pant and really cum really hard! It is just yet another stellar, hard, visible orgasm as she pants and moans. Her tummy is completely taunt and her toes are curling! She pulls her lips aside, then puts her legs together to show off her swollen pussy.

Blonde haired and tattooed Nicole is making herself comfortable on the bed with TWO toys. She has the pocket rocket buzzing on her clit and a white smoothie vibe partially inserted into her vagina. The pocket rocket goes round and round on her clit while the vibe stays stationery in her pussy. Nicole lets out a quiet and soft breath, licks her lips, opens her mouth and then cums hard – as the contractions are occurring, she is removing the vibe, but we can see each and every one of them!

Gorgeous, breathy Paige is seated in the orgasm chair wearing a pair of black panties adored with pink bows. This is a closeup cooch cam view only. Paige is massaging her clitoris through the panties before removing the undergarment completely. Her pussy is completely shaved. The cameraman offers a little hands-on assistance to Paige with the blue dolphin toy. He gently runs the toy up and down and around on her clitoris and Paige is already moaning and gasping for air. He continues to work the toy on her clitoris as Paige is getting more and more excited. She pulls back on her clitorial hood and she is absolutely just wating to cum hard – she lets out a series of short, staccato breathes as the contractions cause her pussy to pulsate rhythmically and strongly. The cameraman continues to gently stimulate her clitoris with the little toy and occasionally his finger. And before we know it, Paige is having another strong, pulsating orgasm! She is quivering all over as he continues to massager her button clit with his finger. She giggles.

Lily is lounging outside in sexy pink and black lingerie and stockings. She sits up to remove her bra and slip her hand down to her crotch to touch herself. She pulls her panties to the side and starts to buzz her clitoris with the pocket rocket. Lily is quiet, but her hand starts to shake as her hips rock rock, her mouth opens and her breathing becomes gaspy. Lily has fast, visible snapping contractions. She is shaky and sticks out her tongue after.

Taylor Ray is naked on the bed enjoying the red lipstick vibe. Taylor has nice, large, natural breasts with brownish nipples and her cooch is completely shaved. Taylor also sports a large, unique tattoo sort of just across her pubic bone. Taylor-Ray really likes the sensations of the little red lipstick vibe and she cums so quickly! She literally has her first perineum popping orgasm within 3 minutes!

Ayla with the luscious large labia is undressing on a blanket on the floor getting ready for a sess with the magic wand. She takes off her bra and lifts her large breasts. With her skirt up around her waist, she turns around and takes her panties down. Now doggystyle, she reached down to her crotch and plays with her pussy before turning on the magic wand. With the toy firmly placed on her clit and cooch, Ayla rides up and down on the wand – her large lips poking out and visible at all times. Ayla cranks the speed up to high on the time and within a few seconds she is softly moaning. She wiggles the toy back and forth across her clit, back can’t quite get there, so she rolls onto her back – her labia now really featured! Her panties are down and stretched across her ankles, she is working the toy on her pussy and shaking all over just before she has a long, big orgasm with lots and lots of visible contractions!

Red-haired Candy is undressing the bedroom – taking off her boots, jeans, top, bra and panties. Candy is naturally hairy on her cooch, with fair, white, milky skin. Candy really likes the ‘thingy’ massager and the wetness builds up nicely as she enjoys the toy. Candy breathing starts to change a bit and I notice her chest rising and falling. Then her pussy is cumming hard – and she doesn’t make a sound! She looks directly at the camera when she is finished.

Sexy little Michelle Moist is seated in the orgasm chair in a white, lacey bra, pink panties and white thigh-high stockings. She is fondling her breasts and rubbing her pussy through the panties. Michelle is using the magic wand, first through her panties, then she turns off the toy and takes off the panties. She pulls her knees up and massages her clit for a moment before going back to the wand. With the toy going round and round on her clit, Michelle has a nice, big, visible orgasm! Michelle continues to rub her clit and pussy, quickly back and forth, while the other hand holds her breast. It’s not long before Michelle says, “Oh yeah!” And she is panting and cumming again with lots of pulling, tugging contractions. But, this little cutie-pie is not finished yet! Michelle turns on the wand again so she can “get so soaking” wet and cum again! She tries to use the wand again but for a minute or so it’s a bit too strong for her sensitive clitoris so she just finger-plays until she can bear it again. As soon as she can she’s moaning again and climaxing for the third time. Michelle’s pussy contractions and aftershocks are lovely to watch as she plays with all her slippery sweet pussy juices.

The amazingly beautiful Zahra is undressing in her bedroom. She takes her jeans off and makes herself comfortable on the bed. Her toy of choice this time is the little blue dolphin and it’s not long before that little vibe has her pussy dripping wet! When Zahra cums with this little toy it a great orgasm! Her pussy is dripping and her contractions go on and on for ages! Wow! She keeps the toy firmly planted on her clit and continues to stimulate herself for a bit. Then she switches to massaging her clit with just her hand as the scene ends.

Sexy blue-eyed brunette Jewels is lying down on the bed. Her pussy is completely shaved, with small, delicate lips. Jewels spreads her legs wide apart and gently rocks her hips up and down as she enjoys the power of the toy being applied directly to her clitoris. As Jewels gets closer to cumming, a bit of glistening wetness is forming between her lips. Jewels barely makes a peep, just a couple of gasps as her pussy clenches and she cums, but the big smile on her face afterwards is almost as nice as the orgasm! She dips her fingers into her wetness which makes a nice long string across her enlarged clitoris. She says that was her best orgasm ever as the camera zooms in for a nice closeup of her wet pussy.

Jean and Jo May are sitting side-by-side on the sofa. The girls strip out of their panties – Jo May with her nicely trimmed pubic hair and Jean completely shaved. Jo May is armed with her bullet vibe and Jean with her pink smoothie again. They both get relatively quiet as they get closer and closer … and Jo May cums first, the juices inside her glinting with every contraction – she is indeed quite wet! Jean tells her to keep rubbing until she cums and Jo May is happy to oblige. Trouble is that she cums again … right when Jean cums too! Does she ever have a nicely engorged clit!

Dark-haired brunette beauty Elizabeth is seated in the orgasm chair wearing a sexy set of nurse-looking lingerie – her white panties boldly emblazoned with a red cross. Elizabeth is massaging her pussy and finger dipping – licking the juices before taking off her panties. She pulls her bra down, exposing her breasts and firm nipples as she gets into seriously fingering her pussy. Her clit and tongue are pierced and Elizabeth also has several tattoos. After a moment or two of rubbing, Elizabeth reaches for the magic wand and goes straight to high power with it! She firmly tugs and tweaks her nipple as the toy buzzes on her pussy. Elizabeth closes her eyes, softly moaning from time-to-time. Elizabeth pauses for a moment to moisten her fingers and apply a bit of saliva to her pussy, but then goes right back at it with the wand. Elizabeth is really riding the toy, pressing it firmly into her pussy and just before she cums she runs it up and down, up and down, up and down on her clitoris until she has a great big, very nice, very long and very rocking orgasm! She hisses and moans as the contractions just come again and again. She sticks a finger down there to play with her stringy wetness. She looks at the camera and smiles as she pats her clitoris.

Michelle Barrett is back in the bedroom and feeling horny. She is wearing a sexy yellow tank top and rubbing her breasts
before taking off her panties and skirt. Michelle licks her fingers and moistens her clit, then lubes her silver lipstick vibe with saliva. Michelle really likes the toy and gets breathy and starts moaning pretty quickly. Sometimes, she even inserts the little vibe into her vagina, which really seems to get her excited. Alternating between rubbing the toy up and down quickly on her clit and holding it on one spot, Michelle looks really sexy! Her hips begin to rock up and down, her faces flushes red, she says, “Oh yeah!” which is quickly followed by “I’m going to cum!” And then Michelle has another nice, lovely, visible orgasm. She licks her cum off the vibe and plays with her swollen bits.

Stars: Jean, Roxanne, Sabrina, Elizabeth, Nicole, Jewels, Ayla, Paige, Zahra, Kitty Kat, Susie B., Rio Lee, Michelle Barrett, Michelle Moist, Taylor Ray

Girls of Cumelot – Serena & Courtney

Video: Girls of Cumelot - Serena & Courtney

Watch This Video!

Digital Videovision
Two amateur sluts in their bra and panties can’t get enough of each other’s hot little bodies. After some pussy licking and finger banging, the little whores suck down a mean cock. They go to town on this hard meatpole, sliding all the way down the shaft to the balls, wreaking oral havoc until warm cum shoots all over their titties. A real amateur quickie to get you through the day!

Stars: Serena, Courtney, David Cumelot

Panty Gagged

Video: Panty Gagged

Watch This Video!

Gina Rae comes home from work to find room mate Kobe Lee watching TV. Kobe tells her that she’s been watching her favorite Soap on TV and they had a girl tied up. Kobe says she can’t believe how fake it is and she knows even though the girl kept struggling that she could have gotten untied and out of the ropes.

Gina tells Kobe that it is probably harder than it looks, but Kobe argues. The pair make a bet. Kobe is sure she can get out of any bondage position. Gina talks Kobe into taking off her clothes so that she will be more comfortable and soon she has Kobe tied spread eagle to the sofa bed. Kobe struggles and tries her best but in the end, she cannot get free.

Gina giggles and laughs at how silly and helpless Kobe looks but agrees to set her free. She crawls on the bed like she is going to untie the knots but instead she CRAMS Kobe’s worn full back white panties in her mouth, tapes them in tightly and leaves Kobe to have some fun with friends. Kobe is screwed!! Maybe next time she will not be so confident!!! Afterwards, watch Kobe get free, pull the panties out of her mouth and talk in her own sexy words about her experience.

Stars: Gina Rae Michaels, Kobe Lee, Marie Valentine, Dominic Wolfe, Betty Jaded, Candle Glencoe