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Tag Archives: Punishment

Sting Operations 3 – Faculty Edition

Video: Sting Operations 3 - Faculty Edition

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Shadow Lane

Sting Operations

A dishonest academic is exposed – then covered with shame! Starring Dee Williams (the artist formerly known as Darling) and Butch Simms in a serious spanking drama.

Over the Knee

Appointed to head a special task force devoted to uncovering academic fraud, Butch Simms assumes the role of proctor, on a day he knows a notorious paid test taker is due to show up at Braemar Junior College, to take a make-up exam for one Pamela Andrews. When the beautiful blonde arrives, dressed in a tight top, short skirt and well-behaved t-straps, and produces her fake ID, Mr. Simms is convinced that a fraud is about to be perpetrated. The ersatz student completes her exam in seven minutes and turns in her work, expecting to be allowed to leave, and job well done. But Mr. Simms sternly confronts the dishonest teacher from a neighboring school, with her many acts of academic chicanery, including selling term papers to lazy students, presenting the punitive options before her. Miss Williams, as her name really is, may either be exposed and dismissed from her position, or exposed and severely spanked for her multiple misdeeds!

Bent over nude

In the second phase of her punishment, Miss Williams, is ordered to remove her clothing and bend over the table’s edge, while Mr. Simms scolds her squandering her intellectual gifts on unethical practices. Miss Williams gasps and wails as his hard hand comes down inexorably, again and again on her blazing backside. While all of this is going on, Mr. Simms ignores the eye-popping attractions before him, and sticks to discipline in all of his dealings with the gorgeous, leggy scofflaw.

Across the Spanking Bench

The final sequence of Miss William’s thorough hand spanking is prefaced by the lovely lady being seated, bare bottomed, on the spanking bench, and made to ponder her perfidy, before being made to kneel across it, and present her perfect posterior once last time, for a finishing polish. Mr. Simms exacts sincere promises from Miss Williams, to earn money by tutoring instead of taking tests for students, and never to again test the system with dishonest acts. Miss Williams takes so much hard spanking on her poor, belabored bottom, that she is finally made to beg for mercy, which she duly receives, as her punishment is now complete.

Shadow Lane is thrilled to welcome back a delightful performer who has been absent from our studios for ten years. The years have only made Dee more charming, articulate and spankable. Butch Simms, is of course, more than believable as a teacher. He always gets the last word and the last smack in with characteristic aplomb.

Stars: Dee Williams, Butch Simms

Warden’s Delinquent

Video: Warden's Delinquent

Watch This Video!

Kelly Payne Collection
Inmate 12567-09800 has been a real problem for officials and the prison guards. Don’t let his innocent face fool you he is nothing but a delinquent who has no remorse for any of his crimes. 2 prison guards doing bed check get harassed by this menace rousing the other inmates. He has not once shown any respect for the prison guards and refuses to follow the rules. He had no idea that the female guards had their own way of disciplining the inmates. These ladies have had enough form this trouble maker. They drag him from his bunk and take him to the punishment room where he is stripped and searched. Then he is taken over each of their laps and given a sound spanking. Still not satisfied that he has learned his lesson he is strung up and strapped with the leather prison strap. He is punished and humiliated until he shows remorse and promises to follow the rules.

Stars: Kelly Payne, Christine, Brandon

Always Unpunctual From Spanked Cuties

Video: Always Unpunctual From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video!

From our Hungarian Real Life series. This young student clearly knows that the institution puts great stress on punctuality. She has been told, over and over again. But it appears she does not want to learn or respect this one simple important rule: be in time! Always! Invariably, without exception! Well girl, if you don’t want to listen, find out the hard way! Skirt off, knickers down, bend over and get ready for a corporal punishment with the strap and the cane!

Discipline In Russia 42 – Jealousy

Video: Discipline In Russia 42 - Jealousy

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Nettles Corp.
The Russian aristocracy are as cruel as they are uncaring. After the Count is caught seducing one of his servants by the Countess, he subjects her and another servant girl to horrendous punishment in order to appease his petty and jealous wife.

Stars: Katya, Marina, Nadezda Dozorova, Ura Zotov, Nikita Mihalkov

The Wrong Type Of Homework From Spanked Cuties

Video: The Wrong Type Of Homework From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video!

Watch this older woman getting angry, when she found her student watching porn movies on the internet, rather than doing the important desk work that she has been ordered to do. A corporal punishment is inevitable! The schoolgirl finds herself on the floor on all fours, fully naked, receiving an extra long dose of the cane and the strap on her bare bottom. That hurts!

All Access POV

Video: All Access POV

Watch This Video!

Burning Angel Entertainment

Scene 1: Elsa Jean is supposed to be loading out, and by that I mean taking Gage Sin’s cock post-show, but instead she got caught in the band’s green room making out with Chloe Carter, his little stepsister! Woah! Elsa insisted they could still fuck – but with a little teasing, and literally threatening to tell his girlfriend he’s been fucking HER for the last year, he and his boner quickly grew more comfortable with the idea of screwing them both. They took turns stealing pleasure from Gage and burying their faces in each other’s pussies until everyone was sufficiently rocked-and-rolled!

Scene 2: Xander is just not taking his band seriously enough, so his manager Dahlia Sky thought he deserved a real tongue lashing. He needs to cut down on the groupie sex, make it to practice, and be on time… But her simply saying this wasn’t enough to convince him. She’d have to show him she meant serious business, even if it meant letting him fuck her like his dirty slut groupies. She’s a manager; they can’t fuck like her at all! And they certainly don’t let him put it in their asses. Dahlia will not be outdone by a bunch of little backstage skanks!

Scene 3: Small Hands has a lot of groupies always sneaking around looking for trouble (aka his penis), but when his drummer’s girlfriend Charlotte Sartre confessed to him that she’s always wanted to play with his cock and drops her dress revealing her petite tits, the beautiful sight and overwhelming guilt gave him a raging boner. So wrong on so many levels, but being bad feels so good! Receiving a combination of pleasure and punishment via throat fucking and a hard anal sex, Charlotte loved every moment. While her boyfriend was loading out, she was cheating on him earning his best friend’s hot load!

Scene 4: Aussie girl Charlie Brookes is a Small Hands super groupie, who happened to make it across the world and past his security to get into his dressing room, where he catches her awkwardly smelling his underwear! He found it weird but she was pretty hot! She said she NEVER expected to be sucking and straddling his cock, or to get her perky young tits fucked… but for some reason I don’t believe her. Ahh, her accent is boner-inducing and she has perfect dick sucking lips. This is a POV pump you’re going to splooge over!

Stars: Charlotte Sartre, Chloe Carter, Charlie Brookes , Dahlia Sky, Elsa Jean, Gage Sin, Xander Corvus, Small Hands

Whipped Ass – LezDom Take Down

Video: Whipped Ass - LezDom Take Down

Watch This Video!

Welcome back the tough and beautiful Elise Graves to! Lorelei Lee and Aiden Starr take down Elise right from the opening interview and treat her to a day filled with lesbian bondage, humiliation, hard punishment and rough sex. Elise is a fan favorite because of her intense love of pain and BDSM. Hard spanking, choking, caning, ass worship, strap-on anal sex and intense oragsms!

Stars: Aiden Starr, Lorelei Lee, Elise Graves

New Girl Aurora

Video: New Girl Aurora

Watch This Video!

Newcomer girl Aurora has failed in school. Arnold calls her to discuss the matter and explains that a good punishment would be necessary to bring the girl back in line. On all fours on the bed, Aurora receives the first hand spanking of her life – first over her pantyhose, later on her bared cheeks. Left in tears, the poor girl promises to behave in the future.

Stars: Aurora, Arnold

Cross Examine From Spanked Cuties

Video: Cross Examine From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video!

We all know who’s the boss when it comes to family. Nothing should be decided or done without Husband’s approval. This time wife went too far by demonstrating the punishment upon the guilty. Of course she got what she deserved, but the punishment needed to be approved by the master. When husband comes back home he smites down the anger on both of them. He immediately sentenced them to spanking.

Pain Sharing

Video: Pain Sharing

Watch This Video!

Genuine Films
The art of punishment is a delicate balance mixed with pleasure. These Masters know where and how far to push their willing slaves to the edge. They are teased with toys and then punished for their pleasure. Or is it punishment? You never hear a safe word uttered!

Three Sexy Babes Get It On

Video: Three Sexy Babes Get It On

Watch This Video!

Naughty Allie

I hadn’t seen Julie in over a year and I was getting really excited about seeing her again when she asked if it would be ok to bring her girlfriend Kelli along. “Fuck yes”, I replied! I had never met Kelli but Julie had sent me some pretty hot pics of the two of them playing together so I knew she was definitely my type. Anyway, we decided to start the afternoon off with a little shopping expedition. After our shopping adventures we went out to dinner and had a few drinks at a club before heading back to my place. We didn’t get back until late that night but we wanted to try on a few of the things we had bought that day.

We slipped into these cute little bikinis we found and started posing in the mirror when Julie put her hair into pigtails. Wow, she really looked sexy! Kelli and I did the same with our hair and the three of us walked into the bedroom where Jake was watching TV. You should have seen his jaw hit the floor when we walked into the room. Kelli, looked at him and said, “Mmmmmm, that looks yummy”, as she pointed to the bulge in his crotch. She immediately turned to Julie and I and said, “maybe the three of us should give Jake a little show”. Well, of course Jake was thinking about you guys and he grabbed the camera to document what was about to go down. As you’ll see things got very naughty by the end of the night!

At first, we were really just posing playfully and having some fun, kinda like a little slumber party. As each minute passed the atmosphere turned from playful to erotic. Just look at these two hotties. My juices were already beginning to flow and we hadn’t even gotten undressed yet.

Kelli grabbed one of my pigtails and she looked me right in the eye with an incredibly arousing “fuck me face”! Julie was squeezing my titties as I began to wonder what her friend tasted like. I thought to myself that if her pussy was even half as sweet as Julie’s this was definitely going to be one hell of a night!

Before I knew it Kelli had Julie’s bikini string between her teeth and she was pulling her top off. Oh yeah, this was getting better by the minute! Julie told me she wasn’t going to be the only one in this bed with naked boobies as she reached over to untie my top. I don’t even remember how Kelli’s top came off but, as you can see it did. The way things were headed it looked like our little get together was sure to turn into an all out carpet munching lesbian threesome.

It sure didn’t take long at all before the three of us were completely naked. Julie and I both went to work sucking on Kelli’s titties. She had the most beautiful breasts with nipples that got hard as rock as they grew even more erect from all the attention they were receiving from Julie and I. Before I knew it I was being double-teamed by these two hotties. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible it felt to have not only one, but two beautiful babes lapping at my pussy.

They rolled me over onto my back and dove between my dripping wet thighs to continue dining on my pussy. I swear I was in complete ecstasy and I was hoping they’d never stop. After I had been fully serviced by these two vixens they slid up the length of my body to my mouth and gently kissed me. I could taste myself on their tongues and I liked it!

After all of that pussy eating Kelli turned to us and said, “With girlfriends like you, who needs a man?” Julie and I were shocked and we told Kelli she was a very bad girl for even thinking such a thing! Don’t get me wrong, I love the soft sensual touch of another woman and I would never want to give that up but, to be without cock would be a far worse fate. I couldn’t even imagine going without a nice stiff prick for more than a day. Julie agreed and we gave Kelli a good spanking as we scolded her for uttering such nonsense.

After we decided she had enough punishment for her transgression Julie and I gently kissed her soft little ass and then laid her out on the bed. We spread her legs wide giving us both full access to her gorgeous pussy. Finally, I was about to taste her! Yes, she was just as sweet as Julie and I knew right away that I would never be able to get enough of this in just one night. She was so wet that I didn’t even have to slide my tongue inside her to taste her juices. The inside of her thighs were soaked so I started there and slowly worked my way up to her beautiful cunt where I began to tongue fuck her as she squirmed beneath my face.

Julie eventually took over on pussy patrol as I moved up to suck on Kelli’s incredible boobs. Then out of nowhere, Jake made a comment about our sexy asses. That kinda jolted me back to reality for a second. I was so worked up playing with these two hotties that I completely forgot Jake was even in the room, that’s how hot things were getting! Kelli suggested that we give Jake and his camera a better view of our backsides. We then turned around facing the headboard and stuck out our asses and started shaking them at Jake. I think he really enjoyed the view. What do you think?

I knew we were missing something from our threesome and then I realized we needed a toy the three of us could share. Kelli and I must have been on the same wave-length because she jumped out of the bed and ran down the hall. When she returned a few minutes later she was sporting a beautiful pink strap-on cock. She looked so fucking hot with a big hard cock hanging between her legs. I wanted to jump right on that thing but Julie beat me to it. She got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air and commanded Kelli, “Fuck me hard with your fucking cock while I eat Allie’s pussy.” I certainly didn’t have a problem with that. It’s not everyday you get to have your pussy eaten by a hot blonde while her girlfriend pounds her from behind with a strap-on.

This was by far one of the best times I’ve ever had with two other girls. Kelli was looking deep into my eyes while she was slamming Julie’s fuck hole. Julie was moaning so loud and fingering my pussy while she massaged my clit with her tongue. I was so fucking wet and on the verge of cumming when Julie rolled over and said, “Sit on my face, I don’t want to miss out on any of your juices when you orgasm”. Of course I complied and started grinding my pussy back and forth across her face while Kelli continued pumping her pussy.

Julie was sliding her tongue in and out of my pussy faster and faster. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anyone’s tongue so deep inside me before. I swear she must have been reaching my g-spot or something because it felt so incredible and at that moment I began to cum. I started screaming, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” While I was screaming Julie began thrusting her hips up and down, driving Kelli’s cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. It was quite obvious by the noises she was making that she was cumming too.

She cleaned up the last of the cum that had ran down my leg. It was now Kelli’s turn to be pleasured. She slowly pulled her fat dick out of Julie’s fuck hole and made herself comfortable on the bed.

Once Kelli positioned herself Julie hopped right back on her cock. Damn that little slut, that’s twice now she’s beat me to it. You gotta be quick around this girl when there’s only one cock in the room. She didn’t waste any time at all as she went to town riding that thing like a real cowgirl. Kelli’s pussy was so yummy that I had to get some more of it. As I was licking her clit, I looked up to see Julie’s cum still dripping from her pussy and running down that beautiful cock. I just couldn’t let it go to waste so I quickly licked it all up. I don’t know how but I ended up sitting on Kelli’s face again while Julie continued riding her cock.

I’m not sure what it is about pigtails but I just wanted to grab them. While I was riding Kelli’s face I grabbed one of Julie’s pigtails and pulled it hard. Julie said, “Hell yeah, pull it harder, pull it harder!” I was kinda shocked but I did as she said and I pulled it as hard as I could. I didn’t know Julie was into that kinda thing, hell I didn’t even know I was into that kinda thing but we were both really getting into it! Julie finally got off of Kelli’s cock and the two of us proceeded to lick her clean.

Kelli’s face was soaked with my juices and her cock was still covered with Julie’s cum. Just when I thought the night was coming to an end Kelli told me she had been wanting to fuck my tits ever since we met that afternoon. She said, “Those tits are so fuckable and I’m going to fuck them now.” I told her to go for it! As you can see she mounted my chest and started fucking my tits while Julie went back down on my pussy. This had really turned out to be an incredible night. At this point Jake decided he was done being just the cameraman and that it was time for him to “enjoy” the rest of the night, if you know what I mean? ~Kisses, Allie

Stars: Kelli, Naughty Allie, Naughty Julie

The Rebellious Redhead

Video: The Rebellious Redhead

Watch This Video!

Shadow Lane

Their contract was unbreakable, drawn up and signed by both roommates. It stated their responsibilities and the penalties for shirking them. Summer had chosen the spanking option. But when she broke the rules, Kyle wasn’t about to let her off with a warning. He meant to enforce their agreement to the letter, which meant that he had to spank her.

Summer tried to beg off, citing an upcoming nude modeling engagement as a reason for excusing her this once. Kyle was prepared for this punishment dodge and assured her that he would ice pack her bottom thoroughly at the first sign of marks, and then soften it with cinnamon icing lotion. So over his knee she went, for a well deserved punishment spanking, on her beautiful, creamy white bottom.

Summer is instructed to strip down to her bra, boots and stockings, and her discipline continues in this all hand-spanking drama.

By and by, the lacy scrap of bra is discarded and Summer’s womanly body is completely revealed, in all of its scrumptiousness. Kyle continues to sternly spank the beauty and periodically, apply a large icepack to her generous curves, to cool and soothe her hot bottom.

Finally, Summer is bent over to receive a gentle massage with soothing cream rubbed into her belabored skin from her spanking roommate. She has been very naughty, but has also taken her punishment well, only kicking her luscious legs when she absolutely could not hold still any longer. Summer is an adorably voluptuous, spoiled brat and Kyle is a strict, smart and no-nonsense disciplinarian, in Rebellious Redhead.

Stars: Summer Hart, Kyle Johnson

Miss Pure & The Ass Whore

Video: Miss Pure & The Ass Whore

Watch This Video!

Arielle is too much of a good girl, and Amelia is too much of a hardened, filthy ass pig. So Dr. Mercies decides to transfer some filth from Amelia to Arielle to help them average each other out. This involves a tough anal punishment pounding from Orderly Damian and lots ass licking and ATM.

Stars: Arielle Aquinas, Amelia Dire, Orderly Damian, Dr. Mercies

Brat Girls 159

Video: Brat Girls 159

Watch This Video!

Kinky Europe Productions
Princess Roxy and Lady Lisa are two of the most formidable Brat Girls to grace your screen, and their slaves are in for one hell of a punishment today. The two blonde Dommes take their worthless men through the ringer with a variety of humiliation: spitting, flogging, and even some strap-on anal fucking!

Stars: Princess Roxy, Lady Lisa

Juliette’s Punishment Vol. 2

Video: Juliette's Punishment Vol. 2

Watch This Video!

Juliette Captured And In Distress

Juliette is dressed in a long bathrobe, open and pulled down her shoulders to her waist. Underneath she is wearing a white bra and panties. A silver slave collar is secured around her neck. A chain is attached to the collar and the other end to the wall. Her wrists are shackled in front of her and her ankles are also in shackles. A chain connects the ankle shackles to the wrist shackles. She is standing in the corner opposite the door. The room is very dimly lit. A man enters and turns on the light. He goes over to Juliette and removes the chain from her collar. He moves her out of the corner and says, “Juliette, your owner has come along to watch while you are being punished.”

Juliette looks directly at the camera. She says, “Good evening, Sir” and looks away. The man turns her slowly around to show her to the Owner. Juliette knows that she has to receive two hundred strokes with a cane across her breasts, and her nipples will be clamped. Now the man starts. He unshackles her ankles. He then presses a piece of black tape over her mouth. Next, he pulls a leather hood over her head and laces it up the back. He then brings over the panel gag and straps it tightly over the hood. Next, he brings over the posture collar and straps it tightly around her neck. He then takes Juliette’s arm and lifts her up and go to the table. Juliette is laying on the table with her head on one edge. He legs dangle over the other side.

Stars: Juliette (i)

The Upper Floor – The Porn Star Meets The Masochist

Video: The Upper Floor - The Porn Star Meets The Masochist

Watch This Video!

The fun that you expect from the upper floor. The secluded spot of pure punishment and kink await you in this next installment of this award winning series. When Porn Star Gaia come to the Upper Floor, house slave Penny Barber is put in charge of the newbie servant and made to take all her punishments. Pain, Sex, clamps and masturbation matches made in hell! Penny barber is sublime but that Asian bombshell of Gaia makes you numb every time seeing her squeal and sweat orgasm just will make you beg for more.

Stars: Gaia, Penny Barber, Astral Dust

A Letter To My Friend From Spanked Cuties

Video: A Letter To My Friend From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video!

Still under the administration of Mrs. Johnson, Sophie got a feeling that she needs to share her experiences of the past few days with somebody. A word and a blow: a long letter to her friend is written! A letter about an ugly educator…a letter about unfair punishments…about unjustified humiliation…a letter written by somebody who obviously understood NOTHING about the punishment measures that she was made subject to recently! Just too bad that Mrs. Shanelle got hold of the letter just before it left the house! What an embarrassing situation for Sophie…and what a painful moment for her bare bottom again! Who would be surprised that Mrs. Shanelle did NOT like this letter at all and is giving a clear answer after reading it: THE CANE!

Stars: Sophie

Everything For Me

Video: Everything For Me

Watch This Video!

Real, extreme domination with hard anal, cum in the eye, cum swapping, ass to other girl’s mouth, deep rimjobs, and painful punishment is what we have here. This case file got Dr. Mercies’ special treatment and features Bobbi Dylan (recently promoted to Nurse) and Nurse Holl assisting him. The story here is that Dr. Mercies wants Charlotte to be whomever he wants, and she has to take on multiple roles according to his whim. Nothing is scripted or acted. You can’t find anything like this anywhere else.

Degrading anal sex, cum swapping, ass to other girl’s mouth, lots and lots of face slapping, and rough domination — that’s what we have here. As in part 1, Nurse Holl provides harsh electrical punishments with the cattle prod to keep the girls in line. This was the second part of a very long, real session. Charlotte and Bobbi really gave there all here. Enjoy this intense documentary, and stay tuned for the final part soon.

Stars: Nurse Holl, Charlotte Sartre, Bobbi Dylan, Dr. Mercies

My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 12

Video: My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 12

Watch This Video!

Lethal Hardcore
When Blair Williams got caught ditching school by her stepdad, she told him that none of her classmates will let her toss their salads, so he let her give it a try! Candice Dare’s stepdad let her use his treadmill, but she wanted to burn some calories on the cock, so she tongued his ass and let him beat her pussy off.
When the school called Alyssa Cole’s stepdad about her not turning in a history essay, she begged him not to tell her mom so he had her lick his asshole as punishment before he pounded her tight pink hole. Dolly Leigh got horny doing some yoga posses with her stepdad so she licked his ass and let him give her the downward doggy style.


Stars: Candice Dare, Dolly Leigh, Blair Williams, Alyssa Cole

Painal Pendulum

Video: Painal Pendulum

Watch This Video!

Tanzi craves rough anal punishment and hard ass beatings. So we turned her into a clock and swung her like a pendulum back and forth between Dr. Mercies and Orderly Pain. They treated her petite body with maximum sadism inside and out as she counted the hours with tears and screams. Orderly Pain finished her off with an anal creampie that he fed to her, and then Dr. Mercies shoved a giant wand vibrator into her asshole and turned it on. Of course, there was plenty of gagging and ass to mouth involved as well. This kind of therapy session is very rare folks. You don’t see a girl gets suspended THIS long, assfucked THIS hard, and punished THIS severely very often. Others fake it, we make it.

Stars: Tanzi, Dr. Mercies, Orderly Pain

Feeding Or Sleeping From Spanked Cuties

Video: Feeding Or Sleeping From Spanked Cuties

Watch This Video!

Julia was so angry; of all options available – exciting people abroad, metropolis cities, nice fishing villages at the beach – the school exchange manager sent her to FARM, somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Hard work every day? Smelly cowsheds? Getting up every day at 4 in the morning? Not exactly to Julia’s liking. But hey, at least ONE bright spot at the end of the tunnel: having a nap in the warm haycock where the farmer can’t find her. Where the farmer can’t find her?? Stupid girl! OF COURSE he finds her, when in the late afternoon he realizes that his poor cows are starving! Julia well expected that life on a farm is rough, but the shocking fact that corporal punishment is still common practice in the countryside never same to her mind! That’s something she definitely did NOT expect. Being taught better, she finds herself back across the farmer’s knee, right there outdoor, for a furious spanking with his heavy crude hands, followed by a severe caning, kneeling on all fours on the dirty farm soil. Well, at least one positive effect all this was bringing: the cows certainly won’t be starving again the next day!

A Gonzo Story 7 – Family Matters

Video: A Gonzo Story 7 - Family Matters

Watch This Video!

Skow For Girlfriends Films

Comedian Small Hands has everything in the world going for him, including the sexy sisters Megan Sage and Lyra Law. Blinded by the party lifestyle, Small Hands gets everything he wants but can’t see that Lyra Law has her eyes on his best friend and talent agent, Bill Bailey. While he is busy fucking one sister, the other is letting his best friend fuck her – in the ass!

When sexy couple Jillian Janson and Chad White order a brand new sofa for their house, it’s perfect – except for one small issue! Jillian’s little sister Kimmy’s freshly shaven pussy accidentally left a huge wet spot on the new sofa after an intense masturbation session! Family drama ensues after Chad White’s punishment goes a little too far after spanking Kimmy, while Jillian gets into mischief by fucking her husband’s brother, Jessy Jones!

Stars: Lyra Law, Jillian Janson, Kimmy Granger, Megan Sage, Bill Bailey, Jessy Jones, Chad White, Small Hands

Divine Bitches – Tease and Denial Punishment: The Fleshlight Pussy Machine

Video: Divine Bitches - Tease and Denial Punishment: The Fleshlight Pussy Machine

Watch This Video!

John Jammen runs his own business when outside the Armory walls but when inside he craves to submit to a strong beautiful woman. Felony loves turning out men who have to be the boss in their personal life because they need the punishment and discipline most! Felony gives John 4 rules and 4 rules only while he is in her dungeon, fuck em up and you pay the consequences! John of course breaks the rules in the first scene and who wouldn’t when such a gorgeous woman like Felony is dishing out delicious pain and then sets him up for disaster with the machine powered flesh light pussy driving 100 miles on hour on his dick??!?!? John loses his load to say the least and pays for it for the rest of the day with tough suspension bondage, licking her sweaty asshole clean, being used as a cum bucket and having to drink all her squirt, whipping, clamps, CBT, strap-on ass fucking and having to look at her pussy while wearing a dildo gag and never getting a piece of it! See you next time, Johnny boy!

Stars: Felony, John Jammen

The House Of Love, Pain And Fuck – Edition 8108

Video: The House Of Love, Pain And Fuck - Edition 8108

Watch This Video!

The things that happen in this villa…unimaginable sexual desires being satisfied. What your’re gonna experience in the next 90 minutes, will blow you away. Submissive, young and beautiful girls give all the best they’ve got. And if they don’t…disobedience gets met with punishment in this house.

Stars: Lovely Passion, Lovely Rose, Wild Red , Pretty Girly , Coco, Bella Belissima, Angel Pink, Lovely Poison, Angel Sweet, Mr. Echtsilber a.k.a. Klaus Echtsilber, Freddy Monte, Bobby Maas, Caribe Fuego

Insane Ingenues

Video: Insane Ingenues

Watch This Video!

Pretty Dirty

This Pretty Dirty compilation is a scandalous repertoire of gorgeous girls going crazy for cock! When stepdaughter Maya Bijou’s incorrigible antics spiral out of control, single dad John Strong whips out his dick to discipline her bad behavior. When an innocent schoolgirl crush becomes a dark obsession, teacher Derrick Pierce gets caught in a web of lies and the only way out is to fuck his troubled student Gina Valentina. College student Jillian Janson is asking for punishment when she gives Professor Seth Gamble an ultimatum about his predilection for student pussy. When crazy ex Sara Luvv harasses Michael Vegas with a million messages, then tearfully breaks into his house, he calms her down with his cock, before having her arrested.

Bad Little Spinner: When John Strong gets a phone call from his boss, his incorrigible step daughter Maya Bijou suddenly wants his attention, and gets very impatient when he won’t give it to her. She’s driving him crazy though, ripping papers on his desk, dropping his knickknacks, opening his jeans and sucking on his cock, making him almost pop while he’s talking to his boss. He hangs up the phone, chastising her for being a brat, making it impossible to carry on that conversation, and jeopardizing his job. Amused by her step dad’s frustrations, Maya taunts him by jumping on the bed. Judging by the raging erection poking out of his jeans, he’s obviously not done teaching her a lesson. She plops down on the bed, and bares her ass for more disciplining. He sticks his dick deep in her teen pussy, and she takes his big boner like a bad little spinner, going up and down, round and round his big hard cock, till her juicy pussy cums, and dad follows suit, cumming in her mouth that talks back to him.

Help Me Teacher: High school student Gina Valentina is hot for teacher Derrick Pierce. She likes to skip his class and masturbate to fantasies of him fucking her. When her constant school skipping results in him calling her parents, she pretends to be her mother on the phone, and proposes a parent teacher meeting at the Valentina residence on Friday afternoon. Finally, Gina can be alone with Mr. Pierce and seduce him to have sex with her! When Friday rolls around, Gina dresses up in a sexy outfit, and applies heavy dark eyeshadow around her eyes, to give off the illusion that she has two black eyes. When Mr. Pierce arrives, she answers the door pretending to sob, and acts out an imaginary story about her mother giving her the shiners which is why she’s too embarrassed to show up at school. Concerned she’s under severe mental and emotional distress, Derrick insists they call for help. But Gina refuses to let him contact the police. Derrick tries to leave, but Gina begs him to stay with her, hyperventilating through her fake tears like a desperate schoolgirl with raging hormones. When Derrick explains with sensitivity that he came to see her parents, Gina acts even more delusional, ranting that he came to have sex with her. She rips open her shirt, yelling at him to fuck her. When he rejects her, she starts to pound on herself, making visible marks on her body so she can blame them on him. That’s when it dawns on him that he’s been set up. He has to fuck this crazy bitch or she will ruin his reputation. A victorious Gina undresses her teacher, popping his hardened cock into her mouth like she’s swallowing a trophy. After tasting his precum, the crazy hornball takes off her panties and lowers herself onto his cock, filling her willing pussy up to the hilt. He fucks her tight pussy, before spraying his cum all over her face!

Dominate Me Professor: When high school student Jillian Janson finds out her professor Seth Gamble has a record for hooking up with female students, she decides to play a dangerous game, by going to his house to divulge the juicy gossip, in hopes he’ll agree to some private tutoring. But Seth tells her to leave, he can’t afford to get caught with a student. When she threatens to go public with the story, he doesn’t respond well to her ultimatum. His eye twitches with rage, igniting a fire in his pants, and triggering an onslaught of urges he can’t control. He’s going to give her exactly what she wants. He tosses her on the bed, swiftly and decisively, and begins dominating her pussy with his extremely excited cock. Jillian proves to be a very obedient student, who bends over when spoken to, and cums on command, squirting on his cock while he spanks her little round ass. The professor keeps fucking her teen pussy, authoritatively from behind, till his cock shoots a huge load of cum into her mouth! A+!

My Ex Is Crazy: When crazy ex-girlfriend Sara Luvv is still stalking Michael Vegas six months after their break up, not even a restraining order can help him find peace from this girl. Sixty missed calls in two hours! Michael is stressing out over the crazy number of messages she leaves on his phone, but Sara is freaking out with jealousy after seeing him with another girl. Sara lets herself into his house without permission, and confronts him while he’s coming out of the shower, that he’s a cheater, that she loves him, and that she’s desperate to touch him.

She’s yelling at him one minute, flirting the next, and crying too. Michael doesn’t know what to do except try to calm her down. She keeps begging to have sex with him, so Michael gives in, one last time. She sounds like a lunatic, demanding to be called his princess, and frankly Michael is scared to do anything that will set her off again. Better to just shut up, lick her pussy, make her cum and get her the hell away. He placates her by fucking her with his hard cock to keep her calm. Feeding her delusions, and her pussy, he fucks her till she orgasms, then he takes her pussy from behind and cums all over her tits, and as she drifts off to sleep, he calls 911.

Stars: Sara Luvv, Jillian Janson, Gina Valentina, Maya Bijou , John Strong, Derrick Pierce, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas

Dirty Mouths Must Be Soaped! Vol. 2

Video: Dirty Mouths Must Be Soaped! Vol. 2

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Julie Simone Productions
AVN Hall of Famer Julie Simone is all too eager to administer this type of oral punishment and discipline. Double team scenes with Maya Sinstress, Domme Kyaa & Elena DeLuca; Bella Vendetta & Julie Simone mouth soap each other in a twisted tale of deception and revenge, a dance contest ends in a mouth soaping, slaves are soaped just because… Includes soaping with bare hands and gloves, soap licking, gagging, and humiliation.

Stars: Julie Simone, Bella Vendetta, Maya Sinstress, Elena Deluca, Domme Kyaa, Slave F, River Enza (Trans)

The House Of Love, Pain And Fuck – Edition 8110

Video: The House Of Love, Pain And Fuck - Edition 8110

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Come in and stay awhile at the House of Love, Pain and Fuck. In this villa the women are always hot, horny, and ready for action. Watch them tease and tantalize as they masturbate with their favorite toy or soap up their body in the tub. You’ll see women take on a group of men in a searing gang bang that leave them covered in cum. Feast your eyes on naughty tarts who get bent over a strong man’s knee and spanked mercilessly. Disobedience is punished, but the punishment is oh-so-good!

Stars: Angel Pink, Lovely Poison, Flor de Canela, Angel Sweet, Wild Red , Pretty Girly , Mr. Echtsilber a.k.a. Klaus Echtsilber, Freddy Monte

Catching A Thief From Spanked Cuties

Video: Catching A Thief From Spanked Cuties

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A young student believes that she is alone in the dormitory. A great chance to ‘increase’ her pocket money, as she is short of money as always, and to pinch some cash from the other girls. But what a shock when all of a sudden the dean of the women enters the room! Fear and dread is what the young thief feels now, as she knows for sure what is going to happen next! A corporal punishment on her bare buttocks, rigid, strict and regardless of how her poor bottom will look for the next few days.

Perversion And Punishment 6

Video: Perversion And Punishment 6

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Severe Sex
From the perverted minds at Severe Sex comes the sixth installment of Perversion and Punishment, featuring more than three hours of twisted tales and kinky sex! This nine-scene compilation includes spanking, taboo, plenty of BDSM, Femdom, handjobs, and much, vibrators, spitting and much more!

Stars: Cybill Troy, Kiki Daire, Audrey Noir, Aiden Starr, Elena De Luca, Lily Cade, Bella Bathory, Leena Sky, Domina Alexandra Snow, Mistress Tangent, Sarah Blake, Jimmy Broadway, Jay Wimp, Tommy Toscano, Slut Bottom Chris, Tony Orlando

No Ball Games Allowed From Spanked Cuties

Video: No Ball Games Allowed From Spanked Cuties

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A real life story from Hungary: the young girl in this video knew very well that there was a strict ban on playing ball games within the house. The risk is simply too high that she could cause quite some damage with the bouncing ball. But of course, she simply didn’t care, she felt like a football pro and guess what: damage!! Did it really have to come to that? A severe dose of punishment with the cane and strap will teach her to better obey to the house rules next time.