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Tag Archives: Reality

She Caught Me

Video: She Caught Me

Watch This Video!

Almost Caught Changing

Teen Dillion Harper is changing into sexy lingerie when her stepmother Mona Wales walks into her bedroom. She’s also wearing lingerie and needs Dillion’s help with finishing her outfit. After straightening the seams on her high thigh stockings, she brings her face to her breast. Dillion suckles her nipple like a good little girl. Then Mona sucks on Dillion’s juicy nipples and squeezes her big full teen tits while Dillion makes the cutest little faces.

Dillion is worried her daddy will walk in but Mona promises he’s busy with the weed wacker. She pulls her panties and feeds them to her. Then she diddles her clit while she sits on her lap, till Dillion’s squirt runs down her legs. The teen apologizes for making a mess, then she buries her face in her stepmother’s pussy and diligently brings the breathless MILF to orgasm. Then she helps Mona try on her delicate red lace garter.

Just then Mona’s husband walks in and asks for Dillion, sure that he heard her voice. Once she manages to make him go away, the lesbians get back to their sordid business. Dillion grinds against her stepmother’s tongue, till her father interrupts them again to wash his hands. Then Mona sits on Dillion’s face while Dillion rims her stepmother’s asshole. After Mona licks her little pucker too, they scissor their legs and trib each other’s tight wet pussies!

Getting Caught: Almost Freaky

Eliza Jane has been up all night ruminating like a crazy person about something that’s truly pissing her the fuck off. She’s soon to be married which clearly compounds with the attention seeking of her step-mom Brandi Love and Eliza’s soon to be hubby’s mom Chanel Preston. When major life changes happen at such times it can’t be easy to rewire your values to let lesbians just act like normal lesbians around you. I get it. It must be awfully frustrating. Boo Hoo…

Brandi makes it her mission to fix things with Eliza. She thinks patching things up, telling her she’ll always be her number one, and getting on with life will fix things instantly, but Eliza’s subconscious leads her to make a spectacle, as she begins using phrases like ‘wanting to be Brandi’s good little girl,’ and kissing her step-mother passionately on the lips, moaning, hoping that she’ll always be Brandi’s little lesbian play thing. It’s clear Eliza is jealous.

Brandi tries in earnest to explain things easily without divulging the reality that she’s screwing her step-daughter. But Chanel still can’t understand why after being so nice to Eliza, she’s still such a whiny little bridezilla. Brandi and Chanel can’t keep their hands off one another, and start getting into it, when this time Eliza interrupts. Things are not going well, but soon enough the truth drops, and it’s clear it’s time the Moms need to teach their good little girl a lesson.

What’s This For?

When naive teen stepdaughter Haley Reed sifts through her stepmother Ashley Fires’ bedside table she finds a knobby looking vibrator. She turns it on and innocently massages her underarms. Ashley walks in and explains it’s a personal massager. When Haley looks at her blankly, Ashley knows it’s time for ‘the talk.’ She explains it’s for self-relaxation and it’s normal.

Ashley puts the vibrator on Haley’s developing breasts and it makes her tingle. When Ashley discovers that Haley still hasn’t had her first kiss, she kisses her passionately, as her hand moves between her legs. She rubs Haley’s pussy over her red panties making it clear that her father can never find out about this.

She gets them both undressed and lays Haley on the bed. Her panties are wet at the crotch. Ashley pulls them aside and makes out with her pussy. Haley’s been scared to touch herself even though the girls at school talk about it. Ashley shows her where to touch, right on the clit, and uses her mouth to demonstrate. Haley likes it so much she suckles her stepmother’s breast and cums with Ashley’s finger in her pussy.

Ashley lies back to let Haley gain experience at eating pussy. Haley’s clit licking makes Ashley so proud she cums. The MILF rims Haley while rubbing her pussy till she collapses in her arms from cumming. Ashley sit on Haley’s face and feeds the teen her asshole while she rubs out an orgasm. Then Ashley puts her soaking wet pussy on Haley’s and both cum hard from the tribbing!

We DP’d Mom

Teen Samantha Rone and her stepsister Cadence Lux are served eggs for breakfast by their MILF stepmother Sarah Vandella. Cadence doesn’t want eggs so she brattily spills water on the new wood table, making Sarah very mad. Samantha tells Cadence to behave, she doesn’t want to get grounded. But Cadence wants to get back at Sarah for yelling at them. She tries to convince Samantha they should squirt all over her bed.

Eventually Samantha warms to her scheming stepsister’s plan, earning her a French kiss from Cadence. Samantha is reluctant to proceed because she doesn’t want to do something wrong by fooling around with family. But Candace reminds her for the upteenth time, it’s okay because they aren’t genetically related.

The teens sneak into Sarah’s bedroom and get undressed on the bed. Samantha hooks her finger into Cadence’ pussy, and with a lick of her lip she squirts a giant stream of pussy juice onto the comforter. When it’s Samantha’s turn to cum all over Cadence’s finger, their stepmom walks in the room and sees everything! Only instead of being upset, Sarah is intrigued and supportive. She’s never seen anyone squirt before!

Sarah asks the girls to teach her how to squirt. They don’t know how to react. The prospect of fucking their stepmom is weird. Sarah points out it’s not weird if Samantha and Cadence do it to each other. It’s okay, if they apply the same logic to a threesome with their stepmom.

Sarah gets naked and lies down onto the cum soaked bed waiting for someone to make her cum. She encourages her stepdaughters to play. They suckle her huge MILF tits and they all make out with each other. Cadence watches for a few seconds while Sarah gets licked out by Samantha. Then Sarah takes a mouthful of Cadence’ pussy. The MILF doesn’t squirt but she cums. It’s Cadence’ turn to try making Sarah squirt. She does her darndest to juice her stepmom’s pussy, to no avail.

Maybe with some help, Sarah will be able to squirt. The teens pull out a few sex toys from their stepmom’s well-stocked arsenal. Cadence fucks Sarah with a dildo while the MILF eats Samantha’s squirting pussy. Sarah still doesn’t squirt. She thinks she needs more toys. Samantha inserts a butt plug into Sarah’s asshole while Cadence drives the dildo in and out of Sarah’s pussy. Finally, Sarah lets out a massive squirt!

Samantha takes control of the dildo, freeing up Cadence to squirt in Sarah’s face. The girls then offer to fuck Sarah with two strapons. Cadence lies down underneath Sarah and inserts her strapon into Sarah’s ass. Meanwhile Samantha fucks the MILF’s pussy with her strapon. The lesbian teens continue to DP their stepmom till she squirts. Sarah flips over to face Samantha. She fucks Samantha’s strapon, while her ass gets fucked by Cadence from behind.

The MILF fingers Samantha ’til she drains the rest of her juice into her mouth. Samantha teams up with Sarah to make Cadence squirt volumes all over the bed. Then Mommy Sarah licks her stepdaughters’ clits till they shower her with squirt!

Stars: Ashley Fires, Brandi Love, Cadence Lux, Chanel Preston, Dillion Harper, Eliza Jane, Haley Reed, Mona Wales, Samantha Rone, Sarah Vandella

The Art Of Older Women

Video: The Art Of Older Women

Watch This Video!


Fashion writher Abella Danger drops her pants at the chance to work with supermodel MILF Sandy Fantasy, assisting her with an orgasm before the show. When Kylie Page seeks revenge on her adulterous husband, divorce lawyer Alexis Fawx uses her lesbian mouth to help her client release tension. When student Alice March hires tutor Vicki Chase to help with an assignment on Romeo and Juliet, she also gets a lesson in pussy licking. When legal intern Abby Cross visits mob boss’ wife Cherie Deville, the MILF convinces her their lives are in danger unless they have lesbian sex as an alibi.

The Art Of Older Women Part One: Abella Danger has been trying to scale up the ranks in the fashion industry for quite some time, she has been writing pieces to great acclaim until she gets a call to do a piece for Sandy, one of the most gorgeous models of her time. Abella jumps to the occasion and takes the job, she quickly arrives at Sandy’s door only to realize she’s not even there. When Sandy does show up, it’s to get ready for her fashion show. She tries shooing Abella away, but Abella Begs to get the scoop to make sure her piece will make the difference. Sandy agrees to let her watch her get ready, and they go to the bathroom to fix Sandy up. Abella asks her questions but it’s clear Sandy will help her if she drops her pants and does everything the older woman asks of her. Abella catches on right away, telling Sandy she’ll do anything it takes to make it. Sandy instructs her willing young lady to take off her shoes. Soon, Abella is naked and sucking the model’s toes until Sandy makes Abella eat out the gorgeous older woman’s wet MILF pussy like a real pro. Abella can’t believe what is happening but, her eagerness leads her to give Sandy one of the best orgasms she’s had in a long time, taking care to give her a banging she’ll never forget. Or will she?

The Art Of Older Women Part Two: Kylie Page, aka Bonnie, has put up with enough of her lying and cheating husband. She’s so fed up that this time it’s the last straw, she’s caught him cheating on her too many times to just sit by and take it anymore. But before trying to get payback she’s thinking of divorce. Clean the adulterous fucker out for all he’s worth. She calls up Alexis Fawx, a highly rated divorce lawyer with a certain expertise for revenge against adulterers. Alexis takes an appointment with the gorgeous young woman immediately. Bonnie comes in furious, and lists off the women he’s been with, including her own sister, and a 70 year old woman with dentures! Well Alexis does her best to calm Bonnie down, and it comes to the point where Alexis even whips out a little seduction of her own, to help the poor helpless babe relax as much as Alexis knows is possible, with just a lick of the pussy here, and a lesbian kiss here and there. Alexis plays with Bonnie’s supple boobs and teases her pussy. One by one, pieces of their clothes fly off and before long Alexis has Bonnie’s throbbing red clit in her warm lesbian mouth and her expert fingers coaxing Bonnie’s orgasm to a head. Finally Alexis climbs onto her desk and tribs with Bonnie, further increasing the lesbian sexual tension in the room. She climbs onto Bonnie’s face, hungry to have her wet pussy licked and sucked until she cums all over the beautiful blonde’s soft mouth.

The Art Of Older Women Part Three: Alice March is sick of studying and she remembers her professor Dr. Matthews suggesting Vicki Chase as a tutor. She calls Vicki, hoping to get a visual idea of the material she has to cover. Turns out Vicky’s free at 6 tonight, so Alice gets excited and Vicki comes over. Alice begs to know about the irony in Romeo & Juliet, and while Vicki explains, Alice is overcome with lesbian sexual urges toward her tutor. Vicki goes on, but soon Alice finds herself distracted once again. This time when she comes back to reality she is actually touching Vicki’s pussy through her underwear. Vicki gets the idea, moving forward with Alice, showing her that she has a lot to teach a budding teen. She tells Alice to kiss her, knowing full well that Alice wants her and wants to be taught about sex. Alice tells Vicki she’s never been with a woman but Vicki persists, taking Alice’s tongue into her warm mouth. Vicki offers Alice her little boobs, and Alice offers hers. Before long their clothes are off and they’re screaming in lesbian bliss, sucking one another’s wet sweet pussies and tribbing, while cumming and screaming at the top of their lungs. Studying Romeo & Juliet has never been so sexy.

The Art Of Older Women Part Four: Intern Abby Cross is hired for the job of a lifetime, to evaluate the wife of ‘Biggie Deville’ a mobster that has been terrorizing the city for years, and now that he’s behind bars, it’s Abby’s job to speak to his wife Cherie Devile who’s the main witness in testifying against him and keeping him behind bars for good. Abby knocks on Cherie’s door and immediately Cherie is in a frantic, demanding to know who and why she is here. They hurry upstairs as Cherie closes the blinds and gives Abby a rundown of how knee deep she is just by coming here. With cameras surrounding the bedroom and with it being too late to leave forgetting this rendezvous ever happened, they both need an alibi to survive so tonight, Abby will become Cherie’s little lesbian puppet.

Abby is overwhelmed with Cherie’s determination to engage in lesbian fornication with a complete stranger but with the cameras rolling, fucking each other is the only way they will survive the night. Cherie rips off Abby’s black panties and licks her moist pussy zealously making Abby moan for more. Cherie demands that Abby eats her ass out to make their lesbian encounter credible, so Abby seals her mouth over Cherie’s unprecedented holes. Cherie sits on top of Abby and starts tribbing as they rub each other’s hard clits back and forth with Abby begging to cum all over Cherie’s pussy. With such a fantastic spectacle, Abby may come out of this alive, leaving Cherie’s home and reporting into her boss assuring her the interview went well, even better than she expected!

Stars: Abella Danger, Kylie Page, Vicki Chase, Cherie DeVille, Alexis Fawx, Abby Cross, Sandy Fantasy, Alice March

Tattoo Lovers

Video: Tattoo Lovers

Watch This Video!

Nacho Vidal Productions

Director/stud Nacho Vidal, Evil Angel’s Spanish madman, loves girls with interesting body art; he too is impressively inked. In “Tattoo Lovers,” Nacho presents tat-on-tat action — his dates with five arousingly illustrated vixens.

Scene 1: Tattooed Venus Dicked And Dominated – Sexy Venezuelan Venus Afrodita’s string bikini shows off big boobs, luscious legs and the art inked on her tan skin: a big Phoenix rising on her back, lushly decorated thighs and more. She masturbates her shaved pussy for dominant, tattooed stud Nacho Vidal, who shoves his massive cock in her cleavage for a titty fuck. He slaps and fucks her face in a spit-soaked blow job. Her auburn hair flows wildly as he fucks her doggie-style, till he clamps his foot on her head. Venus fucks passionately, screaming in orgasm. Nacho cums on her pussy and Venus eats the cream.

Scene 2: Tattooed, 19YO Mey Dicked ’n Dominated – Tiny Mey Madness, a Spanish bleach-blonde beauty of just 19 years, has wicked piercings (including a septum ring) and exquisite tattoos. Dominant, tattooed Nacho Vidal rims her asshole and fucks and fucks her, standing against the full-length mirror. She moans in orgasm as his monster cock stuffs and spreads wide her bald pussy. Mey sucks twat-flavored meat and digs her face in his ass for a deep rim job. She rides dick passionately, French kissing, gasping, cumming. Nacho slaps her little titties and licks her foot. She grips the sheets in a doggie-style manhandling. Nacho spunks her pretty face. The ink above her breasts says “Abandon hope, all who enter here” in Latin!

Scene 3: Tattooed Sandy Dicked And Dominated – Sandy Alser has long, brown hair in a shaved-side ’do, multiple piercings (septum, lip, nipples) and a variety of tattoos decorating her body, including colorful art on her leg. In lingerie and heels, the natural-breasted cutie spreads her shaved holes for tattooed stud Nacho Vidal. He stuffs his huge meat in her bald gash; she humps back, moaning, through the standing, doggie-style romp. Dominant Nacho humps her armpit; Sandy lovingly, passionately blows and caresses his massive cock. She rides to groaning orgasms, till Nacho cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Cute, Tattooed Jadee’s Juicy Fuck – Latina cutie Jadee Presleyy’s hair tumbles down to her ass. The natural-breasted 22-year-old has a big smile and tattoos decorating her shoulder, thighs and ass. She holds tattooed Nacho Vidal’s huge prick as he takes a leak! Nacho grips kneeling Jadee’s head for a spit-soaked, deep-throat face fuck. She tugs his face up her ass for a rim job. Doggie-style fucking over the bathroom sink makes her moan, till Nacho carry-fucks her to the bedroom. She rides his massive meat passionately, butt pumping. We hear and see juice soaking her bald pussy as he porks it. They French kiss deeply, and he cums over her gash.

Scene 5: Tattooed, 20YO Claudia: Reality Porn – Claudia Bavel, just 20, tugs tight jean shorts way up into her ass crack. The longhaired Spanish beauty has a tiny waist, natural jugs and tattoos, including a winged woman between her big boobs. Tattooed Spanish stud Nacho Vidal rims her ass, and her spit lubes a hand job. She kneels to blow his massive meat. Claudia sits on his face. Their French kissing and passionate fucking looks like real sex, not porn. Titties bounce as skin slams. Nacho grips and spanks her fleshy butt cheeks as he pumps pussy. He creams her rear and she flexes her cum-coated cheek.

Stars: Claudia Bavel, Jade Presley , Mey Madness , Sandy Alser , Venus Afrodita , Nacho Vidal

We Live Together 31

Video: We Live Together 31

Watch This Video!

Reality Kings
Eleven luscious girls in over three hours and six smokin’ scenes! This is the #1 girl/girl reality series! They live together and they fuck together too! Make no mistake about it; all these lovely ladies love to eat pussy! If you love steamy lesbian action, you’re going to fall hard for We Live Together 31! Starring Malena Morgan, Shyla Jennings, Sammie Rhodes, Bree Daniels, Alexis Ford, and many more!

Stars: Spencer Scott, Malena Morgan, Sammie Rhodes, Alexis Ford, Shyla Jennings, Brooklyn Lee, Bree Daniels, Riley Jensen, Dani Daniels, Brett Rossi

Reality XXX 7

Video: Reality XXX 7

Watch This Video!

WestSex Brazil
WestSex Brazil studio is proud to present totally unscripted, never faked XXX action in their series, “Reality XXX” Episode 7! This is hardcore equatorial hardcore actions without cheesy dialogue and acting. These cock crazed girls get right to the meat! Brazil’s hottest Latinas fuck and suck!

Stars: Thayna Lima, Juju Rangel, Kenya Suzuki, Frotinha

Three Sexy Babes Get It On

Video: Three Sexy Babes Get It On

Watch This Video!

Naughty Allie

I hadn’t seen Julie in over a year and I was getting really excited about seeing her again when she asked if it would be ok to bring her girlfriend Kelli along. “Fuck yes”, I replied! I had never met Kelli but Julie had sent me some pretty hot pics of the two of them playing together so I knew she was definitely my type. Anyway, we decided to start the afternoon off with a little shopping expedition. After our shopping adventures we went out to dinner and had a few drinks at a club before heading back to my place. We didn’t get back until late that night but we wanted to try on a few of the things we had bought that day.

We slipped into these cute little bikinis we found and started posing in the mirror when Julie put her hair into pigtails. Wow, she really looked sexy! Kelli and I did the same with our hair and the three of us walked into the bedroom where Jake was watching TV. You should have seen his jaw hit the floor when we walked into the room. Kelli, looked at him and said, “Mmmmmm, that looks yummy”, as she pointed to the bulge in his crotch. She immediately turned to Julie and I and said, “maybe the three of us should give Jake a little show”. Well, of course Jake was thinking about you guys and he grabbed the camera to document what was about to go down. As you’ll see things got very naughty by the end of the night!

At first, we were really just posing playfully and having some fun, kinda like a little slumber party. As each minute passed the atmosphere turned from playful to erotic. Just look at these two hotties. My juices were already beginning to flow and we hadn’t even gotten undressed yet.

Kelli grabbed one of my pigtails and she looked me right in the eye with an incredibly arousing “fuck me face”! Julie was squeezing my titties as I began to wonder what her friend tasted like. I thought to myself that if her pussy was even half as sweet as Julie’s this was definitely going to be one hell of a night!

Before I knew it Kelli had Julie’s bikini string between her teeth and she was pulling her top off. Oh yeah, this was getting better by the minute! Julie told me she wasn’t going to be the only one in this bed with naked boobies as she reached over to untie my top. I don’t even remember how Kelli’s top came off but, as you can see it did. The way things were headed it looked like our little get together was sure to turn into an all out carpet munching lesbian threesome.

It sure didn’t take long at all before the three of us were completely naked. Julie and I both went to work sucking on Kelli’s titties. She had the most beautiful breasts with nipples that got hard as rock as they grew even more erect from all the attention they were receiving from Julie and I. Before I knew it I was being double-teamed by these two hotties. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible it felt to have not only one, but two beautiful babes lapping at my pussy.

They rolled me over onto my back and dove between my dripping wet thighs to continue dining on my pussy. I swear I was in complete ecstasy and I was hoping they’d never stop. After I had been fully serviced by these two vixens they slid up the length of my body to my mouth and gently kissed me. I could taste myself on their tongues and I liked it!

After all of that pussy eating Kelli turned to us and said, “With girlfriends like you, who needs a man?” Julie and I were shocked and we told Kelli she was a very bad girl for even thinking such a thing! Don’t get me wrong, I love the soft sensual touch of another woman and I would never want to give that up but, to be without cock would be a far worse fate. I couldn’t even imagine going without a nice stiff prick for more than a day. Julie agreed and we gave Kelli a good spanking as we scolded her for uttering such nonsense.

After we decided she had enough punishment for her transgression Julie and I gently kissed her soft little ass and then laid her out on the bed. We spread her legs wide giving us both full access to her gorgeous pussy. Finally, I was about to taste her! Yes, she was just as sweet as Julie and I knew right away that I would never be able to get enough of this in just one night. She was so wet that I didn’t even have to slide my tongue inside her to taste her juices. The inside of her thighs were soaked so I started there and slowly worked my way up to her beautiful cunt where I began to tongue fuck her as she squirmed beneath my face.

Julie eventually took over on pussy patrol as I moved up to suck on Kelli’s incredible boobs. Then out of nowhere, Jake made a comment about our sexy asses. That kinda jolted me back to reality for a second. I was so worked up playing with these two hotties that I completely forgot Jake was even in the room, that’s how hot things were getting! Kelli suggested that we give Jake and his camera a better view of our backsides. We then turned around facing the headboard and stuck out our asses and started shaking them at Jake. I think he really enjoyed the view. What do you think?

I knew we were missing something from our threesome and then I realized we needed a toy the three of us could share. Kelli and I must have been on the same wave-length because she jumped out of the bed and ran down the hall. When she returned a few minutes later she was sporting a beautiful pink strap-on cock. She looked so fucking hot with a big hard cock hanging between her legs. I wanted to jump right on that thing but Julie beat me to it. She got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air and commanded Kelli, “Fuck me hard with your fucking cock while I eat Allie’s pussy.” I certainly didn’t have a problem with that. It’s not everyday you get to have your pussy eaten by a hot blonde while her girlfriend pounds her from behind with a strap-on.

This was by far one of the best times I’ve ever had with two other girls. Kelli was looking deep into my eyes while she was slamming Julie’s fuck hole. Julie was moaning so loud and fingering my pussy while she massaged my clit with her tongue. I was so fucking wet and on the verge of cumming when Julie rolled over and said, “Sit on my face, I don’t want to miss out on any of your juices when you orgasm”. Of course I complied and started grinding my pussy back and forth across her face while Kelli continued pumping her pussy.

Julie was sliding her tongue in and out of my pussy faster and faster. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anyone’s tongue so deep inside me before. I swear she must have been reaching my g-spot or something because it felt so incredible and at that moment I began to cum. I started screaming, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” While I was screaming Julie began thrusting her hips up and down, driving Kelli’s cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. It was quite obvious by the noises she was making that she was cumming too.

She cleaned up the last of the cum that had ran down my leg. It was now Kelli’s turn to be pleasured. She slowly pulled her fat dick out of Julie’s fuck hole and made herself comfortable on the bed.

Once Kelli positioned herself Julie hopped right back on her cock. Damn that little slut, that’s twice now she’s beat me to it. You gotta be quick around this girl when there’s only one cock in the room. She didn’t waste any time at all as she went to town riding that thing like a real cowgirl. Kelli’s pussy was so yummy that I had to get some more of it. As I was licking her clit, I looked up to see Julie’s cum still dripping from her pussy and running down that beautiful cock. I just couldn’t let it go to waste so I quickly licked it all up. I don’t know how but I ended up sitting on Kelli’s face again while Julie continued riding her cock.

I’m not sure what it is about pigtails but I just wanted to grab them. While I was riding Kelli’s face I grabbed one of Julie’s pigtails and pulled it hard. Julie said, “Hell yeah, pull it harder, pull it harder!” I was kinda shocked but I did as she said and I pulled it as hard as I could. I didn’t know Julie was into that kinda thing, hell I didn’t even know I was into that kinda thing but we were both really getting into it! Julie finally got off of Kelli’s cock and the two of us proceeded to lick her clean.

Kelli’s face was soaked with my juices and her cock was still covered with Julie’s cum. Just when I thought the night was coming to an end Kelli told me she had been wanting to fuck my tits ever since we met that afternoon. She said, “Those tits are so fuckable and I’m going to fuck them now.” I told her to go for it! As you can see she mounted my chest and started fucking my tits while Julie went back down on my pussy. This had really turned out to be an incredible night. At this point Jake decided he was done being just the cameraman and that it was time for him to “enjoy” the rest of the night, if you know what I mean? ~Kisses, Allie

Stars: Kelli, Naughty Allie, Naughty Julie

FantASStick DP #7

Video: FantASStick DP #7

Watch This Video!

Studio: Productions
Sasha is a sleek woman who always walks in like she means it. This time, there’s something else in her eye! Toby and Zack have been at the spa and she’s done with unclear flirtations. She wants both cocks at the same time. Natasha and Chad start getting down with it in the office but Toby walks right in. not to worry, he can join. There’s plenty of horny Natasha for 2. Trainer Matt is good and multitasking. He coaches two people at a time, Toby and Stefanie for today. His interest in Stefanie extends a little further however, and his not-so-subtle attentions also grabs Toby’s attention, tumbling the three into a DP threesome at the gym. Ally is sitting in the park reading her latest find. However, reality is still better. Ally runs off to Renato’s house where Max also waits for her. She pulls up her dress for the boys and they peel down her top before getting deep, down into it.

Stars: Natasha Starr, Ally Breelsen , Stefanie, Sasha Rose (i), Renato (i), Chad Rockwell, Toby, Zack, Matt Bird, Max Fonda

Horny Black Amateurs

Video: Horny Black Amateurs

Watch This Video!

Reality Kings
Satisfy your chocolate addiction with this fresh crop of fine ebony babes! Just think, these amateurs could be your nasty neighbor next door or the dirty ho down the block. Here’s your chance to see these eager young girls in action! Reality Kings has hit a homerun with this one, and these ebony amateurs are simply a sight to behold. You don’t want to miss this one!

Stars: Kira Noir, Londyn Winters, Vixen Vanity, Valentina Vega, Raquel Savage, Carmel Bliss

Watching Porn With Sister

Video: Watching Porn With Sister

Watch This Video!


Blair walks into her bedroom perturbed; she can’t understand why she is made to share a bedroom with her younger brother at her age. Blair’s a sweet girl, and even when she loses her temper, her voice never gets too harsh, a harsh voice isn’t Christian. Robby apologizes, he hates to see his sister annoyed, especially when he wants to ask her advice. Robby, “Do you think your friend, Andrea, will think I’m hitting on her if I ask her to skip school with me?” Blair gets into bed, curls up in her cover, and closes her eyes. She’s not in the mood to have a conversation with her brother, especially about Andrea, she hopes he will fall asleep fast so she can peek at her favorite website.

She hears the heavy slumber sound of her brother’s inhales and exhales, she pulls her iPad out from under her pillow. She’s in the mood to fantasize. She peels her pajama bottoms down under the covers and imagines she’s the girl in the video, and she’s being ravaged by a muscular, handsome guy with a thick, bulbous cock spreading her tiny little teenaged pink hole. She allows the fantasy to take over and she moans, reality strikes her when she hears her brother turn around in his bed. She looks at him, his eyes are open and looking back at her– horrifying! She tries to explain, her clever excuse doesn’t even cause him to hesitate, he climbs into bed with her and insists on letting him watch too. “I can’t,” he tells her, “Mom put parental controls on mine.” He bargains with her to allow him to watch the scene, just a little, and he’ll leave her alone, she reluctantly agrees.

The brunette bombshell, Chechik, is purring like a kitty and it excites Blair. She smiles and her brother caught her interest. “I really like this scene,” she explains, “watch his eyes on her surveying every wave of pleasure, he really caters to her…and oh– this is my favorite part.” He begins to masturbate under the covers, she masturbates herself. She’s so turned on, she looks at her brother in a brand new light. Is he sexy? Is he masculine? Look how his biceps flex right underneath the sleeve’s hem. She glances back at him and notices the multiple shades of brown, amber, and green in his eyes, it’s as if she sees a new person, not her little brother, but a man, and is this man capable of giving her pleasure. He looks at her longingly, he doesn’t say a word, but she understands that yes– he could be useful.

She asks, “Have you ever been with a girl?” He shakes his head no. She smiles mischievously.

Watch the story unfold.

Stars: Blair Williams, Robby Echo

Introducing: Rachel Rampage

Video: Introducing: Rachel Rampage

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HoloGirls VR
The gorgeous voluptuous blonde Rachel Rampage decides to put on a show just for you. So put on your head mounted display and watch how she teases you sensually eating candy with that big hot mouth of her making you wish it was your big hard dick going in there instead of that candy. She keeps teasing you showing off her stunning tattooed body in some really hot sexy lingerie, before she goes completely naked and gets out some toys to play with. She stimulates her hot pussy until she has an amazing orgasm waiting n you to pay her a visit so she has something else to play with then toys. So what the hell are you waiting for, get over there and give this blonde babe what she is longing for; YOUR hard dick. Enjoy this steaming hot virtual reality video.

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My Dad’s TS Girlfriend Volume 2

Video: My Dad's TS Girlfriend Volume 2

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After suffering a knee injury, MMA fighter Jaxton is cut from a reality TV show. He returns to the home of his estranged father whom he has not seen in years. However, his father, a real estate developer, is out of the country, and Jaxton is stuck with his dad’s gorgeous TS girlfriend, Mandy. Mandy is a woman of sophistication and mystery, who introduces Jaxton to a world that both confounds and seduces Jaxton. The young fighter embarks on a journey of self discovery, with the help of his dad’s TS Girlfriend.

Stars: Giovanni Francisco, Jaxton Wheeler, Mike Panic, Venus Lux (Trans), Tori Mayes (Trans), Mandy Mitchell (Trans)

Sins Life Sex Tour – Round 1

Video: Sins Life Sex Tour - Round 1

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Sins Life
Have you ever wondered how fabulous it would be to be a porn star?! Ever wonder how they get down behind closed doors? Well wonder no more! Go behind closed doors into Johnny & Kissa’s private sex fantasies and see your favorite girls get fucked like never before! Johnny and Kissa’s real sex life! No director – no scripts just real, in your face raw reality porn!

Stars: Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux, Katrina Jade, Sydney Cole, Kissa Sins, Pocket Sins , Johnny Sins

Down The Black Hole

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Edge Interactive
Fall Down the Black Hole into the world of Doctor Madness and his sadistic family of unknown creatures and freaks. This 26 minute “pornographic horror” film falls under a genre created by the producers and is sure to stimulate the mind in many different ways. There is only one way in and one way out of Doctor Madness’s captivating control, as Lala Viva stars as Claire Williams, a good Christian girl about to start her first year of college to become a doctor. Claire goes to bed the night before her first day, but instead of being on campus with other students, she wakes up taken and secured in an isolated, wooded world, where no one can hear her screams, and where she is the object of Dr. Madness’s desire and punishments. And Dr. Madness has BIG plans for Ms. Claire! Reality sinks in for Claire as she sees the #7 written on her forehead and her heart starts racing. You will feel what she feels, very surreal and scary. You will feel her panic as Madness insists she must climax and “become one of us!” If you are into horror—true horror—and sexy beautiful, helpless babes who get stripped, climaxed, and transmogrified, then Down the Black Hole is for YOU. Join the fun. You never know where you’ll end up once Dr. Madness has his eye on you. Will you be number #8? We are one. You are nothing. You are everything. You are one of us.

Stars: Lala Viva, Dr. Madness

Aiden’s Angels

Video: Aiden's Angels

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Distinctive pornographer Aiden Riley’s content is renowned for genuine passion and gritty reality because he casts girls for the action and fetishes that truly turn them on. He counts on go-to performers that respond with palpable lust. “Aiden’s Angels” is a special compilation highlighting three of his favorite girls — Abella Danger, AJ Applegate and Gabriella Paltrova — in two (or three) kinky, carnal scenes apiece.

Scene 1: Wearing skimpy lingerie, all-natural lesbian beauties Abella Danger and Karlee Grey worship each other’s perfect body, indulging in whatever hot fetishes spring to mind. Sharing red licorice, they sniff and lick pretty bare feet. Abella fingers Karlee’s sweet pussy while the busty girl buzzes her clit with a vibrating wand; Karlee rims Abella’s big ass and pushes stringy candy inside her butthole. These kinky, playful sluts suck toes and lick juicy cunts to orgasm.

Scene 2: In the summer heat, butt-blessed Abella Danger and nerdy boyfriend Xander Corvus lose their composure, overcome with a powerful urge to fuck! Xander chokes and slaps the racy vixen’s natural tits and leads Abella around by a dog leash, tormenting her until she’s gasping for breath. He ruthlessly dominates the exotic lust bucket with a vicious throat fucking and ass reaming. Xander dunks her head underwater before unleashing a creamy cum facial in the shower stall.

Scene 3: Ass-blessed stunner Abella Danger and sunny blonde AJ Applegate — gorgeous, bikini-clad lesbians with kinky streaks — love to get off in wanton worship of each other’s sexy, natural body. They use fingers, tongues and toys enthusiastically, hungrily rimming sensitive assholes and buzzing bare pussies with a vibrating wand. AJ and Abella indulge in a graphic, passionate afternoon of orgasmic face sitting, hole probing and 69-style pussy eating that leaves them both exhausted!

Scene 4: AJ Applegate is one horny minx. The gorgeous, all-natural blonde knockout wiggles her phat, tempting ass for Mr. Pete, inviting him to stick his tongue inside. Pete shoves his cock into AJ’s mouth and fucks her pretty face. She rides his throbbing meat, pussy consuming cock as her big, fine booty bounces up and down. And AJ takes the length of his hard member deeply up her ass. After a passionate anal reaming, Pete pulls out of her butt and unloads creamy spunk into AJ’s waiting mouth.

Scene 5: Gabriella Paltrova and Remy LaCroix are delicious, irrepressible rave girls dancing in the dark in bikinis with colorfully lit hula-hoops and flashy, illuminated rave gear. The natural-bodied brunettes turn on their ecstasy with sensual mouth kissing and making out. Remy licks shaved pussy and tongues bunghole as Gabi’s meaty cheeks undulate in her face. Brown-eyed Gabi sniffs deeply as she eats pussy and butthole. The girls share spit kisses, face sitting, anal fingering, dildo sodomy and butt plugs with ass-to-mouth flavor, and they blast colorful balls from their gaping buttholes. In fun, friendly fashion they fuck each other with fluorescent light sticks. And they kiss deliciously.

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Stars: Gabriella Paltrova, AJ Applegate, Remy La Croix, Abella Danger, Karlee Grey , Mr. Pete, Xander Corvus

Girls Kissing Girls 20

Video: Girls Kissing Girls 20

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Sweetheart Video
Sweetheart’s award-winning series continues with more sensual, deep kissing action. Bobbi Dylan and Cassidy Klein are rival ballerinas, who come head to head in the studio after-hours, ready to work out their difference. Editor in Chief Dana Vespoli is ready to fire writer Chanel Preston after a drunken video of Preston surfaces on social media. Chanel tries to convince Vespoli otherwise. Reality star Sovereign Syre can’t wait to show off her new personal trainer on her TV show, but trainer Lea Lexis is really put off by the spotlight. Sovereign tries to persuade the Romanian beauty to see things from a different perspective. Finally, hot mom Cherie DeVille seeks guidance from LBGTQ counselor Casey Calvert after Cherie’s daughter comes out as gay. Casey shows Cherie that being a lesbian is where it’s at.

Stars: Sovereign Syre, Casey Calvert, Cassidy Klein, Bobbi Dylan, Dana Vespoli, Lea Lexis, Chanel Preston, Cherie DeVille

Girls Do Porn

Video: Girls Do Porn

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Jazzy Girls
Enjoy Five scenes full of Amazing European sex! These GIRLS DO PORN! Watch how these sex craved amateurs take big cocks inside their holes, screaming out in ecstasy! We were very happy to make their dreams a reality and we hope you enjoy every pussy stretching moment. The last scene ends in a dripping cream pie!

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Big Melons 24

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Cinderella Entertainment
Every man’s dream is to be smothered in a warm, comfortable, huge set of breasts. So here is a collection of the largest sets we could gather together – all deliciously edible and all begging to surround, entertain and fulfill any man’s fantasies! No question about it, these are women with a capital WOW!!

“BIG TITTED BLONDE” – The attorney Marc Wallace makes passionate love atop his desk with Tawny Downs! Tawn’s precious boobs shake back and forth to their feverish undulations! When Marc unexpectedly cums all over her withering body. It takes Marc’s sensuous secretary, Aja to bring Towny to an earth-shaking climax, while Marc Watches with amazement.

STEAMED WITH PLEASURE – Sensual Samantha Strong is in heat after a hot shower, with the help of her husband they combine hot flesh and hot emotions into a steamy sauna of lust! Samantha shows why she is one of adult videos hottest actress!

WET DREAMS – An unsatisfied husband dreams about gorgeous girls with large breasts! His dreams come true when Keisha materializes and converts his bedroom into an inferno of lust! The dream is interrupted when his jealous wife rips him back to her reality as she is seen trying to murder this fantasy big boobed intruder.

BITCH IN HEAT – At a friend party Eric Edwards and Buffy Davis cannot control their animalistic sexual urges! They find themselves turned on beyoned their wildest belief! Penetrations through penetration leads them from typical sexual relations into a wilder and more frantic backdoor style of rowdy, hot, hot sex!

Stars: Keisha, Samantha Strong, Buffy Davis, Tawny Downs, Eric Edwards, Marc Wallace

Sexual Disgrace #37

Video: Sexual Disgrace #37

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Fetish Network

Charli Acacia has the right attitude, drive and determination to become a BDSM hard sex superstar, and when we asked her to try and squirt on camera for you guys, she said she would try her hardest even though she’s never done it before. Thatta’ girl, Charli, that’s a good sex slave! Of course, Master Bruno lends a hand, and a cock, and a whip, a vibrator and a violet wand, to help Charli achieve her dream. Chained and secured with leather straps to a small wooden box, Charli’s entire body is shocked with the violet wand to tune her up. She shrieks in agony as the static electricity stings her sensitive clit and nipples. The Hitachi wand is applied to her clit until she begs for cock. Charli receives her reward and gets her throat and pussy deeply penetrated and fucked with equal intensity. The skilled Master Bruno shoves four fingers into Charli’s gash, and puts the vibe directly on her clit until she squirts, not once, but three fucking times! It’s super intense and way better than any reality TV! Charli thinks she’s finished, but she gets the dildo on a stick jammed in her bald biscuit. More throat fucking and pussy hammering, and then Bruno dumps a huge load of spuzz in her mouth which Charli hungrily swallows down. An amazing scene with an amazing slut!

This one is something special, folks! All of 18-years-old and without any limits or boundaries, Marina Angel is the very definition of a submissive sex slave. Sweet, petite and giggly, this little cutiepie is deceiving. The things Master Bruno and Mistress Esmi do to this human sex toy while training her are extreme and degrading, but Marina loves it all! We begin with Marina bound by her ankles and wrists with leather cuffs on a chain bed in the dungeon. She is blindfolded and gag-balled. Bruno fingerfucks her pussy and makes her cum quickly while alternately shocking her with the violet wand. Marina is also giving Esmi’s giant black strap-on dildo a deepthroat blowjob while her tits are slapped around. Esmi and Bruno switch places and Bruno gets the deepthroat blowjob while Esmi fucks Marina’s tiny pussy. Then, Marina gets a buttplug and a Hitachi wand inserted in her holes at the same time. She cums a few more times. Marina’s tormentors switch places again, repeat and add the cattle prod on her clit and nipples for good measure. Marina keeps begging for more.

Stars: Marina Angel, Halle Von, Charli Acacia, Esmi Lee, Bruno Dickemz

The GFE Collection: Date Night Part 1

Video: The GFE Collection: Date Night Part 1

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HoloGirls VR
Your girlfriend Romi misses you and to show you exactly how much she craves for you to be inside her, she’s made a special video just for you. Romi Rain’s big tits and spectacular ass are showcased in glorious virtual reality – so real you will feel like you could taste her!

Stars: Romi Rain

Threesome Encounters

Video: Threesome Encounters

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Erotica X
Erotica X brings you four erotic tales of couples expanding their sexual bounds, by inviting a third partner into their bed for pleasure intensified by more hands, tongues and mouths. In “Swing Date”, Jaye Summer wants to expand her sexual horizons with boyfriend James Deen. Together they seduce her friend, Liza Rowe, into their bedroom for an extremely hot threesome! In “Layover”, Adrian Maya makes the most of her layover visiting girlfriend Nicole and her husband Charles, staying in their bungalow overnight. However, an eyeful of the two making love leads to temptation Adrian happily joins when no clothes are allowed in the hot tub for this smoldering threesome. In “Birthday Surprise”, Maya Bijou has planned the best surprise for her BFF Sophia Leone’s birthday! Sophia arrives to Maya’s finding a very large gift. She opens it to discover Maya’s boyfriend Tyler inside. Now for the big surprise, Tyler and Sophia are all hers for a birthday mnage a trois. In “Sweethearts” fantasy becomes reality for long-time sweetheart’s Kater Foxx and Damon Dice who explore their sexual boundaries, inviting Gia Paige to join them to experience a new level of intimacy and passion! Encounter the most stunning and erotic threesomes in this new series from James Avalon.

Stars: Liza Rowe, Karter Foxx, Sophia Leone, Nicole Bexley, Maya Bijou , Adrian Maya, Jaye Summers, Gia Paige, James Dean, Charles Dera, Tyler Nixon, Damon Dice

Hot For Transsexuals 3

Video: Hot For Transsexuals 3

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Evil Angel – Aiden Starr

Kinky director and scene player Aiden Starr’s friends from the TS world show us the alluring, mysterious reality of gender-bent dating — in each scene of “Hot For Transsexuals 3,” a feminine, horny T-girl hooks up with a bold male adventurer for forbidden fun.

Scene 1: TS And Dude Trade Butt Fucks, ATM – Seriously tattooed Chelsea Marie has dark hair, long legs, big boobs with hard nipples … and a huge bulge expanding her bikini panties! The sexy TS pulls out her hard prick and shaved balls to masturbate. Naked Chad Diamond deep-throats her erection, laps her scrotum and fucks her face. He spits in her ass crack and nails her doggie-style, making Chelsea whimper as her sac swings. She fellates him ass-to-mouth and then cranks his legs back to his head for a hard-slamming butt fuck! They wallow in greasy lube as she sodomizes him. Chad tastes Chelsea’s ATM flavor. She jerks jism onto his tongue and he cums on her tits.

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Stars: Lance Hart, Mike Panic, Chad Diamond, Alexa Scout (Trans), Mandy Mitchell (Trans), Chelsea Marie (Trans), Tori Mayes (Trans)

Insatiable Women

Video: Insatiable Women

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WestSex Brazil
WestSex Brazil presents Insatiable Women. Brazilian scorching hot sun makes them Wet and horny! Watch as Tony Tigrao, Frotinha, Yoga & Fabiano fuck their way across a swath of young Latina pussies and shows the hidden reality of Latina libido! This is a great look at some of Brazil’s finest sluts!

Stars: Monique Lopes, Thayna Lima, Perola Mineira, Fabiano, Frotinha, Yago, Tony Tigrao

Hot Teen Next Door 20

Video: Hot Teen Next Door 20

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Reality Kings
In six smoking hot scenes, cute tiny teens from the neighborhood show up at the Reality Kings front door looking to get their tight wet holes filled and drilled by big cocks so that they can finally find out what it feels like to get properly fucked before they get rewarded by a creamy blast of cum.

Stars: Sam Summers, Chase Ryder, Mia Mae, Kali James, Zoey Wayne, Casey Stone, Tony Rubino, J Mac, Juan Largo, Bruno Dickemz

Petite Girls Taking Massive Cock

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Third Degree
Third Degree Films presents Petite Girls Taking Massive Cock, featuring a bevy of young, beautiful sluts learning that a big cock is the only way to go when it cums to enjoying sex. We were very happy to make their dreams a reality and we hope you enjoy every pussy stretching moment.

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8th Street Latinas 38

Video: 8th Street Latinas 38

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Reality Kings
8th street is where the Reality Kings find all of Miami’s hottiest, spiciest Latina babes. These chicas bonitas are tan, horny for big cock, and packin’ that ass! Watch the guys troll the streets picking up Latina amateurs who are eager to show off the sexual skills on camera. Que rico mami!

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Reality XXX Forbidden 4

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WestSex Brazil
Scorching Brazilian sun tanned, wet bodies, Latina women never gonna disappoint you! It’s time to sample the allure of Brazilian women with their curvaceous bodies and tan skin. It’s enough to send any mortal man insane. Brazilian women never disappoint and will have you begging before their phat asses for more!

Stars: Ed Junior, Frotinha

Bang My Hot Stepmom

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VR Bangers
VR Bangers presents “Bang My Hot Stepmom” starring Jasmine Jae & Ziggy Star & Chad White. Have you ever dreamed of appearing in a room where you can watch a hot threesome happening between a step mom, daughter and boyfriend? Well, today is your lucky day! Watch how this classy British step mom is being fucked by her step daughter’s boyfriend. Treat yourself with this exotic experience and you’ll never want to go back to reality again.

Stars: Jasmine Jae, Ziggy Star, Chad White

My Virgin Daughter

Video: My Virgin Daughter

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This lesbian compilation from Mommy’s Girl pushes the limits of lesbian family taboo. Christian traditionalist step mom Jelena Jensen has a sex dream of devirginizing her tumultuous teen step daughter Cassidy Klein. Financially struggling step mom Chanel Preston recruits step daughter Rebel Lynn as a phone sex operator, but the job gets them so horny, they need to make each other cum. When phone sex operators Rebel Lynn and Chanel Preston get their first male caller, fantasy family roleplay becomes lesbian pussy licking reality for the step mother-daughter duo. Teen Tiffany Watson makes stepmom Alexis Fawx dress up in lingerie and fuck her as a payment for lying about her business trip. Jelena Jensen seduces step daughter cassidy Klein to have lesbian sex, to give her the practice she needs to please her future husband, but still keep her virginity in tact.

My Virgin Daughter Part One: As the new mother figure in the home, Jelena Jensen informs her husband that it’s been hard bonding with his daughter Cassidy Klein. One minute, her step daughter is sweet and caring then the next, rambunctious and miserable. Jelena doesn’t know what to do in order for them to have a stable relationship if Cassidy can’t tell her why she is so upset. Jelena’s husband thinks they should have a good talk, considering Jelena’s first marriage ended because she had a sexual relationship with her ex husband’s pornstar daughter. Jelena decides that, first thing tomorrow morning, she will approach the young christian girl and make amends in hopes they can flourish into a loving mother-daughter relationship.

Jelana wakes up alone on her bed, hearing screams from a not so distant Cassidy. Jelena calls out to Cassidy as the voices become louder. Louder and louder she hears her daughter wailing for help until a seemingly sublime power confounds her. Cassidy faces Jelena, crying out to be devirginized. Jelena doesn’t understand what has gotten into her daughter, and begs her to go back to sleep, but Cassidy insists that feeling the warmth of her mother’s pussy on her mouth will fulfill her fantasy. Jelena resists as much as possible, but the adamant virgin is too fast for her to react, and is already engaging in her lesbian fantasy. Cassidy fills her mouth with her mother’s warm and tasty pussy, making Jelena moan in euphoria. When Cassidy places herself over Jelena’s mouth, she grinds her hips in pleasure, unable to control her lesbian sexual excitement. There is no turning back as Jelena takes charge fully, pleasing her daughter by tribbing vigorously until she realizes that all of a sudden, she is alone with Cassidy no where to be found. Waking up in the morning, she realizes it was just a dream, knowing fully well what she must do to subdue her lesbian subconscious!

Work From Home Part One: Stepmother, Chanel Preston finds herself falling deeper and deeper into debt. It doesn’t help that her new husband just up and left her and her step-daughter Rebel Lynn. Desperate to find a way to better her situation, she decides to take a job as a phone sex operator. When Rebel finds out that her beloved stepmother has taken on this second job, she decides she should help out as well. Together they become a daughter/mother phone sex duo. The one thing they need to do before they start accepting calls is figure out what to say. For this they head onto the Girlsway website, after watching a few scenes not only do they feel prepared to chat, but they’re also super horny! Chanel believes this to be the best opportunity to teach her daughter a few new techniques so they can really be prepared. She starts off by showing her how to kiss on the lips, which quickly turns from her lips to her nipples. Rebel sucks them while sliding her hand further and further down until she’s playing with her mommy’s wet pussy. As Chanel moans with delight, she sees Rebel staring up at her, while licking her pussy juices. Chanel directs Rebel to lay down, while she rides her so their lesbian pussies are touching. Rebel can’t help but cry out in lesbian passion as they cum onto each other. She’s never felt this way before and can’t wait to do it over and over again, with all their clients waiting …. How will their first call go?

Mommy Fashion Show: Tiffany Watson snoops through her step mother’s suitcase after she claims to be back from a business trip. Tiffany finds nothing but lingerie packed in stepmom Alexis Fawx’ luggage which raises an eyebrow. While Alexis rinses off in the shower, Tiffany tries on some of the sexy lingerie but is caught. Alexis is furious but Tiffany is onto her mother’s deceitful ploys and extracurricular activity behind her father’s back. Tiffany orders Alexis to pose for her in her sexy lingerie and eat out her pussy. Alexis protests claiming she isn’t a lesbian but must do what her daughter says to keep her quiet. Tiffany grabs onto Alexis as she licks her daughter’s shaved, soft pussy filling her mouth with cum. It’s Tiffany’s turn to have some lesbian fun as she rolls her pierced tongue over her mothers tight, shaved pussy satisfying her holes better than her husband ever could!

Work From Home Part Two: As Stepdaughter, Rebel Lynn flips through a magazine in her room, her Stepmother, Chanel Preston runs in alerting her, they have their first caller. Their first phone sex caller, that is. As the phone call begins, both Chanel and Rebel feed each other compliments, Chanel remarks on how hot her daughter’s ass looks in her tight pants. While, Rebel describes how her mother’s tits look in her hot, pink dress. They begin to kiss, softly, and then more passionately as their hands glide down each other’s bodies. All while, the caller listens on. Hearing the moans passing between both, mother and daughter as Rebel sucks on her mommy’s big tits. It’s not before long, that Chanel strips Rebel’s clothing off so she can lick her tight, wet pussy. As Rebel watches her mommy starring up at her from in between her legs. Remarking how it feels to have her mommy suck her clit. As the caller listens, mommy and daughter take turns making each other cum, in 69. All this takes place, while the caller moans with pleasure as she listens to the way Chanel describes what it’s like to watch her daughter pleasure herself. Wanting to please her mommy, Rebel rides her, with eager encouragement as the sound of their pussies rub together. Can this really be their first call… you’ll have to watch to find out!

My Virgin Daughter Part Two: Previously on Girlsway, Jelena Jensen had a surreal dream that her step daughter Cassidy Klein was in dire help to lose her virginity. After numerous attempts to discourage her lesbian step daughter, Jelena’s couldn’t resist her lesbian sexual urges to fulfill her daughters wishes. Today, Jelena confides in Cassidy, going into intricate details regarding her dream and the symbolism behind it. Jelena believes that this dream is a revelation brought to her by Jesus to guide Cassidy as her guardian angel and help her learn how to express herself by indulging in sexual pleasures. With no experience in masturbation, orgasms and love making, Cassidy is clueless and trusts her mother to show her everything she needs to know.

Jelena asks Cassidy to remove her pants and her mother let’s loose her enormous boobs from her bra, with her nipples fully erect. Cassidy feels her boobs for the very first time, showing her how to stimulate her sexually. They sit beside each other as Jelena shows Cassidy how to please and manipulate her warm, shaved pussy. Jelena shows her daughter where her clitoris is located, a sensitive place above her pussy where she can rub slowly or vigorously. Jelena wets her finger, despite Cassidy’s reluctance and begins pleasing her daughter’s pussy. Cassidy screams in lesbian euphoria feeling her first real womanly orgasm. Jelena places her bare pussy lips over her daughter’s mouth and teaches her how to give another woman an orgasm, guiding her to move her mouth and lips gently over her throbbing lesbian pussy. Finally the lesbian fantasy culminates with them tribbing their moist pussies together, moaning in lesbian satisfaction and cumming ecstatically in passion. But both women have a shocking secret of their own making this an epic twist!

Stars: Rebel Lynn, Tiffany Watson, Jelena Jensen, Chanel Preston, Alexis Fawx, Cassidy Klein

My First Cream pie No.11

Video: My First Cream pie No.11

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Team Skeet

Little Zaya seems hungry but her hired help hasn’t finished preparing any food. He’s more entertained with fondling the turkey he’s got in hand… probably because he’s just fantasizing about stuffing Zaya! The bird comes to life in his playful imagination and soon, she jumps to life and starts sucking his cock, riding his cock, and ultimately getting STUFFED by his cock and eventually filled with his man mayo! Hah, we like to have fun here as you can tell. Too bad it was all in his head! he snaps back to reality to being yelled at as he’s fucking, I mean stuffing the turkey with his baster!

Mirko got a call from his business partner to go drop some important documents off at his house. He wasn’t going to be home so he told Mirko to give them to his daughter, Uma. And when Uma found out Mirko was coming over, she devised a plan to fuck him! In nothing but a bra, panties and knee high socks she greeted him at the door. After giving her the documents, he tried to leave, but Uma had another idea! She made him go over all the paperwork while flirting with him and eventually seduced him into fucking her! They took it into the bedroom where Uma gave him some bomb head, followed by riding his rock hard rod! This little slut isn’t new, she definitely knows how to ride a cock as seen here! In the end she was begging Mirko to fill her pussy and thats exactly what he did!

Sophia and her boyfriend Jmac have a yearly ritual called creampie day of the year, where he gets to give her a nice juicy creampie! He has been waiting all year for this moment and it’s finally here! Sophia woke him up and climbed on top of him, giving him a nice view of her perfect tits and wet pussy. After slurping his dick, getting it nice and ready for her tight pussy, she sat on it and rode it like she never rode it before! Jmac pounded into her from behind and made her orgasm and in the end she begged for his cum inside of her pussy! He finished inside of her and their cream pie day was a success!

Kymberlee Anne and her friend Kharlie were hanging out after a day at the gym and they were talking about cream pies and how good they fill. Kymberlee Anne got turned on by the idea and went straight to her boyfriend to give him the good news. Sounds like she wants to be cream filled by her man. She quickly rips off his pants and goes straight to sucking on his balls and then throwing it deep down her throat. he gets behind her and starts to pound that ass without any worries about pulling out. He goes crazy with her, from doggy to reverse cowgirl and even some stuff that doesn’t have a name. He fucks her real good missionary style and explodes in and outside of her pink pussy. She gets a full pump like a car at a gas station and even overflows.

Zoey has worked really hard to impress her love interest who she has invited over today. He arrives with an appetite from the aroma that’s wafting outside and to his surprise it was Zoey’s home cooking. He sits at the table and they begin to chat and flirt. The meal goes as planned but he asks for dessert and there is nothing prepared. He offers to go pick something up but Zoey already had something else on her mind. She stretches her foot out under the table and begins to rub his penis. The excitement has him in awe and she starts to undress. She shoves his fat white cock in her cute little brown mouth with passion. He picks her up and puts her on the table and starts to finger and lick her tiny latin pussy. They get on a chair and start to fuck hard then quickly he bends her over on the kitchen table and fucks her doggy style. The slapping of his balls against her body can’t be ignored as he thrusts deep and heavy until he fills her little Mexican empanada with some of his filling.

Stars: Uma Jolie, Sophia Leone, Zaya Cassidy, Kymberlee Anne, Zoey Valez, Sean Lawless, Mirko, J Mac, Tony D

Study Break

Video: Study Break

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Every now and then you really have to study hard! But everyone deserves a study break to make their brain work better. Nicole is here to help not only your brain to work better, but your cock as well. Watch Nicole play with her favorite sex toy while making her pussy nice and wet, she will then crawl up on you to give you the best time of your life. After experiencing this Virtual Reality scene with Nicole Vice you will be getting straight As in school!

Stars: Nicole Vice