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Tag Archives: Torture

Porn Star Tickle Torture 3

Video: Porn Star Tickle Torture 3

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Severe Society Films

JESSICA BANGKOK TICKLED What could be better than porn super star Jessica Bangkok, tied to a pool table and ready to get tickled by our resident Evil Tickle Torturess, Mistress D Severe? Pool cue in hand, Mistress D takes a shot and follows the ball to Jessica’s pussy. She starts out slow with light tickle toys. To her amazement, Jessica gets hysterically giggly and out of control at even the lightest touch — so guess what happens when the Mistress gets her in her secret uber ticklish spot behind the ears?? And she’s just getting warmed up… Mistress’ first toy of choice is her fur flogger, which she drags across Jessica’s delicious curves. That’s just a warm-up for the finger tickling, as Mistress explores Jessica’s feet, knees and pussy before settling in to the sensitive spot just behind her ears. When Jessica lets a curse slip, it’s time for hard time, and the Evil Tickle Torturess breaks out the electric toothbrushes! Jessica will have to learn to watch her language! Then, it’s time for the battery powered toothbrushes! Poor Jessica!

TARA LYNN FOXX TICKLED We were thrilled to be working with gorgeous porn star Tara Lynn Foxx — check out her hot foot job action in “Jimmy Gets A Footjob!” But could we pass up the opportunity to tickle Tara as well? Of course not! Restraints were no problem since our shooting space had a home gym with just the perfect piece of equipment. And Mistress D Severe was in full Evil Tickle Torturess mode, ready to make Tara’s very first tickle victim experience a memorable one! She starts out slow with a fuzzy duster but soon progresses to the classic — hard armpit tickling, as well as the nefarious battery powered toothbrushes! However, Tara doesn’t seem upset, she’s letting out squeals of delight! She actually enjoys the toothbrushes on her armpits, her pussy and under her boobs. So the Evil Tickle Torturess goes back to old-fashioned hand tickling, eliciting the cutest trilling noises from her victim. But is she really a victim when she enjoys it so much?

AMBER RAYNE TICKLED Amber Rayne has starred in hundreds of movies, both as a Domme and a mainstream porn actress — but she’s rarely been tickled on screen. Until now, when resident tickle torturess Mistress D Severe gets her claws on her. Helplessly tied to a post and unable to do anything but laugh hysterically and squirm, Amber proved particularly ticklish in the armpits and her knees, Of course, Mistress D brings out all her nefarious toys to tickle lovely Amber with. In the squirming conclusion, Mistress D Severe continues to have her way with helpless Amber, tickling her with electric toothbrushes, her ribs played like a ticklish keyboard, and the infamous knee tickle is used to bring Amber to, well, her knees. Tickling porn stars is fun!

SINNFUL TICKLING: Super hottie Sinn Sage is strung up, hands above her head with all of her most delicious bits exposed for the Evil Tickle Torturess, Mistress D Severe! Mistress enters carrying a multi-colored duster and goes right to work on Sinn’s pussy, tits and ass crack. Sinn squeals with laughter, wriggling to escape Mistress’ nimble fingertips in her arm pits and on her butt, knees and feet! Mistress D Severe is gently stroking Sinn Sage with the rabbit pelt, but that’s just a warm-up for the evil electric toothbrush. Sinn giggles and jiggles as Mistress runs the brush over her tits, pussy, feet, and even up the crack of her ass! But Sinn is enjoying that too much, so the Evil Tickle Torturess reverts back to her most diabolical weapon, her fingers. Can Sinn survive the dreaded “ants”?

MISSY RHODES TICKLED We had just signed the lease on our new studio and hadn’t even begun the renovations, but when we heard that our friend, Clips4Sale spokesmodel Missy Rhodes, was going to be in town, we cleared out some space and called our new neighbor, Miss Ivy Thornton, to be special guest tickler. Miss Ivy finds poor Missy naked and strung up to a beam, exposing all her most delicate bits to Ivy’s nimble digits. Ivy starts with some simple finger tickling of Missy’s armpits, ribs, stomach and thighs before breaking out the feather duster. Once Missy is free of dust, Ivy gives her a good rubdown with a fur mitten. Soon Ivy has Missy squirming, tickling with her left hand while gently caressing with her fur-covered right. All of this is just a warm-up for the electric toothbrush, which Miss Ivy uses to attack Missy’s nipples, armpits and feet! No matter how much she flexes her feet, Missy can’t escape the evil brush. Wanting more, Miss Ivy moves up to Missy’s sensitive armpits and her perky nipples. When Ivy is done with the toothbrush, Missy begs “no more”, but Ivy is just changing tools, returning with a big feather duster, which she twirls across Missy’s hips, ribs tits, armpits and feet. After that, it’s a good all-over rub with a nice soft piece of fur, getting Missy nice and relaxed before switching to her most evil tool of all- her nimble fingers! When Ivy realizes that Missy is still wearing one show, she goes back to the electric toothbrush to tickle the neglected foot. She gives Missy’s boobs and arm pits one last going-over before leaving her bound in the workshop, panting and spent!

Stars: Sinn Sage, Amber Rayne, Jessica Bangkok, Tara Lynn Foxx, Mistress D Severe, Missy Rhodes

Porn Star Tickle Torture 4

Video: Porn Star Tickle Torture 4

Watch This Video!

Severe Society Films
More tickle predators on the prowl, looking for Porn stars to tie up, tickle and torment! Dee Severe is back for more tickle-ish style fun! And this time she’s brought in some big, big names from the industry to tickle! These beautiful ladies can’t control their laughter and fun! You do not want to miss out on this one, tickle fans!

Stars: Leena Sky, Sinn Sage, Dee Severe, Sarah Blake, Amber Rayne, Nicole Oring, Mistress D, Zoey Holloway, Jessi Palmer, Eden Alexander, Allison Tyler, Allie James

Torture Me 01

Video: Torture Me 01

Watch This Video!

Nasty World Media
Nasty World Media invites you to enjoy another fine installment of this fun fetish series! Melanie and Julia are looking to get used, restrained, blindfolded, flogged, and a whole lot more! If you’re a fan of seeing gorgeous Euro-chicks getting tied up and getting what they deserve — this is the movie you need to see!

Stars: Melanie, Julia

Torture Me 03

Video: Torture Me 03

Watch This Video!

Nasty World Media
Nasty World Media invites you to enjoy another installment of this fun fetish series. In the third installment, Sandra and Verena’s limits are tested by their expert Doms, who know exactly how to restrain and experiment with their bodies. The women give up total control to their Master, and in return are given the out-of-body submissive experience that many people only dream of.

Stars: Sandra, Verena

Torture Me 05

Video: Torture Me 05

Watch This Video!

Nasty World Media
Yvette and Ashley want to be pushed beyond their personal limits of endurance and walk the fine line between pleasure and pain. These no-nonsense wardens are more than up for the task! Watch as they are bound, gagged, whipped…and fucked! But in order to get the cream they crave they have to prove that they know how to truly submit to every whim these wardens have. Will these young women and mature housewives please their masters to get what they want? Come watch them fulfill their destiny as the perfect love slaves!

Stars: Yvette Costeau, Ashley Dark

Torture Me 04

Video: Torture Me 04

Watch This Video!

Nasty World Media
Young women and mature housewives want their masters to push their personal limits of pleasure and more in this series to the absolute limit. Clamps, breast play, whips, caning, dildos, chains, and many more machinations meant for taking down their minds and pulling them into the prostrate world of a submissive.

Stars: Susi, Marlin (i), Dirk Sands

The Sorceress Torture Chamber

Video: The Sorceress Torture Chamber

Watch This Video!

Syren Productions
Set in a medieval dungeon, the seducing sorceress (Mistress Panora) have caught the the general of an opposing army and plan on giving him an intense interrogation to find out who his allies are. The general denies any knowledge of his allies and is put through many severe beatings at the hands of the guard. He is unmercifully strapped, paddled and caned. The sorceress is becoming angry that her interrogation methods are not producing results so she orders the guards to continue with flogging on the general’s chest and then a vicious bullwhipping. The general still doesn’t talk so the sorceress orders the guards to wipe a brine soaked rag on his wounds and then to place him in a hanging iron cage where they continue with even more devious methods.

Stars: Kirby, Mistress Persephone, Mistress Pandora

Adrienne Manning Jerk Off Encouragement Pantyhose

Video: Adrienne Manning Jerk Off Encouragement Pantyhose

Watch This Video!

Playtime Video
Adriane Manning is our newest member to the Playtime Family and you are in for a real tasty treat with this girl. This sexy girl next door is wrapped in red and she’s wearing nude colored pantyhose and sexy high heels. Her long sexy legs will have your cocks full attention at all times. Her slow sexy body movements are more than you can handle. The up skirt shots of her hairy pussy makes your cock throb as she moans out for you. Adriane dangles her high heel off her toes before kicking them off and rubbing her feet in your face. The camera takes you between her legs from the back and you see her wet little pussy lips smashed into her pantyhose as she instructs you to jerk it for her. The dress comes off and Adriane bends her perfect plump ass in your face before tossing off the bra next. In only her pantyhose she lies back on the couch and pulls her pantyhose so high and tight against her wet pussy while encouraging your jerk off session and begging for your cum. She gets on all fours and backs her hose covered pussy up to your face and asks you to give her one more load as she thrusts back and forth. Finally the pantyhose come off and she leaves you with a tasty shot between her wide open legs.

Adriane is you personal cocktail waitress wearing a sparkly one piece body suit with sexy black pantyhose and black high heels. She’s putting down a few shots of whiskey herself and your cock is feeling the effects of her drinking. She knows you want to fuck her and she lets you know you never will. She tells you to fuck your hand as she taunts you with her tight pussy and round ass under her pantyhose. She holds her sexy toes up in your face and tells you where she wants it. The bodysuit comes off and in only her sexy black pantyhose she let’s you come right up to her hairy wet pussy and stare at it from the ground up. She grabs the camera for some alone time before moving to her hands and knees and pointing out where she wants your next load. Now it’s time for the in your face chair view of her juicy little pussy as she slides her pantyhose off slowly and leaves you with everything she has to give. Your real life sexy leopard is crawling around your bed just waiting for you to cum on her. She willing to tease a really big load out of you but she wants you to hold it in and let it build. She acknowledges your pre cum as she grinds her pussy against her nylon bodysuit and then you lose it. You soak her leopard print bodysuit and she changes into another pair of pantyhose.

A very tight black pair of pantyhose is up next for target practice on her cotton crotch panel. She rubs her pussy under her hose and then pulls the seam hard across her little clit. Finally the pantyhose come off and Adriane opens her legs right up and says; now… it’s time to fuck me!! Come fuck me. Miss Manning is your fantasy school teacher and she is hotter than hell. She plays naughty imagine if games with your head as she sits in front of you with her legs open. She points out your childhood fears as she talks about your school teacher fantasies. She acknowledges you cumming in your pants over and over again as she continues to torture your little mind with slutty talk and sexy movements. She drops her skirt to the ground and thrusts her pussy in your face while calling you out on your fantasies. Her sweater comes off next and she loses the bra before crawling on the floor for you. Now it’s time for your lesson as she alters your mind and causes your cock to throb in pain. You’re hot for teacher and she loves it. Now grab your cock and do as you are told all the way to the very naked end.

Stars: Adrienne Manning

Playtime’s Nudes Presents: Heather Vandeven 4

Video: Playtime's Nudes Presents: Heather Vandeven 4

Watch This Video!

Playtime Video
Heather Vandeven is hot, wet and ready to make your cock puke until there’s nothing left! She let’s all you little earth dwellers know that you are going to worship her sexy body and do just as she tells you to. She starts your little game of master and servant in a sexy black bra and panty with nude stockings and black high heels. She exercises her permanent power over you as she pulls her panties to the side and slides her pink open while instructing you to stroke that cock until you cum. She calls you her little slut puppy as she rolls over onto her knees and spreads that ass open for you. The bra comes off and she shows you how hard you have made her perky nipples. The panties come off next and in only her lace top stockings she stands over the top of your face and spreads her pussy wide open before grabbing the camera for some one on one torture time. Every inch of her nector little body is in your face, raw and ready for you to bust your nut again. Now it’s time for a little role play session as she pulls out her black vibrator and imagines that it’s your cock she’s gobbing on. Now keep it up because she is taking you deep down inside her tight creamy pussy for a fuck session that will leave you feeling worthless when she is done with you. Heather is so shy and innocent wearing her tiny pink shorts and yellow knee high socks with a matching yellow baby doll tee shirt. She wants to watch a man stroke his cock for the first time and she is willing to do her part as well.

Stars: Heather Vandeven

Playtime’s Nudes Presents: Dani Daniels

Video: Playtime's Nudes Presents: Dani Daniels

Watch This Video!

Playtime Video
Dani Daniel’s is back to give your cock more of what you’ve been waiting for. She is lounging on the couch wearing shiny yellow hot pants with nude colored stockings and a black bra. She invites you to pull your cock out of your pants and stroke that cock while she stands over the top of you with her nice plump camel toe just inches from your face. She takes her time playing naughty head games with you before taking off her bra and hiking her nice round ass in the air. She knows how hard she makes your cock and she is more than willing to play the tease game with you for as long as it takes for you to drain your cock dry. The tight yellow shorts come off next and in only her nude stockings she lies back on the couch and spreads her tight little pussy wide open for you. Dani’s labia are like butter fly wings waiting to flutter up and down your cock from every angle. She shows you just how much she wishes you were there with her as she opens up her pussy lips and lets you see for yourself how wet she is for you. She tells you what she would do to you if you were there with her and then she breaks out her pink dildo and she shows you what she would do. She starts you off with a nice slow blow and then fucks the shit out of you until you have nothing left to give. Dani is the hottest little catholic school girl you have ever seen and she is alone with you for the very first time. She opens up her legs and lets you peek at her tight white cotton panties hidden under her little plaid skirt. She can see that you want a little more so she rolls the panties off and drops her school dress to the ground. In only her red knee high socks she turns up the heat with some filthy talk and wet pussy spreads.

She crawls to the floor and hikes her ass up doggie style while you pray on her from behind and then she rolls over and slides two fingers down inside her tight little fuck hole. She cocks her head back and tells you to rub that cock as she fingers herself so good you can hear her pussy juices sloshing in and out while as she brings you both to a screaming orgasm. Your girlfriend in the bedroom giving you a private dance to your favorite rock song, wearing a black strappy bodysuit and matching stockings. She loves watching your cock stiffen up as she dances and she wants you to know that she is all about making you cum. She opens her legs and lets you look at her labia through the buttons on the bodysuit. She pulls the bodysuit to the side and lets you get a better look before taking it off. Wearing nothing but her sexy strappy stockings she asks you if want to fuck her and then bends it right over for you. She moves to her knees and lets you stab at her from behind and then rolls over on her back to take you in from the front. She wants you to take your cock in your hands and jerk off for her a little bit while she tells you how good your cock feels when it’s inside her. She loves to watch you jerk off and she showers you with sexy compliments as you fulfill her need to make you cum. She takes your warm load all over her perky breasts and then breaks out her life like cock and makes you watch as she strokes it up and down. It’s pure torture watching her stroke that dick toy. She spares no mercy on you as she slides it inside of her wet warm pussy while you watch. She gives you permission to stroke your own cock while she fucks the shit out of her life like dick toy and pleases her horny little pussy one more time.

Stars: Dani Daniels

Naughty Little Toy

Video: Naughty Little Toy

Watch This Video!

Severe Society Films
Scene 1: Tim Woodman, Miss Caddy Compson
Sensual domination, bondage and more. Miss Caddy (of “Cage of Tears” fame) is bored. She’s been patiently waiting for her master to return, but her patience runs out and she starts playing with his toys. When he catches her, she realizes that she’s going to have to pay! He selects a purple flogger (Caddy’s favorite color) and begins to show her the error of her ways!

Master Tim starts by binding her chest, arms and legs, and then brings out the purple flogger that she was so interested in just moments ago. Perhaps feeling the sting of its tails will teach Miss Caddy to follow instructions!

With Miss Caddy bound on the couch, her Master starts in with the purple flogger, working over her back before flipping her over to get at her more sensitive parts.

Scene 2: Tim Woodman, Miss Caddy Compson
Master (Tim Woodman) gives Miss Caddy Compson a short rest before reddening her upturned ass with the leather slapper as she cuddles in his lap. After getting her good and warmed up, Master switches to something with a bit more bite, his dragon’s tongue, and soon has Caddy squealing with delight. Next up, the single tail whip. Caddy is very lucky to be Master Tim’s toy!

Scene 3: Tim Woodman, Miss Caddy Compson
Now that Master (Tim Woodman) has finished punishing Miss Caddy Compson for playing with his toys without permission, he can get on with the original plan for the day, some violet wand play. As Master runs the mushroom probe over Miss Caddy’s wriggling body, she describes the sensation as a cross between pain and tickling. From the squealing, it sounds like whatever it is, she’s enjoying it!

Scene 4: Mistress D Severe, Miss Caddy Compson
Bonus Feature #1: Naughty Little Toy Does Her Chores – When the shooting day is done, someone has to clean up. And who better to sweep up than our hottie Caddy Compson – naked?

Bonus Feature #2: Table Top Tickle Torture Mistress D Severe can’t believe her luck. First-time tickle victim Miss Caddy Compson is tied spread-eagled to the table top, with all of her most vulnerable bits exposed. Where to begin? How about with a bit of fur? Or the fingers behind the knees? Knees, feet, ribs, armpits – soon Mistress is discovering all of Miss Caddy’s ticklish sports. Will our Mistress show mercy? From the looks of that electric toothbrush in her hands, probably not.

Stars: Tim Woodman, Mistress D Severe, Miss Caddy Compson

Cock teasers In Charge

Video: Cock teasers In Charge

Watch This Video!

All the most thrilling tortures are present in this twisted tale of two dazzling dommes that will make you submit at first sight! Two Beautiful Dommes Cock Tease & Torture a Slave into Perpetual Arousal with No Relief. Sybil Hawthorne and Lola Babalon torment their helplessly bound male slave into paiful erection without mercy. Using whips, vicious clamps, cock rings & harnesses, urethral plugs, needles, and more, they feed his addiction to pain into unsatisfied arousal. Lola Babalon uses slaps and tongue to keep him up, then raises the bar with extreme nipple torture. Sybil Hawthorne punishes with whipping and nipple torture, demands thorough foot-worship and then teases with a long foot job but no permission to come.

Stars: Lola Babalon, Sybil Hawthorne

Hot Latina – Submission, Bondage & Spanking

Video: Hot Latina - Submission, Bondage & Spanking

Watch This Video!

We find Latin beauty, Julia, on her knees with her head bowed. She confesses that she loves being spanked, loves being tied up, so her girlfriend has given her the phone number of Master Rick Savage. She admits to also having a fantasy about making a bondage video. Rick informs her that nothing short of total submission will be acceptable if she wants to appear in one of his bondage videos. Julia promises to be obedient and Rick commands her to stand. We see that our Hispanic doll is wearing a matching leotard and miniskirt, black hosiery and elegant black boots. Julia’s B&D journey begins with rope bondage. Rick binds her ankles together, binds her knees together, then ties rope around her chest just above and below her tits. Her wrists are bound behind her back. Rick lifts the hem of her skirt revealing a pair of beautiful Spanish buns covered in pantyhose. Rick hoists her leotard up into her butt crack and squeezes and caresses her butt cheeks.

The master expounds on the beauty of a nice ass covered with nothing but sheer nylon. Bare hand spanking is first on the corporal punishment menu. Besides spanking, Rick can’t resist pausing to squeeze and pinch Julia’s hot Latin tushie. After plenty of bare hand spanking, Rick begins using a wooden paint stirrer to inflict the butt punishment. Julia’s pretty ass jiggles from each blow, and she squirms and moans so nicely. Rick reaches into the warm dampness between his new slave’s legs and unsnaps her leotard. Her ass punishment continues. Eventually, he pauses the spanking, and they discuss how that hot, tingly feeling lingers in one’s ass cheeks after the spanking has stopped. Julia is all smiles as she admits that she likes that feeling.

Rick unsnaps Julia’s blouse and slides it open beneath her chest ropes. He then pushes her bra down and pulls her firm pretty brown boobies out over the top of the bra. The Master can’t resist a pair of hard, chewy nipple erections so the nipple torture begins with sturdy clothespins attached to each nipple. Our Latin lovely moans as Rick bends, flicks and toys with the clothespins. Then, wicked Rick uses a strong vibrator to bend the clothespins. As S&M aficionados are well aware, the most painful part of clothespin play is having them removed. So after much nipple torture it’s no surprise when an expression of pain lights up Julia’s face when the clothespins are finally removed. Rick decides to “reward” Julia with more butt punishment. What a guy! He slides her pantyhose down below her pretty butt cheeks and begins spanking her reddened buns with the wooden paint stirrer.

After lots of moans and groans, Julia is released from her rope bondage so Master Rick can affix her to a wooden chair with a variety of restraints. He strips his Latin lovely down to her black bra, pantyhose and boots and sits her on the chair facing the back of the chair. Her boot-covered ankles are affixed to the legs of the chair using small dog collars. Her hands pass through the slats on the back of the chair and are handcuffed and a rope is tied in placed between her pussy lips that makes Julia keep her lovely, voluptuous ass hanging over the edge of the chair. The ass punishment now gets serious as Savage assaults her pretty Spanish derriere with his leather flogger and more bare handed spanking. After plenty of ass flogging, Savage adds a twist. He holds a vibrator against Julia’s pussy while he continues to flog her delicious buns. In no time, Julia’s excitement level goes through the roof.

For her final demise, our beautiful Latina is released from the chair, stripped totally naked and spread eagle on the carpet. The spread eagle is accomplished by tying Julia’s wrists to the legs of a bureau and a spreader bar being affixed between her ankles. Julia’s pussy play begins with clothespins being affixed to her totally shaved pussy lips. As the clothespins pinch her labia, a look of uncertainty comes across Julia’s pretty face. Like….what has she gotten herself into? Rick uses the clothespins to pull her pussy open and zooms his camera in to give us a view of her wetness. Again, the sturdy vibrator is brought into the pain play. By pressing the vibrator against the clothespins, this “vibrating pain” is accentuated. Rick places the vibrator in a way that it can vibrate the clothespins and also rest against her clit. Julia now rocks her hips against the vibrator. As the camera fades to bring this bondage video to a close, Julia is one happy chica.

Stars: Master Rick Savage, Julia

Asian Bondage 31

Video: Asian Bondage 31

Watch This Video!

Asian Bondage
WeiQian is our best model who is willing to show her beautiful nude body in bondage. Therefore you have the chance to watch this nice video for this oriental beauty: first she is tied up by Western style rope bondage, her arms and legs are bound together very tightly, then she suffers from mouth gag ball and metal chains, second, the master binds her with traditional Chinese style Five Flowers rope bondage, her two ankles are extremely bound by ropes and foot torture is a must for her, after the preplay, the very painful action starts: her nude body is hanging up to the ceiling, whole body’s weight are hung up on her two ankles only with her two hands extremely tied behind her back. She enjoys the pain and pleasure those hemp ropes bring to her nude body in her air…

Stars: WeiQuan

Mallory’s Torture Cabin

Video: Mallory's Torture Cabin

Watch This Video!

Syren Productions
Mistress Mallory has a cozy little cabin in Quebec that she uses to train her out of town slaves. She has summoned Bart to come out from California to satiate her sadistic urges. Mallory hasn’t played in a long time and subjects Bart to OTK hair brush spanking, anal play, singletail whipping, caning, paddling and strapping.

Stars: Bart, Mistress Mallory


Video: LGIS-1000

Watch This Video!

L. Scott Sales
LGIS certainly is one of the longest existing female-fighting clubs, established in 1977 in Munich, Germany. It was the first time young ladies like Angie Simons and Heidi Ranke entered boxing rings in many German and European cities to fight it out–topless–in front of thousands of excited fans. In 1993 the club was re-established with good-looking, tough girl Nicole as its new captain. The unique collection includes: boxing, wrestling, catfights, tit-fights, bare-fisted boxing, kick-boxing, handicap-matches, oil-grappling, fantasy-duels, mixed matches–wrestling and boxing, face-sitting, hair- and breast-pulling, foot torture and S&M punishment.

Miss Ticklish USA

Video: Miss Ticklish USA

Watch This Video!

Here it is! The incredible sequel to “The Contest”. A mega event showcasing 20 beautiful ticklish girls! We searched far and wide to find these contestants, all competing for the title of the most ticklish female in the United States of America! Girls of every race, size, and type are tickled in the stocks by a man, a woman, on their armpits, ribs, bare feet, and stocking feet! In this first half you will get to see ALL the girls together, and one at a time in their preliminary tickle torture session!

The second half of this incredible competition opens with the announcement of the semi finalists…are they the girls YOU picked?? Then as in all good contests, there is an intermission that will knock your socks off!! See Star as she is tied to a real railroad track and tickle tortured for information!

Then, back to the show as all the finalists walk, sit, and pose for you as you hear more about each one of them. Then on to the finals where you will be blown away as you see the finalists in the new 5-person stocks all at once! Only 1 poor girl can endure so much and crowned the winner!

Stars: Brandi, Skylar, Marilyn, Michele, Shannon, Roxy, Natasha, Lisa, Sandy, Bunny, Starr, Rosa, Kim-Lan, Tempest, Sheree, Abbie, Kekoa, Alanna, Robin, Melody

18-Year-Old Blonde Submission, Bondage & Discipline

Video: 18-Year-Old Blonde Submission, Bondage & Discipline

Watch This Video!

This is the very first bondage video for Blondie, a blonde teenager from Maryland. After watching a Rick Savage movie, Blondie’s boyfriend tells her it would really turn him on to see her submit to Master Rick in one of his bondage videos. After a couple of letters, the slender blonde with small “bee bite” boobs and gorgeous legs finds herself in front of the camera in Rick’s Brooklyn dungeon wearing a short black latex skirt, a t-shirt and open-toed heels. The pretty teen asks if she will have to take off all her clothes because she admits to being shy. The Master’s answer is intentionally vague. “We’ll see,” he tells her.

After affixing leather restraints to her wrists, Rick attaches the restraints to chains hanging from the ceiling. Once she’s restrained, Rick asks his new teenage slave if she’s ticklish. She says yes. Rick smiles. Blondie’s tickling session begins gradually and builds to a point where it looks like the young lady might wet herself from laughing so hard. Along the way, her t-shirt gets lifted over her head, and her skirt is pulled up to her waist revealing a very sexy pair of black lace panties and a black lace bra. Once the tickling stops, Rick lifts up her bra to reveal her tiny titties and slides her lace panties down to her knees, revealing Blondie’s cute, dainty, totally shaved pussy. The nipple torture and pussy torture begin with Rick flogging those sensitive parts of her anatomy with a small, rawhide genital flogger. After several direct hits to Blondie’s hard little nipples, Savage focuses on her pretty pussy. He instructs her to open her legs wide, but her reflex is to close them. Rick informs her that she will be punished if she doesn’t obey, and he demonstrates that punishment by putting a harsh clothespin on one of her nipples. Blondie promises to keep her legs spread wide. Of course, when a rawhide flogger is landing firm blows to your clit, it’s hard for a young lady to keep her legs spread. So, Master Rick is compelled to give our young blonde a “reminder” by clothespinning her nipple again. NOW Blondie spreads those legs wide and Rick’s camera zooms in close on her delectable shaved pussy.

The pussy flogging resumes, bringing such delightful little squeals and “ows” from our teenager. After plenty of pussy torture, Rick moves to punishing her hard nipples with his bare hands. Camera close-ups do a great job of capturing Blondie’s nipples being flattened between Rick’s pinching fingers. Suddenly, Rick’s camera zooms between Blondie’s legs. At the top of her creamy white thigh, just a few inches below her hot little pussy, Savage has discovered a few droplets of her “feminine arousal” dripping down her leg. Rick informs the young lady that he’s discovered the drops of pussy juice on her leg. This brings a delightful look of embarrassment our teenager’s face. Rick now adorns Blondie’s tiny tits with clothespins, being sure to put a couple directly on her hard nipples. Eventually, Blondie is released from her restraints so that Rick can put her in a sexier black outfit.

When Rick’s camera fades back up, we find Blondie wearing the same black latex mini skirt, but she’s also adorned in a sexy black pvc top and black lacy stockings, garters and black heels. Rick pulls her top down to her waist and using the wrist restraints, he affixes her hands to a St. Andrew’s Cross, facing the wall. He now breaks out one of his heavier leather floggers and gives our teenage blonde a taste of flogging on her back, occasionally nailing her in her slender, latex-covered butt cheeks. Soon, the main focus of Rick’s flogger become’s Blondie’s cute ass. Then, he raises her latex skirt revealing her bare white buns. At this point, Savage gets down to some serious ass punishment.

Throughout much of this bondage video, we can hear the sound of jackhammers somewhere outside the dungeon. Occasionally, Master Rick will tease his new teen slave by telling her he’s going to invite some of the construction workers in to “play with her,” which invariably brings a look fear on Blondie’s pretty face. As the next segment begins, the jackhammers have ceased and Blondie has been introduced to rope bondage. Wearing only her stockings, heels, garters and black g-string, the ropes have been used to tie Blondie, face down, on an ottoman. The view from the rear is hot as we see the single strand of fabric from the g-string hoisted up between her shaved, moist pussy lips. Savage uses a flogger to beat her ass and to flog her pussy. As a pink, then reddish glow develops in her lily white ass cheeks, Savage blends bare hand spanking in the mix of corporal ass punishment. Our blonde teen appears to be fighting back tears at one point, but she bravely continues, sacrificing her ass flesh just so that her boyfriend will be turned on by this bondage video.

In the final position, more rope bondage has been used to tie Blondie to the ottoman in a sitting position with her legs spread. Her bare, shaved pussy is adorned with harsh clothespins biting her pussy lips. Rick places a ball gag in Blondie’s mouth, then presses against the clothespins with a sturdy vibrator as his camera zooms in tight on the pussy torture. The end of this video carries quite a surprise for Blondie as Rick informs the bound, helpless lady that he has an important meeting, and he finally makes good on his threat to bring a couple of the construction workers inside to play with her. Ah, let the fun begin!

Stars: Blondie, Master Rick Savage

The Adventures Of Evil Dia

Video: The Adventures Of Evil Dia

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Severe Society Films
AVN Award Nominee 2012 — Best BDSM Release. Porn star Dia Zerva seems like such a nice girl – but here, she shows us what a scary, evil bitch she can really be! Nefarious Dr. Dia Zerva has lured Sgt. Tommy Toscano to an abandoned warehouse, where he thinks he will her, putting an end to her evil deeds. But the sergeant is no match for the doctor, and soon she has him scissored between her legs, disarmed and at her mercy! She tortures him with her heels and makes him worship her feet before putting a bag over his head and leading him to a cage. There she uses a stun pen as motivation to get him stripped down before inflicting more torture with her powerful feet and legs!

Dr. Dia has Tommy stripped down and at her mercy in a cage in the abandoned warehouse. After stuffing her foot in his mouth, she gives him a few good body kicks and then leads him out of the cage. She secures him to the side of the cage and begins to flog him, making him suck his thumb for added humiliation! After warming him up with the flogger, she switched to a single tail and then a paddle for some heavier punishment. Finally Dr. Dia goes for the most sadistic implements of all, her hands, turning Tommy’s ass a bright shade of crimson!

Sgt. Tommy Toscano is still chained to the cage in the warehouse as the sadistic Dr. Dia Zerva continues to torture him! A hard cropping of his shoulders is followed by some quick strokes on his ass, before the evil starts working on the front of him. Soon she is alternating belly kicks and crop strokes on his legs and ass. When that isn’t enough, she breaks out the nightstick, determined to see what kind of a beating Tommy can take!

Sgt. Tommy is no longer chained to the cage, but evil Dia has taped him to a column in the warehouse. Showing her whimsical side, she used purple tape, but it’s not all fun and games, as she continues the torture by applying wooden clothes pins to almost every bit of exposed flesh (including his finger tips, ears and eyebrows, OUCH!) Adding to the agony, she has affixed electrical pads to his thighs. As she turns up the power, his legs begin to quiver. Now what is she going to do with that cane?

Dia Zerva has Tommy taped to a column in the warehouse with clothes pins all over his face. As Sgt. Toscano is about to learn, the only thing worse than putting clothes pins on is taking them off! He thinks he’s going to get some relief when she begins teasing his cock with her feet, but pleasure soon turns to pain as she pounds on his thighs with her heels. And did we mention the cane and the stun?

Evil Dr. Dia specializes in the creative torture. She’s got poor Sgt. Toscano’s cock in a very precarious position- below the arm of a giant rat trap. Is she really going to release the arm, or is the psychological torture enough for her. Then it’s on to the “helicopter”. This helicopter isn’t going to rescue our sergeant, just bring him more pain! Finally the doctor decides that that she will untie Tommy, but is this a show of mercy, or is it just to make it easier to torture him in another way?

Dia Zerva has finished interrogating her prisoner, Tommy Toscano, now it’s time for her to have some fun! With him bound on his back, she begins probing his tight butthole with a well-lubed finger, threatening to milk his prostate and make him eat his cum. But she’s only kidding. Now that 9” dildo strapped to her waist, that’s no joke, as Tommy discovers when she has it balls-deep in his ass!

Dia has her prisoner in a very exposed position, with his legs up and his ass out, defenseless against an assault from her 9” strap-on. After a good solid pounding, Tommy is ready to agree to anything Dr. Dia asks. She flips him over to take him from behind, his face buried in humiliation. He is so broken that when she orders him to “fuck my cock”, she just has to stand there and he does all the work, grinding his ass on her plastic penis. Finally she’s had enough, and with a slap on the ass, she leaves him, totally spent.

Stars: Tommy Toscano, Dia Zerva

Bondage Torments 43

Video: Bondage Torments 43

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1. At the end of a long weekend of shooting, crystal gets an offer to do one more foot torture custom. her feet are sore from days of previous whippings. This is pure hell for her.

2. I leave the camera running after crystal cannot take any more foot whipping. She needs to cum, so I happily oblige.

3. After a model cancel, I asked my new assistant Anna if she would not mind going on camera. Anna is a good girl so nothing intimate on camera. So check her out. You won’t see her this way often.

4. What to do when a model cancels. well, it’s been awhile since I have had an assistant that enjoys being tied up, so I turn on the camera and let it run as I work on binding Anna Maria and give her a little taste of some playful bdsm. I gag her and leave her to think of what may happen next.

5. Pet Anna is taking so well to the bondage I kick it up a notch, tying her hair back to her heels and arching her up with some pretty red rope. Her eyes glisten over her ball gag. I so love a woman that craves being tied tight. A hard spanking completes this part of our play scene.

Stars: Anna Marie, Crystal Frost

Hellfire MILF, Bondage & Discipline 2

Video: Hellfire MILF, Bondage & Discipline 2

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Once again, legendary Master Rick Savage leads sexy French bondage model, Sandrine on a journey into the bowels of the world famous Hellfire Club for a day of bondage, degradation and humiliation. Sandrine’s defilement begins outdoors, on the streets of Manhattan’s Chelsea district, just a few blocks from Hellfire. Rick has instructed Sandrine to wear a tight fitting, sheer top. The top is so see-through that passersby can easily see Sandrine’s natural breasts and nipples through the thin fabric. As traffic zips by, Rick commands Sandrine to pick up her skirt and show him her panties. They are black, sexy. He approves. But then he tells her to keep holding up her skirt and rub her pussy with her other hand. Reluctantly, she obeys. Rick tosses a collar on the sidewalk and tells Sandrine to pick it up and put it on. She obeys. In her short skirt, we can almost see her panties as she bends over to pick it up. She puts on the collar, which looks very much like an old fashioned dog collar, and Rick then attaches a leash to the collar. Now, wearing her see-through blouse, Sandrine is taken for a walk, led by her leash, into the meat market district, home of the Hellfire Club. At one point, Master Rick hands Sandrine a pair of handcuffs and instructs her to put them on. Sandrine handcuffs her hands behind her back and their walk through the streets of the meat market continues. A couple of workmen leaning against a garbage dumpster smile in approval.

Then…we’re inside. Inside what was once the most famous S&M club on planet earth. If the stone and brick walls could talk, oh what a tale they would tell. Through the dim lighting, Sandrine is still led by her leash. In one of the dungeon rooms, an old Harley Davidson has been mounted so it can now be used as “bondage furniture.” It’s in this room that Rick elects to turn up the lights and tell Sandrine to take off her skirt. Rick chuckles as Sandrine attempts to accomplish this simple task with her hands still cuffed behind her back. Her struggles are so amusing that Rick then tells her to take off her panties as well. Once she has denuded herself from the waist down, Rick commands her to bend over and place her forehead on the back seat of the motorcycle. He removes the handcuffs so he has free access to Sandrine’s full, round buttocks. She now receives a harsh butt flogging, gasping as the strands of leather collide with her delicate ass flesh. Rick’s camera zooms in close until Sandrine’s ass literally fills our entire screen. With each flog, we now watch her ass jiggle wildly.

Master Rick commands his MILF slave to climb up and sit on the Harley as though she were going to ride. With Sandrine standing on the foot pegs and her hands on the handle bars, her ass flogging continues. Rick holds his camera in his left hand and flogs her red butt globes with the other hand. In this position, Sandrine’s shaved pussy is visible and vulnerable, so Savage assaults it with his flogger. Savage instructs her to remove her blouse, leaving her completely nude. He instructs her to now turn around and lie back on the motorcycle as though it’s her bed. Rope bondage is used to affix our French MILF’s ankles to the rear foot pegs and to tie her hands to the handlebars. Her natural breasts look fantastic, floating on her ribcage. Savage uses the leather handle of her leash to smack her nipples and bald pussy, bringing gasps from our slave. The cold steel chain of the leash is also used to tease her twat. Rick now uses his leather flogger to punish the entire front of her naked torso: her tits, her pussy, even her tender inner thighs. After a lengthy pussy whipping, Rick applies leather restraints to Sandy’s wrists and ankles. The restraints are then clipped to a spider web of chains in Hellfire’s main dungeon room. Rick now uses a large, brittle bottle brush to inflict nipple torture and pussy torture upon his totally nude slave. Sandrine repeatedly gasps as the harsh bristles rake across her hard raw nipples and shaved pussy. Next, Rick uses a pair of cold, steel tongs to inflict tit torture and more nipple torture. After LOTS of nipple twisting and pinching with the tongs, wicked Rick applies sturdy clothespins To Sandy’s hard MILF nipples. He then lets her wear the clothespins while he goes to prepare the next Hellfire dungeon room for her final demise.

Finally, a blindfolded, completely naked Sandrine is bound to a spanking horse, using plenty of rope bondage. Rick returns to butt beating, mostly using his leather flogger. At this stage, Sandrine’s buns are quite colorful. Red, pink and splotches of lavender amidst the red and pink. When Rick’s camera finally faded to end this bondage video, we imagined that when her ass punishment finally ended, the lavender areas of Sandrine’s ass would eventually turn purple.

The world famous Hellfire club is long gone, a victim of “urban renewal.” But it lives on in a handful of videos produced by Master Rick Savage. You’ll like this movie because it gives you the opportunity to visit such a legendary den of degradation, a place you’ve only dreamed about visiting. You’ll also like it because Sandrine is such a hot, sexy MILF pain sponge.

Stars: Master Rick Savage, Sadrine

REALMS 01: Return Of Mutiny

Video: REALMS 01: Return Of Mutiny

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L. Scott Sales
Mutiny returns set on destroying Chad. She did just that. Dressed in just a tiny white string thong she works Chad over with long forward and reverse facesits, breast smothering, forcing him to submit under her powerful ass, inflicting more torture after he taps. Mutiny is a treat to behold and she out performs herself in this not to miss video!

Stars: Chad, Mutiny

Facesitters In Heat 24

Video: Facesitters In Heat 24

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Roman Video
Scene One – Blonde Mistress Sex Goddess Kagney Lynn Carter brandishes her riding crop at you in her intense POV. You struggle to please her as she bends over and commands you to lick her ass, but your feeble attempts don’t impress her. She rubs her pussy and shows you her creamy fluids while calling you an idiot. While reading in bed, Kagney’s slave Jeremy tries to WORSHIP HER ASS. His wimpy performance just frustrates her. She gets up and leans against her mirrored closet, raising a leg high so her slave will have easier access to her asshole. On his knees, he laps excitedly at her perfect anus, swearing his devotion to her.

Even though Kagney cums, she still shows her slave no mercy. She binds him in PLASTIC WRAP and throws him on her bed. She rides his face forward and back, SMOTHERING him while SLAPPING HIS COCK. She gives him an angry HANDJOB as she grinds her pussy on his face, then orders him to jerk his own cock until he cums. Disgusted by him, she harshly thrusts her pussy against his mouth until she has her own orgasm.

Scene Two – Voluptuous brunette Mistress Alison Tyler plays peek-a-boo with you in her POV. She spins around on a bar stool, revealing, then hiding her big, bountiful ass. The teasing is torture as you yearn to stick your tongue into her hot, tight asshole. Mistress Alison leads Slave Eric out of his closet home by his leash. She makes him kiss and lick her ass while she spins on the stool. He slurps and kisses, practically drooling on himself to please her. Unfortunately, his weak performance only frustrates her.

They move to her couch where Slave Eric tries to improve his ass worshiping. Alison remains unimpressed. She decides to crush her slave’s little head under the full weight of her massive ass. She tries to see how long he can hold his breath while her pussy is clamped over his nose and mouth and she’s cruelly pinching his nipples. Increasingly bored, Alison starts lashing her slave with a whip while he struggles for air under her jiggling flesh. While continuing to SMOTHER him, she calls a friend and asks if she has any extra slaves available because the one she has is worthless. Alison finally grinds her pussy hard on her slave’s tongue until she cums.

Stars: Slave Jeremy, Alison Tyler, Kagney Linn Carter, Eric Jover

LSS-128: Scissor Domination And Forced Foot Worship In Pantyhose

Video: LSS-128: Scissor Domination And Forced Foot Worship In Pantyhose

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L. Scott Sales
Van enters the world of female wrestling domination by climbing into Lilly’s wrestling sanctuary, her private wrestling ring. Lilly takes charge from the beginning, taking her male opponent down with a powerful headlock throw and quickly mounts him, wrapping her sexy pantyhosed legs around his neck. Then the torture begins!

She wrestles and squeezes him into submission until he is exhausted. Then the foot worship humiliation begins. She rubs her pantyhosed feet in his face, making him kiss and suck her toes and soles. He pisses her off when he gets her hose wet from his tongue. Lilly leaves Van to change into a darker shiny brown pair, only to come back to begin her torturous fight with him all over again.

Great head, neck, body and figure four scissor holds with some painful belly punching and sensuous face smothering. Another great ending with more humiliating forced foot worship after she is done pulverizing her worthless opponent.

Stars: Van, Lilly

Blonde Teenager: Submission, Bondage & Torture

Video: Blonde Teenager: Submission, Bondage & Torture

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We find 18-year-old Samantha, dressed in her schoolgirl uniform, in Master Savage’s Brooklyn dungeon. She tells us she’s never made a video before and never been put in bondage before. Master Rick explains that if she really wants to be in one of his bondage videos, nothing but complete obedience to her director is acceptable. Otherwise, she can go home. She promises to be obedient and seems to feign shyness. There’s something about Samantha, almost like she’s got a little bit of a “white trash” streak in her. Rick instructs her to pull up her skirt and show us her panties. She’s momentarily hesitant but obeys. Her purple panties barely cover her pussy. Rick makes her turn around and we see that her panties have ridden up into her butt crack, giving us a nice glimpse of her creamy white firm buns. Samantha is instructed to remove her panties and she slowly slides them down and over her shoes. Next Rick tells her to hold them in her mouth. She obeys.

Time for our bondage virgin to get acquainted with the feeling of rope bondage, so Savage uses a length of rope to tightly tie her hands behind her back, Another rope is used to pull her elbows closer together. More rope bondage is used to bind her ankles and knees together. Rick opens her white blouse, revealing a very sexy, see-through purple bra. Rick now performs a very simple Japanese form of breast bondage called “shinju.” Rope is wound around her chest just above and below her natural tits, then wound over her shoulders. The same rope is used to pull the “tit ropes” closer together. This type of breast bondage will sometimes cause the breasts to bulge nicely. But Samantha’s B-cup natural boobs are still encased in the sheer fabric, so the bondage serves to be more decorative. Next, a length of rope is bound around her waist and between her legs, tightly pulling up between her shaved pussy lips. Rick now slides the cups of the teenager’s bra downward, exposing some VERY pretty, pointed, natural boobs. Samantha’s areolas are slightly puffy, and her nipples are hard. Rick now teases his new slave by repeatedly and rhythmically pulling up on her pussy rope, causing it to bite into her clit, essentially masturbating her with the rope.

Before Samantha is placed in a different rope bondage position, Rick strips her and places her in a very sexy, sheer lingerie outfit equipped with garter belts and stockings. Sam is placed in a kneeling position on a director’s chair facing the back of the chair. Plenty of rope is used to tie our hot blonde teenager into the chair. This leaves her lily white ass exposed and vulnerable. Our blonde teen’s S&M journey begins with Rick punishing her pretty ass with his riding crop. Eventually, crimson splotches develop on Samantha’s pretty butt globes. Occasionally, Rick pauses the butt punishment so that his crop can reach between her legs and tease and smack her shaved pussy. Rick decides to make an adjustment to the rope bondage. He unties her ankles, which had been tied to opposite sides of the chair, and now ties them together. In this fashion, Samantha’s delectable white ass cheeks are resting on the back of her black high heels. The view, or effect, is REALLY hot. Now? Sam’s butt cropping continues. Samantha’s “ows” and squeals are a delight to any sadist. And then, Rick steps up the intensity of his ass torture with some good bare handed spanking, and finally the use of a leather flogger. As the intensity increases, so do Sam’s beautiful yelps, moans and cries. Rick now holds his camera in his left hand and flogs her gorgeous ass with his right. Our teenager’s ass is really reddening up nicely now.

After a long, hard session of ass punishment, Rick releases his young slave and has her put on a different, very sexy lingerie outfit. She now wears black fishnet stockings, but her torso is covered with a black, very sheer leotard that gives us very hot views of her shaved pussy, her sweet ass and natural boobs. Rick now uses more rope bondage to tie Samantha to a spanking bench in a sitting position. The bodice of the leotard is lowered, and the crotch unsnapped, so that her tits and shaved pussy are now completely vulnerable. After gagging her mouth, Rick now assaults Samantha’s tits and shaved pussy with his small, very wicked rubber flogger. After a nasty little tit and pussy flogging, Rick decides to step up the pussy torture by affixing several sturdy plastic clothespins to Sam’s shaved labia. He then uses a strong vibrator to press against the clothespins, bend them, giving Samantha’s pussy even more pain. Next, Rick removes the clothespins, and as all S&M enthusiasts know, taking clothespins off is much more painful than putting them on. Now, for his own amusement, and Sam’s humiliation, he takes a water pistol and has target practice – the target being Sam’s clit. When Rick’s camera zooms in real close, we can see that our hot teenager’s shaved pussy has been left quite red from the flogging.

For Samantha’s final demise, a full body rope bondage harness, a type of Japanese bondage known as “shibari” is applied to Samantha’s naked bod. Well, naked except for her fishnet stockings and black heels. Master Rick has used very thick, bright red rope to create this Japanese bondage sculpture. And the bondage itself inflicts a bit of pussy torture as the rope and a thick knot wedge harshly between her shaved pussy lips and press directly against Sam’s clit. But Rick has designs on some excruciating nipple torture. Samantha’s nipples are long and hard now. How long? So long that Rick places clothes pins on them from the side, and the very tips of Sam’s teenage nipples are still exposed. Time to give Sam a jolt. Rick breaks out his violet wand so that he can inflict electrical torture. Repeatedly, the electricity zaps the very tips of Samantha’s pinched nipples, causing the cutest moans and gasps to emerge from behind her gag. Rick, being an equal opportunity torturer, allows the wand to wander all over Sam’s creamy body, being certain to lavish upon her shaved little pussy.

The youthful Samantha always manages to exude a bit of trashy, “fuck me” energy, and it made this classic Rick Savage bondage video all the more exciting.

Stars: Master Rick Savage, Samantha

Massage Tickler

Video: Massage Tickler

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Massage tickler is all ALL NUDE, FULL BODY tickling video with all new, beautiful, ticklish girls. It is primarily all F/F tickling! Olivia is late for her massage appointment and rushes in demanding her full hour massage. Renee, her massage therapist is taken aback at how rude Olivia is. Olivia is beautiful, olive skinned with dark hair and eyes and a gorgeous, voluptuous body but her attitude stinks! She thinks that just because she is a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys that she can do as she pleases, well Renee has news for her! Olivia strips naked and lies on the table. Renee starts rubbing her body with baby oil and all Olivia can do is complain!

Renee rubs Olivia’s back but when her fingers run over Olivia’s side, Olivia says “Not so light, I don’t like a light touch!” So Renee starts massaging Olivia’s feet and Olivia nearly jumps out of her skin “Don’t touch my feet! I don’t like my feet touched!” She says. Renee explains that foot massage is the best part of any massage but Olivia refuses to let Renee near her bare feet. With that, Renee knows what must be done but doesn’t say a word. Renee turns on some soft music and finally Olivia falls asleep.

While asleep Renee binds Olivia’s ankles and wrists to the massage table. Olivia is face down and Renee has access to the soles of her bare feet, the sensitive back of her thighs and knees. Renee wakes up Olivia by running her nails down the girl’s bare soles. Olivia is angry and surprised and demands to be let go but Renee says not until she apologizes for her bad behavior. Olivia laughs and states that she will NEVER apologize!

The fun begins….Renee starts tickling Olivia’s bare soles asking if the reason she doesn’t like them touched is because she is ticklish. Olivia tries to hold back her laughter and deny it (I love when ticklish girls try to hide it) but her laughter breaks through, she can’t help it. It tickles so much! Renee tickles her feet, the backs of her knees and her thighs making the naked cheerleader convulse and laugh desperately. Still, Olivia won’t apologize! Renee feels it is time to call in some help!

From out of nowhere, Gia, Kamiano and Machine appear. They turn her onto her back and cuff her again. Gia pours baby oil onto Olivia’s armpits and trails it down her tummy. Then the gang tickling starts. Fingers everywhere, sliding over the slick oil, tickling like crazy in her armpits, tummy, belly button and ribs! Olivia is shaking with laughter and she gives a scream every time a finger slides into her belly button. Renee starts tickling her feet again and she can’t escape the tickling hands, they are EVERYWHERE! Renee climbs up on the bed and straddles Olivia, paying special attention to Olivia’s ticklish armpits!

Finally, Olivia gives in (they always do!) and apologizes – but is that the end of her tickle torture? What do you think? Tabitha and Henna are real life bi girlfriends; they are kissing and making out in bed when Henna tells Tabitha about the S&M bondage table she bought. Tabitha is up to try anything and agrees to be tied down to the bed. Of course, Henna loses no time in getting her hands on her naked girlfriend’s body! Watching Tabitha get tickled is like watching the first girl you ever tickled. She is very young looking and sweet with a slight Southern accent.

She has the classic tickle reaction. She fights like a wildcat to get away, squirms frantically, begs and pleads like crazy (she won’t cuss, only says: “Honest to God, don’t tickle me!”) and has the out of control giggles. The way Henna teases her girlfriend in this scene is incredible. Henna really tries to torture the poor little blond girl, poking fun at her the whole time! She tickles every inch of her helpless, naked body with her fingernails! Then she runs feathers all over her, making her shiver and even uses the feather on her privates – Tabitha has a very ticklish pussy which is tickled with feathers, fingers and ice!

Finally, Henna tortures Tabitha’s whole body with ice. Let me tell you, the ice drives Tabitha absolutely insane! Henna uses it on her tummy, feet and pussy until Tabitha is screaming! Henna is taking pleasure in her poor blond girlfriend’s ticklish agony and begins rubbing her pussy with one hand while tickling Tabitha with her other hand! Henna only lets Tabitha up after she agrees to worship her bare feet!

Soon enough it is Tabitha’s turn for revenge and she is ruthless! Not only does she tie Henna up, but she blindfolds her so she can’t see where the attack is coming from. Tabitha mounts her friend and digs into her ribs, armpits, tummy and breasts with her fingers. Henna is ticklish too and laughs like crazy. Around her breasts is especially ticklish for her. Then Tabitha goes for Henna’s size 10 1/2 feet! Tabitha licks and bites Henna’s toes and Henna screams bloody murder when her toes are nibbled!! Tabitha uses ice to torture her girlfriend’s feet and pussy and fingers to attack her ribs, armpits and tummy! All this tickling is turning Tabitha on and she begins to suck Henna’s toes. Henna is so ticklish, she laughs even from being toe-sucked!

Stars: Henna, Tabitha, Olivia O’Lovely

TBC 324 – The Orgasm Bar 35

Video: TBC 324 - The Orgasm Bar 35

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1. Fayth grinds her pussy on the hitachi. She wants to cum and she knows it will become torture soon, but she can’t help it. I have to secure the bar even more because she almost breaks the want grinding on it.
2. Faith is gagged tighter. Sweat breaks out as I turn the wand on high. Within five minutes, she squirts. I tell her there are only two ways of being untied: passing out or giving me a hand job. See which one she chooses.
3. Nothing like seeing a girl with a dancer’s body working the orgasm bar like a pro. She wants to cum and grinds the hitachi to one big orgasm.
4. A bigger gag, tighter bondage, and the hitachi is on high. Briella is starting to tremble and scream with every orgasm.
5. Briella has not been on her toes. The damn girl loves the hitachi too much and has been grinding on it since she started. I tie her nipples and stretch them up. Now see her dancer legs on tip toes.

Stars: Briella, Fayth


Video: Doormat

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Mistress Gwen Freestorm loves to dominate Jordan and humiliate her. Watch her also treat her completely like a doormat as she steps out of her car and Jordan is down on the ground as her doormat as she tramples her in her heels showing no mercy. The pain and torture continues with CBT and worse the end is brutal. Mistress Gwen uses her heel to pierce the Jordan’s hand completely thru the skin! It’s amazing what Jordan is put thru in such a short time.

Stars: Jordan (Male), Mistress Gwen Freestorm

Ariel’s Playful Side

Video: Ariel's Playful Side

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Goddess Ariel baits her slave in into actually believing he could possibly unload his big white load all over her pretty face, poor schmuck .Watch her blow him while he’s bound naked to a chair then he has to endure the intense torture of being stroked to the edge of climax only to be denied. Mistress Ariel is not only a ruthless teasing bitch, but she has a huge playful side.

Stars: Mistress Ariel

18-Year-Old Submission, Bondage & Discipline 2

Video: 18-Year-Old Submission, Bondage & Discipline 2

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Brittany, a college freshman from the University of Pittsburgh, looks cute as a button as Master Rick Savage points his camera at the coed and asks her a few questions. The pretty 18-year-old is all shy smiles and nervous laughter as she tells us she’s never made a bondage video before and she’s never done any bondage in her private life. Rick informs Brittany that her total submission is essential if she wants to appear in one of his bondage videos. The coed promises she will be obedient. Even with her clothes on we can see that Brittany has a nice body. Then comes her first command, “Strip.” Brittany unbuttons her white shorts and slides them down, over one of the prettiest asses you will ever see. This is a beautifully shaped derriere that looks built for spanking. Her light orange-colored thong matches her top. Rick’s camera zooms close to grab a gander at Brittany’s stunning, luscious tan buttocks and they just look mouth watering. Our new pretty submissive strips off her top revealing nicely shaped A to B cup natural tits and a nipple ring in her left nipple. She tells us she’s only had the ring about two months. We were momentarily disappointed when Rick told her to keep her panties on for the moment, but he assured us that he’ll have her naked very soon. And, we have to admit, her ass looked pretty sexy adorned in her high cut thong.

Rope bondage is first on the menu. Rick binds her ankles together, then uses another rope to bind her knees together. More nervous laughter as Brittany admits that the ropes are very tight. Brittany has the body of an athlete. Her voluptuous ass is well toned, and her flat tummy and ribcage look like a piece of sculpture. Savage now binds rope around her chest just above and below her natural boobies, then uses more rope to pull the two “chest loops” closer together. The rope has now become a picture frame around her pretty, tan boobs, and the rope makes her tits bulge nicely. More rope is used to tie Brittany’s hands behind her back. With her hands bound up into the small of her back, Brittany has no way to protect her ass cheeks so Savage gives them each a few spanks. More rope bondage as Savage ties a rope around her waist and between her legs. The crotch rope passes between her lips and serves to hoist her panties up between her labia forming a bondage camel toe. It’s not easy with her ankles tied together, but Rick makes his new slave turn slowly for the camera. He tells her to pause with that magnificent ass facing us. When he calls it a “world class ass,” our hot 18-year-old alludes to it being quite spankable. Rick laughs and admits, “Yes, it’s very, very spankable.”

After some bare handed spanking, Rick nails those phenomenal butt globes several times with his leather flogger. Our pretty coed squeals, “Ooh, I kinda like that,” then is quick to add, “It kinda hurts, but it feels good.” Brittany seems to be a pain slut in-the-making as well as being fun to look at. Rick’s flogging develops into a steady rhythm, and the jiggles happen in ripples across her firm ass flesh. Areas of pink are now developing on her bronze butt cheeks. Rick holds his camera in his left hand just below her butt as he continues flogging. And the “ass view” is utterly breathtaking. Rick reaches from behind the camera and alternates bare-handed spanking with butt caressing and squeezing. And the view is just incredible! Rick ceases the butt punishment and turns his new young slave towards the camera. After putting a ball gag in her mouth, the legendary Master begins rhythmically tugging upwards on the rope that passes between Brittany’s pussy lips. Eventually, Brit’s breathing picks up its pace as Rick is essentially masturbating her with the rope. It appears that our pretty 18-year-old is close to cumming, but Rick isn’t ready to let the young lady orgasm. That’s part of her torture. The camera fades.

When the camera fades up, we find that plenty of rope bondage has been used to secure a completely naked Brittany on her back atop the dining room table. Rick teases his naked slave with the leather strands of his genital flogger, then a gentle smack to her shaved pussy lips. Gradually the pussy torture intensifies as Rick increases the severity of the pussy flogging. We see the toes of her bare feet scrunch up with each blow from the little rawhide flogger. Pleasure moans emit from behind our new slave’s mouth gag. Rick takes a pair of heavy duty nipple clamps – the kind that screw on and are connected via a chain. But he decides he has a better place for them than Brit’s nipples. He tightly cinches each clamp down onto his vulnerable coed’s pussy lips, then pulls on the chains, spreading Brittany’s honey hole to give us a view into her wet pussy. Adding to the complexity of Brit’s pleasure/pain syndrome, Rick applies a large vibrator to Brittany’s clit while the clamps still painfully bite into her pussy lips. Our hot and horny 18-year-old’s breathing again becomes rapid, but just when it seems like she’s about to orgasm, again, Rick removes the clit stimulation, reminding her that this is a “torture” video.

When the camera fades up again, we find our pretty coed in a very elaborate rope bondage position affixed to a brass, 4-poster bed. Nipple torture arrives in the form of forceps pinched onto both nipples. And then Rick plays with the forceps. Brittany seems to be in excruciating pain. Rick adds a blindfold to her outfit. Now, just like clothespins, when forceps are removed, the pain is worse than wearing them. So, as Rick slowly eases off on the forceps, we can see by her expression that pain is washing over her body. Time for more pleasure to be mixed with our coed’s pain as Rick assaults her clit with a vibrator. Again, Rick brings her to the edge of climaxing, only to frustrate the poor girl, leaving her in dire need of release. The camera fades and then fades back up and now we find our blindfolded pretty 18-year-old spread-eagled on the brass bed. Leather restraints and ropes affix her wrists to the bedposts and a spreader bar holds her legs wide open. Her pussy torture resumes as sturdy clothespins are now affixed to her shaved pussy lips. Brit moans and repeatedly says “ow” as the clothespins pile up. Then…the greater pain of having them removed.

Stars: Brittany Lixxx, Master Rick Savage