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Tag Archives: Virgin

No More Fairy Tales

Video: No More Fairy Tales

Watch This Video!

The Magic Diary

Stepdaughter Scarlett Sage is going through her late aunt’s book collection in the garage. She brings in a pile of hardcovers and heads into her bedroom. When Scarlett turns her back, one of books flies onto the floor mysteriously. She picks it up and opens it. It was her aunt’s diary. She reads a few entries and sets down the book. Her aunt wrote that she wished she won the lottery. In the next entry she wrote that she won the lottery. Apparently, whatever her aunt wrote in the diary came true, but each of her wishes had consequences.

Scarlett dares to write an entry and try out her theory. She writes that she wishes her stepmom would accept her decision to be vegetarian. Low and behold, Syren offers to treat her to a vegan burger instead of spaghetti and meatballs. She asks her mom what happened to her aunt. Her mom explains the tragic story on their way to the restaurant.

Scarlett continues to write in the diary. Her wishes keep coming true. She wishes for a car and minutes later, she gets a car. One night Syren comes into Scarlett’s bedroom to wish her good night before date night with Scarlett’s dad. Scarlett wishes her mom would dress up and take her to the movies. Syren comes back saying her husband just canceled and invites her instead. Understanding the power of the book, Scarlett wishes her stepmother would be overcome with horniness.

Suddenly, Syren comes into Scarlett’s room to reschedule their dinner plans. Something’s come over her and she can’t go out just yet. Syren is desperate to scratch a certain itch but she wants to wait for Scarlett’s father to get home. Scarlett knows what she needs to do to make her feel better. And she makes too many advances for Syren to withstand them all. Eventually, Syren succumbs to Scarlett’s soft and silky flesh and gentle playful kisses on her big mom boobs, all the down to her fine MILF pussy.

Scarlett ignores her stepmother’s attempts to stop before making contact with her clitoris. She tries to convince the teen of the consequences if her father finds out. But Scarlett promises, she’s calling the shots. She’s the keeper of the diary after all. Scarlett takes off her top and Syren loses her mind touching her tiny teen tits. Scarlett desires the MILF so much she slowly devours every inch of her juicy pussy. Then Syren licks her step-daughter’s pussy till she cums in her mouth. They take turns running their tongues over all their sensitive places, exploring every crevice and fold of their bodies, and releasing many shuddering orgasms!

The Daisy Chain

Stepmother Mindi Mink gets a call from her teen stepdaughter Jenna Foxx who is away at college. Since Jenna will finally be home next week, Mindi wants her to come to her knitting club meeting. They call themselves The Daisy Chain. At first Jenna complains that she wants to see her friends but Mindi puts her foot down.

When Jenna and Mindi get to the meeting, she meets the other members of the club, MILF Alexis Fawx and her teen stepdaughter Alex Grey. The stepmother-stepdaughter duo seem normal at first, until they start kissing inappropriately. When Alex takes off her dress to knit in her underwear, Jenna questions their behavior. Mindi tells her it’s normal and not to make a scene. But then Alexis gets undressed too.

When Jenna raises a stink, topless and braless Alexis brings her over to their sofa and tries to pull down the straps of her dress. Alexis simply wants to know if she’s homophobic. Jenna says she’s had her lesbian experience with a girl in college. She barely notices that Mindi has gotten undressed, and that she is making out with Alex.

Alexis convinces Jenna to lay back and let her suck on her pussy. Meanwhile Mindi is licking Alex’s shaved pussy. Then the lesbians form a daisy chain as one licks out the other. Alex eats Mindi who licks Alexis who munches on Jenna. The MILFs play with each other and watch the teens fuck. Jenna’s ebony skin looks so pretty against Alex’s creamy complexion. The couples form another daisy chain and all of them cum in tandem.

Everyone encircles Jenna to give her pussy special attention. Stepmother Mindi makes Jenna cum hard in her mouth. Then the ladies all worship Mindy. Jenna slowly sucks on her MILF nipples and makes her way down to her mom’s swollen clit. She licks her pussy till she explodes!

Evil Step Mother

In this racy spin-off of A Dirty Cinderella Story, thrice-widowed Hollywood movie star Jelena Jensen puts her family first. The legendary actress is devoted to raising her two feisty stepdaughters Katrina Jade and Georgia Jones whom she inherited along with her husbands’ vast fortunes.

When Katrina and Georgia come into Jelena’s room and interrupt her meditation to complain about their day, Jelena reports that Mrs. Feinstein said that Georgia is giving sexual favors to all the girls at school. Katrina chimes in that she made them all cum. Jelena is unamused. She sternly reminds them, they’re Hollywood royalty and shouldn’t be giving it away. Jelena proposes it’s time for them to take a refresher course.

The diva demands that Katrina demonstrate her skills at pussy eating. She commands them to take off their clothes. Jelena wants them both together. She makes Georgia spread her legs and evaluates Katrina as she eats her out. She reprimands her for diving in without warming her up first. The stepsisters bicker with each other throughout, but Jelena keeps them on track. Katrina makes out with Georgia and plays with her tits, before going down on her again.

Jelena plays with her MILF tits while Katrina makes Georgia cum. After dishing a few pointers, she tells Georgia to go down on Katrina. The stepsisters continue their squabbling while Georgia eats Katrina. Meanwhile, Jelena masturbates and enjoys the show. Katrina tribs Georgia’s pussy and gives her an orgasm. Then they nurse their stepmother’s breasts.

Jelena lies down and spreads her legs ceremoniously. She tells the girls they know what to do. Both teens bring their mouths to her pussy then lick her clit and labia, hoping for their stepmother’s praise. Katrina tribs Jelena vigorously while Georgia rides Jelena’s tongue. The teens swap positions and rejuvenate Jelena with their flowing juices!

No More Fairy Tales

Stepmother Sarah Vandella tucks teen Cadence Lux into bed with a story about the witches of Salem. Cadence fears witches and begs for a fairy tale, but Sarah insists she needs to learn that not all witches are bad, and not all stories are fairy tales. And things in life don’t always go the way we want. Cadence is frightened and confused. She asks her mother if a prince will take her virginity. Sarah promises her, all in good time.

Sarah coddles her stepdaughter, sorry she scared her with talk about witches. She wants to make her feel better. She tickles Cadence on her private area, gently reminding the teen that, as her stepmother, there are certain things she can teach her. She unhooks Cadence’s bra.

Then she brushes her hand over the crotch of her panties, pulls them off and kisses her pretty bush. She licks Cadence’s clit, sucking the folds of her pussy till she cums for Mommy. Then Cadence puts her mouth onto Sarah’s pussy and slurps at it noisily till she makes her cum.

Mommy Sarah puts on a purple strapon toy and lubes it up. The teen sits on the toy and bounces up and down, loving how good it feels filling up her virgin pussy. She wiggles her hips riding it to the hilt.

Cadence removes the strapon to eat her mother’s pussy while sitting on her face. Then Sarah teaches Cadence about tribbing. The teen really comes out of her shell, grinding her pussy then licking her cum off her mom.

Stars: Alex Grey, Alexis Fawx, Cadence Lux, Georgia Jones, Jelena Jensen, Jenna Foxx, Katrina Jade, Mindi Mink, Sarah Vandella, Scarlett Sage, Syren De Mer

The Ladies Of Seinfeld

Video: The Ladies Of Seinfeld

Watch This Video!

Mr. Skin
What’s the deal with The Ladies of SEINFELD? When these sitcom stars are stripping down, it’s a Brestivus for the Rest of Us!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has the distinction of being the only cast member to get nude on Seinfeld, since she slipped a nip in an episode entitled “The Busboy”,

Teri Hatcher played Jerry’s girlfriend Sidra, but proved her rack was real and spectacular in The Cool Surface,

Marisa Tomei played herself on Seinfeld, and gave an amazing look at her pert pair in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,

Denise Richards appeared as NBC president Russell Dalrymple’s daughter on Seinfeld, and unveiled her unbelievable breasts for some three-way lovin’ with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell in Wild Things,

Amanda Peet appeared as Jerry’s girlfriend Linette in Seinfeld, then busted out her bullets for some gunplay in The Whole Nine Yards,

Catherine Keener played another of Jerry’s girlfriends, and gave up a hint of hooter while headed to the shower in Living in Oblivion,

Marcia Cross played a dermatologist on Seinfeld, and showed plenty of skin in Female Perversions,

Kristin Davis played Jerry’s girlfriend Jenna for two episodes, and pulled down her sheer nightie to show off pert peaks in Sex and the City,

Courtney Cox pretended to be Jerry’s wife for dry cleaning discount, and you are going need dry-cleaning after seeing Courteney’s breast friends in Blue Desert,

Melora Walters played George’s “topless” girlfriend on Seinfeld, and showed what couldn’t come out for primetime in Twenty Bucks,

Paula Marshall played the NYU student journalist who outted George and Jerry, and displayed her distinctly hetero charms when trotting out T&A in Californication,

Lisa Edelstein also played a girlfriend of George’s in two episodes, then wore a sexy schoolgirl outfit to pole dance in House, M.D.,

Raquel Welch refused to swing her arms on Seinfeld, and gave great wet bikini in Lady in Cement,

Debra Messing was an anti dentite on Seinfeld, and slipped her left nip while showering in The Wedding Date,

Melinda Clarke played Alex on the episode “The Muffin Tops”, and showed off her muffin butt and some left boob in Return to Two Moon Junction,

Marlee Matlin played a lip reader for Seinfeld, and gave the best look at her magnificent milkers in In Her Defense,

Christine Taylor was yet another of Jerry’s girlfriends, and got pokie in a tight tank top and panties in Room 6,

Lauren Graham was known for her speed dial list on Seinfeld, and got very naughty in her skivvies for Bad Santa,

Jane Leeves played a virgin on Seinfeld, and donned some lacy lingerie in To Live and Die in L.A.,

Jennifer Coolidge played a masseuse on Seinfeld, and shook her daunting décolletage in Soul Men,

Jami Gertz was stingy with her TP on Seinfeld, but gave up a tiny hint of right side tit in Lip Service.

Mariska Hargitay auditioned for the role of Elaine for the show-within-the-show, and displayed some compelling cleavage in Blind Side.

Cougar Next Door

Video: Cougar Next Door

Watch This Video!

Sally D’angelo
Have you ever wondered what that great looking COUGAR down the street is thinking? Always coming home in those high heels and miniskirts, well this neighborhood cougar has bedded every guy on the block and now she sets her sites on her girlfriend’s virgin son Taylor. He’s in college and has never had any pussy….until NOW. Watch how the conniving slut lures her prey into her web. Taylor Stiffs first (very first) pornography movie where he actually has sex with a porn star.

Stars: Sally D’Angelo, Taylor Stiff

Watch Me Fuck My Brother

Video: Watch Me Fuck My Brother

Watch This Video!

Desperate Pleasures

Olivia Kasady: I was sitting on the couch the other day when by brother Taylor walked in. He seemed a little upset so I started trying to settle him down some. After a few minutes he confessed that he was still a virgin and really wanted to lose it. Since he had already seen Daddy with Hope and me it was easy to see where this was going. Needless to say I was already turned on at the idea of taking my brothers virginity so I had him stand and drop his pants so I could “relax” him, it didn’t take much and his cock was super hard. I got him nice and wet then had him sit on the couch; I straddled my brother’s cock and the look on his face as it slid in my pussy was priceless. I rode him a few minutes then let him take control. Forgetting he was a virgin I had him pound me from behind. Next thing I knew he was cumming deep inside me. It felt really good but now I’m really nervous, how will I explain getting pregnant by my brother of my father? And how would I figure out who the Daddy really is?

Olivia Kasady: After I took my brothers virginity he started getting pretty kinky. He convinced me to talk to my sister Hope into being handcuffed so we could make her watch. When I brought the handcuffs into the room Hope agreed pretty quickly thinking we’d get kinky. When Taylor walked in, we started making out and she got mad. We made her watch us fuck for awhile but she finally slipped out of the cuffs and got away but it was still hot making her watch. Now the crazy fucker wants to make Daddy watch too! We’re gonna get so much in trouble.

Stars: Hope Harper, Olivia Kasady, Taylor (Male), JW Ties

Mom’s Shrink

Video: Mom's Shrink

Watch This Video!


MILF Sarah Vandella distracts her teen stepdaughter Molly Mae from hooking up with her son by teaching her how to lick a woman’s pussy. When Angela Sommers brings stepdaughter Elle Alexandra to family therapy, Dr. Allie Haze encourages them to bond in a lesbian threesome. When Tanya Tate hires Brett Rossi to take a revealing portrait with stepdaughter Samantha Hayes, as a gift for her husband, the shoot descends into a lesbian orgy. When Kristen Scott learns her BFF fucked her stepmom Angela Sommers, she seduces the MILF for some motherly licking. After Sarah Vandella confides to stepdaughter Molly Mae she fantasizes about her, the teen turns her stepmom’s sex dream into reality.

Jealous Of My Son Part One: Sarah Vandella couldn’t be happier now that she has the perfect family, except that she fears her new step daughter Molly Mae may be sexually active with her son. Sarah has a little talk with Molly about brother and sisterly love but she clears the air that nothing taboo or inappropriate is happening behind her back. Sarah admits she’s a little jealous of all the time Molly is spending with her son and admits how she wants to offer her a lesson in lesbian fornication. Molly grabs hold of Sarah’s massive boobs, nourishing her mouth with her mother’s perfectly ripe nipples. Sarah spreads her daughter’s legs apart eating out Molly’s tight, flawless pussy, watching her scream in euphoria. Sarah introduces her daughter to the divine pleasures of tribbing, thrusting their pink pussies in perfect harmony and swapping mouth filling orgasmic tongue thrusts in lesbian jubilation only for Sarah to wake up and find out it was only a dream!

The Family Therapist: After Elle Alexandra complains to her dad that her workaholic stepmom Angela Sommers treats her coldly and makes her feel like a nuisance, he sends them both to talk out their issues with a great family therapist Allie Haze. When the girls meet for their therapy session, Elle says she feels neglected by her stepmom, and Angela responds that her career is stressful and she feels underappreciated by Elle. Allie identifies a lack of affection in the relationship, observing that while Angela provides for Elle financially, she’s not meeting her emotional needs. The therapist recommends an unconventional but effective technique to help Angela express her affection for Elle. In order to remove the emotional masks we wear during the roles we play, as stepmother/career woman or student/stepdaughter, Allie instructs them to figuratively step out of those roles by literally removing the clothing layers that reinforce those patterns of relating and behaving. ‘You want us to get naked?!’ Angela is skeptical but willing to do whatever it takes for the sake of her family. In this state of undress, Allie instructs the naked girls to hug. Then kiss on the lips, then kiss with tongue. Allie loves watching families cum together, it brings her so much pleasure as a therapist. When she touches her clients’ wet pussies, she can feel they’re about to make a breakthrough. The lesbians kiss each other on the pussy lips, and before the session is over, all three girls are tonguing and tribbing their horny pussies till they cum!

The Family Portrait: Planning the perfect surprise present for her husband, Tanya Tate books photographer Brett Rossi to shoot a family portrait of Tanya with her step daughter Samantha Hayes. They look like twins in matching black dresses with ringlets in their long flowing hair. But little Samantha is much shyer than her MILF step mom. Brett helps the teen come out of her shell, getting her to lighten up in front of the camera, and have fun posing like model. Brett snaps a lot of photos and gradually gets the girls into sexier positions. Tanya wants the photos to look intimate to reflect their close bond, but Samantha needs convincing when the poses get a little more risque. After all, her father will see them! She reluctantly agrees to show her pink panties in the picture, sitting with her legs spread. But then the dress comes off, followed by the bra and panties, and Samantha has nothing left to remove. That’s when Brett suggests that Tanya takes off her dress. She positions the naked brunettes in various positions, depicting sex acts between mother and daughter. But soon the positions become more sex and less act. Samantha is a virgin and no one’s put a tongue on her clit before her step mom. Brett puts the camera on a self-timer, and inserts herself into the lesbian sex scene. Tanya and Brett team up on Samantha, fingering and tribbing the teen’s pussy, then eating her like the meat between their sandwich!

My BFF’s Mom: Angela Sommers is sad that her beloved stepdaughter Elle is going college. But Elle confides to her best friend Kristen Scott that she can’t leave fast enough, not since their last therapy session, when she had lesbian sex her own stepmother. When Kristen meets the infamous Angela while Elle is running errands, she offers to step in while Elle is away, in case Angela needs any help. What starts off innocent enough turns into an uncomfortable situation for Angela. Kristen seems to be hitting on the lesbian MILF. She knows Angela fucked Elle, and she wants to call her Mommy. This is so wrong, but Angela can’t resist the college age pussy, even though Elle could walk in on them at any moment. Kristen flaunts her little tits that look like Elle’s, rendering Angela powerless against the teen seductrice. As Kristen slowly removes their layers of clothing, parting Angela’s legs, and moving deeper into the crevices of her body, Angela is tormented with pleasure, and riddled with guilt for wanting it. When Kristen puts her wet mouth on Angela’s pulsating vagina, their carnal lust quickly descends into a frenzy of tribbing as the lesbians grind their wet pussies together, getting off with explosive orgasms! But will they get off scott free?

Jealous Of My Son Part Two: Milf stepmother, Sarah Vandella wakes up from her smoking hot lesbian dream determined to have a talk with her new daughter Molly Mae about the birds and the bees. When she confronts her, she re-enacts what transpired in her dream, admitting that she wants to experiment with her sexually…Molly is taken aback but the desire to taste another Mommy’s pussy is overwhelming as she watches Sarah undress and expose her massive boobs. Sarah explores Molly’s youthful body by tasting her sweet nipples and luscious pussy lips. Sarah then proceeds to fill her mouth with the sweet taste of Molly’s pussy making her daughter gasp in lesbian euphoria. They please one another in several positions, ending in a 69 position where they orgasm simultaneously and reach epic heights of lesbian gratification!

Stars: Sarah Vandella, Tanya Tate, Allie Haze, Molly Mae, Brett Rossi, Elle Alexandra , Angela Sommers, Samantha Hayes, Kristen Scott

Subliminal Parenting

Video: Subliminal Parenting

Watch This Video!

When grieving daughter Aaliyah Love finds out her late father wrote her out of his will, stepmother Tiffany Watson offers to support her in exchange for lesbian sex. When hypnotherapist Mindi Mink tries subliminal therapy on difficult step daughter Samantha Hayes, the teen turns the tables and mesmerizes Mindi with her tribbing. When MILF Bridgette B. comes over to help teen Cadence Lux practice for her dance competition, she teaches the lesbian virgin how to rock her hips when they trib. When stepmom Jelena Jensen catches teen Scarlett Sage furiously masturbating to Mommy’s Girl porn, the horny MILF succumbs to her stepdaughter’s wild lesbian fantasy. Aaliyah Love makes sure stepmother Tiffany Watson gets her comeuppance for exploiting her late father and making her a sex toy, but not before she gives it to her good.

Stars: Scarlett Sage, Jelena Jensen, Bridgette B., Aaliyah Love, Cadence Lux, Mindi Mink, Samantha Hayes, Tiffany Watson

Scream All You Want

Video: Scream All You Want

Watch This Video!

Fantasy Massage
Go ahead and scream all you want, you’re gonna wanna! When ebony single MILF Serena Ali enjoys a free massage from Marcus London she finds a way to repay him that gets them both swollen with gratitude. Masseur Ryan McLane helps virgin teen client Madelyn Monroe get up to speed for college when she redeems the high school graduation gift she got from her boyfriend. When disgruntled client Nikki Daniels comes back for a second treatment, masseur Jack Vegas figures out what makes her tick, tick… boom. When masseur Eric
Masterson takes advantage of his chance to experience his best friend’s girl Sabrina Banks, she naively risks her relationship for a cheap screw. When Will Powers winds up stranded with a sore shoulder and knocks on Zoey Foxx’ door, she calls a tow truck, after she tricks him into a good ole country fucking.

Stars: Serena Ali, Zoey Foxx, Sabrina Banks, Nikki Daniels, Madelyn Monroe, Eric Masterson, Will Powers, Marcus London, Jack Vegas, Ryan McLane

Naked Nuns

Video: Naked Nuns

Watch This Video!

Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin has a confession to make…these sinful sisters really put the wood in his crucifix! Our Naked Nuns playlist will make you rise long before Easter morning.

Elisabetta Canalis’ sinfully supple right roundie slips out when she pulls off her nun habit for a dude in Virgin Territory,

Holy hooter it’s Eleonora Giorg i getting stripped all the way down by two lascivious nuns in Story of a Cloistered Nun,

Laura Antonelli slips off her penguin outfit to bust out her bound-up boobies in The Eroticist,

Toni Collette gets out of the habit and flashes some fabulous full-frontal flesh in 8½ Women,

Eleonora Giorgi bares buttage and boobs when she’s squeezed into a corset by a couple of sisters in Story of a Cloistered Nun,

Eleonora Giorgi’s great glandulars are on full display before a nice nun helps her into her shirt in Story of a Cloistered Nun,

Naughty nun Anne Heywood gets her pretty pokers bound with thorns in La Monaca di Monza,

Gloria Guida globes come out several times while she changes into some sexy skivvies in La Novizia,

Nuns are whipping Eleonora Giorgi and her bare boobage will make you give yourself a beating in Story of a Cloistered Nun,

See Olivia Pascal’s nun knockers, as she gets busy carving herself a new dildo in Behind Convent Walls,

Leslie Caron gets her top ripped off and her right roundie makes a brief appearance in Madron,

Runa Takamura bares it all when she gets sticky with a sapphic sister in Cloistered Nun: Runa’s Confession,

Eva Grimaldi is getting fitted for her penguin suit and can’t hide her fluffy muff and great glandulars in La Monaca del peccato,

Eva Grimaldi gets bathed by a nun-buddy who seems particularly interested in sudsing her crevices in La Monaca del peccato,

Eileen Daly frantically diddles her clit with her habit thrown open in Sacred Flesh,

Yumi Takigawa is getting beaten with bouquets of roses but her bared boobage still looks Yumi in School of the Holy Beast,

Chloe Sevigny allows a holy man to expose her furry hole-y and right mam when he lifts her skirts in 3 Needles,

Terrific T&A from Yumi Takigawa she kneels naked in a church and in School of the Holy Beast,

Eileen Daly delivers the boobers, the buns, and the holy bush in Sacred Flesh,

Eileen Daly and one of her fellow sisters get into a bit of lesbianic licking in a steamy nun-on-nun scene for Sacred Flesh,

Biblically bodacious boobs and beaver when Zora Kerova gets assaulted in the pulpit in The True Story of the Nun of Monza,

Paola Senatore she walks around the nunnery with a giant crucifix and no shirt in Story of a Cloistered Nun,

Yumi Takigawa is already topless then her fellow nuns force her to yank down her underwear to show a little seat in School of the Holy Beast,

Rosita Torosh drops all of her clothes to led away by some dude in Giochi proibiti dell’Aretino Pietro, I,

Silvia Colloca removes her robe to dunk her jugs and juff into a hot tub along with another gal and the luckiest guy in filmdom in Virgin Territory.

Moms In Control 2

Video: Moms In Control 2

Watch This Video!

Only Anal Until Marriage

Carter Cruise is madly in love with her boyfriend Chris, and wants to take things to the next level. But when her stepmom Phoenix Marie catches the couple in action she decides to teach Carter how to be a slut and a proper young lady all at the same time!

It’s Too Big

Janice Griffith and her boyfriend Jessy have been getting hot and still haven’t fucked because Janice is afraid his cock is too big for her tight virgin pussy! Janice’s stepmom, busty MILF Eva Notty decides to do her duty as a cougar and teach Janice how to take a dick!

How To Make A Tart

Gianna Nicole and her boyfriend Brick Danger have a study date, but all Brick seems to have on his mind is getting in Gianna’s pants. She tries to keep him focused on the books, but her stepmom Syren De Mer sees how horny he is and decides to get a little piece of that action for herself.

Bathtime With A Hot MILF

Sara Luvv took her time sucking Clover’s cock, wetting down the tip while she jerked and teased his balls. When Sara’s hot new step mother walked in the bathroom and caught the young lover fooling around in the tub, she decided to join in and show them how to fuck like a pro.

Double The MILFS Double The Fun

Nina Elle and her friend Dana Vespoli are a couple of sexually frustrated MILF babes whose husbands haven’t been satisfying them properly lately. They sneak in the room while Tucker is giving Danny a handjob and decide to show her how it’s done.

Stars: Sara Luvv, Dana Vespoli, Nina Elle, India Summer, Carter Cruise, Janet Mason, Tucker Starr, Syren De Mer, Janice Griffith, Phoenix Marie, Gianna Nicole, Farrah Dahl, Eva Notty, Clover, Brick Danger, Chris Strokes, Danny D, Jessy Jones

Virgin Tales

Video: Virgin Tales

Watch This Video!

Ed Powers Productions
Here’s the first entry in what will hopefully be a series from the industry’s most creative bad boy, Ed Powers. It’s in the style of his Dirty Debutantes series, and is co-hosted by Jerica Fox, Jessica’s sister. She’s an exotic dancer who tells us she’s a virgin, and to prove it, she won’t let Ed, Jake Steed or anybody touch her. She does do a long masturbation scene, but when Ed asks if he can do something nasty near her, she refuses. Jerica then goes on to introduce the girls that make up the rest of the show. Tanya Salama and Kelli Thomas each tell us that they’ve only been with one man ever. Tanya’s a 25 year-old Persian lady, and Kelli is 18 years-old. Tracy has got to be the most innocent, sweetest-looking girl on the adult video screen since Ginger Lynn. The last segment has Cody O’Connor, surely no virgin, with both Jake and Ed. Perhaps her episode would more properly belong in the Dirty Debs series, but I liked it anyway.

Stars: Cody O’Connor, Kelli Thomas, Jerica Fox, Tanya Summers, Jake Steed, Ed Powers

Big Black Cock

Video: Big Black Cock

Watch This Video!


First Dates

Natural and naughty Stella Cox is getting ready for her first date with a big black stallion and she is a little bit scared about his huge cock. Luckily, her sexy cougar friend is around to warm her up, sucking on her tits to make her wet and ready for a hardcore interracial session. After some drinks to get the juices flowing, they go back to Stella’s and she takes his big black dick deep down her throat. Once she is nice and wet from a sweet 69, she climbs on top and rides her tight white ass on his cock cowgirl style. Stella tastes her juices by giving him a BJ and then spreads her legs to take a hard spoon fucking. After some deep throat and a reverse cowgirl slamming, the anal queen strikes again by spreading her cheeks and taking some ass splitting blasts to the ass. Cock loving Cox goes ATM before bending over and taking a hardcore doggie slamming. This first date finishes with a cumshot to the pussy and, after the fuck of his life, this guy will definitely be seeing Cox again.

Ash, Cash & Politics

Wife of Swiss parliamentarian and super MILF Caroline Tosca in her first and perhaps last adult video. Ms. Tosca leaves no doubt at where she stands with respect to ‘politics of inclusion.’ Filmed a few weeks ago and exclusive to Private. It doesn’t get more real than this!

Big Black Taxi

A black taxi pulls over to pick up the super tight Alexis Crystal. After a while they pull over and start to fuck and she quickly takes his big cock into her mouth. He fucks her tight pink pussy after licking it and she’s really into the action. He gives her all the cum and she sucks for even more.

Cute White Girls Love Big Black Cocks 2

If you like Latina babes you will love the busty petite Frida Sante! This interracial virgin has her cherry popped in Private’s all new Cute White Girls & Big Black Cocks 2. Private’s big black stud sucks on her round tits and then has her suck his big dick, and she does it with some deep throat action! After some POV sucking, he bends this fine bitch over and pounds her pussy from behind. Once her pussy has been crushed by his big black cock, he eats her out to finish her off and she returns the favor, draining his cum with a sloppy blowjob. This teen loves black man cum!

Cute White Girls Love Big Black Cocks

Cute White Girls Love Big Black Cocks and Private’s Blondie Fesser is no exception! This round ass American slut drops to her knees to deep throat his big black dick, gasping for breath in between getting face fucked. After a hot tit wank, she takes it deep inside her tight pussy lifting up her legs to hit that G spot. Once her huge bubble butt has been crushed with some doggie style fucking, she climbs on top to ride her man out. This babe is nasty, she finishes her man off by sucking the cum out of his cock letting it spill all over her huge busty tits, now that’s an interracial session!

Stars: Alexis Crystal, Caroline Tosca, Stella Cox, Frida Sante, Blondie Fesser, Franco Roccaforte

Teens Love Anal 4

Video: Teens Love Anal 4

Watch This Video!

Team Skeet

Kelsi Monroe doing anal! She even has a butt plug in to ready herself for the anal destruction that’s about to go down! First, Kelsie does what she does best; show off her amazing curves and booty, followed by some Hitachi play while stuffing her ass with a dildo! After that, Jmac comes in and stuffs her mouth with his meatsicle while playing with her butthole! Kelsi hops on his dick and fills her hole with dick! She even tastes her own ass off his cock! He absolutely wrecks her ass until he explodes in her mouth and on her face!

Kimber Woods was outside hoping the sun would come out so she could get a tan. As she was oiling herself up, it made her super horny – she felt herself up and took off her bikini, revealing her butt plug! But it wasn’t just for fun, her neighbor was spying on her the whole time and she wanted to really get his attention! She took control and grabbed him by the shirt, telling him if he wants to fuck her ass, he better start now. Sure enough, he jumped right into it, and tore it up butt good. Kimber’s demanding nature made for one hell of an anal extravaganza.

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Shyla got a call from her boyfriend while she was at working and he wanted to break up with her because she wasn’t ready to have sex! Her boss, Mr. Rich realized there was something wrong with Shyla when his TPS reports were covered in tear droppings! He showed her the way to have sex but still remain a pure virgin – by having anal sex! Mr. Rich first taught her how to prepare the ass, by licking and tongue fucking her hole until it was ready for his fingers! It wasn’t long until he was balls deep in her virgin ass! In the end he exploded inside of her and Shyla thanked him for what he taught her!

Welcome back Trisha Parks! This blonde bombshell is here to do one thing – get that perfect ass of hers stretched and filled with a big dick! After a bit of teasing, stripping and oil, she brought out the toys! Our stud Brad had the pleasure of using the anal beads on her, and then it was the butt plug! Brad got a taste of her sweet ass before taking out his meat and getting Trisha to swallow it whole! Brad fucked her pussy while using the anal beads and she fucking loved it! Trisha got anally fucked while rubbing her clit and made her orgasm in no time! In the end, Brad dropped his seed in her mouth!

Stars: Mandy Sky, Kelsi Monroe, Kimber Woods, Trisha Parks, Shyla Ryder, Mirco, Jmac, Filthy Rich, Bradley Remington

Puzzy Bandit Vol. 101 – First Attempt To Do Anal Ever – Ginger Reigh

Video: Puzzy Bandit Vol. 101 - First Attempt To Do Anal Ever - Ginger Reigh

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Puzzy Bandit
Ginger Reigh may be all smiles but she’s serious when it cums to a big black cock. Jonathan Jordan, everyone’s favorite Puzzy Bandit is up for the task. Can she handle 11 inches of big black cock during her first attempt to do anal ever? Cum join the fun watching her play with her fiery, furry bush before getting drilled in her tight virgin ass.

Stars: Ginger Reigh, Jonathan Jordan

My Virgin Daughter

Video: My Virgin Daughter

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This lesbian compilation from Mommy’s Girl pushes the limits of lesbian family taboo. Christian traditionalist step mom Jelena Jensen has a sex dream of devirginizing her tumultuous teen step daughter Cassidy Klein. Financially struggling step mom Chanel Preston recruits step daughter Rebel Lynn as a phone sex operator, but the job gets them so horny, they need to make each other cum. When phone sex operators Rebel Lynn and Chanel Preston get their first male caller, fantasy family roleplay becomes lesbian pussy licking reality for the step mother-daughter duo. Teen Tiffany Watson makes stepmom Alexis Fawx dress up in lingerie and fuck her as a payment for lying about her business trip. Jelena Jensen seduces step daughter cassidy Klein to have lesbian sex, to give her the practice she needs to please her future husband, but still keep her virginity in tact.

My Virgin Daughter Part One: As the new mother figure in the home, Jelena Jensen informs her husband that it’s been hard bonding with his daughter Cassidy Klein. One minute, her step daughter is sweet and caring then the next, rambunctious and miserable. Jelena doesn’t know what to do in order for them to have a stable relationship if Cassidy can’t tell her why she is so upset. Jelena’s husband thinks they should have a good talk, considering Jelena’s first marriage ended because she had a sexual relationship with her ex husband’s pornstar daughter. Jelena decides that, first thing tomorrow morning, she will approach the young christian girl and make amends in hopes they can flourish into a loving mother-daughter relationship.

Jelana wakes up alone on her bed, hearing screams from a not so distant Cassidy. Jelena calls out to Cassidy as the voices become louder. Louder and louder she hears her daughter wailing for help until a seemingly sublime power confounds her. Cassidy faces Jelena, crying out to be devirginized. Jelena doesn’t understand what has gotten into her daughter, and begs her to go back to sleep, but Cassidy insists that feeling the warmth of her mother’s pussy on her mouth will fulfill her fantasy. Jelena resists as much as possible, but the adamant virgin is too fast for her to react, and is already engaging in her lesbian fantasy. Cassidy fills her mouth with her mother’s warm and tasty pussy, making Jelena moan in euphoria. When Cassidy places herself over Jelena’s mouth, she grinds her hips in pleasure, unable to control her lesbian sexual excitement. There is no turning back as Jelena takes charge fully, pleasing her daughter by tribbing vigorously until she realizes that all of a sudden, she is alone with Cassidy no where to be found. Waking up in the morning, she realizes it was just a dream, knowing fully well what she must do to subdue her lesbian subconscious!

Work From Home Part One: Stepmother, Chanel Preston finds herself falling deeper and deeper into debt. It doesn’t help that her new husband just up and left her and her step-daughter Rebel Lynn. Desperate to find a way to better her situation, she decides to take a job as a phone sex operator. When Rebel finds out that her beloved stepmother has taken on this second job, she decides she should help out as well. Together they become a daughter/mother phone sex duo. The one thing they need to do before they start accepting calls is figure out what to say. For this they head onto the Girlsway website, after watching a few scenes not only do they feel prepared to chat, but they’re also super horny! Chanel believes this to be the best opportunity to teach her daughter a few new techniques so they can really be prepared. She starts off by showing her how to kiss on the lips, which quickly turns from her lips to her nipples. Rebel sucks them while sliding her hand further and further down until she’s playing with her mommy’s wet pussy. As Chanel moans with delight, she sees Rebel staring up at her, while licking her pussy juices. Chanel directs Rebel to lay down, while she rides her so their lesbian pussies are touching. Rebel can’t help but cry out in lesbian passion as they cum onto each other. She’s never felt this way before and can’t wait to do it over and over again, with all their clients waiting …. How will their first call go?

Mommy Fashion Show: Tiffany Watson snoops through her step mother’s suitcase after she claims to be back from a business trip. Tiffany finds nothing but lingerie packed in stepmom Alexis Fawx’ luggage which raises an eyebrow. While Alexis rinses off in the shower, Tiffany tries on some of the sexy lingerie but is caught. Alexis is furious but Tiffany is onto her mother’s deceitful ploys and extracurricular activity behind her father’s back. Tiffany orders Alexis to pose for her in her sexy lingerie and eat out her pussy. Alexis protests claiming she isn’t a lesbian but must do what her daughter says to keep her quiet. Tiffany grabs onto Alexis as she licks her daughter’s shaved, soft pussy filling her mouth with cum. It’s Tiffany’s turn to have some lesbian fun as she rolls her pierced tongue over her mothers tight, shaved pussy satisfying her holes better than her husband ever could!

Work From Home Part Two: As Stepdaughter, Rebel Lynn flips through a magazine in her room, her Stepmother, Chanel Preston runs in alerting her, they have their first caller. Their first phone sex caller, that is. As the phone call begins, both Chanel and Rebel feed each other compliments, Chanel remarks on how hot her daughter’s ass looks in her tight pants. While, Rebel describes how her mother’s tits look in her hot, pink dress. They begin to kiss, softly, and then more passionately as their hands glide down each other’s bodies. All while, the caller listens on. Hearing the moans passing between both, mother and daughter as Rebel sucks on her mommy’s big tits. It’s not before long, that Chanel strips Rebel’s clothing off so she can lick her tight, wet pussy. As Rebel watches her mommy starring up at her from in between her legs. Remarking how it feels to have her mommy suck her clit. As the caller listens, mommy and daughter take turns making each other cum, in 69. All this takes place, while the caller moans with pleasure as she listens to the way Chanel describes what it’s like to watch her daughter pleasure herself. Wanting to please her mommy, Rebel rides her, with eager encouragement as the sound of their pussies rub together. Can this really be their first call… you’ll have to watch to find out!

My Virgin Daughter Part Two: Previously on Girlsway, Jelena Jensen had a surreal dream that her step daughter Cassidy Klein was in dire help to lose her virginity. After numerous attempts to discourage her lesbian step daughter, Jelena’s couldn’t resist her lesbian sexual urges to fulfill her daughters wishes. Today, Jelena confides in Cassidy, going into intricate details regarding her dream and the symbolism behind it. Jelena believes that this dream is a revelation brought to her by Jesus to guide Cassidy as her guardian angel and help her learn how to express herself by indulging in sexual pleasures. With no experience in masturbation, orgasms and love making, Cassidy is clueless and trusts her mother to show her everything she needs to know.

Jelena asks Cassidy to remove her pants and her mother let’s loose her enormous boobs from her bra, with her nipples fully erect. Cassidy feels her boobs for the very first time, showing her how to stimulate her sexually. They sit beside each other as Jelena shows Cassidy how to please and manipulate her warm, shaved pussy. Jelena shows her daughter where her clitoris is located, a sensitive place above her pussy where she can rub slowly or vigorously. Jelena wets her finger, despite Cassidy’s reluctance and begins pleasing her daughter’s pussy. Cassidy screams in lesbian euphoria feeling her first real womanly orgasm. Jelena places her bare pussy lips over her daughter’s mouth and teaches her how to give another woman an orgasm, guiding her to move her mouth and lips gently over her throbbing lesbian pussy. Finally the lesbian fantasy culminates with them tribbing their moist pussies together, moaning in lesbian satisfaction and cumming ecstatically in passion. But both women have a shocking secret of their own making this an epic twist!

Stars: Rebel Lynn, Tiffany Watson, Jelena Jensen, Chanel Preston, Alexis Fawx, Cassidy Klein


Video: Poledick

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Television X

Scene One: Poledick returns from war to find his beloved busty fiancé he has married another, so he takes solace in the arms of the local wenches and has a good rummage in their bloomers.

Scene Two: The local physician Dr. Fannys pays a visit to blonde bombshell Baren Knight. After he unleashes her heaving bosom gives her a thorough examination, they both feel 100% better.

Scene Three: Captain Blimey is desperate to deflower the beautiful and innocent Titty and win her hand in marriage by bending her owner the furniture and fucking her tight virgin hole.

Scene Four: Flame-haired damsel Dementia gets wet watching Poledick works the land. When he reveals his six pack, she feels a deep stirring in her loins and the desperate need to sit on his cock.

Scene Five: Poledick can no longer wait for his one true love. He travels to Jizzabreath’s house, rips off her bodice and they fuck like rabbits.

Stars: Sienna Day, Ella Hughes, Tina Kay, Rebecca More, Brooklyn Blue, Alyssa Divine, Luke Hardy, Marc Rose, Jonny Cockfill

I Fucked Taylor Little

Video: I Fucked Taylor Little

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Naughty Allie

I stumbled upon Taylor’s site a little over a year ago and I was in lust with her from the moment I saw a video where she was making out with another girl. My pussy began to moisten as soon as I opened the web page displaying a few preview pics from the video. I clicked on the link and began playing with myself before it could even finish downloading.

I was truly mesmerized by this girl’s absolutely perfect bootie. If you’re an ass man you’re gonna love Taylor. Anyway, I sent her an e-mail immediately after getting off to that video. I introduced myself and told her about my site and we continued exchanging e-mails for several months.

When I learned that she was going to be visiting a friend in Arizona about the same time Jake and I were heading to Phoenix we started making plans to hook up! Wow, I am so glad I made the first move by contacting this little hottie. It was truly an experience I’ll never forget. Taylor was a bit of a virgin when it came to hardcore girl on girl sex so I had the pleasure of busting her strap-on cherry.

Although she’d been with plenty of other girls in the past she had never actually been fucked by another girl. So back to the day we first met in real life. We decided to meet for some lunch in Phoenix to see if there was any chemistry between us. After chatting with her on-line and on the phone there was no doubt in my mind that we would hit it off.

We were like a couple of bitches in heat, we made each other so fucking hot that we left the restaurant before the waiter could bring us the lunch we had ordered. When we arrived at the house it wasn’t long before we ended up in one of the bedrooms where we began kissing and fondling each other. I don’t think I’ve ever met another girl that made me so wet before even taking off a single piece of clothing.

Just kissing Taylor was nearly orgasmic. The first time her tongue parted my lips I felt a tingling sensation shooting throughout my entire body as if I were actually cumming. We rolled around on the bed slowly stripping each other naked only pausing to kiss between the removal of each article of clothing.

I know I already told you what a fine ass this girl has but did I mention that she also has one hell of a rack! We must have laid there making out and sucking on each others titties for over an hour. I was laying on top of Taylor and I could actually feel the heat emanating from her groin.

I slid my hand down under her panties to find that I wasn’t the only one who was soaking wet already. I began to slowly massage her clit with my index finger as I continued kissing her. She began grinding her pelvis up and down against my hand and whispered in my ear, “Finger fuck me Allie.” Of course I didn’t keep her waiting!

I gently pushed one finger inside her before realizing that she was so wet that she needed more to completely satisfy her. I slid a second finger in, then a third and I proceeded to give her one hell of a finger fucking. I was thrusting all three fingers in and out of her pussy at a furious pace. I was sure to go deep enough to hit her g-spot with each and every stroke!

Taylor was really getting into it, her hips were bouncing up and down as she tried to match the rhythm of my fingers to achieve maximum penetration each time I entered her. She was just about to get off but I wanted to taste her first. She said, “Oh fuck Allie please don’t stop yet I’m so close to cumming.”

I replied by saying, “I know that’s why I’m switching over to my tongue. I want to taste you when you cum.” I had barely started licking her pussy when she grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled my face into her as she began to shout out, “Mmmmmmm, oh that’s perfect! Holy fucking shit, I’m cumming. Ohhhhhhhh yes, I’m fucking cumming.”

As her orgasm subsided she pulled me up toward her and finished undressing me. We embraced in a very passionate kiss as she caressed my ass and said, “Thank you Allie, that was incredible!” That’s when I said, “Oh yeah, well you haven’t seen anything yet. Are you ready for a good hard strap-on fucking like we talked about on the phone?”

She immediately replied with, “Fuck yeah I am, I’ve been fantasizing about this day for a long time now. I want you to give me the fucking of a lifetime!” That being said I went into my bag and grabbed my toy that was soon to impale Taylor’s tight little pussy. You should have seen her enthusiasm as she helped me get ready. I could tell she was really excited about getting fucked by another woman for the first time!

I asked her if she wanted me to lube up my big fat cock, she laughed and said, “Are you fucking kidding me. I’m so damn wet right now that we could fuck for hours without even thinking about any lubrication!” She then bent over doggy style in front of me and stuck her ass up in the air. I guided my cock toward her waiting pussy and let me tell you, she definitely wasn’t exaggerating about not needing any lube. My plastic prick easily slid right into her waiting honey pot without even the slightest bit of resistance.

Damn, this girl was dripping wet! I grabbed her by the hips and began pumping away at her fuck hole. Taylor immediately began slamming her ass into my groin as her pussy swallowed my entire 9 inch cock, burying it deep inside her. I fucked her doggy style for about twenty minutes before she flipped over so I could give it to her in the missionary position. That’s when she went completely crazy and began bucking her hips up and down as she started screaming and moaning!

Taylor was slamming into my cock so hard that I just stopped pumping away at her pussy and let her do all the work! It wasn’t long before she grabbed me by the ass and pulled me into her jamming my cock to penetrate her cunt far deeper than I had dared to on my own. That’s when she let out with, “Ohhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssssss! Oh fuck that was incredible Allie” I could feel her thigh muscles still contracting from her orgasm as she said, “That was by far the best fucking I’ve ever had. Now it’s your turn to get off!”

I don’t think she’d even finished cumming before stripping me out of my strap on, rolling me over and eating my pussy as if it were filet mignon or something. Damn, she sure as hell knew how to lick a girl. I was already so fired up from fucking her that it didn’t take more than 5 minutes before I got off. Taylor continued to eagerly lap away at my pussy as wave after wave of orgasm shot throughout my entire body! My time spent with Taylor will go down in my book as one of my more memorable sexual experiences. My only regret is that she lives so far away and it will probably be quite a while before I get to do her again. Why can’t all the hotties live next door to me? ~Kisses, Allie

Stars: Naughty Allie, Taylor Little

Make Her Submit

Video: Make Her Submit

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Team Skeet

All Girl On Girl Sub/Dom XXX

Not all girl on girl experiences are sweet! Some girls are just as demanding as men!

Sara Luvv & Amirah Adara

Sara wants to have sex, but wants to stay a virgin even more. Amirah has a solution and is willing to teach her friend how to take it up the ass! The girls take turns pleasing each other anally with toys, tongues and fingers!

Alice March, Jenna Jay & Drea Diamond

Alice is the new girl at college and just wants to fit in. So when the class bullies start messing with her, she decides to roll with whatever they want to do! Even if it means eating some box!

Harley Jade & Lyra Louvel

What’s a girl to do when she discovers her roommate hasn’t been paying the rent and they’re both about to be evicted? Well if you’re Lyra, you’d make your roommate get naked and do whatever you want!

Elsa Jean & Alexis Fawx

Elsa discovers her stepmom is cheating on her dad. When Alexis is asleep, Elsa sneaks in and ties her stepmom to the bed. This cheating mommy soon discovers that she’s going to pay up – lesbian style!

Cory Chase & Roxy Nicole

Stepmom Cory discovers her dildo is missing and knows her stepdaughter is the only one who could have it. She catches Roxy going to town on her pussy and decides to teach her a lesson on how to get off!

Stars: Alice March, Elsa Jean, Harley Jade, Lyra Louvel, Drea Diamond, Roxy Nicole, Cory Chase, Amirah Adara, Alexis Fawx, Sara Luvv, Jenna Jay

FEED – The Last Supper

Video: FEED - The Last Supper

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Bleu Productions
Alice wanders alone in a deserted landscape, her dress billowing in searing hot winds. In a haze, she stumbles upon an old stone shack somewhere in the American Southwest. Is it a portal to another time or a peyote induced vision? We may never be sure, but Alice becomes both the star subject and the solitary audience of a dirty, debaucherous, and dangerous party of sexual deviance. She is fucked, devoured, and transported in an otherworldly carnival of carnal delights conducted by the Maestra Surgeon who we suspect may be controlling this whole mirage. Acrobats blend with lesbian gang bangs and add to this one virgin pussy, suspension bondage, percussion play, nipple piercing, and a cake covered ass dropped in a punchbowl…And Alice’s dizzying dream becomes a punishing fantasy of epic proportions. Join us.

Stars: Surgeon, Jane Doe, Jessie Sparkles

Tellulah’s Family Album

Video: Tellulah's Family Album

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Scene 1: Young Tellulah has recently discovered sex…and she can’t get enough of it…she LOVES sex! Tellulah is so horny, and so controlled by her raging hormones…that she even turns to family members to satisfy her desire when there are no other males available. It’s Saturday morning and while her stepdaddy is resting, Tellulah ties him up and is preparing to fuck him! Stepdad wakes up just as the final tie is rendered…and orders his hormone infused stepdaughter to release him. Tallulah, however is NOT going to stop…she fucks her stepdad very hard…riding him while she screams in ecstasy…making him cum in her mouth. Thankful that the odd, inappropriate ordeal is finally over…Stepdad asks Tellulah to release him. Tellulah informs Stepdaddy that she needs more…and she fucks him a second time! Stepdad begs her to stop…telling her that there is no way he is going to cum again for her…but Tellulah surprise’s her stepdaddy by pulling a second ejaculation from him! Young out of control girls…oh well.

Scene 2: Stepdad has decided that his youngest stepdaughter, Tellulah is at the age where she should lose her virginity. Stepdad has the “Virginity” talk with Tellulah…and explains that she should be deflowered soon…and that, keeping with family tradition…it should be with “one of her own”. Stepdad tells her that he doesn’t want her losing her virginity to somebody off the street…unsure if they are clean etc…so her deflowering should be in her family. Stepdad gives Tellulah a choice…she can do it with Stepdad…or her big stepbrother, Russ. Young Tellulah… frightened and scared…tells Stepdad that since Russ is closer to her age…she chooses him. Stepdad calls Russ into his stepsister’s room and briefs him on the conversation. Russ remembers that he, in fact, lost his virginity to his mom…so he knows the drill. Stepdad tells Russ “I give you the girl…bring me back the woman…” Stepdad leaves the two siblings alone…and Russ proceeds to gently and lovingly deflowers his stepsister. After licking her virgin pussy…and instructing her to suck his cock…Russ penetrates his Stepsister, and begins to take her cherry away. “OUCH ….OUCH…you’re taking my virginity!” Tellulah moans, as Russ pounds her. Russ shows his stepsister missionary position…doggie-style…and girl on top position as he tutors her in the ways of sex. Russ finishes by putting his cum on her pussy…at which point Tellulah cuddles with her big stepbrother, and thanks him for initiating her.

Scene 3: Tellulah’s chore was to have the family room cleaned up before her Stepdad got home from work. She, however, got distracted playing video games…and when Stepdad gets home…the room is a mess! This is NOT the first time Tellulah has messed up…so Stepdad is furious with her. Stepdad tells her that she needs to be punished…and immediately puts Tellulah over his knee and gives her bum a hard spanking. After the spanking is done…Stepdad tells Tellulah that she needs to have…the…”Extra Punishment”! Tellulah starts to shake…”No Stepdaddy PLEASE…not the Extra Punishment…anything but the Extra Punishment…PLEASE NO! Stepdaddy is furious, however…and he continues with the Extra Punishment. Stepdad pulls up Tellulah’s skirt and begins to lick her young pussy while she screams and moans. Next, Stepdaddy shoves his cock into Tellulah’s mouth and makes her suck it. Stepdaddy continues the dreaded extra punishment by fucking Tellulah really hard in all kinds of positions, while she screams and begs him to stop. When she has been fucked hard in several positions, Stepdaddy tells Tellulah to get down on the floor on her knees, and get ready for the “Final Punishment”. Stepdaddy proceeds to cum all over Tellulah’s face while she moans…and promises she will never do it again.

Scene 4: It’s a stormy night, and Tellulah is frightened. She has always been afraid of the Thunder…and whenever there is a Storm….she seeks a family member to cuddle with. Tonight….Mom and Stepdad wouldn’t let Tellulah climb in bed with them….so she climbs in bed with her older stepbrother Russ. Russ is woken by his stepsister…but agrees to let her stay and cuddle. As the storm rages outside…Tellulah asks her big stepbrother if they can “play”…so that she can get relaxed enough to drift off. Russ reluctantly agrees to “play” with his little stepsister…and Tellulah starts to suck her stepbrother’s cock. Russ suggests some 69, so he can lick his stepsister’s ass and pussy. Tellulah and Russ fuck away while the storm continues… The two siblings wish they could move to Florida…so that they can “play” during thunder storms more often!

Stars: Tellulah, Jack Moore, Russell Grand

Rocco One On One #11

Video: Rocco One On One #11

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Rocco Siffredi Productions
Rocco Siffredi, the Italian Stallion himself, enters the intimate areas of six beautiful Euro goddesses in ”Rocco One On One #11.” Auditioning in his private office, these stunning ladies experience the director’s signature combination of soulful lovemaking and intense, filthy perversion as POV-style shooting captures the private intimacy. Twenty-two-year-old British doll Jessica has never fucked on camera before, but Rocco’s meat stretches her taut pussy and virgin anus. Dyana Hot is a fit, toned Hungarian MILF of 45. She takes a pussy pounding and a messy load of sperm. Young cutie Nina Bubble orally pleasures the older man and enjoys ferocious ass fucking. Adorable, petite Tina Hot can’t resist a no-holes-barred reaming; Rocco busts a creamy nut on young Tina’s pretty face. Lovely Leyla Peachbloom challenges herself with hard sodomy and succeeds in expanding her sphincter to gape lewdly. Jenny, a beautiful, naturally voluptuous student, demurely sucks the director’s prick until it erupts.

Stars: Tina Hot, Jenny Glam, Leyla Peachbloom, Dyana Hot, Nina Bubble, Jessica R., Rocco Siffredi

Young Anal Adventures 2

Video: Young Anal Adventures 2

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Reality Junkies

Scene One: Tiffany is watching porn in bed, while masturbating to Mr. Pete on screen. She falls asleep and wakes up in her room where it now has disco lights and fog. Mr. Pete emerges from the fog to fuck Tiffany’s tight little asshole deep and hard. She happily obliges and lets Mr. Pete gape her ass until she orgasms. Is this a dream or reality?

Scene Two: Angel is horny and feeling adventurous so she calls her boyfriend Pete over to try something they’ve never done before… anal! But Angel is a little worried, she’s never done anal before and examines her ass with a giant magnifying glass making sure her tight little ass can handle a big dick. Mr. Pete assures Angel her ass is in good hands while he plays with her asshole with his fingers first… slowly getting it ready for his big dick. Once ready, he plunges his cock deep in her ass while she screams in ecstasy.

Scene Three: Iris is at her psychologist office explaining to Dr. Deen why she can’t orgasm… she has been with lots of guys in her class: jocks, nerds, freaks and geeks, but it always ends up in disappointment. Dr. Deen has a theory, she can’t orgasm because she needs a man with the right experience, such as himself. Well, there is only one way to find out…so Iris gets on top of Dr. Deen and begs for him to fuck her in the ass! Dr. Deen ravages her asshole pounding her deep, and hard… until she orgasms for the first time!

Scene Four: Sarah, Bill, and Trillium are at home playing a game of Spin the Bottle with a twist… Trillium brought cards with sexual orders. The first card had the girls kiss each other…the second card had Bill get a blowjob from Trillium… and now the last card… has Bill fuck Sarah in her virgin asshole! Sarah is a little nervous because she’s not done anal before, Bill assures her it will be great. Bill starts furiously fucking Sarah’s ass deep and hard. Sarah loves watching his big dick go in and out of her ass until she orgasms and screams in pleasure.

Stars: Trillium, Angel Smalls, Iris Rose, Tiffany Watson, Sarah Banks, Mr. Pete, James Deen, Bill Bailey

CFNM Vol.18

Video: CFNM Vol.18

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William Higgins Productions
These women don’t need to remove a single stitch of clothing to completely own you and dominate your weak ass into submission. With just a single look, the men they want become their loyal slaves, worshipping their huge strap-ons and thankful for every plunge their mistresses take into their tight, virgin assholes. Prepare to be dominated!

Christian Girl’s First Cock

Video: Christian Girl's First Cock

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Fantasy Massage
Growing up going to church, and learning from your overbearing religious parents that you need to save your virginity until the day you’re married is the last thing on Ashley Adams’ demented Christian schoolgirl mind. Now, those days are over! When she walks into the massage room for her first time she wasn’t expecting things to work to her advantage, and all those things she learned started setting off warnings in her head, but the feeling of a stiff cock in her hand and in her wet virgin pussy wiped those thoughts far from sight. Not only do we see Ashley’s virginity taken, but the same goes for Massage Virgin Cassidy Klein and schoolgirl with a crush Penny Brooks! Watch them rubbed with sexy oil, and their wet virgin pussies poked with huge cocks for the first time.

Stars: Zoey Foxx, Chloe Amour, Cassidy Klein, Ashley Adams, Penny Brooks, John Strong, Tommy Gunn, Marcus London, Aaron Wilcox, Steven St Croix

Sharing The Bed

Video: Sharing The Bed

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From auteurs Stills By Alan and Bree Mills comes a brand new outlook at the challenges young lesbian couples face today. Starring all-girl superstars Shyla Jennings, and Sasha Heart, SHARING THE BED is a rollercoaster ride of emotionm struggle, passion, and lust that features some of the most intimate lesbian sex ever filmed for Girlsway.

When good Christian girl Shyla (Shyla Jennings) and proud lesbian Sasha (Sasha Heart) unexpectedly meet in Vegas, they share an intense experience that changes them forever. But sometimes love is not enough to manage self-doubt! While Shyla begins to see a therapist (Dani Daniels) to help her come to terms wit her sexuality, Sasha returns to her family home to confront the women (Syren De Mer, Tara Morgan) who she has been secretly hiding from her whole life. In the end, the two lovers must embark on a journey of self-discovery that will hopefully lead them back to each other’s arms.

Filmed with intense, emotional performances from some of the most beautiful women in the business. SHARING THE BED is a new landmark in lesbian adult filmmaking and a must-have for any girl-girl fan!

Sharing The Bed Part One: Shyla Jennings sits alone reading a magazine on her couch receives a phone call from her bff Samantha Rone about going to Vegas. Shyla knows she shouldn’t go since its her finals, but is persuaded. Feeling excited, Shyla quickly gets ready to meet Samantha at the hotel. When they finally meet up, Samantha has news to share with Shyla. Being from a Christian family, Samantha thought it was her obligation as a friend and morally to let her know that her other friend Sasha Heart was coming on the trip, but Sasha was a lesbian. Shyla is reluctant at first, but finally caves to the situation. As Samantha leaves to go pick up her dress, Shyla is alone in the hotel room. As she ponders over the whole situation, she starts to think this whole trip was a bad idea, and should’ve stayed home. Her paranoia peaks as she hears the door opening the room and its Sasha.

Sasha comes to sit beside Shyla introducing herself. Shyla is extremely shy and nervous, not knowing what to expect. They start talking about their pastime and what they like to do. Shyla starts to loosen up thinking it isn’t so bad after all. Sasha asks if she wants to go swimming. Shyla accepts since they have to wait. Everything comes to a stop when Sasha takes off her shirt in front of Shyla. In shock, Shyla goes to undress in a room, paranoia kicks in all over again, resounding questions running through her head. What if she turns her into a lesbian, how can she do this for a whole week? But, at the same time, Shyla thinks she’s cool because they have common interests. What is she going to do?

Asking Sasha to come into the bedroom, Shyla confesses she’s never been around a lesbian before. Shyla’s in need of answers, Sasha explains to Shyla that she is no different from another person, and the joy she gets from kissing another girl. Shyla is so interested to find out how it feels to kiss a lesbian. It’s not long before Shyla’s tension has dissolved. Both start to kiss like it was a natural thing to Shyla, caressing, as Sasha licking Shyla’s feet as if they were natural lovers. Shyla can’t help herself but cave into her inner lesbian side. Touching herself, Shyla makes herself wet and ready for Sasha’s mouth. They change positions and start tribbing and rub their essence onto one another. Sasha sits on Shyla’s pretty mouth and tells her to look at her while she’s eating her pussy out. Her eyes are so beautiful. The more Shyla looks at her, the faster she cums. Their first time experience has been amazing. Now how will Samantha feel when she finds out?

Sharing The Bed Part Two: In our pilot episode, we met Shyla, an anxious young Christian lady. Shyla has grown up with all the values of any typical Christian All-American girl, but when she met her first ever live gay person Sasha, her gear began to turn. In all her anxiety, she finally comes to terms with her true feelings of curiosity and attraction for her new friend. But as we saw, Sasha was more eager than Shyla had expected, and before things heated up, Shyla had to face herself, and ask who her true authentic self is.

As Shyla returns to her home, we see her following her normal routine: self-deprecation, and decision making, get coffee, stare out the window, think of. Sasha finally texts her and like any young lady who’s coming to terms with her seemingly naughty lesbian attraction, the butterflies in her tummy keep her fighting with herself to answer, excited about what could come of their relationship. She tries to act normal, and stick to what she knows. Soon her Christian identity pulls at her from her new found lesbian obsession. Sasha realizes that Shyla may be going through a serious change of identity, and recommends she see her therapist, Dani Daniels. Shyla isn’t sure, since Jesus has always been there to guide her, but in the end, Dani seems to be the only one to talk to about this rather complicated situation.

Shyla arrives to meet Dani, who uses all her tricks to try and help Shyla to calm down. Clearly the inner turmoil of being a devout Christian has led her to a state of serious anxiety. Dani swoops in to save the day, helping Shyla to calm herself, and validate her feelings. Dani tests out a new technique, Sexual Surrogacy, something in which Shyla must come to terms with on its own, in order not to feel like she’s cheating. Dani lets down her hair to explain how it works, and Shyla agrees to the therapy. Shyla opens up her heart to explain her attraction to Sasha. Dani follows Shyla’s lead, delving into her both figuratively and physically. As the clothes fly and the butterflies grow in Shyla’s tummy, Dani gets to work in pleasing Shyla’s every sexual desire as if she were Sasha, playing out Shyla’s fantasies on every level. Dani’s soft tongue and lips explore Shyla’s tender body, and her soft nipples all to the gentle moans Shyla sings to accompany the tender seduction.

What ensues is a lesbian love making session that will certainly alter Shyla from the person she once knew herself to be. Will Dani’s sexual surrogacy therapy continue to reach new heights of lesbian intensity?

Sharing The Bed Part Three: As we’re reminded of what has led to this moment, we think of the beautiful moments Shyla and her therapist Dani had while experimenting with sexual surrogacy. A special form of therapy Dani uses to make sure her clients are getting exactly what they need from her, a blooming of sexual identity and a set of alternative values to help cope with the tumultuous lifestyle change from Christianity to lesbianism.

We pick up with our more Cinderella-esque side of the story with Sasha returning home to her family, greeted by her overbearing stepmother Syren De Mer. Syren isn’t capable of allowing Sasha a moment of peace. It’s easy to see why Sasha would move out, to find her true self. I guess Dani with her identity therapy has had more of a history with Sasha than we thought. Syren barely leaves Sasha a moment to rest after her long journey before vindication the ways she will behave with no regard for Sasha’s personal feelings and ambitions, but there’s one platform on which Sasha can do all the winning.

Syren learns that Sasha has been texting Shyla, and wants all the dirty details of their time together. Sasha is reluctant to give details and so vindictive Syren uses her physical power to gain intelligence from her naughty lesbian daughter. Sasha claims that she is an expert lesbian, but Syren isn’t so sure. Syren threatens to tell Sasha’ father about her lesbian ways if she doesn’t allow Syren to prove who the real lesbian in her household is. Syren backs up and strips her clothes revealing her beautiful mature body. Sasha gets on her knees and joins Syren, who’s sat on the dresser, burying her face in mommy’s pussy, proving how humiliatingly disgusting Sasha is as a lesbian. Sasha takes on the challenge with pride, making her mommy cum as she screams her disgust at the top of her lungs. Sasha giggles under the sounds of Syren’s griping, all to prove that the pleasure is all hers. Who wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon catching her evil stepmother in the act of cheating on her husband with her own daughter?

But how will Sasha feel once she realizes she’s also cheated on the only girl who she has eyes for, poor innocent Shyla?

Sharing The Bed Part Four: Dani welcomes Shyla into the bedroom where she has yet another lesbian lesson to teach the ripe young Christian lady. Shyla follows suit, knowing that the girl she loves Sasha approves of Dani’s Techniques, unaware of what has been happening to Sasha with her family.

Dani kisses Shyla again in the doorway to her bedroom, promising her to show her how to be versatile in her lesbian relationship. As Shyla begins to explore Dani’s soft body, Dani asks her to take charge, telling her what she would do to Sasha if she were there with her. Shyla inhibited by her newfound lesbian comfort chooses to fuck the theoretical lover all over the room, in many positions and in many versatile ways. Dani tells her that none of these fantasies are wrong, and that the answer to the next step has just presented itself through her fantasies.

Dani and Shyla test out each of these spaces, taking time to enact Shyla’s deepest lesbian desires without any form of seduction. Shyla has begun to flourish under our very eyes, and Dani certainly can tell, having experienced all the different ways Shyla would fuck the girl she loves.

Finally on the bed, Dani asks how Shyla feels being in control, Shyla appreciates having just simply fucked, no seduction, no butterflies, just pure uninhibited lesbian passion. Dani tells Shyla that she wants her to show exactly how she would make love to Sasha, right there on the bed. Dani gives over control, relinquishing all her ability, and allowing Shyla to take control of not only her sexual hunger but her lesbian desires.

Dani demands that Shyla call her Sasha, and show her exactly what she wants. Shyla chooses to have her cake and eat it too, by forming a 69 with Sasha’s sexual surrogate. Shyla realizes that she doesn’t have any anxieties from this form of therapy. The morning later, the sexual surrogate finds the cute new lesbian eating her out as she wakes. Alarmed, Dani goes with it, but raises a new question. Will Shyla be able to control her intense lesbian hunger? And what’s Sasha going to think when they meet up for the second time?

Sharing The Bed Part Five: Evil Stepmother Syren’s beloved plastic straight A’s daughter Tara is finally home after becoming the president of her sorority and getting engaged to her wealthy up and coming fiance. Like her mother, Tara is a snoop, she snags Sasha’s phone from Syren’s purse, somehow is a twistedly positive turn of events, and waits until Syren is gone to confront her lesbian stepsister. Tara demands to know what has happened, and when Sasha spills all, Tara is there for her unexpectedly, and upon further discovery, Tara come clean.

Tara met a girl this semester and she thinks she might be a lesbian too! Sasha just doesn’t know what to think, what with Syren basically traumatizing her last night, and now with Tara pushing herself on Sasha. It begins to be too much. Sasha explains that Syren nicked her phone, and Tara explains stealing it back to give to Sasha. But that’s not the end of this. The turmoil has only begun when Sasha finally opens her phone to realize that Dani has been taking advantage of the therapy Sasha supported Shyla to go through to find who she is.

Sasha’s hit rock bottom, and still faces the reality that she will need to come clean and come out to her dad. Tara steps up to the plate and consoles her sister when she needs it most, hugging her to let all the feelings go and to begin the road to healing. But, in a twist of fate, Tara’s Barbie lips seem like the perfect solution to all her problems. Tara crawls onto Sasha and they begin to make passionate adulterous lesbian love.

Tara writhes against Sasha hoping for the animalistic lesbian sex she’s been dreaming of. They begin tribbing through their clothes, and as they feel the heat rising, they begin to peel off layers of their tight clothing, grinding the thin fabric of their panties together, making their pussies to swell and become pink. Tara gets hornier each time her big sister whispers her name in her pretty little pussy. Tara screams as Sasha gives her sister her first lesbian orgasm ever. Tara climbs on top of Sasha taking her hairy pussy into her virgin mouth and savoring the taste she’s wanted for all this time. Sasha teaches Tara what it is to feel lesbian love, mirroring her recent plunge into love at first sight with the true love of her life.

Will Sasha return to make peace with Shyla? Or will the guilt of her family’s secrets force her to shy away from the person who truly holds her heart?

Sharing The Bed Part Six: From all that has come before now, from Shyla’s intense experience with Dani’s sexual surrogacy therapy, to Sasha’s corrupting family stories, a lot is at stake, Shyla and Sasha both know this, but do they know how the other feels?

Sasha heard of Shyla’s time with Dani, and can’t help but feel upset for the way things ended up. Shyla, while feeling more confident in her lesbian shoes knows that she has done some things that may not please the one she loves. Sasha knows that Shyla might not feel the way she feels but needs to know what’s going through Shyla’s pretty little head. Shyla preps herself, by choosing between the best of her lesbian outfits, and eagerly awaits her lover. She hears a knock at the door, and runs to check to see if it’s Sasha. It’s the courier with a surprise package for Sasha. Shyla is excited, but the courier warns her, the package didn’t work for her. With all the anxiety this stirs up, Shyla worries of about the state of her room. She rushes to make everything perfect for Sasha’s return.

Sasha works up the courage to walk up to Shyla’s door, realizing the intensity of her feelings and forgetting the facts of what has led to this moment. She knocks on the door, and when Shyla opens it, it’s as if the passion has never left either of them. They realize that the love they share is exactly the same, mirrored in their wardrobe choice.

Shyla grabs Sasha’s shirt and pulls her into her house, and kisses her passionately as if every moment of waiting has led to this very second. Both are just so happy to be in each other’s arms that none of that matters now. Words would only ruin the moment as they gradually ascend the stairs to Shyla’s bedroom, where she has strewn rose petals and laid out a pride flag to show her support for Sasha, and to show her that she is ready for her. Shyla peels off Sasha’s top, and Sasha follows suit, revealing their perfectly soft bodies, to be bathed in the afternoon light. Their hunger for one another can’t be matched, and as they begin to join their bodies together to share their intensity of love, their coos and moans of intense release fill the room. The time has come, they are finally Sharing The Bed once again. This time…to last.

Stars: Sasha Heart, Syren Demar, Shyla Jennings, Dani Daniels, Tara Morgan

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